4 Ways to Make Money With a Home Business in Your First Week

So 4 ways to make money STRAIGHT away. In your first week. With your first home business.1) Follow the instructions and actions that you are given.Now I guess here you might be thinking; well that’s obvious surely. Anyone would follow the plan and instructions the homes business gives them.However NOT so!!Of course the people who move fast do. But not everyone gets off to a fast start in their home business. And often people working from home wonder why some do and some don’t. This is one of the key things.Don’t try to re-invent the wheel and make things “better”. You can do that later. If you still feel you need to.Your home business system will work exactly as it is. So use it. Don’t mess with it that WILL slow you down. There is no way you can produce a new system or even improve on the existing one in your first week. So don’t waste time trying!2) Capitalise on and use your excitement.Too often we feel we need to know everything before we get started. Not so at all when working from home in a network marketing business. In fact it can be an advantage.So use your excitement and be honest about it. It DOESN’T matter if you don’t have a clue what you are doing yet.People actually prefer to evaluate something themselves. And you will have info to give to them. You can seriously say “here have a look at this and tell me what you think, its my first week so I’ve no idea really yet but its seriously exciting and I’ve got going straight away”.3) Use your contacts. Yes – I mean speak to the people you know! Lets imagine you have just opened a new hairdressers. What’s the quickest way you can get a client? Ask everyone you know to put the word out. Someone (not even 8 degrees of separation from you!) will want their hair cut this week, live in your area and be very glad of the recommendation.Its exactly the same when you start a network marketing home business.TELL people what you are doing. You don’t have to ask them to become a client or join. Ask them to get the word out on your behalf. The people who are interested then have a chance to come forwards.4) Create time for your home business.OK this is the last point but it could be the first. You have got to actually change your timetable immediately and create time to work your home business.Presumably before deciding to start working from home you didn’t sit around for one to two hours each night wondering what to do with your time.Something in your timetable will usually need to move. Luckily most of us (to start with) have TV time or other time we can put to MUCH better use!So get into your new routine immediately. And stick to it. The first few weeks will be hardest but getting into any new habit will need some proactive action on your part.Follow these 4 key things and in your first week in your new home business you can start to make money. It might be a couple of dollars! That depends on the business and system you choose. But whatever it is celebrate it you are on your way!

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