5 Steps to a Data Entry Job

A home based data entry job is a dream come true job for many people. It can be a job that is as simple as picking up a phone, asking for specific information, and inputing the details into a spreadsheet. Data entry jobs encompass a wide variety of various needs.Sometimes it can be difficult to find a data entry job on your own. While it isn’t impossible, it helps to know what to look for and how to apply for one. Here’s a few simple steps to getting the right work at home data job.1. What Can You Do?Surprisingly, most people skip this step. It is probably the most important. You need to know what you can do. Some people sign up for jobs without realizing what the job fully entails. What can you do? Type 70+ words per minute? Answer a telephone and ask information? Do you understand how to do research on a computer? These are important things to know.2. Write a Data Entry ResumeA data entry style resume includes information that you can do (see number one) and then listing them logically. You can share previous data entry experience from your past jobs, or simply state your skills. Either way, you’re showing of what you can do to an employer.3. Find The JobsApply everywhere. Don’t just send in one or two resumes and just hope people call you back. Keep applying to various places. Use all search methods to look for available jobs. Monster.com and other sites are updated daily, so look daily.4. Ask QuestionsCall companies if they say it is okay, and ask questions and express interest. Email if calling isn’t allowed. Ask more question than about the pay. Expressing interest in wanting to help is a good idea.5. Respond QuicklyOkay, you can’t be at the computer 24/7 all the time, but it is important to respond quickly to questions and answers. Some people tend to mull over emails for a few days. Don’t let this be you. A couple of days is too long to respond to an email. At least while you’re trying to be hired, be available regularly at the computer in case employers respond.

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