3 Steps to a Home Internet Business

Working from home, is something many people wish to achieve. Lets face it, who really likes that stressful commute, or that nagging boss, who just piles more and more work on you, and gives you that “you are lucky to work for me” look.Do you daydream about working from home? Making your own hours? Doing something you like to do and make money at it?With the advance of computer technology, some companies are allowing their employees to work from home, but now there is no end to their day. A friend of mine, actually emails herself the work she did not get done during the day, so she can work on it from home that night, and she actually fell asleep at the computer. This is nuts.But, how do you get started? Working from home can be anything from creating products at home such as crafts, woodwork, or scrap booking, or consulting, there are many great ideas, if you can just sit down long enough to come up with a game plan. But another option is to work from your computer.If you have been forced to use a computer all day long at work to make your boss money, you may be sick of it. But what if you could use the computer to make money for YOU?.Even if you do not have much computer experience, you probably surf the internet or deal with emails, which means you are more experienced than you think. Here are three steps to get started:1. Make a list of things you like to do or are interested in. This will make it easier to write about something online, especially if its something you like.2. Get a website. Most internet businesses get started with a website. There are many simple websites and templates that help you get set up. It is easier than you think.3. Sign up for some money making affiliate programs, such as AdSense or clickbank, to monetize your website, and then let everyone know that your website exists.Now you are on your way to a great internet business. Make sure and get this started now, so that one day, hopefully soon, you can walk into work and tell your boss what he can do with your job… Be nice!

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