Are Stay-At-Home-Moms Targeted by Home Business Offers, Whether Legit Or Scams?

Too many moms want to stay at home, but can’t, and feel overwhelmed and intimidated by all the “work from home” and home-based business ads that constantly flood their mailboxes. Are they legit? Are they scams? Are moms actually targeted to get all this spam? What’s going on?Right up front, I’ll be honest. I sell a few things on the internet. And I DO also occasionally target stay-at-home-moms for home-based-business opportunities. And here’s why. There are two very good reasons for it.1. I’ve always had a very soft spot in my heart for single moms in particular, have dated several of them, and eventually married one with 7 kids (4 of her own and 3 adopted). Added to my one child from a previous marriage, we have 8 kids between us and are considering adopting more, kids at risk in particular. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I understand the struggles of a stay-at-home-mom, and in particular, a single mom. And I have always wanted to have a way that I enable them to stay home and pay their bills by working online. So over the last 6 months, I have been and still am developing ways to do that, allow single moms to work from home and still survive.2. Stay at home moms can be flexible with their time. If these same moms have any internet savvy, then I do have the ability to help them while they are helping me. I have products that they can sell and receive large commissions on, informational products that are designed to get people to buy higher priced items from me later on. My commission to the salesperson is simply my “advertising” cost. These are legit products, and I am NOT trying to rip off women. I am trying to enable them to survive at home, single moms in particular, working for me as my defacto “sales force”. And I’m not the only marketer who knows this and tries to advertise this way.For example. Like many internet marketers that have targeted women for ads, I have a number of products. For a $0 buy-in and 100% commission (referral fee) of $7 straight into an affiliate’s or referrer’s (salesperson’s or salesmom’s) Paypal account, I sell several ebooks. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to selling $7 ebooks like this that also pay up to 100% commission. For the woman willing to learn how to market these ebooks online (yes, training is available, some of it free, lots of it not), she can indeed make a pretty good paycheck working from home, just earning high commissions off products like these.And for the woman willing to take the next step up and make an investment into a more stable and potentially MUCH higher income that comes in month after month, I also represent a business site that requires a higher initial investment or up-front buy-in. This weeds out the people that might sign up but not do anything about it. It also weeds out the negative whiners who aren’t going to work hard anyway. If a person has invested in something, they will probably work at it to get their money back out. I simply want to know that if I am going to invest my time training or helping someone, they are going to be serious about making it work.And yes, I agree; there are LOTS of scams out there too, and they give the legit businesses a very bad name, and it makes me pretty unhappy. The buy-in business I represent has the ability to take someone to 6 figures with enough time invested into it. But the upfront membership buy-in scares off all but the most serious and able marketers (but that’s OK – we only want the serious ones for that job/site anyway).So check each offer out. Check out their reputation, any reviews about them, their customer integrity, business model, things like that. I bought into the business above because I personally know and respect the owner, and his opportunity is one of the best I’ve ever seen for online businesses (and I’ve checked out several). It was enough to convince me.And speaking as a marketer, I WANT people to be successful selling my products, because if they aren’t successful, I’m not successful. It’s in my best interest to help them out. This is what makes for a successful marketing campaign – everybody wins.In summary, there ARE legit opportunities for stay-at-home-moms, in part because they can be the ideal internet marketing sales-force. More power to them! But do be careful too, because there are too many scams also targeted at them. I wish this wasn’t the case.

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