Real Home Based Businesses

Maybe you have a job and want extra income. Maybe you want to be a stay-at-home mom. Maybe you want a full-time income. Regardless, you wonder if there are any real home based businesses. There sure are, and many can be started easily and with little or no cost.It is possible to make by having a real home based business that involves writing, photography, as a house sitter or pet sitter, a tutor, having your own secretarial service that provides typing, proofreading, and proofreading; or many other skills you may have. It is possible to set up such a business without much effort.It is possible to make money writing online without too much effort. Such websites as,,, and, have made it possible to have your own real home based business with little effort. It might extremely hard to actually make a living, but some people say they do. With Associated Content you can write and be paid for stories on any number of topics, although the pay is not too high, and earn a monthly performance bonus every month, based on how many people read your articles, which can be perhaps $200 a month for stories that have already been paid for, for those who have written thousands of stories. With, it is possible to earn a fairly decent amount writing per story. With the other two websites, you set your own amount per story, but the website will take a percentage of any amount earned, when it sells a story to a client. The cut is fairly small, 20%, with, and much larger, 35% for the other site.There are many other real home based businesses too. Spread the word and spend $20 to print flyers to distribute and advertise in the local paper, and you can have your own business as a pet sitter or house sitter. Make sure you provide good references.You can have your own real home based business as a desktop publisher, printing flyers, newsletters, or anything else you think you have the skills for, if you know how to use a word processor and have a high quality ink jet or laser printer. To get work, you might want to spend $20 to buy quality paper to make samples on.If you want to have a home-based secretarial service or as a tutor, spend $14 or so for high quality business cards from a local printer and $6 for flyers to get the business. Also, pass the word around and if you want to be a tutor and contact local schools, especially private ones and local home school groups.It is also possible to make money at home taking pictures and selling them to stock photography websites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, and others.These are just a few of the ways you can make money through a business at home. You can think of many others, either own your own or through Internet research.

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