How to Make Passive Income For Stay at Home People

Nowadays making money online is easy although making big cash is hard but it can be achieve with dedication and hard work. Making money online is far better than casual job where there is always threat of boss and a set of works to complete in schedule, pressure from all side all the time. Whereas in online money making scheme you have your own set of free time to work, most of the time at home with families.First of all what is passive income? Passive income are those income which you get monthly without much hard work from your estate. Here your estate will be your blog. So through your blog, you can generate a monthly income.Blogging is like a maintaining a dairy where you write daily work. Through blogging you can write your favorite topics or the topics which is very popular or hot at the time of writing. You don’t have to be a great writer. Just write enough for the information which every people is searching for. So when people search for the information, they will come to your blog to read the information. They are known as potential visitors. But how would we make passive income from these visitors.The main game here is to put some CPC advertisement ads like AdSense or Bidvertiser. These ads are so similar to the contents of your blog that the visitors hardly recognize it. They think that it is a part of the blog information. So think if these visitors while reading your blog clicks the ad then you would make money per click. 1 click will fetch you around $0.1 – $5. So think that you get 200 visitors daily and 20 people click 1 ad each. So you get total 20 clicks and suppose single ad clicked gives you $0.2. Then you make 20 x $0.2 = $4 per day. So $120 per month from a single blog.Now consider increasing your number of blogs like say you have 10 blogs. From each blog you earn $120 per month that is $120 x 10 = $1200 per month from 10 blogs. Now did you see the huge amount of dollars you are getting? This is just the beginning of the game. Try increasing the number of visitors through marketing and number of blogs also. Your revenue per month will increase a lot.At the starting, for few months say 5 – 6 months. You’ll have to work hard as nothing comes for free but after this hard work you’ll have to spend only few hours daily to maintain all the blogs and the money will still flow in your doorstep while you’re away in vacation on the cool beach thus making passive income for you.


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