Nurture Your Home Business and Watch it Grow!

I want to place a mental picture that will enable me to visualize and grow my home business into a valuable asset for my family and me. It is obvious to me that it will require the same nurturing and attention that I would give to my child, my pets, relationships and even that flower or tree in my back yard or garden. I determine their development by how well I nurture them. My ability to raise a child grew with experience. The same is true with cooking, gardening or any other new skills I have had to learn. We need to cultivate the ability to “take care of our home business”.Imagine purchasing a young tree and planting it, with hopes that it will grow into a sturdy mature tree with sizable branches, and a strong foundation. Given time, your young sapling will grow and bear wonderful fruit or yield beautiful flowers and foliage..if you followed the necessary care instructions on how to grow a healthy tree and you were patient, allowing it time to mature.A new Home Business is much like that young tree. You began your Home Business with hopes that it too will grow into a valuable source of income with strong branches, such as new distributors and customers. It will need to develop a strong foundation and thriving roots to remain viable.  Are you following the instructions on how to “grow” your Home Business and are you giving it the time necessary to mature and thrive.Are you nurturing and exposing your business?   That young tree would certainly perish if you neglected to water it, feed it and expose it to some sunlight. Imagine what would happen if you placed that little tree in to a closet with no “exposure” to sunlight and hoped that it would just magically thrive. It would surely wither and die.Any successful business needs that exposure too. How can you merge your business with your daily lifestyle to give it exposure?  Do you want your business to “bear fruit”?  Consider that busy little bee eagerly traveling from blossom to blossom in search of nectar leaving a little pollen with each one. With any luck, he is enabling those plants to pollinate, bear fruit and duplicate.   How does any of this relate to my Home Business? I need to be just like that busy bee, spreading my scent samples and information about my candles, products and fundraisers with new people that I meet daily. I also need to leave a “little pollen” with each person and again with any luck, they will bear some type of “fruit” for my business and duplicate.I believe that success is the product of our efforts. I have been told many times “If you treat your business like a hobby, you will make “hobby” money. If you treat it like a business, and you will make “business” money. So get your business out of the closet and spread your wings and Fly!!

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