The Paid For Free Program Review – Is it Less Than Meets the Eye?

Paid For Free is a website that you can become a member of and they promise to give you instant access to over 600 programs that are all willing to pay you big money for things such as: taking surveys, shopping, eating out, and several more.This makes Paid For Free seem like a great opportunity to make extra income from home with as much or as little time as you would like to put into it and you can make your own hours. However, what they fail to mention on Paid For Free (just as many other “paid” survey sites do) is that to begin with, you will have to fill out many free surveys and jump through many other hoops and obstacles before you will receive any offers to take paid surveys or to “shop”. You don’t get to decide when and how many surveys you will take.The Paid For Free programs take all of your information and if they are interested (they are usually more interested in a specific population) they will offer you an opportunity to make a small amount of money to begin with. After multiple opportunities, if they are happy with your results, they may increase the amount you can make. Also, the “payments” are not always monetary as most would suspect. Sometimes you will be entered into a drawing to win some prize or you may receive a gift card for a business.All in all, can you make money as a member of this site? Well, yes. You CAN. However, you cannot dictate how much money you have the opportunity to make. That is up to the programs.Would I recommend Paid For Free as a home based business? No. There are far too many other opportunities out there where you will be in much more control of your income and when and how much you will work at your business.After experiencing many disappointments myself (including Paid For Free) I have come across three products that are excellent for anyone who wants to work from home with as few or as many hours as they would like and where their income directly reflects the time they put into their work. Working part time you will make a steady supplemental income and working part time/full time you can make a great living using these methods. For more information see the website below.

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