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Do You Know Where Business is Headed in the Next Three Years?

If you are serious about the future of your business or starting a business in the near future, then pay attention!! Because if you are not making a serious presence on the internet within the next three years, you might be out of business.Over the next three years 66% of offline businesses will move the majority of their marketing online. And get this, 60% of companies find online marketing more efficient and profitable than traditional marketing.But guess what? If you know how to stay ahead of your competition you will succeed. To do this you will need to know who someone who can deliver results. Why is this so important? Well besides the obvious, do you know that the first ten results from any online search gets 98% of the business?Being successful online requires systems and strategies. Trust me is to very easy to get overwhelmed and get lost in the vastness of the internet. That is why finding the right person is so important. Because there are so many ways it is important that you understand how and why certain things work.There is powerful one day training coming November 8. There are countless reasons you need to be there, but I thought I would mention how this company can revolutionize your business in a single day!! They know what they are doing. Here are a few examples of how the can put you in front of your competitor:- Reverse engineer your competitions website and marketing strategies- Get 1st page rankings on Google in as little as a few hours- Conduct and entire search engines optimization campaign successfully with knowing ANYTHING about search engines or marketing to them- Increase your website’s conversion by 200% or more- Get instant traffic to your website with Google AdWords- Capitalize on social media sites and tools for explosive traffic and salesEverything you will need to know will be at this training. They will refer you to hundreds of free tools, resources and additional free training if you are interested.The best part of this training is they keep this Intensive Training intimate and small. This way, they can spend time on YOUR business. Not only will you benefit these benefits for your company, but you’ll also hear the advice they give to every other business. Like those questions you didn’t know or think of.Now hang on because this is where it gets real exciting. These guys are not only going to teach you the hottest techniques out there, but they are also going to guarantee it. This is what you get included with your package:- Step-by-Step Training on:- Creating or Re-Designing a Website for Converting Sales- Reinforcing Company Brand and Identity Online- Conducting Competitive Analyses on Your Company and Competition- Reverse Engineering the Efforts of Successful Companies in Your Industry so you can Emulate and Exceed Them- Conducting a Search Engine Optimization Campaign- Conducting a Pay Per Click Campaign- Creating and Promoting Videos- Blogging- Creating a Suite of Social Profiles- Marketing Your Company via Social Media- Tracking Statistics and Conversion Testing- How to Outsource Anything You Don’t Want to Do Yourself- A 47-Page Attendee Workbook for Home-Study that includes:- Exercises for Implementing Everything You’ve Learned- Task Checklists for Each Section- A Copy of Our Training’s Slides For Review- Post-Training Resources, including hundreds of free resources, tools, and training materials and several step-by-step tutorials.These guys are the real deal. This entire training is headed up by Charles Harper and this guy is all about success. I put my name on this, because I have personally worked with him. But if you don’t take immediate action you will miss this opportunity, because seating is limited and this is their last training course for the quarter. They offer an “Iron Clad” NO RISK money back guarantee. Again the awesome event is taking place November 8 so you need to register now

Working at Home Brings a Positive Attitude Towards Working With Family Values

Have you found the positive side of working at home. You have more time to spend with your family, if they need you, walk away from your computer and take care of the crisis of the moment. Positive input to your family values will last a lot longer than any business you undertake.Main reasons for working at home is to give your family the time that you would not be able to dedicate to them otherwise. Thinking positively with your arms around your loved ones inspire you to give your all so you will be able to continue to work at home. I know if I go into the work at home business with a positive attitude I will definitely escalate the work load to manageable capacity. We know the job requires dedication and this still happens with time taken to deal with family matters. Improvement in your attitude will help your self esteem in your legitimate work at home business opportunity.Finding out that you can do it will a purpose of positive mindset will complete your options for working at home. Take time out to get new information to help you with your promotion, this breathes new life into your expectations that need to be met to be a success.Google a search about a new promotion idea or just a means to learn how to work better. This will also help you set your goals to help find a way to maximize your time spent on line. Keep a schedule and try to stand by it so you know what you will need to get done. When your family sees that you are accomplishing your goals they will praise you, which keeps us going in our work at home business.

Online Marketing Secrets Part 1 – The Product of Home Based Businesses

2008 in Newport Beach, Ca – I am a Home Based Business owner and an uprising Internet Marketing Genius. Genius you ask? Yes, especially because I know the secrets that only the most successful people in the industry know. These few secrets have undoubtedly led to the success of my own business, as well as my team’s businesses, and let me enjoy all of the perks of owning my business.The first secret in this series is: You must have a great product or business to market. The key here is… have a great PRODUCT. If you are searching to start your own business online, do not get suckered into giving someone else money for nothing in return. This means: don’t gift cash to someone else, don’t pay for unnecessary classes that repeat the same stuff you already know over & over again, don’t get a product that you are forced to buy a certain minimum amount of every month, don’t get sucked into legal advice that you don’t need from sources that you can’t trust, and a whole slew of other bogus offers out there that claim to get you rich instantly.If the product sounds overly expensive for what it is, ie. a seminar that takes place once a year, a cruise with supposed gurus in the industry, crazy fox (aka herbalife), $10k for shoes that mold to your feet… then don’t buy it. Do your RESEARCH and see what you are really getting yourself into and what your commitment is. Some of these companies force you to buy a monthly quota from them whether you sell it or not. Good business? I think not.You want to genuinely enjoy the product or service, use it yourself, and be proud to market it. If you think your product is shady and are not really convinced yourself, you are going to have a very hard time convincing people to buy from you. When you’re sold on it, it’s easy to sell because you are just telling people what you already believe. It creates something in you called “posture” which I will get in to later in the series.When I did my research I found plenty of business with no product, a few with decent products, and a choice handful with real useful products. I personally love to travel and travel makes up a huge portion of the economy all around the world (about $6 trillion), so I opted for a travel business that lets me stay at 4 & 5 star resorts all over the world.Steps for Secret #1:1. Research products2. Pick the one you will use & be happy with, even if you make no money from the business at all3. The goal: have an awesome tool to attract people to you and your business.Look for secret #2: Personal Branding

How a Firefighter and Homeschool Mom Make Extra Money

Wow, is it hard to survive financially these days! Especially trying to make it on one income! I have heard more than one of my firefighter comrades say, “Man, I don’t see how you make it!” Well, I can say that it is not easy. Homeschool moms are also involved in the process of finding ways to make the extra money it requires just to get the bills paid and hopefully have enough extra money to get away and have a night out.My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and before we had our three children, we made a commitment that she would stay home and raise the kids. At first, it was quite a sacrifice. At the time, she was pulling in just over $10,000 a year. (Of course, that ten thousand went a lot further that it does today.) We found ourselves scaling back on some of the non-essentials of life. We went from having two vehicles to just one and did not get to go and do things as often as we had been. But, looking back on it, I can definitely say it was well worth it.As many of you probably know, firefighters work odd hours. Someone has to be at the firehouse 24/7 to protect the community from fire and other emergencies. Most schedules allow for 48 hours or more off after working a 24 hour shift. I would guestimate that 90% or more of us work jobs on our off days. In our department, we have construction workers, loggers, painters, computer techs, and truck drivers just to name a few. Some guys even work on an ambulance on their off time!Besides making a commitment to have mom stay home to raise the kids, we also made the commitment to homeschool those kids! This involves more sacrifices. But again, the rewards are worth the sacrifices that were made! There are many reasons for the decision we made to home school. I won’t get into those in this article. The point is between working, being involved in the schooling process and keeping up the home and making time for family, there is little time left for making extra money.So what do we do, you ask? We have turned to the unlimited opportunities of the internet! One for instance is eBay! This is perfect for working at home. It is perfect for busy lives! There is no need to man a store during certain hours and you can work it as you have time. I can easily make an additional 300-500 dollars a month buying and reselling on eBay.