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Reduce Taxes With a Home Based Business

TAXES AND DEATH IN THE USAHow would you like to reduce taxes on property and earnings, and learn how to keep more of the hard earned money you make every payday. Save money – reduce taxes. I know I wanted to do that so I attended a seminar. Let me say from the outset that I am not a tax expert, accountant, or attorney. But I do respect the tax saving advantages of a home based business!What is exciting about having your own home based business is that in addition to all the ways you can earn money in your business, the US government has created tax incentives to encourage small business ownership. I learned that people who have a home based business are authorized deductions that result in savings of thousands of dollars each year. I also learned that people who have home based business pay themselves first, then pay Uncle Sam later!START REDUCING TAXESIf you run a Small or Home Based Business, you can reduce taxes on property and earnings this tax year by $300 to $600 per MONTH, starting this payday! These are not loopholes, tax dodges, or tax avoidance schemes. In fact, what I learned in the seminar was that the deductions described are honest, ethical, legal tax breaks authorized by Congress, published in the IRS Code, and approved by the Federal Tax Court. This was important to me.The rules for qualifying for home based tax deductions are easy:
Work your business 3 to 4 hours a week
Prove You are Trying to Make a Profit
Keep Good business Records (Most Important).
Here are some examples of deductions that you are legally entitled to:Automobile Mileage DeductionThis deduction is allowed for use of your vehicle in your business. So properly recorded mileage to appointments, weekly meetings, post office deliveries, etc can be deducted. This deduction alone could save you as much as $5,000 each tax year. There are even legal, approved ways to deduct mileage to and from your regular job.Home OfficeOnce you have determined the correct percentage of your home that your home office occupies, say 15%, you can apply that percentage to deduct that portion of your home expenses, such as, mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, etc. This can be a substantial tax savings, especially if you have large mortgage payments. The rules for deductions are more generous to those with home based businesses vs those with “home offices” who have a business office, such as, real estate agents.Meals and TravelThis deduction is allowed for meals where business is conducted, such as meeting a client, breakfast/lunch meetings presented by business groups, and allows deductions for business travel, such as to your annual company conference.MY EXPERIENCE FROM THIS SEMINARApplied Knowledge Is Power! Do not delay! If you don’t have one, get a home based business NOW and get to work! If you have a home business, begin applying these legal tax principles. There are many, many other tax benefits associated with owning a home based business.The seminar I attended was presented by Dr. Ron Mueller. When his tax research book was reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service, they did not ask for a single change to be made! This goes a long way towards the credibility of the book and the depth of research that went into preparing it! I learned a lot from this seminar that helps me every day in my business.

How to Quit Your Job, Stop Trading Hours For Dollars, and Make Money From Home on the Internet

Internet marketing has become a business that people can do from their home, or from wherever in the world they are that has internet access. I made the choice to leave my job behind back in 2005 in order to work from home. It is the single best decision I have ever made in my life.During the first year I had a steep learning curve. I had always been considered the computer person at any job I had worked at previously, so I was shocked at how much technology I needed to catch up with in order to get started. I tried to teach myself, but soon realized that I was going to have to find someone to help me get started. I was also in the position to have to find a niche. Many people come to the internet with previous experience as a coach or consultant, but I was a former classroom teacher, real estate broker, and residential appraiser, so that was not going to work for me. After trying out several small niches for a few months, I finally realized that I had to take a close look at what I was good at. I was so close to what I had done for the past twenty years at jobs that I just couldn’t see what I had to offer on the internet that anyone else would be willing to pay for. I finally asked my friends and family what they thought I was good at and how I was helpful to other people. Everyone gave me the exact same answer. I could not believe what they each said to me. They told me that I was the person they came to if they were trying to write a paper or a report and also the only one they thought of when they had problems with their computer or wanted to learn a new computer program. My niche was then established; I was the person who would help others to write and use technology to build an online business. Very quickly I began to teach people how to blog, write articles and short reports, write eBooks, and how to use the technology they would need in order to set this all up on the internet. I encourage you to take a look at what your experiences have been – in your life and in your career, and then think about the things you are passionate about. Write these things down and see where they come together. Now look for a hungry group of people who are looking for a solution to their problem. If you can help them to solve their problem, you will have found a match between your passion and experience and the wants and desires of people who are willing to pay for your help.

Home Based Business Grants

There are a whole host of individuals and potential home based business owners who have been searching for grant money which, they hope, will provide them with the necessary means to start their home based business. Some companies will market to these consumers using terms like “free money” to entice them. With all of these companies making it seem so easy to get free grant money for your business, why would you not want to partake in the spoils?When trying to find free money grants for your home-based business, your best bet is to proceed with caution. That is because technically, free money does exists, but you may need to read the fine print. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can actually get free grants from the millions of dollars of funds available to them. The majority of these grants come from private institutions, the government and nongovernmental organizations. The amount of grant money paid out varies between $5,000 to six figures. And the most amazing thing about the grant money is no one requires you to pay it back.However, the vast majority of institutions which fund these grants do not offer free money at all. Businesses such as the Bank of America Foundation or the Small Business Association will not provide capital for small businesses such as clothing design or day cares, etc. And they will not provide small business grants to anyone who wants to start a “for profit” company. Rather, these funding groups will generally utilize their grant funds to target specific organizations, activities or groups. For example, the SBA grants are usually provided to educational institutes or nonprofit organizations. The Bank of America Foundation will consider requests by nonprofits that are in a geographic area that they have strong business presence in. If they come across a business or nonprofit which falls in line with the objectives and goals of their organization, most funding institutions will provide what is called “project” funding.There are also small amounts of grant funding institutions that will give individuals money directly. The drawback, though, is that you need to use the grant money in a way that remains consistent with the funding institutions objectives. And because these are project-based grants, a lot of organizations may require you to provide some of the funding on your own. As for using grants to fund your home-based business, they may only cover a small portion of what you actually need. Only on rare occasions will the cover the entire cost to start your business. For example, the Indian Grant Program provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs offers individuals up to $100,000 to develop businesses on reservations that will impact the reservation positively. It also makes clear the fact that only 25% of all costs are covered. So, the individuals then need to provide the other 75% out of their own pockets.

Finding Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs

There are actually legitimate telecommuting jobs on the internet. But mixed in with those are scams that people should avoid. Any offers that promise big money for the cost of a book or kit that they will send you are not really legitimate telecommuting jobs. It is a way for someone to sell you their products or services. There are many such ploys out there so be aware when you look for this type of job. There are companies and people that are marketing their products not looking for real employees. Some companies sell you a newsletter listing job openings this is usually legitimate and may be worthwhile depending on the cost and how often they send it out. Before you pay for a newsletter find out if anyone else has ever heard of it and the results that received using it.There are many legitimate job boards that list regular jobs like Monster.com, Vault and Career Builder. They even list the occasional telecommuting jobs. You can directly inquire to the companies listed on the job boards to see if they hire telecommuters. You would send a letter and resume directly to the human resource department or person listed in the ad via email. Another good source of telecommuting jobs is Craig’s list which lists all types of jobs around the country by job category. A telecommuting job will require you to send a letter, resume and fill out tax forms just like a regular job. It follows the same basic guidelines that you follow looking for a regular job. If you are a candidate with experience some job staffing sites like the Creative Group, Paladin, Robert Half and others may be able to help you. You can contact them through the website sending an email and resume.Some of the types of jobs that can be legitimate telecommuting jobs are writers, graphic designers, web designers, software programmers and designers and other technical computer based skills. Some sales jobs like telemarketing can be done from home too. There are some clerical jobs like virtual assistants that act as secretaries for some companies or individuals. You will need your own computer, high speed internet connection and a phone. Some companies may provide you with the equipment but this is not usually the case. There are some jobs that are totally remote where you never have to go to the office and others that prefer local candidates because they want you to meet clients or show up at the office on occasion.When using Craig’s list look under job categories like writing, web design, technology, whatever your expertise to locate jobs that might be telecommuting. Be sure to include a letter and resume if requested when responding. If you are a software designer or web designer for example and have a local company that you want to work for contacting them directly is your best option. Find out the name of the person who is in charge of the department that you want to work like Technical Services then try to get an interview with the company. You can write a letter to the person then call them to set up an appointment. Once you have an interview you can discuss the benefits of telecommuting. If you have the necessary skills then the company will probably hire you.There are various freelance boards that list telecommuting jobs that you must register and bid on the jobs. Many of these are good avenues for freelancers to try. Remember when seeking legitimate telecommuting jobs a good resume and cover letter to send via email is your best sales tool.

The Fastest Way to Make $3,000 Cash From Home – Without Getting Scammed

Internet Traffic has been fast shifting from “business opportunities” to cash gifting programs?There is 4X more traffic coming into Google searching for “cash gifting” than any other business opportunity on the internet. In just the last few months, Cash Gifting is pulling over 1.5 Million searches per day!So here’s why?There are 2 Main Reasons For This Giant Shift1. People are TIRED of the same “business opportunity” scams> that, NEVER convert as well as the sales pages claimed. It’s getting harder and harder to succeed because so many “gurus” over hype and fail to deliver in substance, conversions, training and support for their recruits. And when people don’t find success fast….they leave, Period.2. People are TIRED of selling worthless, overpriced crap ebooks and products.> People search online for ways to MAKE MONEY… NOT to get involved selling the next generation of vitamins or pills! This didn’t work for them last time, and chances are they won’t fall for it again.People search online to learn And they want a SIMPLE system that they can duplicate in weeks, not months or years.So, this is my simple explanation as to why so many people have been bailing out of traditional “business opportunities” and racing to learn about Cash Gifting.Gifting is simple. It’s easy to promote (who doesn’t want cash delivered to their door?), there are No companies, No products, No merchant accounts, no selling, and there is a real support team that depends on each other for success.And best of all… it converts FAR BETTER than anything I’ve been involved in.There just isn’t anything that can compete with such a clean, simple system.If you’re checking it out… and you want to ride the wave, it’s time take the next step. It’s honest, safe, respectable, and it works.

Do You Really Need a Search Engine Marketing Service?

If your business depends heavily on internet traffic and having people browse your site to see what products or services you have to offer and then of course purchasing something from it, then how you market and promote your site is vital to the success and longevity of your internet business. If that’s the case, then a search engine marketing (SEM) service would probably help greatly in terms of getting your site out there.Think about it. In this day and age how do you find information using the internet? Search engines, of course. Search engines have become the most common way for internet users to look for product information or services, so it makes sense that you take advantage of this fact, especially if you’re running an online business. You need to “convince” the search engines that your site can meet the needs of the user, based on the keywords entered by the user into the search engine. In order to do this, you will need the expertise of a search engine marketing service to help optimize your site and drive even more traffic to your site.But the services required will depend on a variety of factors, but ultimately the services will have to cater to the needs of your website. The following are just a few of the factors you’ll need to consider when you’re looking into a search engine marketing service.Usage of website. Depending on whether your website is dedicated to one single product or service, the dependence on a search engine marketing service will be very significant to your business, because your marketing efforts will be dedicated to solely that one product or service your business is banking on. If your site offers a limited choice then you can only expect a limited handful of visitors to your site. Typically these visitors are already searching for a similar product to meet their needs, and perhaps they’ve stumbled upon your site by chance. So to achieve more visitors (and eventual buyers of your product/service) to your site, you need to promote your site through search engine marketing services.Competitors. If you don’t have a lot of competitors then you probably won’t require much from a search engine marketing service. But if your competitors number by the hundreds or even thousands of other similar online businesses, then you’re going to need to stand out from the rest. It’s not an entirely new concept; even in the traditional brick-and-mortar business world, how much you spend on advertising and promotion depends on how many competitors you have in the market.Some of the more common marketing services provided include website promotion, homepage optimization and link popularity analysis. Website promotion uses tools such as links to websites that rank high in search engine searches to help promote your website by linking it to these popular sites. Homepage optimizationThe services provided by search engine marketing consultants change over time, which is a good thing considering how the internet is continually evolving. At the end of the day, it’s best to evaluate your own website and determine for yourself whether you need a search engine marketing service, and which ones would suit your needs.

How Do You Explain What You Do When You Work at Home?

How to explain it to someone who just doesn’t get it – This can be challenging even if you have a work at home job rather than a business. I had quite a time explaining that yes, my work as a medical transcriptionist was real work to my mother-in-law back when I did that. The idea that one could get paid for working at home in something other than daycare or direct sales was hard for her to accept somehow.She gets it now, though, even though I’m in a business that she doesn’t really understand. But I earn decent money, and that goes a long way toward reassuring questioning family members.Home businesses can be pretty difficult to explain, even when they’re fairly traditional sorts. Go into blogging or affiliate marketing, however, and explanations get more difficult to give. Not because the work itself is so odd, but because many people just can’t wrap their minds around the concept of earning money online. The things they see online just exist, or they assume it takes a bigger business to run them.One way to explain is to compare what you do to more common jobs. Blogging is, after all, a sort of writing. Affiliate sales can be compared to earning commissions as a salesperson, except you aren’t an employee.Then there’s the issue of getting people to respect what you do. Some see your flexible schedule as meaning you can do as you please anytime. The fact that you need to get your work done and have a schedule on which you prefer to do it goes right over many people’s heads.Of course, when you feel like building a little envy, you just have to mention some of the perks. Little things like saving gas mean a lot these days. Flexible hours can bring about the envy of any working parent and many people who don’t have kids. Add in your delight in whatever you do, and you may drive some questioners complete nuts.Explain how low home business costs can be and you’ll probably have people asking how they can do the same. They’ll probably never do anything with whatever you tell them, but many will ask.Don’t expect that no one will understand what you do. Some will, and they won’t all be in their own businesses. Having your own home business makes it easier to understand how others could earn a living from home, but it’s not an absolute requirement.

Make Money in a Home Business, What to Consider Before You Invest

To make money in a home business is a somewhat romantic idea. You can stay at home with your children and/or pets, have freedom of time, and certainly a shorter commute. There are some facts you should consider before you take the plunge and invest in a home business opportunity, these are some of them.First and foremost is the training program which the opportunity provides, especially if you are a “newbie”. You certainly don’t want to lay out a lot of your hard earned money for an opportunity that sounds great only to find out that you’ll be pretty much on your own after you sign up. Next, you’ll want to be certain that the initial investment and any ongoing expenses are within your budget, remember you’ll be investing in an opportunity, don’t confuse this with getting a job and having a paycheck coming in one or two weeks.You also want to find out if the business system which is in place can be duplicated. What does this mean? It means that you can coach the person you sponsor to duplicate your performance (i.e. if they take the same actions, chances are good they will get close to the same results) or, perhaps more importantly, you can duplicate your sponsor’s activity and come close to having the same results that your sponsor is having. Does the business model offer you the maximum leverage of your most important assets which are your time, money, and technology?Another important consideration is marketing. How are the most successful people in the opportunity marketing? Are there low cost or no cost options available to you, and if not, how much will your marketing cost on a regular basis? Will this fit into your budget which I mentioned above? What is the typical timeline before you will be able to see success or your first sale?You’ll also want to consider whether you’ll enjoy marketing and selling the opportunity/product to others, after all if you don’t sincerely believe in your product you’ll have a difficult time selling it to someone else. And you’ll want to take a careful look at the compensation plan and the business structure. If the business is structured as an MLM how many levels will you be compensated for and at what rate? If the opportunity is a direct marketing or network marketing situation, take a careful look at the compensation and structure, there are a lot of opportunities today which require you to pass up “training sales” to your sponsor. The theory is that that’s OK because as soon as you become “qualified” and in a “profit poaition” evryone you sponsor will be passing up their two “training sales” to you. Two things you should be aware of in this scenario. First, after you have passed up your “training sales” to your sponsor, they have absolutely no reason to give you further mentoring. Why? Because now you are actually competitors for new customers. The other falacy of the pass up business model is that the average person, for whatever reason, sponsors less than 3 people. What does that mean? Well think about it, if, as most of the companies claim, there are members who are earning six figures per year (some even claim to have members who earn six figures in a month) that means that there are a ton of people who invest in the business, and for lack of training or some other reason, become discouraged and QUIT!Much better you ask your questions before you invest in a home business. Its called due diligence, its called being prudent.Thanks Much, and until next time MAKE EVERY DAY A PROSPEROUS DAY!

Make Money Strategies – Starting Your Own Home Business (1)

If you are ready to start your own home business this article will be very helpful in giving you information that you need to do it right. Starting a business from home takes patience and a good support system. You will need to work hard and learn to juggle your family and work. But believe me, it’s worth it.As you know, if you want to achieve financial freedom you need to have business. A home based business can be the right vehicle for you to achieve your goal of being financially free. In other words you don’t have to trade time for money anymore like so many do at a regular job. You need to set up a solid system that will pay you day in day out. This is simple when you know the right strategy. But let’s start with some basic disciplinesWhen you start your new business you’re going to need to set regular hours that you will work each day. It is important to make this known to your family that during these hours you are not available. This is one problem that many people have when they work from home. Family members expect you to be available at any time because they feel your home anyway so you should do whatever they want and then get back to your work later. You need to set the ground rules from the beginning or you’ll find yourself frustrated with your family and your business.You need to figure out which kind of business you would like to start and how many hours a week you are willing to work. Taking a piece of paper and write down all of the things you enjoy. Next, figure out if any of these things can be made into a business. Take some time to search online and see if the ones you choose have a market. You want to find a big enough market to know you can be successful and yet small enough that it’s not already over saturated.You need to figure out how much money you will need in order to start this business and then find out if it is even feasible and within your budget. You need to take everything into consideration including office supplies, supplies to make your product or purchase it and any other expenses that will be added. Once you have determined if the business has a market and you can handle the expenses that will be incurred with it you are ready to work towards the next step.You need to determine whether or not you have the self-motivation to get out of bed every day and go to work. When you have your own home business there is no one to make sure you are checking in every day. If you are not self motivated and self disciplined enough you will find yourself losing business.You will also need to learn the legal requirements for setting up your business, writing a business plan, how to research and develop your ideas and much more. Enjoy your journey.