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Top Home Businesses – Financial Security at Retirement Age

Years ago most people worked all their lives in one regular job and eventually retired with a gold watch and a company pension. A small proportion of people changed jobs once or twice during their working lives, but it has become increasingly common even to make major career changes more than once during a working lifespan.For better or for worse, the world of business keeps evolving and changing, and the old concept of unswerving loyalty between employer and employees has largely faded into history. There have always been good and bad times, but it is quite common today for an individual to have been retrenched several times before reaching retirement age.The sudden availability of a comparatively large sum of money, inevitably leads to the temptation to spend the cash less than wisely! Responsible employers provide counselling for retrenchees, aimed at assisting them to make wise use of their retrenchment packages, but individual circumstances may dictate otherwise.Worldwide, ratios of personal savings are declining, and not many ordinary folk are able to have saved about a year’s earnings, to tide them over a sudden period of unemployment. Keeping the family housed and educated must continue, even while there’s no income.The end result is that many people find themselves at or approaching retirement age, without the old-fashioned security of a pension fund and medical insurance. Even where countries still provide some level of Social Security, this is under threat from greater life expectancies and rising costs.Financial experts have seen the risk to companies of providing guaranteed pensions for employees for all these reasons, and thus the Provident-Fund was conceived. It all to logical to give employees responsibility for their own financial security, but this can easily lead to losses in the hands of the inexperienced.. Even the smartest experts get it wrong, and poor investment decisions can destroy lifetime savings in a frighteningly short period.What all of this says is that the probability of one being financially independent at retirement age is less than ten percent in today’s terms. A sobering thought! Another plan needs to be made, and perhaps the supplementary income from one of the top home businesses available might make all the difference.The secret is to plan for the unexpected, or is it the inevitable? Most of us try to save for our old age, but steeply rising costs make this extremely difficult, if not impossible for the majority of people.It’s well worth thinking about getting an online home business started, part-time initially, to build up a second income. Your start-up costs are minimal, and if you can get it established well before you retire, you’ll be able to supplement your retirement income, and be able to devote more time to it once you’ve actually retired. Now’s the time to make a decision and get started

The Paid For Free Program Review – Is it Less Than Meets the Eye?

Paid For Free is a website that you can become a member of and they promise to give you instant access to over 600 programs that are all willing to pay you big money for things such as: taking surveys, shopping, eating out, and several more.This makes Paid For Free seem like a great opportunity to make extra income from home with as much or as little time as you would like to put into it and you can make your own hours. However, what they fail to mention on Paid For Free (just as many other “paid” survey sites do) is that to begin with, you will have to fill out many free surveys and jump through many other hoops and obstacles before you will receive any offers to take paid surveys or to “shop”. You don’t get to decide when and how many surveys you will take.The Paid For Free programs take all of your information and if they are interested (they are usually more interested in a specific population) they will offer you an opportunity to make a small amount of money to begin with. After multiple opportunities, if they are happy with your results, they may increase the amount you can make. Also, the “payments” are not always monetary as most would suspect. Sometimes you will be entered into a drawing to win some prize or you may receive a gift card for a business.All in all, can you make money as a member of this site? Well, yes. You CAN. However, you cannot dictate how much money you have the opportunity to make. That is up to the programs.Would I recommend Paid For Free as a home based business? No. There are far too many other opportunities out there where you will be in much more control of your income and when and how much you will work at your business.After experiencing many disappointments myself (including Paid For Free) I have come across three products that are excellent for anyone who wants to work from home with as few or as many hours as they would like and where their income directly reflects the time they put into their work. Working part time you will make a steady supplemental income and working part time/full time you can make a great living using these methods. For more information see the website below.

Work at Home Online

As a work at home agent, I have found that one of the best benefits is the ability to make my own schedule. By being able to choose the time of day and length of work blocks, I find scheduling around my life events very pleasing. I don’t have to ask anybody to take a day off or work a long hard day if I choose. I just do it.A flexible work schedule can mean the difference between your kids being raise by you or someone else. I know a lot of people only make $500 a week and pay $200 of that to a daycare center, and another $50 or so for gas. That just sucks. Not to mention the about 10 hours a day your away from home.I know thousands of people want the same lifestyle and work at home job as I do. You search till you think they just don’t exist. Well, I am living proof that they do exist…. and lots of them! I worked with 4 companies over the past two years, 3 just to check them out and one that I stayed with for quite a while. It paid $14 per hour to sit at home and handle tech support via the internet and my home phone for a major satellite TV company. The others paid $6 to $12 per hour and were very easy jobs.The companies are real and so are the paychecks that come every two weeks. Why are they soooo hard to find? With literally thousands of people wanting a work at home job, these companies would be flooded with applicants if they advertised this type of employment. They would have to pay people to sift through lots of applications, of which a lot would not qualify for one reason or another. You would be surprised at how many apply that don’t have a home phone or their own computer. It wastes their time and the qualified applicants have to wait in line till the bogus are thrown out.How did I find these jobs you ask??? The truth is, I have been into computers and the internet since 1980….. I grew up with it. Now not to brag or pat myself on the back, I am just very fortunate to have the knowledge of how search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN works. Given that, it still took me 3 months searching about 10 hours a day to sift through all of the crud out there and find the real legit work at home jobs. Wow, looking back it was a whole lot of work just finding a job on the net to work at home.I continued to search even after I started working for one of the top companies in the US as a work at home agent. I found exactly what to look for and knew what words to use when searching. I found over 45 companies that hire work at home agents. Some are customer service, data entry, secretarial, virtual assistants, medical transcribing, and more.

How Not to Get Scammed Starting a Home Business

Unfortunately in this day and age many people are getting scammed when starting a home business. It happens way too often. There are people on the internet that will do anything to make money from you. It happens with home businesses, products, services and many more elements. It can be very hard to know if someone is trying to scam you or not.Starting a home business should be one of the most glorifying experiences you should come across. You are looking to start and grow a business that can lead into a greater future. Some may start a home business to add extra income into their household, or to make a career of it and never have to work another day at a JOB. So, the last thing you want to do is be scammed into joining an opportunity that is not legit.I once was starting a home business where the opportunity wasn’t nearly what my expectations were. I visited a website with great graphics an appealing video and looked like it was everything I wanted. Then once I joined I had questions that would never get answered, and the help that I needed was nowhere to be found. The bottom line was I ended wasting money on an opportunity that was not legit.There are a few key elements that you must observe when starting a home business so you don’t get scammed.1) Research- Do the proper research when starting a home business. Know what the company is about and how long they have been in business. That doesn’t mean a brand new company scam you, that just means look into the infrastructure of the business. See if they have long term standing, if they will be able to fund themselves years down the road.2) Contact Representative- If you are starting a home business through an independent representative reach out and contact them. If they provide a phone number, give them a call. Don’t be scared because this is your future in the hands of your representative. If no phone number is available, email them. Ask as many questions you may have. A little tip would be to write down as many questions that you have before calling them. Not every representative will be able to answer all questions, but if he/she is serious about their business, they will find an answer for you. So be aware of who you will be joining and how much support and training you will receive.3) Product/Service- View the product of service that the company offers when starting a home business. See if it will be something you will be proud of promoting. You don’t want to sell or discuss anything that you are not comfortable with. Many products out there seem great until you actually distinguish what it is. Keep a keen focus on the product at hand.4) Compensation- How will you get paid? Make sure you know the compensation plan. See how and when you will get paid. Look and see how the structure is set up. Will there be room for you to grow or will you only be making someone else wealthy. If that is the case you might as well continue you working a day job.Starting a home business should be very exciting for you. Take these 4 elements and expand on them. When you incorporate these you should be on your way to great success. Stay focused and work hard so when you join the right home business your future has only one outcome and it is nothing but up.

Work From Home Income Opportunities For Mom & Dad

If you are a mom or dad looking for ways to make money from home, you have come to the right place. There are many ways to earn money from home and if you are just starting out, get ready to dive in and explore varieties of opportunities for working locally off-line and globally online.If you are comfortable working in front of your PC, you can consider selling stuffs on eBay. This is the most popular way for mom and dad to make money from home using their computers. You can sell almost anything on eBay; just look around your house for items that you are no longer using. For example, clothes your children have grown out of, DVDs & movies, baby gears, collectibles, crafts such as basketry, candles, woodworking, etc. If you want to know what items people are selling, just visit ebay.com and have a look at the category.For those who are good with computer, they can even offer up services as “auction specialist” to help those who are not computer literate or don’t have the time to list their own auctions. You can take pictures of items other people want to sell on eBay, post the auctions and take care of shipping the item to the buyer. You will then charge a small fee plus a percentage of each sale.Another popular way to make money from home is to sell professional services. For example, if you are very skillfull in designing websites, graphics and programming, there is certainly a huge market waiting to buy your service. If you are good in writing articles, sales letters and advertising materials, you can offer up your service as a professional copywriter. Freelance writing for newspapers and magazines is also an option for those who enjoy writing.Virtual Assistant is also a very popular option for working at home using your computer. If you have an administrative background and working experiences, you can easily find work online as a virtual assistant. The job descriptions vary, it usually includes making phone calls, answering emails, maintaining websites, and more.Direct selling or network marketing is also a great option for work at home mom and dad. This industry is no longer monopolized by the kitchenware, supplements or make-up companies, today there are many network marketing companies selling air purifiers, candles, jewelry, health drinks, craft supplies and more. Many of these companies also allow you to promote and sell their products online as well as in the traditional “home-party” setting.If you don’t like working in front of a computer, there are still lots of opportunities for you to work from home off-line. For example, event organizer and wedding planner are two very popular choice. You can help people to organize events such as parties, weddings, business luncheons, business meetings, or even business expos.The opportunities for making money from home are literally endless. Spend some time exploring and evaluating different options and you will quickly find few ways that will inspire you to make money from home.Check out some of the top work at home guides here. Some of the best guide costs under $10 ; but the quality of the content is top-notch.

Start a Talent Agency Business – Building Your Agency From Home

Are you wondering how to start a talent agency business? Well, it’s certainly a lot simpler than it used to be, “back in the day”. The use of computers and the internet have drastically reduced how time consuming the whole communications part if it all used to be. This, as well as finding and keeping contacts and all the record keeping in this way, has also reduced what start up costs needed to start a talent agency business.The two most important things to remember when you start a talent agency business are that you need to conduct your business both professionally and most importantly, ethically. Your business’s reputation will evolve and spread like wildfire by word of mouth, and this can prove to be very good for your business… or it can prove to be your ultimate downfall. Obviously, you want to shoot for the first of these. Without professionalism and ethical business practices, you’ll find it very impossible to keep your agency afloat in this field today.The two major activities you’ll learn when you start a talent agency business is finding the talent you wish to represent, and finding work for these talented people. Now, there’s no end to the talent you can find. There are the bands we find playing at the local bars, up-and-coming young comedians we see performing on “open mic” nights at the local clubs, hopeful models looking to get discovered at auto shows, and even that talented illusionist performing tricks at your little sister’s birthday party.Finding work for those you represent when you start a talent agency business is as simple as the resources are plentiful. Actors can be placed in TV commercials, plays and corporate training videos, models can be placed in magazine ads and catalogs, musicians can be placed in jazz clubs, radio stations and recording studios, and the list goes on. To start a talent agency business just takes a little know-how – care to learn more?

Working Moms – Get Your Boss to Let You Work at Home

What woman hasn’t longed to be a work at home mom? With rising gas and childcare costs, it seems like a pretty good option sometimes. This article will help you speak with your boss to convince him or her that you should, indeed, be allowed to work from home.The idea here is to appeal to the logical side of your boss. While your needs are important, they aren’t as important as money to the company, so you’ll need to be pretty darn convincing if you want your boss to consider letting you work from home.Work from Home BenefitsBefore asking to be allowed to work from home, make a list reasons your being at home will benefit the business and your boss. Be sure to bring your list of ideas with you, in case you get flustered while speaking to the boss. Some ideas to bring up:
This will reduce company vehicle costs and save wear and tear (if you use one).
Studies show that home workers’ productivity rates are higher than office workers.
You won’t miss so many days of work if the kids are ill, since you can work right from home.
Brainstorm a few more of your own benefits for your particular situation. The more you have, the better. Then schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss the options. Go into the meeting prepared to meet resistance, particularly if you are the only person in the company who has ever wanted to work from home.How to Talk to Your BossIt’s more than likely your boss will be skeptical about your ability to work effectively from home, so it’s up to you to convince him or her. Once you’ve presented the benefits, you may need to negotiate a little. It might not be possible to work 5 days a week out of your home, but your boss may agree to two days, instead.Despite the obvious advantages, your boss may be worried about how productive you’ll actually be while home with the kids. Rather than push past this, offer to do a month-long trial. If you haven’t accomplished as much or more work as normal, you won’t continue. You will need to be ready to present an accountability plan, too. Often a daily phone call or update email is more than enough to provide peace of mind.The ability to work from home is huge and it’s something not everyone is able to do. However, if you feel you could do your job just as well or even better from home, go ahead and ask. The worst that can happen is they say no.