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Your Online Business – What’s Holding You Back Today?

Every business owner experiences emotional lows in their business. We all have those down and off days where we just feel so frustrated or depressed that we would just rather the day hurry up and get over with so we can start over again the next day. Some people will choose to give in to these rough times but others will push through and do what it takes to get over it while leaving the rest behind in the dust! How can you get to that point where days like that will be few and far between and hardly ever affect you?Here are four tips for better handling these off days in your business:1. Take some time to really think about and pinpoint where your particular set-back may have come from. What got you discouraged today or kept you from getting started and effectively following through all you had planned for the day? Was it a random comment or perceived insult from someone you looked up to? A mistake that you might have made? Did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed? It might be a simple and small thing and most of the time that’s what triggers your entire backslide for the day.2. Make a real attempt at determining why that comment or event might have had such an effect on you. Is there a deeper lying problem or feeling that it brought you back to? Often times a sudden loss in drive and energy, even in a person who is usually highly ambitious and motivated, will indicate a more deeply-rooted problem that will need to be addressed.3. Figure out what it will take for you to be able to address and correct that feeling and/or weakness. You are a professional and are doing this for a reason! This is no time to quit or wimp out. Dealing with the issue now will better prepare you if and when you ever have another day where you are feeling frustrated. Go outside and take a break. Get a workout in or go for a brisk walk. Take a rest or a bath–maybe you have just been working too hard!? Call a friend or mentor, anyone who will pump you up and help you to feel excited and encouraged again! Have them help to to find a solution for better success and better confidence to avoid future set-backs.4. Of course, be sure to put that solution into action as soon as you know what you need to do! It takes determination and massive action to establish any great and truly successful enterprise, and you have already come to that point. Make your mind up today that you will do what it takes to not only make it through your day, but soar through and have an amazingly efficient business day!Think of some of your heroes in business…some of your biggest mentors that you are aspiring to be like…do you think they never had days like this? That they just soared straight to the top with no off-moments or hard days? Think again! You are not alone and you can do it too! Now is the time to take action, put a smile on your face and step forward. Remember, this is a race of endurance! “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it!”

Rebate Processing From Home – You CAN Process Rebates Online

If you are involved in the work at home arena at all, then you have probably heard of rebate processing from home. This is the hottest and new work from home opportunity, and it’s really starting to pick up in popularity.Many people are searching for terms such as processing rebates online, rebate processor companies, data processing jobs, and so on. These all really relate back to rebate processing from home. It is essentially all relating back to the same thing.Through rebate processing jobs, you can easily work from home by processing simple customer rebates. Does that sound confusing? Hopefully it does not, but if you are a little confused by it, do not worry. Let me explain to you how this works…1. You receive a customer rebate that a rebate processor company will supply with you.2. You verify that the customer information and receipt number is the same.3. If the above step is completed and the information is valid, then you simply send that customer a rebate.Sound easy? It really is.What may not be easy is trying to get started with rebate processing from home. Due to the recent award for rebate processing being the new #1 work at home opportunity in 2008, there are rebate processor positions that are going faster and faster.No need to worry, I have taken my time to review various different types of rebate processing from home sites in order to bring you the best one. The site I have discovered will provide you with easy to follow and step-by-step simple instructions.

Free Home Business Ideas

If you know that you want to start a home based business, if you have the motivation and drive to get up and running, but you don’t know where to start, this article will give you some free home business ideas. People tend to think that a home based business automatically means a daycare service or online sales. While these home businesses are often successful, it is not necessarily a dead end from there-there are dozens of other free home business ideas that you’re going to learn about right now!Desktop publishing is a field that can easily be turned into a home based business. In a nutshell, desktop publishers use a computer or laptop to produce quality printed documents. They use computer programs to format and combine text, photographs, data, graphic art, or illustrations into pages that will be printed. Desktop publishers may produce a variety of media such as books, brochures, calendars, magazines, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, packaging, and forms.Most of the time, desktop publishers have a degree in desktop publishing, graphic imaging, graphic design, or another degree in that field. Another huge plus of desktop publishing is that the costs are minimal. There aren’t specific supplies to get unless you don’t own a computer. As long as you have your computer, your office, and your programs, you can start to build your clientele.The next free home business idea is accounting. To earn a legitimate amount in this field, you will need to be a Certified Public Accountant or at least have a degree in a related field. As a home based accountant, you’d work for businesses and individuals by preparing financial reports, payroll, tax planning, and financial forms.You’d need to be comfortable with numbers and detail oriented. Not to mention, organization is completely necessary. All you need for accounting is a fax machine, copier, calculator, and computer with spreadsheet, word processing, and database software. Additional software and reference material will be needed depending on the services that you offer.The third free home business idea is a virtual assistant secretarial service. Usually, a virtual secretary will work for individuals, sole proprietors, and small businesses that don’t have a need for a full time secretary. Virtual assistants can specialize in one area or they can offer a variety of services which can include: typing manuscripts, data entry, marketing, bookkeeping, transcription, writing proposals, schedule meetings, database management, billing, and the list goes on. As a VA you should be a quick and accurate typist, you should understand the internet, you should be great with computers, you should know the word processing and spreadsheet programs, and you should have business management skills.Another possibility is online tutoring. This field is becoming increasingly popular by the day. As an online tutor, you’d help people in certain academic and nonacademic subjects or you may have your own courses and workshops. A website is an essential in this field because it will provide all of the necessary information for potential customers. Your website would tell what specific areas you tutor in, have resources for your subjects, online courses and workshops, and a user interface to interact in the classes. As an online tutor, there are also some extra ways to bring in the cash. You can sell ad space on your website for advertisements or join an affiliate program.So take a look into these free home business ideas and then add your own touch.Copyright © Natasha Williams

Do You Have What it Takes For a Successful Home Based Business?

Anyone can be a success with a home based business, however many people give up close to reaching that goal. If they haven’t reached the level’ they are aiming for, they may not acknowledge themselves as successful. For example, defining your success as reaching 1,000 customers, $5,000 per month or some other arbitrary goal is useful, but don’t count yourself as a failure if you don’t meet the goal instantly. To reach 1,000 customers, a step along the way is reaching 100 customers. Likewise with monetary goals, somewhere along the way to generating $5,000 income, you must first earn $500!Home based businesses require consistency over time. Striving to sign up more representatives, gain more customers and earn more money are perpetual goals. Set smaller targets along the way, making them higher and harder to achieve on a long term basis for the development of your business.We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else could be. Don’t aim to be perfect at everything, and don’t allow insignificant faults to get in the way. Perhaps you think you aren’t intelligent enough, poor at time management or have organisation skills. This may or may not be true but realise that no one is perfect at everything, all of the time. We all have areas where we are skilled and areas where we can improve. Begin your self development from your current position and discard your self imposed limitations. Self improvement and self development should be life long processes.”Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.” Brian TracyNetwork marketing businesses are based on team work, people helping other people. This is true of home based businesses which follow this model too. While you are an independent business person, you are not alone. People who have strengths which you do not possess are available. If you don’t like sales – you can sign-up a sales professional. If your time is limited sign up someone with the time to help you out, the examples are endless.”We are all salesmen every day of our lives. We are selling our ideas, our plans, our enthusiasms to those with whom we come in contact.”Charles M. SchwabSuccessful network marketing does not rely solely on your individual skills, but the efforts of your whole team. Supporting each other means that everyone succeeds and benefits.Another important but less tangible benefit of home based benefit is personal growth and training. You can learn to better connect to others, this alone can have a huge impact on all parts of your life. You can learn to better help others with the inspiration, trust, courage and gratitude you experience while running your own business. Your business becomes a part of you, not just something you do. This in turn allows you to be more in tune with your purpose and vision for life.Passion for what you do is a key success factor in life and in business. The key to finding the courage to succeed is to learn to trust yourself. Never give up and trust the process!

Work at Home: the Solution For the Stressed Mom

Traditionally the role of a mother was the household. This included taking care of the children, home, cooking, and a thousand others jobs where the only pay was a smile from a family member. In today’s society not only is the mother involved with the same duties as before, but also in the large majority of cases also contributes financially to the family. It has become a society of two income families. Not necessarily out of wanting more, but of necessity. So this new role for the overburdened moms creates a lot of stress, and takes some of the fun out of being a mom.A solution to this problem would be to find a job that you have experience in and are comfortable with and which you can easily do at home on your computer. Or, if you’d rather not work for somebody else anymore, you can start your own home business and build up a nice income. Just as so many other successful work at home moms all over the world do, you’ll be able to remain at home and earn a comfortable living.The number of work at home moms has been growing steadily in the last few years, and the vast majority report that as work at home moms, they feel that it really helped them to understand what it means to be a parent and what it means to be able to have control over all the things that they love doing. Working at home as opposed to going to some office, often far from home and leaving your family to basically take care of themselves, means that you’ll be able to do things your own way and on your own time and as you see fit.Working from home, be it a job or your own business, is probably one of the best things that you can do for your family, and is quite possibly the easiest decision that you’ll ever make as many work at home moms have already done. It can bring you time as well as financial freedom, and most important of all, you will truly be there for your family, which they will undoubtedly appreciate as countless work at home moms attest.Think of the other benefits of working from home. With sky high gas prices, you don’t have to worry about how much it costs to fill your tank up to drive back and forth across town. You don’t have to be frustrated sitting in bumper to bumper traffic when you could be home with your family. You no longer have to work for an employer who could care less about you, your circumstances or your family. You will get a 100% return on your efforts rather than selling yourself wholesale and making someone else rich.However, being a work at home mom is not like working a day job in an office downtown. You are faced with different challenges and it can be a greater struggle to juggle both your personal and professional life. You will need time and dedication, and persistence. You have to make the commitment to put so many hours a week into it, and then stick to that time frame week after week. A key benefit is that you can work your schedule around other commitments, and have flexible hours. Just make sure that if you set out to work your business 25 hours a week, that you make it a priority to have those 25 hours in every week.Working from home can be both challenging and rewarding. At the end of the day you will surely feel that the reward well outweighs the challenge.

7 Proven Ways How a Mentor Can Help in Work at Home Internet Business

A good internet home business mentor is an experienced marketer, who can determine on what level a newbie is and can guide him through the first steps. To be successful in mentoring, a sponsor have to be good in communication and he has to be willing to do that.A mentor must understand one thing very clearly, a newbie is in a very special state of mind during the start phase, normally extremely enthusiastic and in a hurry. But because work at home internet business is a know-how business, one the mentors jobs is to keep a newbie on a realistic level.1. What Is The Level And The Target Of A Newbie?The skills of work at home internet business will be built step by step, a new tip on the top of the old ones. This requires an ability to understand on what level a newbie is, what he knows and to where he is aiming to.An experienced mentor, who has once himself been a newbie, can understand quite quickly these things, but it happens through honest communication. This basic research is the foundation for a mutual, fruitful co-operation, which can last for years. A newbie can on some day become a mentor of his mentor.2. A Mentor Must Be Available Quickly And Often.In many cases the first contact between the mentor and a newbie is the most important and a mentor has to build it. A work at home internet business newbie is too unaware about everything in order to be able to do that.3. The Mentor Website Is An Important Source Of Information.Emails and phone calls are important but still the mentors website has a key role in communication and as an information storage. Especially the content site offers a 24/7 service for a newbie and he can check things whenever he wants.4. A Free Material Is Effective In Learning.A work at home internet business is a knowledge business and free material, ebooks, email courses, reports, tools etc., which are related to the topic, form an important source of information. When a mentor can recommend certain, specific digimaterial for a newbie and will give it for free, the relationship will be on a firm basis.5. A Mentor Must Be Able To Give The Basic HTML Help.In most cases a newbie needs also some HTML skills, which he does not have, so a mentor must be able to help him. Otherwise even small HTML problems can form a really big problem.6. A Useful Mentor Have To Answer In 24 Hrs.This is an unwritten rule. A newbie is dependable on the mentor and must therefore get the answers quickly. He has to have a feeling that there is somebody, who really wants to guide his new work at home internet business.7. Honesty Is The Way To Success.The work at home internet business is full of wrong advices and scams. A mentor must be so experienced that he can separate overpromises from the real, working information. He has to guide a newbie to pick the working and tested methods for his home business marketing.A mentor – newbie relationship can be very fruitful and teach both parties. Because the Internet is based on relations, this kind of a relation is of the best quality and can lead to many forms of co-operation.

Find More Customers For Your Home Party Business by Blogging

Finding new customers, new bookings and new recruits for your home party business can often be a struggle, especially if you don’t have huge friend and family networks to rely on.Most companies recommend you try the traditional methods of creating flyers, talking to everyone you meet and leaving your business card everywhere you go, but this doesn’t always work for everyone.Bringing your home party business into the internet age and starting a blog can be the smartest thing you ever do for your business. Blogging has become an important part of many businesses as it is a very cost effective and easy way of marketing their products and services.The key to creating a successful blog to help promote your home party business lies in creating useful content based on the theme of your company without actually talking about them directly.Many party plan companies don’t allow you to mention their name or products online anyway (which is actually a good thing) but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about their products or services in general ways.For example, if you are a consultant for Tupperware, your blog could provide ideas and suggestions for people on how to organize their cupboards and keep their food fresh. If you are a Mary Kay consultant, your blog might be about the latest makeup or skincare trends.By writing about your services in a general manner you can position yourself as an expert in your field and customers will start coming to you for advice. You will then be known as the ‘go to’ person for solutions to their problems rather than just a salesperson.And once a customer contacts you, then you will be able to market to them with product recommendations from your company on how to solve their particular problems.

MLM and Home Based Business – Blogging Your Way to Millions & Getting Tons of Leads

If you are a network marketer and have a home based business you need to consider setting up a blog for your business. There are many reasons why a blog for your MLM business is a must. You can blog your way to millions. Learn how we took Vemma from 0 to 7,500 members in 12 months and how you can too!10 reasons why a blog for your MLM and home based business is a must.
Communicate to your downline
Become recognized as a leader creating momentum
Expose, Involve and Upgrade
Build a database through a newsletter
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Lead generation
Resource for downline
Up coming calendar of events
RSS feed
11 Biggest Mistakes MLM Bloggers Make
They don’t get their own domain name for their blog
They don’t customize or properly brand their blog
They don’t read other blogs
They don’t allow comments or trackbacks
They don’t leave comments and trackbacks on other blogs
They don’t create a blogroll
They blog a sales and marketing campaign. A blog is about communication. You want to talk with someone, not at someone.
They don’t make it easy for readers to subscribe to their blog
They don’t make enough of a commitment to their blog
They don’t promote and market their blog(s) enough
They focus on themselves, not their audience
The two blogging platforms the you should look at before starting your blog are WordPress and TypePad. The biggest difference between the two platforms are: TypePad is more user friendly and can be set up within seconds and WordPress has more flexibility and in the long run will give you better search engine placement.

Why People Fail With Their Home Business

Many people are curious and want to get into building their own home run business. There are 7,000,000,000 articles right now on Yahoo about home businesses and how to start them. Why then are there only 211,000,000 home business success stories listed on the same site? The reason is, because while so many people are getting into this business, just as many people are failing and throwing in their white towels in.Many people get into this business with the promise of making limitless money, and with the thought of instant success. Unfortunately though, a lot of those same people leave their home business with feelings of being robbed out of their money, and a harsh reality that when things seem to good to be true they usually are.Why do extraordinary amounts of people fail with their home businesses? Where do they go wrong? Jose Bergamin once said “To be ready to fail is to be prepared for success”, so maybe that’s it! The majority of people get into this business as I mentioned earlier with promises of making limitless money, and with thought of instant success. Where people fail at, is that when they don’t get instant success at limitless money they leave and give up on their business. Getting into any business you have the possibility that you might instantly make large amounts of money, though there is a bigger reality that getting into this business you might not make ANY money the first couple months. The key is to keep going, giving just as much effort with just as much hope as you did the first day you started. People who are able to do that are the type of people who succeed in this business. Phillip Adams said “Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail MISERABLY, and have another go, success won’t happen”.When and if you decide to have a home business then you must be able to fail miserably, and still be able to continuously work hard at your business with the same attitude of making limitless money as you did when you started your home business. So be honest with yourself. If you know you can’t take failure positively and grow, then save your money and look into investing into something that is more factually promising. If you know how to turn failure into success though, then this might just be the job for you.

Grants For Home Based Businesses

Have you seen those late night television commercials with all kinds of crazy salespeople telling you that you can get free money to start a business through a home-based business grant?Is it true? Free money?No. There is not a free money pile out there waiting for everyone to just start any random home business.But, there are grants available to help people and some of those grants are for home-based businesses that anyone could do.First, let’s start with what a grant is and how the average person can find, apply and be awarded one for their home business. A grant is a when someone gives you predetermined amount of money to complete a specific project within a set amount of time. There are usually restrictions on how much money and what kind of project and those guidelines can be very specific to whatever the grantor (a foundation/company/government agency) granting the money would like to achieve. Each grantor will have a different application and process for applying for their grants with details on the information they would like to know before making an award. Many of these grant processes will require a written application of up to a 100 pages and may take as long as a year to be awarded. Some are quite simple, but depending on the level of funding may become intensely complicated.How do you find grants? The federal government has a website (www.grants.gov) where you can search for requests for proposals. A great deal of these projects are for scientific research or have restrictions on the funding such as only nonprofit entities can apply. Each project will have specific guidelines and outcomes that they are requesting and will most likely not be a perfect fit for a normal, home-based business. Federal grant applications can be very intimidating because of the complexity of the required forms and the format that the request must be submitted. The best resource for home-based business grants is to check with your local small business development center. A variety of workshops and grant assistance programs are available through these resource centers and the staff can help you research local funding sources which may be a more successful approach for a home-based business grant application. The small business development center can also help you navigate the federal grant application process and relieve some of the stress of getting through those complicated applications.Additionally, a small business development center can help you create a business plan that is realistic for your home-based business and will help to ensure a greater level of success for what you are looking to accomplish. This will help with your grant applications because you will have a greater understanding for how to get other people to believe in what you are doing, you will sound more professional and be more likely to achieve the results they expect in granting you the funds for your home-based business.