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Home Based Business Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions that many of us have about starting a home based business. Frequently, these misconceptions can be traced to the lure of the get rich schemes that seem to be all too frequent. Starting a home based business is not like inheriting a large sum of money from your rich uncle, who probably doesn’t exist. It is going to take a lot of hard and persistent work to make it successful. There are far too many get rich schemes available to distract the home based business owner into potentially becoming a victim of the pie in the sky over promised but under performing so called opportunities. These easy promise schemes should send up a red flag. It would be best to learn to ignore them and quickly realize that like the rest of the business world, your homed based business will succeed by hard, consistent work.Another misconception is that you can’t make any money from a home based business. A recent survey reported that most home based business owners work less that 40 hours per week and the average income was $60,000 per year. The secret is to provide a product or service that people will buy and learn to serve your customers so that they will return to you in the future.Another misconception is that home based businesses have inexpensive start up costs. When you consider the costs involved in your computer, phone, printer, and internet service, this may range from $3000 to $9000. Even though it may not be as costly as a new car, for the individual home based business owner, these initial costs may be difficult to find. In addition, you may have added costs in education and affiliate memberships. On the average, it is best to have available funds three times what you think they might be.And finally, another misconception is that once you get out of the original nine to five job, that you can never go back to it. Frequently, many potential home based business owners will decide not to leave their nine to five job for fear that they will never be able to get another job. Actually, even if you decide to discard your home based business, you may find that you are a more valuable employee and in more demand due to the experience and clients that you developed during your home based business job.May you use these misconceptions to make you more secure in your decision to develop you home based business.Word verification for the day: Why do we say we gave someone the “cold shoulder” when we are disinterested? In days past, a common wayfarer would stop at a farmhouse and ask for something to eat.. He would probably be given cold food and since the common food of England was mutton, he would be given a “cold shoulder”.

Can You Make Money From a Work at Home Business?

Can you make money from a work at home business, and if so, where do you begin?Is making money on the internet a possibility? This is a question many entrepreneurs are asking today. The cost of living continues to go up and second incomes are being researched daily. Working from home has become a very exciting prospect to explore.I asked myself these questions, and not knowing the answer, I set out on a quest for information.My first source for some answers took me to the internet. The World Wide Web has become the most popular tool for information ever invented. I went to Google because this is the only search engine I use, and looked up the term ‘work at home’. I discovered right off that there is definitely information on this – 29,800,000 sources for information. There are programs, software downloads, e-books, articles, you name it and it was listed. I was totally amazed at all of the offers and became quickly overwhelmed.After researching pages and pages of different ideas and opportunities for work at home businesses, I keyed in on the resources I found most interesting, and went a bit further with my investigating. I decided to look at only those opportunities that allowed me the freedom to work when I wanted, to be my own boss, plus the added advantage of creating a sizable income. One realization that hit hard was the fact that I knew almost nothing about what was being revealed.There are many, many opportunities for anyone wanting to work, willing to work, and enthusiastic about learning new ideas. I was searching not only for a work at home business, but one that involved the internet and working with my computer. I found countless programs designed to fulfill my ultimate pursuits, if only I knew what it all meant!The resources I discovered in my web searches were intriguing because, for the most part, they were entirely new to me. I had stumbled upon a whole new frontier and an entirely different world than I was used to. I assembled everything that I had processed and came to the conclusion that yes, you can make money from a work at home business.My next step would be to change my mind set and attack my new objective – I wanted a work at home business. I am not a techie oriented person, and I rely on well documented instructions and directives. Nor am I completely stupid, I hope. The sales letters, the get rich quick schemes, the hidden scams that I uncovered almost put an end to my original intention. However, I persevered and I am finally learning to conquer my fears and plunge forward into this new world.Making money on the internet is not a get rich quick scheme. A person must be willing to put in the time and effort required to learn the proper techniques and include a strong desire to succeed. As a result of my quest I have determined the necessity for help and guidance to be the most important tool required to be successful.

Earn Big Money With Your Home-Based Business!

When you are looking for the best home based businesses, you are probably looking at what can make you the most money. Right? Everyone wants to know they are getting the most return out of their investment, and believe me, a home based business is an investment. You have to allot the time and space for it, buy the equipment, and focus your utmost efforts into your plan in order to be successful. Having a home based business is a big deal!But developing a home-based business can save you a fortune relative to other business start-ups. You don’t have the overhead of a “brick-and-mortar” business, as you are paying the same for your home as you are for the office space – it’s a win-win situation! You definitely don’t have the cost of high gas prices to commute to your job, because your distance to work is measured in steps, not in miles. You don’t have to deal with a complete wardrobe for work, because you can wear what you want.Your home-based business can save you a great deal of money when tax time comes, too. There are specific tax breaks for those who choose to go into a home business, and you can always write off business expenses. This will help you in the long run, especially when you start making enough money to have to worry about paying taxes to Uncle Sam.But can a home based business really earn that much money? Yes, it can! The trick lies in finding your niche. What can you do that is needed in the market? What do your customers crave, but can’t find anywhere else? You might be able to offer them a service or a product that is lacking in the current marketplace. If what you have is exclusive, something they can only get from you, word of mouth will travel quickly. Your business will boom, and you will start making great money!If you don’t have a unique niche, you can still make a fortune. It’s all in how you present yourself. If you can offer something your competitors don’t, such as lower prices, better products, or more personal service, that’s the kind of thing that will set you apart from the rest. The key is in finding what makes you special and focusing on that – and making sure your customer base knows what it is that you can offer them. What makes you different? What sets you apart?Once you have those answers, it’s time to get to work. Be prepared to work long hours at first, and be ready to sink a little capital into your business. Talk about it everywhere you go, and research marketing plans that will give you an edge over the competition. Enlist support of your friends and family to help get your new business off the ground. Don’t get discouraged if things seem to move slowly – they might creep along for a while, but soon you will pick up momentum, and that’s when the money starts to roll in!Find your niche, do your homework, and get out there to tell the world about your home based business. A fortune awaits you!

Work at Home Moms Know the Secret! Do You?

Do you want to be one of those lucky work at home moms who gets to spend great, quality time with her children? I know many work at home moms who believe that leaving the world of big business and forming their own niche was the best thing they could have done for themselves and their families. It wasn’t easy, though – it took time, patience, and more than a few missteps before they figured out the secret to being a work at home mom.Have you ever wondered how you would cope with a full-time job as well as having kids underfoot all day long? That’s the dilemma faced by work at home moms. They have the full responsibilities of being a mother, while juggling the workload of having their own business. Being a work at home mom takes focus! You have to be able to multi-task and juggle a multitude of things, much more so than you would if you went to an office everyday. In an office setting, the workload is shared among employees. That’s an advantage the work at home mom doesn’t have.So what’s the secret to being a work at home mom? How do you handle everything and pull it off with style and aplomb?The secret lies in careful planning. A big calendar, with huge blocks to hold all the obligations that might come up, is a necessity for work at home moms! That big calendar will help you stay disciplined as well. If you have a dozen things that need to be done by the end of the next day, seeing them lined up in order on your calendar will be incentive to set your alarm an hour earlier, or to budget your time more wisely.The work at home mom often winds up working hard during the times the kids are lying down for their nap. When the kids are older and start school, that “free” time during the day is a goldmine, and most of the work winds up being budgeted during those quiet hours. If it’s difficult to get some quiet time, eventually a work at home mom might wind up hiring someone to help out for a few hours a week. After all, it’s hard to make business calls when the children are running in and out of the room!Work at home moms know it’s also important to get out once in a while. When you work at home, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and hardly ever leave the house. If the only time you’re going out on the town is to take the kids to the doctor or go to the grocery store, you can begin to lose your sense of identity and individuality rather quickly. Work at home moms have learned that the key to staying happy in your job is having an outlet to get you away from it every now and then.Are you ready to join the ranks of work at home moms?

CAD Working From Home

As a CAD professional, you have the skills, and you know your worth in the industry. CAD work from home allows you to step into the unlimited income potential available as a home CAD expert.The demand for CAD professionals is strong, and growing. Being a CAD professional means that you have invested the time and the money to place yourself in a high-demand industry. Your next step is to reap the benefit you deserve from your investment and your expertise.As a professional in a CAD work from home setting, you will move into the next level by placing yourself in the position of realizing your full potential. You will be able to grow your business and explore the applications available in the CAD environment. One of the many benefits of CAD work from home is that you will be exposed to all levels of architecture, engineering, development, and countless other fields that rely on CAD applications and the expertise that you can offer them.Working for an employer with a set schedule and a prescribed set of tasks is a recipe for boredom, with no financial incentive. Learn about the excitement and financial growth available by choosing to perform YOUR CAD work from YOUR home!Doing CAD work from home will allow you to find out the worth of your expertise. Most employers place an artificial value on your talent, a salary which is based on a business scale that doesn’t begin to show you what you are worth as a CAD professional. Your value to the industry will grow as you work with the variety of clients you will meet working as a CAD professional at home.Many people like you feel they have more to give to their profession, and are looking for a way to contribute their knowledge, skills and hard work. They are ready and willing to bring their full game to the business. Working at home is for the person who wants to move up to the next level and see where it takes them. It means working hard, honing your skills, and knowing how to respond to the needs of the market.Do you wonder if you have all the skills it takes to successfully deliver CAD work from home? Take a look at these simple requirements:-Desire-Ambition-CAD Certification-Successful Time Management Skills-ProfessionalismIf you feel you have the skill and the drive needed, there is no reason you can’t begin CAD work from home. Don’t wait any longer.Ask yourself if you are ready to find out how much your expertise is actually worth. Don’t rely on an employer to tell you. By doing CAD work from home, with your skills and ambition, you will be amazed at your value!

Essential Contacts For Home-Based Business Owners

Just like larger companies and corporations, home businesses need outside help to protect their key assets. In a home-based business, the central asset is you, the owner and operator. Keep these contacts on hand with pertinent information at your fingertips.Owning your business is supposed to make you autonomous, right? In many ways, yes. But a one man band can only play so many songs, and only for so long. The following are just a few indispensable contacts that can make your life a whole lot easier as a owner.The finances of a home-based business can get pretty hairy. After overcoming the initial hurdles of a feeble-loss-to-profit ratio, you still may run into challenges you can’t overcome yourself. Several scenarios put you in need of an accountant. The first of these is spending an excessive amount of time doing your own accounting. You can’t possibly focus on the primary needs, those of your customer base, if you’re buried in numbers. This can harm the quality of your business. Find a reliable, reasonable and professional personal accountant. They can answer questions, manage the flows of cash from different places, and figure out where you’re running dry. No one can have two eyes on everything all of the time. Having a reliable contact with good accounting skills will keep you out of the red.Business always involves certain risks. Because one of those risks is always the possibility of legal action against your business, it is good to have a reliable attorney. Any patents, contracts, legally binding agreements or trademarks should be handled by a law professional. Some tax problems or financial difficulty can also be attended by your attorney. A good lawyer can advise you in business law when you have a question and prevent trouble you wouldn’t even know you could get into. New owners are especially vulnerable to legal troubles. Find a legal professional who is familiar with small businesses and home businesses by requesting a referral. Ask other home-based business owners or your financial adviser.Insurance is another hurdle for the home business owner. No business can properly conduct business without insurance on various levels. Consult an insurance representative about what your specific needs are. Develop an active professional relationship with your insurance contact. This is the most essential contact of all. The right insurance policies to protect your business against liability, fire and theft are priceless. That said, you also need your insurance agent to work within the reality of your business budget. Check with your agent about insurance packages. The rise in the number of home-based businesses in recent years has prompted many insurance companies to develop these packages. A package can be modified and personalized to fit your personal needs. Talk to your home insurance agent to get a referral. In fact, some home insurance companies can add a rider policy to your existing home insurance to protect the business.Don’t forget about your health care provider. See your doctor often, especially for the risks that may befall you as a home business entrepreneur. Figures show that many home workers suffer chronic pain and sometimes stress related illness from long hours at their computer desks. You want to build several specific contacts in the medical community. But firstly maintain all the regular checkups and stress tests appropriate for your age and health risks. Additional attention from a chiropractor for chronic pain and problems of the neck, back and wrists (carpal tunnel), is a good bet. The health of your eyes is essential to continue working independently. Get checkups with a trusted optometrist.

What Olympic Moms Are Teaching Mom Entrepreneurs

For the mom entrepreneur, one of the best things about the Olympics is watching the “mommy” athletes, hearing their stories, and relating to them. With fifty percent of the people watching the Olympics this year being women, no doubt, women are getting far more out of the Games than just the fun of watching a sporting event.Because of this, advertisers are marketing directly to women by spotlighting female special interest groups. One such group is mom Olympic athletes.While the exact number of “mommy” athletes at the Games is unknown, the U.S. team has 286 women competing this year. Of that group, 20 are moms.As a small business coach and consultant to entrepreneurial women starting up businesses worldwide, I work with many mom entrepreneurs. The biggest challenges I face with these women include helping them:+ see beyond their role as mom,+ understand that being a mother does not mean they have to give up on their dreams,+ see that they don’t have to wait until after their children are grown to follow their aspirations,+ and understand that it’s never too late and they are never too old to start up a business.Mom Olympic athletes provide inspiration to mom entrepreneurs by exemplifying three important messages:1. You don’t have to give up your aspirations to be a mother.China’s Xian Dongmei was the first mother to capture a gold medal at the Olympics (in judo). Melanie Roach of the U.S., a 119-pound weightlifter, finished sixth in her event. She is the mother of three, and one of her children is autistic. Japanese judo icon Ryoko Tani has won medals at five different Olympics, her most recent time as a mother.The 2008 “mommy” athletes are showing women entrepreneurs worldwide that motherhood does not mean you have to give up on your entrepreneurial dreams, and telling daughters around the world that it’s okay to keep growing, striving, and being who you are.2. Ambition is not a dirty word.These women athletes are teaching us that it is perfectly all right to be ambitious, determined, and impressive on a grand-scale

Are Home Based Businesses Legitimate?

Are home based money making opportunities for real? That friend is a good question. How can you tell if an opportunity is legitimate? How can you keep from getting scammed? Can you really be sure that you are getting a real home based business? The answer to this question is, Yes you can!But just how do you go about doing that? Here are a few things that you can do.1) First and foremost is research the company.2) Find a forum that is dealing with home based workers and see if anyone has heard of the company.3) Do a Google search for the opportunity that you are interested in.4) Check out the contact information. See if you can send an e-mail.5) Make sure that they offer a money back guarantee and preferably a trial period.These are just a few of the more important points that will help to make sure that you do not get scammed.The statistics show that about 98% of the money making opportunities out there are down right scams. This is really frustrating for the people who want to make an honest living online.At this moment in time more and more companies are closing their doors and hundreds of people are getting laid-off. Many people came from jobs that they have held for many years. The economy is very unstable right now and job competition is extremely tough.If you can dedicate the time and energy to doing a complete research on a company or opportunity then it will pay off. If you do not mind spending time at the computer, you will make a lot of money. It will take learning all you can about home based businesses and how to run an office from home. But please do not neglect your children or other responsibilities along the way.There are many good and legitimate opportunities out there on the internet that you can make a good living at. The trick is to apply these research points and put in the necessary time it takes to build a business. Working an online business takes just as much dedication as running a physical business.Some of the better type of opportunities out on the internet include:1) Affiliate Marketing through a web site2) Article writing3) Paid surveys4) Distributing products/ MLM5) Auctions, E-bay, Amazon, Yahoo6) Typing for dollarsThis is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many more opportunities that you can find with a little more research. There are opportunities in Real Estate, store fronts, and freelance work. The thing that you need to do first is to decide what appeals to you and then see if there is a market for it.Are you the type of person that it takes to operate a home based business? If you are then there is a world of home based opportunities out there for you to explore. Just remember that it takes hard work and determination to be successful in an online home based business.Below you will find a link that can help and also some legitimate opportunities. Take a look!

How to Make Money in College – Earn Some Extra Bucks!

So you got accepted into college, congratulations. Time to study without Mom and Dad over your shoulder, and make some money without Mom and Dads help. How do you plan to make money in college?I know that is a major concern for a lot of college students, but there are more options these days to make a nontraditional income. An income that could carry on past your college career and maybe allow you to leave college debt free.Here is wikiHow’s suggestion on “How To Make Money In College” with my notes in parentheses:1. Get a Job (Limited Income)2. Do psychology research studies (Really Limited Income)3. Don’t buy food (This Is Saving Money NOT Making Money)4. Become friends with important people (Same As Above)5. Share cabs (Again Saving)6. Decorate Cheaply (They Need To Change The Name Of Their Article Because This Is Saving Again)7. Reward yourself for some good money-making (Spending Money NOT Making Money)8. Look in the area for a plasma donation center (Really Limited Income Again)9. Participate in online surveys (Best One Yet, But You Have To Get The Right Surveys)My Idea on how to make money in college:1. Affiliate Marketing (Work When You Want, Unlimited Income, Own Your Own Business)The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it will be your own business that can produce residual income. You will be making money for work that you did a month ago. There are hardly any startup fees and you make your own hours.College is all about time management. It will be a lot easier to manage your time making money in college if you do not have a clock to punch. During my college career I had plenty of all nighters because I had to study after I got home from work. The saddest part is that I was working for next to nothing.Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to make serious money. With this as an option, I do not understand why anyone would want to give up their time to work for someone else. I guess there are people that like to be told what to do and when to do it, but I wished I found affiliate marketing earlier in my college career. Heck, I might have dropped out of college with the money I’ve been making.If you are a go getter, you’re in college so you have to have some drive, and want to be financially secure, make sure you check out the 3 programs on how to make money in college below. You’ll be glad that you did!

10 Things to Avoid With Work at Home Jobs

If you look on the Internet you will see hundreds of Work At Home or Home Based Businesses offered. The problem is many of these are absolutely useless and will waste your time and relieve you of your hard earned money.I thought it would be helpful to identify the top 10 mistakes or things to avoid when entering into the Work At Home arena. They are as follows:1. Do not believe everything you read. If you see an ad offering to pay you money for doing nothing avoid it like the plague. Work at home jobs are legitimate in many cases, but you have to do some work from home to get paid.2. Do not use your main e-mail address when signing up for any company free or otherwise. If you get involved with the wrong company you will be inundated with Spam emails on a daily basis. You can always use many of the free email providers online for you work at home job.3. Do not jump into any program just because you read and ad online that says something that peaks your interest. You need to research any company you find before jumping on board. I recommend using an online directory like mine, but not necessarily mine that has done some research for you or be prepared to do the work yourself.4. Do not join any program that does not match your skill sets. For example why would you join a data entry or type at home program if you cannot or do not like to type? It will end badly for you.5. Do not join any program that does not have a proven record of paying people on time. Why work if your not going to get paid for your efforts? This can be covered in your research.6. Do not join any program that does not meet your long-term income objectives. If you make the wrong choice here you may fall short of your goals and get frustrated.7. Do not start any work at home or home based business if you are not willing to put in the necessary work to be successful. Working from home can earn a substantial income, but it takes work to be successful. Yes it can be done part time, but you still have to have the discipline to do the necessary work.8. Do not be denied. If you make a mistake when joining a company don’t quit. Learn from your mistake and make a better decision the next time.9. Remember the scam artists are out there and they are very good at knowing what to put in an ad to peak your interest. Do your research.10. Do not get into any business that requires you do something outside of your comfort zone. You will more than likely not do what is required and not make any money.I hope these 10 items have been informative for you. I see people making these mistakes on a daily basis. They will email me later asking for advice, because they are very frustrated. You can be successful and remember don’t be denied. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.I wish you the very best.