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Avoiding Home Based Business Scams – Business Opportunity Shake Down

In talking to our customers, one thing has become abundantly clear: the general Fortune 1000 business investigation is marked by its lack of technology solution and industry-validated processes and procedures. A business shake down investigation is usually performed before the business is bought but can continue after the sale. Sometimes a business investigation shake down is the result of a criminal investigation into the actions of an individual, employee or an officer. How to Avoid Home Based Business ScamsAre you planning on starting your own home based business. Home based business scams are around the net which makes it increasing not easy in any sense. Home-based business scams are also on the IRS Dirty Dozen list. Other popular home-based business scams are the stuffing envelopes or home assembly programs. Unfortunately, home based business scams are at an all time high. Many home business scams are designed to persuade you to sign up immediately before the questions you should be asking are not apparent to you. What most advocates of home business scams aren’t willing to tell you is that it’s going to require working for many hours before you earn a single dime.Avoid Scams, take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a scam. To avoid scams, put the time that is required to research the company you are dealing with and be sure to get multiple opinions from multiple unbiased sources so that you can be sure you are not getting scammed. Perhaps the number one way to avoid scams is to talk to others who are making online income.Most Popular Scams Grant scams are one of the most rampant because people love to believe that they can get free money from the government. The government is NOT in the business of giving away free money for the sake of giving away money. Loan and grant scams are schemes designed to rob people of their money. Small-business scams are hardly new, but the most common have revolved around phony invoices for office products (toner for copiers is a favorite) and up-front “finders fees” to set up loans that never materialize. While grants are provided by the government, grant scams are the plan of scammers who pretend to be representatives of the government and obtain information about your financials and your personal life to utilize it to their convenience.The BBB tells us government grant scams are becoming common and they have good stalling tactics. The most common home business scams are envelope stuffing, product/craft assembly, pyramid schemes, type-at-home and unsolicited emails. Also, know the difference between a pyramid scheme and MLM Network Marketing. Because (For Lack of Knowledge—Our People are Destroyed) It takes careful planning to build your home based business. As far as other tips for avoiding home business scams are concerned, there are a multitude of resources all over the Internet that list which opportunities are scams and which ones have real income potential. When starting your own home based business, avoid trying to get rich quick, which are some of the symptoms of becoming a scammer yourself. Business is built on trust and relationships not on how much money one can make in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. Take your time to start your home based business correctly. Build your customer list and communicate often with an overwhelming amount of support. This will be your foundation to a great and profitable home based business and their will be no end to your customers…

What Do You Need to Launch a Home Based Business?

With a wide variety of home business opportunities available – both to those who are looking into taking on a second job in order to bring in a little bit of an extra income and to those who are ready to branch off on their own and to go into business for themselves – it is extremely important for those who are planning to launch a home based business to know that they are getting into.Now that’s not to say that launching a home based business is a bad idea; in fact, when done correctly, launching a home based business leads to tremendous success. However, when you are getting ready to take advantage of the home business ideas and opportunities that you have been exploring, you are going to want to be sure that you’re going about it the right way.The first thing that you need, therefore, when you are going to be launching a home based business is an idea. Whether your plan is to launch a home based business that involved distributing items that you have purchased at a wholesale price or you are thinking about launching a business as a virtual assistant and intend to offer services as the foundation of your business, without an idea it is going to be difficult to get up and running.The most difficult part, for many, who are planning to launch a home based business is taking the idea that they have and moving forward with it. On one hand, the challenge is fear: there are a number of people who want to launch a home based business but find that they are nervous about getting started and that they have concerns about a lot of the “what ifs” of moving forward and allow those concerns to stop them in their tracks. On the other, the challenge comes from a lack of planning.Therefore, one of the most essential things to do for anyone who is planning to launch a home base business is to create a business plan. If you have the funding that you need to launch your home based business, you will find that it’s possible to create a more informal business plan that identifies your goals and your strategy for reaching them. You are going to want to be sure that you’re looking at the money you invest and how you will earn it back. You’re going to want to consider the amount of time that you have to commit to your home based business and to identify how you will use that time well – which hours you will work, what you will be doing each day and how you will market your business.On the other hand, if you are launching a home based business that will require funding, you are going to find that it’s important to develop a more thorough business plan. You will find the resources that you need to develop a solid business plan – a plan that creates a clear statement of what you will be doing, the experience that you have that will enable you to be successful and your projections for the future – available at your local small business association.Your local small business association will be able to assist you in launching a home based business in a number of other ways as well. First, when you consult with your local small business association you will find that it’s possible to find a mentor, someone who can help you to streamline the process of launching your business and who can help you to avoid making mistakes that many people make when they are acting on home business opportunities.Similarly, when you are working with a mentor from your local small business association while launching your home based business you will be able to learn more about permits that may be required in your area – both zoning permits for your home that will enable you to operate a business as well as sellers’ permits that allow you to sell physical goods and to pay the state sales taxes on those items – and about whether or not you will need a business license, a tax identification number and about filing a DBA if you will be doing business under a name aside from your own.In other words, when you are launching a home based business, you will find that it is essential to know which home business opportunities to act on and to develop an understanding of what it takes to get into business. Having a mentor will enable you to learn more about the process of launching – and growing – a home based business and, as a result, can help to ensure the success of your new business. When you start with a great home business idea and then get the guidance that you need to develop your business, you will find that you are well on your way to reaching your goals.

The Power of Expectation – Do You Expect to Succeed With Your Home Business?

What do you expect out of yourself? Do you expect to succeed with your home business and financial goals, or do you have the feeling that you will most likely fail?Expectation rules our lives. We inevitably get what we expect whether it be the best or the worst. It seems an all to common problem that people, when starting home business, actually expect to fail. Expecting to fail leads to failure, there is no way around this fact. The good news is, however, that if you can muster up the confidence and expect success…it will only be a matter of time until you do.First let’s figure out why expectation is so critical. It’s ultimately a matter of attention. Where we place our attention greatly determines where we end up. If you expect to fail at starting a home business, even though you truly desire all the benefits, where is your attention going? It’s going to the obstacles, the barriers, the often tedious duties of working online, and to the disappointment when results take longer than expected.What happens to your motivation when you are focusing all your attention on these negative experiences? Well it invariably plummets. How could it not? If all you think about are the downsides, the trials, the seemed failures….what’s going to keep you going long enough to succeed. Building any business, whether it be an online home business or a “brick and mortar” offline business, takes time. There is a certain gestation period, a period of growth that is inescapable.Depending on the nature of the business and the competition of your market, it could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before you begin turning any substantial profits. Sticking it out is something that the majority DOES NOT DO. People are way to easy to through in the towel; quitting always seems to be the popular choice.Quitting is the only way to fail…. If you never quit, and continue to pursue your goals with enthusiasm, dedication, and positive expectation, you will become UNSTOPPABLE. So what then separates the quitters with the people who become unstoppable?Well here we come back to the topic of discussion…..EXPECTATION. The unstoppable ones, the brave individuals that continue on no matter what hurdles stand before them, have had a positive expectation to succeed. From the very start of their home business building journey, they knew that they were going to succeed, they expected the best.The attention of these people isn’t on the obstacles, the work, or the delays. Nope, their attention is on the goal, the finish line, the rewards and benefits of sticking it out till the end. They meet obstacles with a positive attitude. They find ways over, around, or through them. They have to…they expect to succeed.It’s obvious then why any pursuit must be began with the expectation of success. If you think your going to fail, you will look for reasons to make failure your reality. When you decide that you will succeed no matter what, you will look for opportunities to excel. We create for ourselves a self-fulfilled prophecy. Begin any journey with confidence, a lot of motivation, and a firm expectation to succeed. This is a great recipe for success.We can see one of the ingredients to this recipe is motivation. What motivates you? An easy way to stay motivated is to constantly think of the rewards of success rather than the penalties of failure. Use your imagination, daydream, get excited, and feel the feelings of success. If you can feel the emotions of reaching your goals, you will carry with you a constant supply of motivation that will allow you to take one more step, try one more solution, and persist for one more day.In the end you will have taken your home business farther than 99% of people, because you will not have given up when success may have been just around the next bend. We never know the exact timing of the completion of our goals…and there is only one way to find out. You must persist long enough to find out for yourself. Expect the best, expect success, expect to enjoy the blessings of a thriving home based business, and you will find it all. We always find what we are looking for, and we are inevitably looking for that which we expect. What are you looking for?

Work at Home Job Opportunities – How to Successfully Find Your Perfect Match

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of work at home jobs? If you think of stuffing envelopes, assembling junk that nobody will buy or paying for the opportunity to be ripped off, think again.I’m not saying the fraudulent shysters have all packed up and disappeared. It’s not a perfect world. What I am saying is this: There are legitimate, work at home opportunities. You just have to know where to find them. So what types of work are we talking about?
graphic design


virtual assistants



customer service

sales and marketing


human resources



virtual call center agents
And so on…With today’s technology, telecommuting will continue to be a growing concern. Most of the career choices you can make are compatible to working from the comfort and freedom of your own home. If you know where to look for the employers.So if you have been mulling over the idea of finding honest work you can do from home and get paid what you are worth, opportunities are available.Maybe you’re a stay at home mom or dad who wants to contribute to the family coffers while nurturing your children. Perhaps you are retired and finding the pension will not cover the escalating cost of living. Or maybe you’re bored with retirement and want to contribute your skills while earning an extra paycheck.You may be physically disabled and commuting long distances are out of the question. But having a job at home affords you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy self-employment.Or you may be one of the growing rat-racers who have simply had it up to here! You would give anything to do what you are trained for but working from home would be the best of both worlds.Are you someone who can’t find suitable work in your local area but would be a shoe-in to be a telecommuter for a boss who lives a thousand miles away?We all have transferable skills. These skills are in demand by employers who are out there looking for people who want to work at home. Imagine what it would be like. Saving on gas, clothing and car maintenance. And let’s not forget the wear and tear and stress on our bodies and emotions!Working from home is not for everyone. Only you, yourself, can decide if your personality is geared toward the lifestyle. But if this idea appeals to you, can you see the possibilities? To a life of freedom, flexibility and inner peace.

Real Work at Home Jobs – Why Cant You Find One?

With the rise of work at home opportunists comes more real work at home jobs. But before you start throwing your hats up in the air consider what you’re about to read very carefully.The supply will probably never meet the demand when it comes to real work at home jobs.Years ago there were very few real work at home jobs for people to choose from. Not enough people were considering working from home. But as computer prices have come down and economic changes have ensued, more and more people are seeking for ways to create or supplement their income through more convenient methods. This has caused companies to use the talents of people they have never met to meet the demands of their business.However, regardless of the many real work at home jobs out there and the many that will form in the next little while, the demand will still override the supply.Most people think they struggle to find work at home jobs because majority of them are scams, that they are only two or three good companies out there that hire candidates. But the real reason behind many peoples shortage of income when it comes to working from home is the staggering competition they are faced with.A data entry job for instance, will have at least 20 applicants. In a given day a real work at home job ad will have about 825 views. Consider how difficult it is when you are competing against just 2 other qualified candidates. When you’re up against over 20 it becomes even trickier to prove that you are the right one for the job.Landing real work at home jobs takes ingenuity. You have to creatively set yourself apart from others and you have to be willing to do on a regular basis. Self promotion, marketing your talents and networking are what separate those who are living the work at home dream from those who trying to escape the nightmare.Because of the competition many people reluctantly look for jobs. They work for far less than theyre worth and they dont bother to keep up with the new methods of marketing. They have in essence given up on the dream of working from home.But if you are wise you can use your competition to your advantage. Competition should not make you cower but instead increase your efforts and bolster your confidence. You cant control how many people are after the job you want but you can control how you market yourself in order to give yourself the best chance possible.Your resume should be up to date and error free. If you cant manage to create one that says hire me then invest in someone who can ensure your resume gives you a fair chance.You should be actively looking for and participating in meetings, forums and other industry notifications that offer information on the real work at home jobs you are looking for.Whats more you should broaden your job spectrum. There are many jobs out there and limiting yourself to just one or two niches can impede your success. Many happy work at home agents are offering their service in industries they had not originally considered.Your competition is not getting any smaller. The number of people looking for real work at home jobs is only going to increase within the next few years. But you do have power. Dont focus on simply finding a money maker; apply your efforts into making your future employer and clients believe that you are a reliable and committed person to do business with.

What is the No 1 Reason Why So Many Fail at Starting a Internet Based Home Business?

Ok , I cannot count how many times I have been a witness to this particular scenario. I come upon a young and enthusiastic go getter who is really very excited about the new internet based home business he has discovered and is going to pursue it. He is going to go ALL out with this. And he proceeds to tell all his friends, family, acquaintances , coworkers, and just about anybody who quite frankly has a blood pressure about this wonderful internet business opportunity that will enable you to make gobs and gobs of free money online.He peaks the interest of a few cohorts. And in the first few days of his new internet business opportunity he even convinces a couple of people to join with him and become partners earning him his first commissions. He never has been more excited to to be able to make free money online. And this just drives him even more so he goes full force to let anyone and everyone he can find, off line and online, to tell about this great internet business opportunity that will make free money online. Well, several weeks go by and our Subject is still going around looking for new recruits to join up with his new internet based home business. But now things don’t quite seem as good. The free money online from the business is not coming in hardly at all. He runs through about everyone he knows and tries to promote his business on the Internet but he has NO luck. The excitement has really seemed to wear off as the newness and novelty of the internet based home business has diminished.He even gets some help with some more seasoned internet Marketing veterans and they give him some valuable tools and direction which he immediately starts to utilize to try to make free money. Well, another few weeks go by. He realizes that all the fun and enthusiasm for the Program has diminished and its NOT like it was in the beginning. The weeks turn into months. And our fellow just can’t seem to gain any ground in his internet business opportunity. The monotony of doing the little things get to him as he he is working hard everyday. And even though he has ALL the necessary tools that successful people before him have used, he is just not having much luck. All the adrenaline rush he had early on for his new found business is gone.Finally, he puts his hands up in the air and QUITS! Ouch!I myself, have done this exact same thing. And this is the number one reason why most people fail at Internet Marketing , and that is they just can’t handle the fact that the novelty and newness of their new internet based home business wears off after a few weeks or months.However, this is totally normal. What separates the winners from the losers is what you do after this happens. And what necessary measures you take to prepare for this!In a nutshell , it comes down to the fact that each of us must realize that any endeavor we pursue in Life will have its up and downs. There will be times of exaltation and joy and also times of sorrow and defeat. There will be times you say to yourself that you don’t feel like working your business today. And there will be times that you jump out of bed and are ready to conquer the World .As an Internet Marketer you MUST always be conscious of this , and you MUST realize that doing the small tedious tasks consistently everyday, day in and day out will eventually get you to that Level you aspire. It is necessary that you eliminate the inborn nature that is common amongst ALL of us human beings. And that is the nature of Instant Gratification! We all want it and we all need it but it is a huge hindrance in our Long Term Success. Learn to live without it.Rather concentrate on Long Term Gratification. Always have daily, weekly and monthly goals you write out and stick to them religiously! You need to know that the initial excitement when you first pursue your business WILL wear off. It just does. This is a fact and most can’t handle it. And thats when the internet based home business falls apart and the free money starts to completely dry up!But you can and must train your mind to see the BIG picture. And realize there will be lonely days but with those lonely days will be those days where Success is truly bestowed upon you !!Just keep your head down and the candlelight burning! :)

Can Data Entry Jobs From Home Really Be the Future Career

The future of the workforce is centered on the employer’s use of data entry jobs from home. The work to be completed is given to freelance workers at home and then transmitted through fax, email, or regular mail back to the one who sent it. The guidelines and project details are also sent in this way. The internet is now a great way to get work completed without the need to go through a lengthy hiring process.Payment To The Freelance WorkersMost of these freelancers who work the data entry jobs from home as a career also receive their payment by electronic methods with one of the many payment systems available. Some employers choose to mail a check like any other regular worker would receive. The rates charged are dependent on the project needing completion and the amount of time it will take to finish. Taxes can be taken out by the employer but usually are the responsibility of the one working from home. The rate of what is charged will be at the discretion of the individual freelancer. The deadline is usually set by the employer.Hours Are FlexibleThe data entry jobs from home as a career provide a very flexible schedule for those completing the work. They are free to accept or deny any project they choose. The deadline will still need to be met but if it is not possible for the individual to meet this deadline, they can always choose to deny the project. You can work while the kids are at school or at night when everyone is asleep. You can work a full time job and center the data entry on the time you are at home. You can take a vacation and not have to worry about missing work or only having a certain amount of time away from home. You’re the boss and you choose what times you work.Less ExpenseThe amount of expenses incurred with data entry jobs from home as a career is much less than that of the jobs outside the home. There is no time to commute to and from work. You could actually be saving hundreds of dollars year by staying home. Professional attire is also not a necessity as you are free to dress comfortable when working at home. You can sit in your robe all day if you wish and make the same amount of money.Satisfied With The Job And The EnvironmentThe data entry jobs from home as a career tend to make one feel a better satisfaction than if you are working with an employer. You can choose only the projects that you will enjoy doing. You will also be free to work the hours you choose and not have to watch the clock to take a break or to have lunch. You can be there when your children hit their milestones instead of the daycare worker being the one to witness it. You also have a choice in where you work.

Why You Want to Use the Internet to Start a Work From Home Business

If you are looking to start a work from home business you should definitely consider using the Internet to do it. There are many benefits to having an Internet business when it comes to making money from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.1. Selling products on the Internet allows you to be in business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You could never do that with a traditional business. The Internet never sleeps giving you the opportunity to always be making money.2. One popular way to work from home and make Money on the Internet is to sell information products. This allows you to sell products and provide instant access to your customers.Information products are in demand because people use the Internet to search for information. This gives you the opportunity to make money selling it to them.3. When we talk about information products the best way to make money with them is to solve peoples problems. These are popular type of information products to sell because people you are addressing a need that they have.4. You can sell products on the Internet with your own website, or starting your own blog. Even if you do not know how to set one up you can still create an Internet business by outsourcing the initial design of your website or blog.5. Running an Internet business allows you to set your own schedule. This is appealing because your lifestyle may allow you to work at different times then another person might. It really doesn’t matter when you work as long as you get the job done.6. You will have to learn skills when it comes to getting traffic to your website or blog. Again you can outsource this, or even purchased traffic directly.If money is an object when you first start out you can do free advertising such as article marketing, social networking, discussion forums, ezine advertising, e-mail marketing, and many other ways.7. One final point we want to make is the Internet offers an excellent way to work from home and make money because you can continue to create more income streams as you go. You are not just limited to one website or one particular target market.In conclusion you can use the Internet to start a work from home business in various ways. As you can see the benefits of doing it are many!