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Data Entry at Home – The Four Signs of a Scam

Whether you know it or not, chances are that you may have been scammed or know someone who has been scammed by a data entry at home position. An example is that of someone sending you an email claiming that there are rebates positions available. Emails that claim that there are typing positions with a company that you have never heard of. These are really cool customers and you need to use common sense when dealing with them.If It Is Too Good To Be True, Then It Usually Is!One of the easiest ways to be marked for a scam is to open your email and click on a link that promises you a data entry at home position. The trouble is, you have to pay a small “shipping fee” and they ask you for your credit card. Don’t even go there. Leave that site without entering any of your personal information or credit card information. This is one of the oldest scams in the book today. They can make you believe that you are King Tut, if you let them. Use common sense when dealing with these types of people.They Promise You an Exorbitant Sum Will Come Your Way By Working For Them.During those times when you are searching for a data entry at home position, you tend to be blinded by the promise of excellent income your first week. Run away folks! No one makes that kind of money especially during their first week on the job. Eliminate any contact with this type of person or group. They can promise you the moon with all their slick talk, but they in truth cannot deliver on their empty promises. This is just to build your confidence and suck you into smoke and mirrors causing you to lose not only money but wasted time as well.They Want Personal Information.Another data entry at home helpful tip to look for is that they want personal information such as a credit card or checking account. This is a sure way to clean you out. Do not send any information to them at all. Once they have access to this information, your accounts are as good as toast. They will clean them out and run out of town like a night bandit. This can also lead to identity theft. SO Beware. You have been warned!No Telephone NumberWhen looking at data entry at home, bear in mind that some ads don’t have phone numbers. It is one sign of a scammer, or if it does have a phone number, you can’t talk to anyone on it. It just has an answering machine. This is one sign that you have been scammed by someone of ill repute. Another sign is evasive answers when you try and pin them down for things such as payment and things of that nature. Always check references and remember… when in doubt, DON’T!

Pajamas Are Dressing Up – Working at Home

Most people would have never dreamed that they would be talking to a client half way across the world in their PJ’s. When customers call in to order a product or return one they may just be speaking to someone sitting in a home office. That is because many businesses have learned that it is cost effective to allow individuals to work from home. Through this movement home based businesses have become a popular and profitable venture.The internet has opened up many money making doors for home based businesses. The dream of every parent is to share more time with their children and be there when they come home in the afternoon. Working the eight to five grind with a “no child boss” is not a very flexible environment, putting additional stress on families everywhere. This has caused many corporate professionals to leave their secure jobs and begin a home based business.There are many businesses to choose from and just about every business can be conducted from an off site location. Some have chosen to sell products online and make use of affiliate programs and lead generation. While others have opted to provide services through the internet, allowing them to work from home and still make money. Marketing has become a great way to make money from a home office. There are articles to write, surveys to take and email distribution to help home based businesses. There is money to be made on the internet it just takes time and effort.

Real Home Based Businesses

Maybe you have a job and want extra income. Maybe you want to be a stay-at-home mom. Maybe you want a full-time income. Regardless, you wonder if there are any real home based businesses. There sure are, and many can be started easily and with little or no cost.It is possible to make by having a real home based business that involves writing, photography, as a house sitter or pet sitter, a tutor, having your own secretarial service that provides typing, proofreading, and proofreading; or many other skills you may have. It is possible to set up such a business without much effort.It is possible to make money writing online without too much effort. Such websites as associatedcontent.com, textbroker.com, constantcontent.com, and dailyarticle.com, have made it possible to have your own real home based business with little effort. It might extremely hard to actually make a living, but some people say they do. With Associated Content you can write and be paid for stories on any number of topics, although the pay is not too high, and earn a monthly performance bonus every month, based on how many people read your articles, which can be perhaps $200 a month for stories that have already been paid for, for those who have written thousands of stories. With textbroker.com, it is possible to earn a fairly decent amount writing per story. With the other two websites, you set your own amount per story, but the website will take a percentage of any amount earned, when it sells a story to a client. The cut is fairly small, 20%, with dailyarticle.com, and much larger, 35% for the other site.There are many other real home based businesses too. Spread the word and spend $20 to print flyers to distribute and advertise in the local paper, and you can have your own business as a pet sitter or house sitter. Make sure you provide good references.You can have your own real home based business as a desktop publisher, printing flyers, newsletters, or anything else you think you have the skills for, if you know how to use a word processor and have a high quality ink jet or laser printer. To get work, you might want to spend $20 to buy quality paper to make samples on.If you want to have a home-based secretarial service or as a tutor, spend $14 or so for high quality business cards from a local printer and $6 for flyers to get the business. Also, pass the word around and if you want to be a tutor and contact local schools, especially private ones and local home school groups.It is also possible to make money at home taking pictures and selling them to stock photography websites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, and others.These are just a few of the ways you can make money through a business at home. You can think of many others, either own your own or through Internet research.

What Kind of Home-Based Business Should I Start?

When you decide to start a home-based business, you have to imagine something that you will be able to do for the rest of your life. Most people who start a home-based business get caught up in the money and only imagine how much they would get out of it. But the reality is, you have to pursue and do something that you love. Therefore, your passion will naturally drive you to want to wake up early in the morning and go to bed late at night only to wake up the next day again, and happily do it all over.Your first step to finding your home-based dream job is to find your hobbies and things that you naturally like to do. Ask these questions to yourself – What are my hobbies? What do I like to do on my spare time?Your second step is to recognize your skills. Ask yourself this question – Now that I found my favorite things to do and hobbies, how can I incorporate these into my skills?Once you have followed the first and second step, now is the time to incorporate your pastimes, hobbies, and skills into one and find a home-based job that relates to all three in the third step. For example, say for example that your favorite thing to do on the weekends is to shop for antiques, your hobbies are craftmaking, and your skill is designing jewelry. Now incorporate all three into one and relate this to a home-based business that you might enjoy such as designing antique jewelry.Now the fourth and final step is to imagine yourself in the job that you have chosen and think to yourself- Could I do this home-based job for the rest of my life and will I be happy? If you said yes, then you have chosen the best job.Also realize that many of you will think after the fourth step these questions- What if my products in my home-based business are not popular to the general public? What if I have a hard time selling my products? Trust me- there is always a niche for your product. You can sell a piece of paper to somebody who needs it! And if this is already your passion, you should naturally have the drive to keep your business going. Therefore, it must grow and the money!

Work at Home Moms – Whats Holding You Back?

What is the number one excuse standing between a work at home mom and her success? Ask this question to a group of women and you’ll always get answers like the following:”My family, they don’t support me.”"Money, I don’t have enough to improve my business.”"Time, I never seem to have enough to devote to my work at home job.”Some even say, me, I don’t have enough confidence. This, I believe, is the real reason many women are not achieving the success they can in their work at home job.A work at home mom can have all the skills and equipment needed to make her job a profitable venture, but without confidence it is highly unlikely that she will earn what she is worth.Confidence is something you need in every aspect of life, including being a work at home mom. You need to be able to rely and believe in your own power to make things work.I was asked once what the difference was between a successful work at home mom and an unsuccessful one was. My answer was simple- self esteem. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way of creating her own happiness and that includes herself.She doesn’t spend time feeling sorry for herself when things don’t turn out. And shes not afraid to go after the things that will make her happier, even if it involves some risk. She also applies common sense and practicality to the things she does. This means doing the required research before she begins anything.A work at home mom who believes in herself is not afraid to ask for help. Whether it be from colleagues or her family. So many women struggle with their responsibilities as a work at home mom simply because they don’t want to admit that they need a little help.A confident work at home mom is up to date. She knows whats going on in her industry and she makes use of latest techniques to help her run a more effective and efficient work at home job.She makes every effort to put herself out there, even if that means getting out of her comfort zone. And shes not afraid of change.Being a work at home mom is not like working a day job in an office downtown. You are faced with different challenges and it can be a greater struggle to juggle both your personal and professional life. But when you are a confident work at home mom you’re not afraid of these challenges.Confidence is not just a sureness that you can get the job done; it also applies to keeping positive in the event something goes wrong.Something will, at some point, go wrong. It is a true test of character to see how you will manage. If you are confident you know its not the end of the world. It simply means you need to reevaluate they way things are and try to come up with a new solution. But when you lack confidence the slightest thing can cause you to want to jump ship.Becoming a confident work at home mom takes time, but it is worth doing the work on yourself. You will experience more success in your work at home job when you are a confident work at home mom.

Home Based Business – How to Balance Your Business With Life and Still Have Some Sanity

Owning a home based business holds its own challenge far different than those of people who leave the house every day to go to a 9 to 5 job. In the corporate environment you have a boss or someone you must answer to, in your home based business you answer to yourself, so your daily operation must be done with efficiency.If you have children at home with you there is an even more complicated element in your work at home tasks, they present more interruptions and means of moving off focus than for those that do not have these distractions. Not to mention the lack of space you might have with all their toys around to keep them occupied.Therefore the first thing you must do in order to maintain focus and your sanity is to make a place in the house that is yours. If the best you can do is the corner of the room that will do, it simply needs to be a place where you can have what’s necessary to dedicate yourself to your business.This is not ideal, but if you have children at home this may be the best you can do during the day. Many stay at home moms have found it more productive to work while the kids are napping or after they have gone to bed at night. Ideally to achieve the most efficiency out of your available time you would want a place that is quite, where you can close the door and stay focused.If all you give yourself is two to four hours a day of focused productive time you will see results in you home business. And the more of those results you see will give you the time you’re looking for as a home business owner. The freedom to go to the kid’s soccer game or be a parent helper at their school is after all a big reason why you have invested the time and effort to work from home.Another way to maintain sanity in your daily home business tasks is to plan. Plan your day, schedule out the things that are the most important to be accomplished that day. Do only what you can handle and what will drive benefit for your business goals and get those done. You can purchase an inexpensive day planner at your local office supply store and check off each task as they have been complete. I do this everyday; I don’t know how people get along without them.Balancing your work and your life is important for your success as a business person, as a spouse or parent and for your overall health.

How to Avoid Home Business Failures

Avoiding home business failures is one of the most important things to do. When you are setting up the business there are some key things you should be aware of in order to be sure of this.The main thing in avoiding home business failures is to make sure that you start making a profit very quickly. One of the ways of doing this is to make sure you do not spend too much money initially.It can be tempting to buy lots of office equipment assuming that you will be able to make the money back easily and convince yourself that it will be tax free so it is worth the investment.However, these costs can add up very quickly and it is at the beginning where money can be the tightest so it is best to make sure your spending is kept to a minimum. Another place where new business tends to waste money is on advertising.Make sure you are not sold advertising with a promise that sounds too good to be true. Be careful to make sure the advert will appeal to the type of people that will use the goods or services your business provides.Another useful tip for avoiding home business failures is to make sure you do ample research before you start. Make sure there is room for another provider for the goods or services that you are producing and you can compete with others doing the same thing.Ensure that you are better than the competitors in at least one way, maybe price, quality, customer service or all three.An additional tip for avoiding home business failures is to make sure you do not expect to be successful immediately.It would be great if you could start making a profit immediately but many new businesses do not.This means you may not be able to draw an income from the business for a while. It is important that your finances can cope with this possibility.One main problem that people have with avoiding home business failures is that they go on for too long. If you can see that something is not working then do not be afraid to change what you are doing to see if you can make money another way.It is not a failure if you change direction; it is actually a sign of your strength. Do not keep throwing money at a project because you want to succeed at it – it may be impossible for you to do so and there may be much better opportunities elsewhere.The last thing to help towards avoiding home business failure is to talk to other people who are doing a similar thing to you. They are likely to share their experiences and it may save you making expensive mistakes.

Build a Business From Home – 3 Things You Must Know to Launch a Successful Home Business

The American Dream is something we all envision for ourselves, and often times making enough money to be rich or retire early is one the forefront of our minds. Well, if you are able to follow some basic strategy then you should be able to build a business from home and make the kind of money you have always dreamed about. So here are three things you need to keep in mind when trying to build a business from home.1. You have to treat your home business like a real job and work from home. If you want to build a business from home you must be committed to working hard and putting in extra and often long hours. Starting a business is never an easy task and you must realize before you go into business the sacrifices that you are going to have to make.2. Be considerate of your potential customers. A lot of times when people start a business they forget a vital aspect, customer service. To build a business from home you must have exceptional customer service when communicating via email or telephone. Often times it is your original customers that remain loyal and help you grow your business. Make sure you remember this concept when starting any business.3. You must learn to market your products or services in a manner that will attract customers and generate sales. Their are many ways to build a business from home and market your products correctly. Some of these methods are free and others you have to pay for. In my opinion the best form of free advertising is article or forum marketing, while Google AdWords is the most effective method of paid advertising.

How to Deal With Work at Home Business Scams

Work at home business scams are one of the main concerns for home business moms around the world. Sadly, the number of such scams are increasing each day and it does not look like there will be a stop to it anytime soon. It is insufficient for home business moms to only recognize and avoid these work at home business scams. Many of these working from home moms are eager to take action against the companies or individuals responsible for these schemes.Work at home business scams usually have certain distinct features such as a simple and vague job description and promises of a huge amount of money. Home business moms are normally required to pay a start-up fee or some form of upfront payment in order to get “hired”. Furthermore, it is more often than not impossible to get in touch with a representative from such companies for further information regarding the position.Fortunately, there are many organizations and associations dedicated to combating these home based business scams. For instance, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization which helps consumers with complaints and credible information regarding charities and businesses. BBB also alerts individuals about the latest scams which might affect them and their business. On the other hand, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) has more than 200 companies, many of them well-known, as members of their association. DSA’s mission is to make sure that their member companies follow ethical business practices and if they fail to do so, home business moms can file a complaint on the DSA website or send them a mail or fax.The National Fraud International Center is another organization which helps consumers and businesses fight against work at home business scams. It aims to help people avoid telemarketing and Internet schemes and pass their complaints to law enforcement agencies without any hassle. Working from home moms who come into contact with a home business scam can file a complaint on their website or call 1800-876-7060. Alternatively, work at home mums can visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center which is a partnership between the FBI and NW3C to deal with matters relating to Internet crimes, including work at home business scams.Home business moms should be weary and careful, but definitely not fearful when looking for business opportunities on the Internet and in the real world. They should keep these important information handy in case they may need to use it in the future to report against a scam.

Ten of the Coolest At-Home Jobs

Are you wishing that you had a job you could point to and say -now THAT is cool? You may be in luck.There are now some great freelance job sites that let you get in on cool freelance jobs that you can do from your own home. Here are ten of the coolest at-home freelance jobs that you could start doing today from the comfort of your own home, even if you have no previous experience!1. Blogging. This is becoming big business. Writers and bloggers can both make their name as a writer and make some good money by posting on the web. There are quite a few who have even managed to make this a full time job! You can usually find positions posting on anything from babies to politics.2. Design and write greeting cards. Have you ever thought about trying out freelance writing work? Have an artistic flair? Some companies will pay you per card and may even pay royalties to greeting card writers or artists.3. Web surfing. There is a company which will actually pay you to surf the web; the more you browse the internet, the more they’ll pay you! How is that for getting paid to do something you already are doing for free?4. Forum Posting. You can get paid weekly for posting on web forums on various topics.5. Write About Video Games. Gaming sites will often pay for reviews of new games by people who have tried them.6. Edit Upcoming Magazines. You’ll receive copies of new magazines before they hit newsstands. You’ll read, edit and give your thoughts on them – and get paid.7. Online Research. You can be paid for performing internet research about certain products or services and writing a report based on your findings.8. Writing News Stories. You’ll be sent titles daily; from these, you’ll write a first person piece on how this news story affects yourself or someone you know personally.9. Baby product or food testing testing. This is especially well suited to new moms. You can test new baby products, keep the sample products and get paid for trying them out.10. Athletic Shoe testing. A shoe manufacturer will pay you to try out their newest models. You wear the shoes for a while and give your opinion on them. They pay you – and you get to keep the shoes!With such great freelance jobs out there…almost anyone can get started working a cool job that they love to do right away!