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7 Steps to a Money Making Home Business

Starting your home business can go two ways, rough or smooth. The rough path means, that you literally spend a fortune, trying to get your home business off the ground and making money. The other path is smooth sailing right to profit. I am not going to ask which path you would choose, if given a choice. It’s quite obvious that everyone wants to start their business on the right foot, but how should you do that?Follow these 7 steps below and your on your way to a profitable home business:Step 1 – Take a little bit of time to have a game plan. Write down what interests you? Do you have a lot of knowledge on specific thing? You should never start a home business on a whim. Decide what niche your home business will be centered around.Step 2 – Set up your business website. Now that you have your niche figured out, you need to build your website around it. Building websites is actually quite simple, even if you have no clue about HTML or PHP. Today’s site building editors make it a snap to have your websites built, in hours or even faster. If you feel HTML is to technical for you, pick up a free WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor. You simply type your text in a box, than drag the box to where you want it. It’s that simple.If you have more money to invest than time, have your website design outsourced. There are a lot of places online to get professional website site design done, that will suit your needs. Think about using templates, that you can purchase online. The prices can range anywhere from free To $70 for a template, but it will really help you speed up the process of getting your home business site online with little work.Step 3 – Now you need to find good hosting. This may not seem that important, but when your website goes down or gets tampered with, you will have to rely on your hosting’s support. They are the difference between your home business site being online, to make you money or your website being down, losing money. Every minute counts when your website is down, I know personally, just how devastating of an effect this can have on your business and bottom line.Step 4 – Quit fighting investment with your online business. Many home business owners think that they can make $10,000 a month online, without ever investing a dime in their business. I am not going to tell you that it is impossible, but I will tell you that for every dime that you wisely invest in your business, it will come back many times over in profits.Everything from marketing to SEO with free resources, will take a lot of your time. The reason that online business owners invest in services and products for their business is to free up time. By saving time, you will be able to work on other things that are more important.Step 5 – Do not think that you will make a fortune overnight. It takes time for your business to grow. I know of many business owners that went months, before they ever saw their first profits online. I am not saying, that you will not make money quickly with your business. I am saying that if you start your online business with a realistic attitude and some perseverance, you will have a much easier time as you learn what works and what does not.Step 6 – Track your ads. Once you make a sale or earn a commission, find out what advertising source it came from. When you know that you have found a successful ad or advertising source, “hit it hard.” If you have made a sale from your website and the visitor came from your AdWords ad, keep it running. As long as the profit is higher than the advertising cost you are investing in, you are on your way to big profits.Those business owners, that use multiple forms of marketing, should especially pay close attention to tracking. If you make a profit and do not know where it came from, what good is it? If you know which form of marketing generates sales your business will be a success.Step 7 – Start your ezine (newsletter). Your business will thrive, by adding this little gem. By capturing your subscribers emails, you will be able to follow up with them through your weekly ezine. Your ezine should be useful information that your subscribers crave. If your home business centers around home improvement, give your readers useful tips on home improvement.Having your own ezine will take some time and research on your part. The impact that it will have on your business will be huge. You will be able to get your offer, in front of your potential customers on a regular basis. You are creating a relationship with your readers and they will trust you and your expertise. Over time this will create sales and profits for you.By following these seven steps above, you ensure that your home business, will be up and running in no time. You will find that your profits will come easy and you will have more time to do the things, that you enjoy.

Using Video-Conferencing in Your Home-Based Business

Here’s another weapon you can employ to improve your home business!-Video Conferencing.Better technology has made it easier for us to operate from home. One convenience available through IT is video-conferencing.It adds to the range of other tools like VOIP, email or scanning. In fact, it combines all three in a way. Short of a handshake, video-conferencing is a good, inexpensive way to keep in touch with clients. What are its advantages?*It saves time. Instead of having to travel long distances and having to agree on a location suitable to all, we can, at an appointed time, meet many people over the computer screen. All that is needed is a mutually agreeable time. Just think how difficult it is to schedule a meeting in the same city and you will appreciate the flexibility of video-conferencing.*It is more convenient for everyone. There are no constraints of distance. No longer do people from distant offices have to spend time traveling for short meetings.*It saves money. You save travel expenses, an important factor because of rising fuel prices. Add to that, savings on air, rail travel and hotel fees and you can see how much video-conferencing saves you.*It uses employee time better.As employees don’t have to travel, they can plough back the time into working on the task at hand. That means more productivity.So, how do you hold a good video-conference? Here are some tips:*Participants should be in position at least 30 minutes before the start of each conference. This is to ensure that everybody is familiar with the equipment. It also allows technicians to get things ready. This time can also be used to read notes on the agenda to ensure a meaningful dialogue.* Though you won’t be meeting in person, you still will be seen on screen. That is why you have to dress appropriately as representatives of your organization.* Finally, switch off all radios, mobile phones-anything that causes distractions.

Legit Online Jobs Scam – The Truth Exposed

In our current economic climate, with rising prices and rising unemployment, many people are struggling to make ends meet. It’s becoming harder and harder to pay the bills, meet mortgage and loan repayments AND have a life at the same time. This has led to the increased popularity of online money making opportunities such as data entry, paid surveys and others.Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there in this particular industry, that many people just don’t believe any more that there are legitimate online opportunities, and that there are people making full time incomes (and much more) just working from the comfort of their own homes on their computers.And so, in this article we’re going to discuss the Legit Online Jobs scam. Unfortunately, people are conditioned to believe that an opportunity such as this is a scam, however the truth is much different.  There are many people making a full time income with the main opportunity outlined in this program – including myself.How many times have you been researching a work at home program and found a discussion on a message board or forum – one person asks is a particular program legitimate, and ten other people jump in and say “No way, it’s a complete scam!” based on nothing but having maybe checked out the sales page? It happens, over and over again, and this is what leads people to believe that legitimate programs such as Legit Online Jobs are a scam.Nowhere does this program claim that you will make $$$$’s every day (although it is possible with time and dedication) and it says outright that it is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You will have to work, and the more time you put in, the more earnings you will get out.Legit Online Jobs has actually been established for a number of years, and has many thousands of satisfied members. There is just a minimal one time fee for joining and this is mainly just to pay staff to maintain the members area keep the information up to date.Although this program offers many different opportunities, the main one is called the Ad Cash System. This involves typing and submitting advertisements for companies using Pay Per Click or free classified. On joining, members get access to step by step video guides and image tutorials on exactly what they need to do to start making money almost immediately.The Legit Online Jobs scam is nothing but a myth – for anyone willing to put in the time and effort the rewards can be great. There is slight learning curve in the beginning, and when you first join you will find yourself confronted with a lot of information to digest. However, if the instructions are followed, then there is almost no doubt that you will make money.

Is There Such Thing As the Best Idea For a Home Based Business?

There are so many choices and ideas for a home based business these days, that it’s easy for new Entrepreneurs to get lost in the shuffle. If you’re looking at different home based business ideas, it’s important that you have a clear vision about what you’re trying to accomplish.Unless you know what your target it, it’s going to be very difficult for you to take the right path or make the correct decisions to hit it.So, before you even get started looking at all the home based business ideas that are out there, first sit down and really lay out all the things you’d like to achieve.Do you want to pay off your credit cards? Tally up your debts and get an exact number!Do you want to pay off an auto loan? What’s the payoff amount?Do you want to buy a new house with cash? What would it cost, EXACTLY?If your motivation for looking at home based business ideas is money (which it is for most people), you’ll hit your targets much faster when you have exact numbers in your head. “Making a lot of money” is great, but who’s to say when you’ve hit that target? That can mean many things to many different people.However, when you say “I want to earn $500,000 with my home business in the next two years” — that’s an exact number, and a good mentor in the home business industry can help you lay out a plan to achieve that.Obviously, different goals require different pathways.For instance, on man I started working with recently was in a position of serious debt. His immediate goal was to earn $25,000 to pay off some bills he was behind on, and pay off his automobile note so he could reduce the amount of money he needed every month to pay his bills.In addition, he wanted to increase his residual income by at least $750 per month, so he wouldn’t find himself in this same situation again a few months down the road.For this particular person, the straightest path to getting himself out of debt was to do some work in the direct sales industry, where by applying some time and energy — and following a proven marketing plan, he was pretty easily able to earn the $25,000 he needed.But at the same time, he started working with me in the network marketing industry, to increase his monthly residual income.Your plan might require something different. The important thing is to know what you want and need, and to have a plan. Otherwise, when looking through different home based business ideas, it’s going to be very difficult for you to tell which ones are the best for you individual situation.No two people are alike, and no two plans should be alike.Any marketer out there that says “My plan is the best” doesn’t know what they are taking about, and shouldn’t be trusted. There is no one-size fits all solution to home business — and if you’ve been looking for it, now is the time to stop wasting your time looking.There are any number of great opportunities on the Internet, and many of them can make you a lot of money, IF you have a solid plan and you stick to it. If you’re looking for home business ideas, feel free to consult with our Inner Circle Mentors. We help people develop plans that work for them — not just for us.

Revealed – How to Have a Distraction Free Home Business

The idea of starting a home business appeals to many because it affords business owners more personal and family time. But the reality of it could be far removed from his expectations if preventive steps are not taken to ensure that business matters remain separate from family matters.Startup Family and friends usually assume that a home business owner has complete flexibility when it comes to time. It is imperative that they understand as much as possible the constraints and the requirements of the new working environment, more so if the business owner as a family. A meeting should be held to relay this to them and also get feedback on their concerns.It is also important that the business owner understands himself that the startup period will not be a bed of roses. A lot of time and effort will be required during the early stages and this will hamper any social and family plans. Be prepared to make some sacrifices and do not be disheartened when things do not go as planned.BoundariesWorking from your home would require a dedicated area just for work. Make it clear to everyone that the work space is for work matters only. There will be a lot of important documents and equipment in that area and it is therefore important to ensure they are kept in an organized manner and away from curious hands.It is advisable to keep separate banking accounts for work and family. Money is usually the point of contention in many relationships so it is best to nip the problem in the bud. Furthermore, it is easier to gauge the performance of a business from a dedicated account.Work HoursIt is common to be totally engrossed in work during the startup period as time seems to fly by with ease. But keeping regular working hours should be a habit inculcated from the very beginning. Ensure that an organized schedule is kept. Allow for some time in between to relax and raid the fridge for a quick bite or even check up on the kids.Family Children are always happy to have a parent around the house. But children, especially younger ones, can be quiet a distraction. It would be a good idea to therefore hire a babysitter to keep an eye on the kids during working hours.As for spouses and older children, involving them in the business could help them understand better the work situation and might even foster a stronger bond among family members.

Ready to Start a Home Business?

You must take into consideration what is involved, the skills that are needed, and the knowledge that is required. Do you have any ideas about what type of business that you want to run, or in what area? Do you know where your market is, who might want to buy your product, and how will you get it to them? What do you know about advertising and promoting yourself and your products and/or your services?What are the main attributes that you personally need to succeed?
Belief – Will you succeed? Don’t know – not sure. Then you have already failed. If you do not believe in your business how can you expect anyone else to. Blind faith is not what is required, but you do need to believe that you can and will make it happen.
Motivation – What is your driving force? Are you looking for more control over your life, spending more time with your family. Maybe you want to reduce the stress levels associated with modern life. In order to hit your target you must have something to aim at.
Desire – What do you really want to achieve? Independence in the work market, financial freedom, self-dependence where what you achieve actually reflects in what you take home in your pocket.
Need – What is it that you absolutely must have? This might be material items, but is more likely to be less tangible things. A better income, a more secure future, flexibility in your working life.
Act – Will you actually take control? Only you can make it happen. Only you can put yourself in the driving seat and take charge of where you are going, of how to get there, and most importantly, to arrive at your destination.
Make no mistake, running your own business is not the easy option, doing nothing is that – which means you will go nowhere, get nothing done, and achieve precisely nothing. If you are prepared to put in the effort and hard work, not just today or this week/month, but continually until you succeed, what can stop you!Chris Puttock.

How a Firefighter and Homeschool Mom Make Extra Money

Wow, is it hard to survive financially these days! Especially trying to make it on one income! I have heard more than one of my firefighter comrades say, “Man, I don’t see how you make it!” Well, I can say that it is not easy. Homeschool moms are also involved in the process of finding ways to make the extra money it requires just to get the bills paid and hopefully have enough extra money to get away and have a night out.My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and before we had our three children, we made a commitment that she would stay home and raise the kids. At first, it was quite a sacrifice. At the time, she was pulling in just over $10,000 a year. (Of course, that ten thousand went a lot further that it does today.) We found ourselves scaling back on some of the non-essentials of life. We went from having two vehicles to just one and did not get to go and do things as often as we had been. But, looking back on it, I can definitely say it was well worth it.As many of you probably know, firefighters work odd hours. Someone has to be at the firehouse 24/7 to protect the community from fire and other emergencies. Most schedules allow for 48 hours or more off after working a 24 hour shift. I would guestimate that 90% or more of us work jobs on our off days. In our department, we have construction workers, loggers, painters, computer techs, and truck drivers just to name a few. Some guys even work on an ambulance on their off time!Besides making a commitment to have mom stay home to raise the kids, we also made the commitment to homeschool those kids! This involves more sacrifices. But again, the rewards are worth the sacrifices that were made! There are many reasons for the decision we made to home school. I won’t get into those in this article. The point is between working, being involved in the schooling process and keeping up the home and making time for family, there is little time left for making extra money.So what do we do, you ask? We have turned to the unlimited opportunities of the internet! One for instance is eBay! This is perfect for working at home. It is perfect for busy lives! There is no need to man a store during certain hours and you can work it as you have time. I can easily make an additional 300-500 dollars a month buying and reselling on eBay.

Home Business Tips – Getting Your Priorities in Order

A lot of people think that the biggest mistakes you can make with you home business concern tactical problems such as a poor web page, poor advertising, bad sales copy, and so on. And while those things are all important, the real problem that home business owners have is that they don’t have their priorities in order. So that you understand what I’m talking about, I’m going to relay to you a true story about a friend of mine. I will leave out the names so as to protect the innocent and not so innocent. After you read this, you’ll realize what I mean about priorities.A friend of mine wanting to start a home business. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said to me, “I don’t care, just as long as I make money.” Well, there was his first mistake…no business plan. You have to have a business plan no matter how simple your business is. Without a plan, you are absolutely going nowhere. Okay, so I got him on track there. We finally figured out what he wanted to do.Next was the actual implementation of what he wanted to do. He immediately wanted to jump into creating a product, setting up a web page and so on. This is where I had to give him another “hold the phone” moment. He didn’t understand what the problem was. So I asked him one simple question. “Do you know who your target market is and what they want?” He looked at me like I had two heads. I explained to him that before you create ANYTHING you better make sure that your target market even cares about it. So I got him into doing niche research.This process continued, every step of the way. At each stepping stone, I had to back him up as he was putting the cart before the horse. He wanted to do things before their time. Now, when you’re first starting out, you’re not going to know these things. That’s normal. Hopefully, this article will have gotten you to start thinking in terms of getting your priorities in order. You can’t sell something unless you know that what you want to sell has a real demand. And then, everything comes from that.To YOUR Success,Steven Wagenheim

Home Biz Scams – How to Avoid Falling For the Make Money Scams

There are many types of make money opportunities spreading all over the internet such as multi-level marketing, home based business, paid survey, paid to surf and reselling product. The most common type of internet business is “Make Money Opportunity”. It is usually an informational product that shows people how to make money online. This business is legitimate but some are not, it is not easy to distinguish it from the scams. In this article, I will show you ways to avoid falling for the make money scams.First of all, many scam businesses are promoting themselves through a variety forms of advertising mediums such as Classification, Message board, and Craig list. Because these sites are free to post for any type of advertising message, those scammers will never spend a dime on paid advertisement such as “pay per click” and “banner” because they collect their credit card information. Ads that appear on paid advertisement did not mean that they are all legitimate, some scam websites are made to look professional and show on paid ad to get more trust from visitors.Before you decide to purchase any make money product you should get some references from people who have purchased it. If the product turn out to be a scam people should have started a thread on a forum to complain about it. You can use search engine to find the related forum searching from the product name.Do not fall into the hype of their sales page, it does not guarantee anything until you purchase the product. Many scam artists are trying to make their site look professional and incredible, with headline and sales page that hype up everything. People are influenced to purchase on the fancy appearance instead of the quality of information they need.Many scam artists prefer to advertise on classification, message board and Craig list because they are free and no credit card detail is being recorded in the database, so tracing is impossible. Before you decide to purchase any make money product it is best to get some references from source you can trust such as forum to see whether the sellers did keep their promise. Never fall into the hype of these business opportunity products because their purpose is to sell you something instead of giving you the actual information. You have to make a wise decision before investing your money into any business.

Make Money – Writing a Business Plan (4)

Now that you’re ready to get your home business started, you need to lay out a plan of action. If you do not have the money to start a business, you need to find out if you can qualify for a loan or get money from investors. In order to get a loan you will need to have a business plan to show them.You may be wondering what is a business plan? When writing a business plan you want to think of questions that people might have about your own business. You will not find anyone that will give you a loan without having this information. You want your business plan to tell them that you have considered every aspect of the business and show them what you have come up with.Here is a list of what should be included in your business planWhat service do you offer? This is the first thing you should include in your business plan. Are you going to be offering a service or will be selling products that you will be purchasing from other companies.Who will your customers be? You need to include in your business plan who you are going to be doing your service for or are offering it to. You need to let them know whether or not you will be doing this in a local area or online.What makes your offer unique? Let them know what the key factors are that make your business different from other businesses. What do you plan on doing differently to make sure your business is a success.What expenses will be incurred? You need to make a list of all of the things that you will need, supplies, products or anything else you will need to start. You will also need to include any daily expenses or staff costs.A good way to find out what you need to include in your business plan is to search online for business plans. You can find examples that will give you ideas to make sure that you have set yours up right.Go online and do a search on Google or Yahoo for “sample business plan” and you will get some good ideas. Be sure to spend a good amount of time on your business plan before you even try to get a loan.