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Starting a Home Business – Matching, Cashflow & Profitabilty

In starting a home business, the importance of the “Matching Concept”, “Cashflow” and “Profitability” from the accounting point of view, cannot be over-emphasized and is the subject of this article.Probably because I am a professional (Chartered Accountant) versed in that field, I notice a rampant non-adherence in home business online to this accounting concept, “Matching”. There is also a thorough lack of understanding of the meaning of Cashflow and Profitability all of which ultimately are major causes of failure of most home businesses.The Matching Concept in accounting simply states that revenues earned in any accounting period must be matched with the expenses incurred in that same accounting period.Cashflow is basically the expression of cash/funds that are received as against cash/funds that are spent within the same time period.Profitabilty involves a matching of revenues(not cash) with expenses(not cash) incurred within the same time period.Let us first start with “Cashflow”Applying this to a home business, it is important that if anybody starting a home business wants to succeed, he should ensure that the cash/funds he receives from all sources he has decided to apply to the home business in any time period is at least equal to the amount he disburses on the home business in the same time period, which may be most appropriately, monthly,Simple, it sounds? In reality, it beats me hollow to see many “Gurus” running training programs recommend to “newbies” many tools, resources, subscriptions which obviously? at the stage the newbies are in, in most cases, they should not be incurring such expenditure. And poor “newbies”, in the belief that they are being “shepherded” correctly, follow hook, line and sinker, the “recipe” of these “Gurus” much to their own peril.Some “Gurus” do this out of mischief (to sell products/services) but you will be surprised at how many do this out of ignorance of the extreme importance of “Cashflow”.”Cashflow” is the most important in the short run as a home business making profit in the short run can run out of business with inappropriate cashflow management. On the other hand, a home business making an actual accounting loss in the initial period can survive and ultimately turn around to making profit in the long run.. In fact most businesses start out making an accounting loss in their initial year of operation and turn this round to a profit in subsequent years.Next to “Profitability”.This becomes crucial more in the long run as anyone starting a home business must ultimately ensure his revenues exceed expenses otherwise he will run out of business.A common misconception however is that the home business must pay for itself almost right from the outset. You will loose a lot of home based business opportunities this way. What is crucial is the ultimate income potential of the home business. In fact only “get rich quick schemes” come this way.Now to “Matching”This in the accounting parlance is actually more related to “Profitability” in that it determines the way any profit you earn in your home business will be deemed accrued. Anyone starting a home business must know that the initial outlays in your first few months should not simply be “written off” but should be noted as an initial expense which should be amortised over a reasonable length of time periods and should not be simply “loaded” into any one time period.What deductions can those starting a home business make from all these accounting terminologies?- Do not spend more than you have realistically earmarked and is indeed available(budget) on any home business in any time period. In fact borrowing to start a home business is like signing your death warrant as the expected revenues/cash is not likely to come in as fast as you expect.- The yardstick for determining the success of any home business is not in the speed with which you start earning as indeed you do not start reaping very fast with many successful home businesses while you in fact yield initially very fast with some “get rich quick schemes” and ultimately loose much more later.- You are the architect of your own fortune or misfortune and you should not leave your fate entirely in the hands of any marketing guru purporting to train you in internet marketing but wisely apply the breaks in spending as appropriately explained in this article.- The decisions to be takan by each one involved in starting a home business is dependent on his particular financial situation. As “Cashflow” is most important, anyone with good cash base should in fact make informed purchase decisions even if he would be making an accounting loss initially as this will fasttrack his business while someone with a poor cashflow should bid his time by applying FREE tools which are indeed plentiful on the internet. I say “informed purchase decisions” because availability of cash is no license to go on a spending spree without basis since in internet marketing, you still need time to acquire the necessary training which involves reading relevant materials very widely, browsing forums etc- You must get out of that home business if within a reasonable length of time you are now not covering all your costs, including the ones you had capitalized which you are amortising over a number of time periods.- Quantify exactly how much cash is required to “survive” in any home business within the first six months to one year by which time you should hopefully have turned into profit and incorporate this in your cashflow projection to determine if available earmarked funds will be able to finance this- Be rest assured that spending much more than comes in initially is not a sign of the failure of an home business or indeed any business for that matter.You can now make many more other deductions from the explanation of the above terminologies to guide you in starting a home business.

Confused on How You Can Make Money at Home? Read This!

How can I make money at home?This is a step that takes some consideration. What do you want to do to make money at home? Do you want to turn a hobby into a business? Or are you wanting to work at home doing a new business to make extra cash? These questions need to be answered before you take the work at home plunge. Once you have the answer to those questions, then you can start looking for business opportunities that are online and in line with what your goals and job wants are.How hard is it to work from home?To make money at home requires a bit of determination and an attitude of stick to it. Those two attitudes must be in place in order to make a successful online business. That said, it is relatively easy to work an at home business. There are many businesses to choose from when looking for this type of opportunity. By researching your opportunities carefully, you will find a business that is both fun and rewarding to operate. These businesses are not hard to operate. It takes time and patience in order to get your business started. Then the rewards will come pouring in.What kinds of businesses should I be looking for?That depends upon what you want to accomplish. To make money at home can be a profitable money making venture. The choice of the business really is up to you as far as what you want to accomplish with your business at home. What makes you happy? What kind of business would you want to start? This answer totally depends upon your choices as far as a business goes. There are many different businesses that can be done online. The choice is up to you. However beware of those promising a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to show a profit.There are so many listings! How do I choose one?To make money at home is a business proposition. You choose an opportunity after doing careful research on it. This means researching everything about the opportunity, talking to others who have done the particular opportunity with the company that you wish to work at home for. This gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself if the opportunity is one that you truly wish to try your hand at. Once you have thoroughly researched the opportunity then you can decide if this is truly what you want to do. Each of the listings is a potential business opportunity. You are the one who can say yes or no to it.In some ways, searching the listings is fun and exhilarating. You never know what you will find until you start searching for all the ways to make the extra cash at home. It is like an online treasure hunt with all sorts of good things to look at and so many different ways to be able to make money at home. It can be mind boggling, all the wonderful opportunities that are available to you.

Are You Floundering in Your Home-Based Business?

The better question is: Are you fully accepting and embracing that your success AND failure is 100% YOU?To some people that statement is too much for them to handle – it makes them too responsible. For others, they thrive on this, because it gives them a since of control to know that their lives aren’t at the whim of some unforeseen event or circumstance, or luck.They believe in themselves and their abilities and KNOW that the course of their life can and WILL change if they choose for it to.Now, I don’t know what past experiences you have with business. You may be coming from Network Marketing, or you may have tried other online business opportunities or both. Maybe you had moderate success, and maybe you failed at both and it cost you a ton of money.None of that matters. You’re past failures don’t dictate your future success – unless you allow them to….Your Success is 100% YOU. Your success is 100% what you think and 100% what you do.I know, first hand, what it is to want something so badly that you can taste it and just can’t let it go. However, every time you feel you are just moments away from taking hold, it slips right through your fingers again.You should be asking yourself why that is!!!????1. Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life and for your choices?2. Is your head in the game?3. Do you have a fierce mindset to succeed NO MATTER WHAT?4. Do you want it bad enough for you and your family?5. Are you taking control and learning tangible marketing skills in order to actually build a business?6. Are you attaching yourself to a business model that not only offers skills and has systems in place for you to succeed, but also has a comp plan in place that is designed for your success?7. Do you have a mentor to help guide your path?Honest, and insightful analysis regarding your business…your life is the best thing you can do to change your course and creating the thriving success you are desire for yourself.

Home Based Business Leadership and Motivation Tips

I wanted to share with you some valuable home based business and leadership tips, today. Some information that if implemented, will drastically change your life. I’m not a fan of hype, so if the terms “change your life” sound to dramatic, there is a disclaimer.You HAVE TO TAKE ACTION to make those changes.I can honestly say that this information can and will help you make significant strides in your personal life and business life, because It changed my life 10 years ago, and it has changed my life just recently just by reviewing the information. Small action steps in your home based business will have you moving one step closer to your goal. It’s like lifting weights. But what is keeping you from taking those actions?Very important question!I was reviewing an old program the other day that I haven’t listened to in over 10 years. I was just out of college, living in a new state. I had several stressful occurrences in my life happen all at once. Maybe you can relate to that? Not to go into specifics, but the stress had gotten to me so bad that I was up all night, having hallucinations. I decided the next morning that I needed to change my life. I woke up early, put on my running shoes, and just went running. I told myself, that I was never going back to that place in my life.”Here’s Your Sign, Pay Attention Clue #1″So when considering home based business leadership and motivation, significant PAIN can be a motivator for you and your team. If there are things in your life you wish you could change, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that.People are only motivated by two things. The desire to avoid pain, and the desire to receive pleasure! Every motivation can be broken down to those two simple concepts. In addition, the desire to avoid pain, far outweighs the desire to gain pleasure.We are all in control of our focus. What we focus on expands! What we focus on determines our behavior. Why do we procrastinate? We procrastinate because we associate significant pain to performing the action, and not enough pleasure to performing the action. If we procrastinate too long our motivation can drastically change. Let’s say we waited until the night before to do a term paper. What is motivating you now? Not the pain associated with doing the term paper, but the pain of NOT doing the term paper. Again, we are in charge of what we focus on, and what we focus on determines our actions. So if you want to change your life and/or your business instantly, here is the trick.The program that changed my life over 10 years ago is Anthony Robbins, “Personal Power.” I dusted off that program recently and learned how to Focus what I associate pain and pleasure to. Here are the key points when considering how to change your behavior. You have to link significant pain to NOT doing the task at hand. You have to ask yourself, “What will happen to my life if I don’t follow through. What will I be missing and what will it cost me?” For example, if you have decided to start your own home business, but are finding it difficult to stay motivated with all the distractions in your life…You have a job, family, exercise, kids sports and activities, and you have the PAIN of squeezing a business into the mix. So maybe ask yourself what your life will be 365 days from now if you don’t make the business a priority. (Associate Pain) You also have to ask yourself what PLEASURE am I getting by NOT doing something I’m supposed to do. Maybe that is hanging at the pool without getting your business activities done. What will it COST YOU if you don’t change, and how does that make you feel? We are emotional beings. If you don’t feel, or associate significant pain or significant pleasure, you probably WONT change.And Finally, What will I GAIN when I do follow through consistently? This should be a huge list and should have emotional ties to it.My life has changed significantly just from this exercise alone. The story I told you earlier was one of the worst days of my life, but by taking action and saying ‘never again’ I set in motion all the victories I have created since. Withing 15 days of that incident I decided I wanted to become a helicopter pilot. 4 years later I accomplished that goal.I didn’t stop there. I decided I had the greatest JOB in the world, but I wanted more. I used the same techniques to create a very successful business. This is very good stuff and it WILL change your life… IF… what??YOU TAKE ACTION!The most important Home Based Business Leadership and Motivation Tips are 1) Take Action, 2) Associate Pain to NOT taking the action 3) consider a long emotional list of the outcomes that will occur based on taking that action.

Pros and Cons of Home Based Businesses Lists

Would-be entrepreneurs in search of genuine business opportunities quickly realize that the process of finding, evaluating, and selecting such ventures is a lot more difficult and time consuming than they may have originally assumed. Granted, various multilevel marketing (MLM) affiliate sites will pop up virtually immediately, but since many of the same kind of company often take up the first few pages of the search engine results, comparison of different programs is hard. This is where the home based businesses lists shine!Frequently found on portal sites, these listings not only provide easy to follow links to partner websites offering home based businesses, lists also tend to display the latest and newest business opportunities. This puts portals head, shoulder and torso above e-zine articles which occasionally offer reviews of such MLM and other businesses. Articles are virtually outdated the moment they are posted online.The popularity a home based business opportunity enjoys always depends on the buzz it generates. Many proprietors of such businesses and also their affiliates will go to great lengths to advertise their online presence, sometimes crossing the line between reputable opportunity and one which is so ineptly presented that some may think it less of an opportunity and more or a sham. With a list service, however, reputable businesses find a dedicated outlet for their program without tempting still green affiliates to market in less than desirable fashion.On the flip side, there are those who find that home based businesses lists tend to bury excellent opportunities when new programs and links are included in the directory. This is a very real concern to the proprietors of the portal sites as well, and some have begun to address this concern by offering forums where members of the website may discuss their findings, experiences, and also disappointments with the home business opportunities they have tried out.In some cases the lists which are not monitored tend to become spammed by a marketer who attempts to hog the entire page with a business opportunity listing. This of course is not the case on websites that are well maintained and where listings require an approval process prior to going live. Few home based entrepreneurs search for clues to great home based businesses on sites that appear to be little more than free for all linking sites.All in all, the advantages of well maintained and frequently updated home based businesses lists far outweigh the disadvantages of seeing great opportunities lose their front and center position on a site or page. Savvy Internet entrepreneurs love the ease with which they can find out about the latest buzz online, while those with new MLM business opportunities appreciate the momentary spotlight their ventures enjoy. Since this oftentimes results in numerous sign ups, they are not at all in favor of doing away with such lists or portal sites.

Great Businesses For Single Mothers

Working at home on the Internet is a great business for single mothers. They receive the added benefits to stay home with their children and save the cost of childcare and other expenses that go along with working outside the home. When you work at home as a single mother, you have time to meet your child’s needs and at the same time, you can earn cash to pay for your bills and make the quality of life for your child better. Working at home is becoming a necessity for many people besides single mothers because of the cost of gasoline and the rising economy.Outsourced employment is becoming a booming business. If a company hires you to work at home, they do not have to provide the equipment, the computers, the workspace, or pay rent on a building for you to sit in. When you work at home for a business you are not paid hourly but by the task. This saves the business owner money for downtime when a worker does not have anything else to do. Not only do you get paid for the real-work you do, you also have time to do the household tasks that are demanded of you.  If you want to start your own business as a single mother there are a plethora of opportunities out there. There are millions of work at home businesses that you can start and earn money from the very beginning. Put in the key word ‘work at home’ on your search engine and you will see that there are literally millions of businesses out there that want you to either work for them or to show you how to start your own business at home. Be wary of companies asking you to put money up front. There are proven companies out there that can show you how to make money at home and only ask for your time or your web space or a small startup fee.  Watch the Internet for seminars or webinars that will teach you how to start a great business for yourself. No longer are you locked down to businesses like Amway or Avon. Stay at home mothers have become a force to be reckoned with as they have learned how to make money on the web and have created businesses that have toppled corporations. Anyone can do it. Start networking with other single mothers and find out how they are working at home and how they are making money. Join forums and chat groups on social networks and start asking questions. If you really want to learn, there are people out there that will teach you how to work from home for free, even other single mothers.  Whether you open an affiliate page, take on some outsourced work from large corporations, or just sell items on eBay, you can make enough money to pay your bills and at the same time take care of your child. If you do a great job or choose a leveraged program, you can make a significant income. There are great businesses for single mothers out there; you just have to be able to find them and see if they are a reality in your life.

Stop! Easy Ways to Work From Home Without Risk, Investment Or Worry!

In this article we are going to look at some easy ways to work from home WITHOUT taking undue risk with your time, energy or income. If we are being honest, there are MANY offers you to work from home which are designed to do ONE thing well: Separate you and YOUR hard earned money from your wallet or pocketbook! In my view, the easiest way to get started making money from home is to jump online and capitalize on the cacophony of elegant ways to profit from your ideas, creativity and computer. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to do exactly that in a hurry!Blogging Straight to the BankI personally maintain over 20 blogs on a regular basis, and have at LEAST another 30 perpetually in the creation cycle. The truth is that a blog can be created in ONE short day, with content added, monetization model in place and traffic coming in BEFORE you blink an eye. It always confuses me when I hear the so many people are unable to make money from their blogs, as in MY experience, they are the absolute easiest way to profit with the least amount of effort. It’s important to remember that blogging is simply a publishing platform in my parlance – NOT a site for sharing what you had for lunch, or the family trip you went on last week..:-) All of my blogs are niche content sites designed to sell products, services and offers of either my own, or my marketing partners.Affiliate Marketing OpportunitiesMany people are accustomed to the network marketing business model, as many of us have done it! ( myself as well….although I sure wasn’t any good when I did!) Affiliate marketing is sort of a much more elegant and efficient model for offline network marketers who simply didn’t enjoy selling stuff to their friends and family! Simply stated, you can parter with LARGE off line companies like Blockbuster video, Medifast, Amazon, popular TV and electronics manufacturers and MUCH more with ease…simply by applying for FREE affiliate programs networks where they offer partnerships. Have you lost weight on Medifast? Why not put your story down in a blog – and run Medifast banners on your site? Are you a big movie buff? Why not share your favorites while promoting the latest blockbuster movie club? Your income is ONLY limited by your imagination….and your desire to improve your life – and I can promise you, if you WANT to succeed from home, and are willing to work at it…you WILL!

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle

Keeping a balanced lifestyle is never easy in this day and age. We are facing an all consuming credit crunch so naturally we are trying to work as hard as possible to overcome this. So, where do we fit in time for ourselves and our families? If you work from home or own your own business, it can be even harder to maintain a balanced lifestyle as it is all too easy to over work yourself.Let’s look at working from home and keeping a healthy balance between work and play. If you do work at home you may have a family. Working from home gives you a great opportunity to be able to spend more time with your family rather than commuting from one place to another. Working from home is a hard slog, possibly more so than working away in an office. Mainly because it is all too easy to put things off, spend time with your family instead of doing the work that needs to be done.You need to maintain a schedule to be able to keep your balance right. You do need to be able to work in peace and without distraction, but just as much, you need to be able to set aside some quality time for your family. Try different routines such as working in the morning and not in the afternoon or vice versa. Or, perhaps working in the evening when the kids are in bed would be better for you? You will soon find a balance that works right for you, but it may take some trial and error to find the correct way that works for you.Another pitfall of working from home is that you may be tempted to work longer hours than that of the normal office hours. It is very tempting to think that if you just did one more piece of work you will have less to do tomorrow. It rarely works out this way, especially if you have a busy and thriving business.If you do have children, talk to them and explain that even though you are at home you are busy and you are working. Some children are too young to understand that you are not at their beck and call when they need you. Don’t shut your children out of the process of working from home, instead talk to them, show them what you do and explain the situation. This could be a good time, if they are old enough, to explain exactly why you work in the first place. Explain that money provides security, food, warmth and other things that we cannot live without.Instead of working for a solid 7/8 hours a day, try dividing your time into blocks of work. This way you all benefit from working from home. You should be able to benefit from working from home as well as your family.

Home Based Insurance Career Plus Residual Income Month After Month, Year After Year!

Have you been searching for a unique career? A honest, straight forward business you can run from home that creates residual income for yourself? Have you been laid off, downsized or just plain sick and tired of your job IN-security? Tired of the commute plus gas?Do you have dreams of being your own boss in a recession proof industry that is growing in leaps and bounds? Do you have what it takes to run your own home based business, you just need to find the right opportunity AND training!If this sounds like you but you’re not interested in multi-level marketing, get rich quick schemes or contacting family and friends to get started, here’s the solution!Home Based Residual Income through Health and Life Insurance. This career allows the flexibility most people dream of in a Home Based Career!This career creates $100s per day in new business and you get paid every month on every application. This is a real, honest, solid career for anyone willing to do the work on a flexible schedule. It isn’t glamorous or flashy and requires time and a little money to get started, however, the long-term residual income is nothing short of huge! Others who have trained and do the work are earning 100k+ their first year! You decide when you want to work and generate leads. You decide how much you want to earn based on the time you put into helping people get the proper coverage.When you consider other professions, a very small percentage provide residual income. Let’s say you are a brain surgeon and earn 250k/ year. If you are not operating, you are not making any income, plus you only get paid once for that one operation! Not to mention the time and money you would spend on that kind of education.This career can provide consistent residual income. From passing your test and getting licensed, to “connecting the dots” and keeping you current on the industry, this career leads into your own “turn key” Home Based Health and Life Insurance business.It will lead you into an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds, no matter what the economy! This is a career opportunity where people learn how to prescribe, educate, problem solve, and truly help people, while growing a massive residual income stream! You can learn this industry and be at expert level in 4-6 weeks! Many people just like you start out part-time, until they replace or exceed the income from their “real” job!This is NOT for everyone but when it is a good fit… it really is the “last career” you will ever need! Take action today to learn more and open the door to residual income and financial security for years to come. Kiss your boss goodbye forever!