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Part-Time Lawn Mowing Business While Working a Regular Job

No matter what the economy, the grass still grows. There is always someone near by who needs their lawn mowed and cannot do it themselves. These folks have a problem and you, the full-time employee wanting to start a part-time lawn mowing business, have the solution. They can pay you to mow their yard. Problem solved.I often get the question of whether you can start your lawn mowing business part-time in the evenings and on weekends and keep your full-time job. The answer is a big yes!The question is can you do it? If you have lots of energy, enjoy being outdoors and working in your yard, and can handle just 5 to 10 extra hours of physical work each week, you can start a part-time lawn mowing business and keep your regular job.People who work 12-hour rotating shift schedules are in a terrific position to run a lawn mowing business part-time while keeping their full-time jobs because they have so many days off.MarketingFirst, you need to find some customers. Write a flyer using word processing software, print it, take it to your local copy shop, have 25-30 copies made, and distribute them around your neighborhood within walking distance of your house. You may want to use a half-page flyer so you can distribute to 50-60 houses. Include what you offer the prospect (lawn mowing, edging, cleaning off the concrete), your name, best phone number to contact you, your address so they know you are a neighbor and how much you charge. Since you are new to the business charge on the lower end of the average rate other lawn care professionals charge in your area. Five dollars cheaper than average may get your neighbors to stop using someone out of the neighborhood and start using you instead.Another reason to start with your neighbors is they know you or know of you and we all want to help other people, especially people we know. Since these folks are close by, you get to go out, knock on doors and meet your neighbors while marketing your business to them. Smile, introduce yourself and tell them which house is yours or what street you live on and get to know a little about them and some things you might have in common. Hand them a flyer at the end of the conversation and move on to the next house.Keep this up until you have at least one person ready for you to go home, get your equipment right now, come back and work that day and are pulling out their checkbook to pay you. If this happens, stop marketing that day, service your new customer and earn some money. Continue marketing the next day.When you have the number of customers you think you can handle, stop marketing daily and only doing a little occasionally or when someone asks for your information. You will need to keep a few flyers on hand to give out. Be on the lookout for yards that overgrow and see if a lawn service comes to mow them. These folks may need someone closer who will service their lawn regularly. Be sure to visit them and ask.EquipmentDo not buy any commercial equipment or go into debt. You only need the mower you use on your own lawn, a gas-powered string trimmer and blower to get started. If you have an electric-powered string trimmer and blower, you can still use them, but make sure the customer knows you will need access to an electric outlet and you will need a very long extension cord.Alternatives to gas and electric-powered trimmers and blowers are the cordless rechargeable models. They are less expensive than their gas-powered cousins, cheaper to operate and much more environmentally friendly. If you have electric equipment that requires an extension cord, you will want to replace it with cordless electric or gas-powered equipment as soon as you earn enough money mowing to do so.Starting within walking distance of your home eliminates the need for a truck or trailer to haul equipment to job sites keeping costs down. If you live within walking distance of the job you can put your equipment and gas can in a wagon or cart and pull your lawn mower along by hand. If you are willing to do this extra manual labor you are more likely to succeed because you are not afraid of hard work and not prone to overspending.EarningsOne of the biggest reasons to have a part-time lawn mowing business is you make significantly more money for the time you spend working than at most other part-time endeavors.If you charge $50 to mow the grass, edge and clean up and you can do 5 lawns after work and on weekends each week, you will earn $250 per week. You will need to set 15% of your revenue aside after expenses (gas, parts, repair, replacement equipment, etc.) for self-employment taxes which you will need to pay each quarter. If you spend $9 on gas and save $36 for taxes, your net weekly earnings will be $205. Six weeks of hauling your equipment by hand will build physical strength and allow you to accumulate about $1230. You could also resubmit your form W-4 at work to take the correct amount of extra money out of your pay checks to cover these taxes. However, if you are trying this to determine if you want a full-time lawn mowing business I recommend you become familiar with paying self-employment taxes quarterly.After 20 weeks of mowing 5 lawns per week you will have netted nearly $4,000. It will be less than this because your equipment will need maintenance and repair. That will not cost more than a few hundred dollars, so you will still have around $3,700 if you save your profits.Now you will have the cash to buy a good used commercial lawn mower. Once you have a commercial mower you will be able to increase the number of yards you can mow per week in the same amount of time it took with your residential mower, increasing your revenue. You may be able to mow 10 yards per week instead of 5, so your gross revenue will jump to $500 per week. After another 10 weeks you may have enough cash to buy a used trailer to haul your commercial equipment.Remember that in many areas there are only 3 mowing seasons or about 40 weeks of steady work each year. If you spend the first 40 weeks earning enough to get some commercial equipment and increase your customer base, your second part-time year will be mostly profits.Two years part-time in the business will allow you to decide if you want to start mowing full-time. You will know it is time to go full-time when you are turning customers away because you do not have time to service their yards and if you could take on those customers, you would earn more annually than at your full-time job.Earning more means earning more than your current annual pay after taxes plus paying for the benefits you and your family need, like health insurance. If your spouse works outside the home, he or she may carry the family benefits leaving you free to earn lots of cash. You will have to save for retirement and pay your own disability insurance even if your spouse can provide the other benefits. Few companies offer spousal retirement or spousal disability coverage.If you are willing to work during your off hours and not spend money on equipment you do not need, you can work part-time mowing lawns and earn a lot of extra money. You may also be able to eventually leave your job and run your business full-time.

Work at Home – Mistakes You Want to Avoid to Keep Your Business Successful (3)

When we first start a business it is tempting to do whatever it takes to get paying customers as quickly as possible. Here are a few things that you want to avoid doing the first year to make sure your business will succeed.It is very tempting to try and make friends and give discounts in order to get customers. The problem with this is you can find yourself lowering your price so much that it will wind up costing you money instead of making you money. Be sure to keep your prices as close to the prices you’ve set as you can. You must instead focus on adding value. Give as much as you can in use value. Compared to your price, your offer must be a real bargain. It has to be irresistible. One thing you can do is offer customers a package deal where they get a substantial discount on each if the item they purchase from you. Just make sure to figure out your costs and make sure the discount will not make it so you are not making a profit.Another thing you want to avoid is spending too much money on advertising. Look for the best deals you can find in advertising, or free advertising. There are many inexpensive advertising methods that are actually more effective than spending hundreds of dollars in your local newspaper. Before making any decisions on advertising, spend as much time as necessary checking out all the different methods of advertising and choose the ones that are the most effective and cost-efficient.You want to be sure and focus on your target market for your products or services. It will do you absolutely no good to advertise in places where people are not looking for your services. Spend as much time as you need to figure out what your target market is and find the most targeted advertising you can for your business.Another mistake that can be made in the first year is spending too much money on your startup costs. If you do not need all brand-new equipment, then do not purchase it. Try to save money wherever you can. By starting your business with the lowest startup costs possible and then expanding gradually you have a much better chance for success.Do not avoid using the phone to make contacts. This is one of the most efficient forms of advertising. I getting on the phone and making contacts with people in your target market you will have a better chance to get your business started by gaining customers without spending money on advertising. It is much easier to get a customer interested in your product or service if you have them on the phone and sending out a flyer or mail that is easily tossed in the trash. People want to talk to you about what you offer, and why it will help them with their business.If you follow these simple rules, you will have a much better chance for success in your first year of business.

How to Start Your Internet Home Business

“So, how do I really start?”Good question, no definite answer.You might start staring at the PC screen, your face probably looking the same way the monitor look when it is powered off. Your mind, wandering. It’s blank.Let’s begin with what Stephen Covey in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He said, ‘Begin with the end in mind.’Visualize what you want to achieve. Not with what you will have but what your business would be like. You don’t want to say ‘I want millions of dollars, 10 luxury cars, 5 yachts, etc’. This is not going to get you anywhere. Rather, think like, ‘I have 50 best selling eBook about helping people succeed’.If you chase money, money you will be racing head to head with money and most likely you will lose. However, if you think about the customers who will benefit from what you know or have, then money will be looking for you.So, how can we accomplish this?Everybody, and I mean, everybody, has interests or ideas. This interest can be second nature to you but may be something that somebody else does not possess and therefore is valuable to them. And this is how you enter into business. You trade what you have or know for something that the other person or party is willing to give you. And that my friend, in its simplest form is the simple unit transaction of a business, a sale.Now, since we are particular with interest that you could sell in the internet, do your research on the internet and find out anything that you could possibly find about it. List it down and see if it is something that you could sell. For example, let’s say that you are a good cello player. Maybe you have been able to master a learning system that someone who wants to play could easily understand. Quantify and find out how many teachers out there that are possibly teaching your method, or if there are any other courses available similar to what you have. Your discovery would eventually tell you if you have a market for your knowledge or service that you want to sell.With your research, find out about your competition. Understand this carefully, ‘Your competition is Your friend’. That is, in terms of your research. What do I mean by this. Your market will dictate the success of your offering. By understanding and knowing what your competition have and do not have, you could craft your offering to your market thereby giving value to your customers. Is there a lot of sites offering the same kind of lessons you provide? Did your research indicate that there are no one interested with your idea? Or, there is a substantial percentage of your market that is not better served.With those research data available, plan to develop a plan to monetize this service. Will you be providing an informational book about it. Would you rather bundle a course with DVD, books, or online membership? Create a strategy on how you would develop and deliver your product to your market.There are more things to consider but at the fundamental level, this will give you a starting point. Devote some quiet time working out your plan, understanding your market, and developing your product.

How I Use Fun & Non-Intrusive Personal Branding That Gets My Phone Ringing Off the Hook With People

When an individual joins a home based business, they receive a replicated website from their company to market from. Here’s the problem with that. Every representative from that company has the same website which brands the product and company name, not you as a business owner for your own independent endeavor. The question I often get is this. How does each individual stand out if everyone is using the cookie cutter website?You create your own personal website with all your business information but add the additional element of your brand. Your brand is you.  By incorporating your face, your voice and your story into your business website or blog, you begin to make a name for yourself. When people think of the company you represent, you want them to think of you. When I started marketing to my personally branded website, I began to receive phone calls from people who enjoyed a relaxed conversation with me. It feels very much like taking a call from a friend. This began to happen more and more frequently and my business became fun. I began making sales. Happy phone calls plus thousand dollar commissions are fun.   I could see that the more I sent people to my website, the more my phone would ring. No more buying leads for me. For once, I became the hunted.So, what’s the secret to all this personal branding stuff? Why does it work?  People are looking for opportunities to make money online and we all know there’s a fair amount of scams and dishonest people hiding behind websites ready to take our money. It’s important to be upfront and personal with your prospects so they can know who you are and begin to build a relationship with you. Bottom line is that people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. When you have an online business the only way to establish a relationship is to let them know who you are. Many people don’t utilize personal branding because they just are not comfortable putting themselves out there and these are the same people that will generally stay away from video marketing as well. But, for those who see the benefits and value and want to increase their bottom line, I recommend they incorporate it into their marketing.Here’s some tips for personal branding. 1)  Be your authentic self. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Be the best you, you can be. People will connect with you for who you are and you will attract people that are like you.Display pictures of yourself, your family, your pets, enjoying life, being on vacation, etc. 2)  Share personal information about yourself (keeping it general) like where you grew up, what you like to do, what your passions are, why you joined the business you did, hobbies and community work you enjoy, sports and clubs you belong to, things like this. What this does is allows people to connect to you and find something in common that you have together. 3)  Incorporate your story onto your business site OR 4)  Have another website or blog that you can send your prospects to with your personal story and information.  I recommend to my team members to purchase their name dot com. If their name is taken already, I recommend they take WhoIs their name dot com. Then, they put their story about who they are on that site. A great way to incorporate that into your marketing is to add the domain name to your signature of all your outgoing emails.  5)  Add the element of video on your page and say hi to your prospects This type of marketing has allowed people to be comfortable to simply pick up the phone and call me. They feel like they know me and we laugh and talk about what it was that they connected with me on, sometimes it’s foster parenting, sometimes its karate or scrapbooking or camping and hiking, but through my story, the person on the other end of the phone resonated and connected with me.  This connection typically results in then joining my business with me.  Network marketing is about relationships and there’s no better way to help the relationship along than through fun, non-invasive personal branding. 

Finding a Small Home Business Opportunity That’s Right For You

Looking for the perfect small home business opportunity? You aren’t alone. Every day, thousands of people search for a way to leave the 9 to 5 lifestyle behind, and become their own boss. Though not everyone can do it, most people can start their own home based business if they understand how to go about it.Before you even start trying to decide exactly what it is you want to do, there are some other things you should consider. Can you work alone, without supervision? Are you self motivated and able to meet deadlines? You must be able to handle tasks and pressure, without someone telling you what needs to be done.Do you have a business plan written out? When you decide what kind of small home business opportunity you want to pursue, you must have a business plan. Determining costs, supplies, marketing strategies and what your competition is are key factors in how successful you will be.Now, once you have decided that you can accomplish the things listed above, you are ready to decide what it is that you want to do, what would make you happy and successful. Choosing a small home business opportunity is easier when you pick something related to a hobby or passion, or simply something you like and know how to do.Think about your hobbies for a moment. Do you love cooking or photography? Maybe your passion is video games. Consider starting your own catering or photography business, or getting paid to test new video games. People who love children could consider a home daycare.Maybe computers are more up your alley. There are endless options online, and you are sure to be able to find the small home business opportunity that suits your interests. Online surveys, freelancing, affiliate marketing, blogging, – the list is endless. You could also consider your own home secretarial or bookkeeping service.Medical coding has exploded in popularity over the past few years! If you have experience in this area, this is one of the highest paying work at home options out there. Even if you have no experience, there are many online guides and courses that will take you step by step through the process.These are just a few things you should know before starting a business. With the right planning, marketing and goals, anyone can be successful! Motivation is key, and when you own your own business it makes working such a pleasurable experience because it is your own. To get more tips and ideas for a small home business opportunity that may be perfect for you, visit the links below!

Making Money From eBay

eBay offers a great opportunity to work from home. Working from home has a lot of added advantages. It helps you to spend more time with the family, have control over kids etc. eBay is one method people all over the world employ to make money. It is easy to learn and set up. People all over the world prefer it because eBay is the most successful of the websites that allow people to sell their things.Every thing has a beginning so does eBay. To start selling you must have a competitive idea. To have a competitive idea you must have a good product. With the amount of traffic eBay generates a day you can sell almost anything there. but a good unique product improves your chance to make money and improve. Once you have an idea about a product you can start planning your career here. A good way shall be to search all products that match yours and search on the user specific points. More USP you can offer more the chance of you improving the sales.A picture has a tremendous value here. If you can provide couple of good photos of your product you can sell your goods easily. Photos do talk with your customers and the ability of the photos to influence your potential customer is more.There are some special features like statistical supports, provision of adding more photos, classifieds and other optional features at eBay that can help you improve your sales. You have to decide on which features will give you more exposure and sales. Use your imagination and cost control when you design the promotions. eBay has made many millionaires and there is no reason to believe why you can’t be the next one. Payment options do have a great influence with your buyers. You have to decide which options are best for the buyers and try to provide them.Learning eBay is easy but you have to spend some time learning it before you start a career with it. Accumulate all information and begin a career there.

Setting Up a Home Based Business is So Easy

Setting up a home based business is so simple and straight forward that it mystifies me that more people are not doing it. The benefit of setting up a online home business is you can do it on a meager capital, thus creating less financial risk. If you are committed to investing at least 9 to 15 months in building a residual income that will last a lifetime, then setting up a home based business is going to be the vehicle for you.Most workers have thought about how straightforward it would be to start a home-based business. Business opportunity seekers are quickly learning that a home based business is the only way to go if you want to achieve any monetary independence. Once you know what type of home based business you would like to start it’s time for you to commit and take action.First you will need to set up your web hosting; this is where you will upload all of the files for your website. Don’t get too bogged down with the look of your website design, at least not in the easy stages. Once you have the fundamentals of a website you may hire someone to turn your website into a money making machine. Once the files are uploaded for your home business website, you are live and ready to take orders and make profits online 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.The most difficult part of running a successful online business is marketing your product or service. There are many ways to advertise such as mailing lists, pay-per-click ads, traffic exchanges and many others. After trying these methods you can spend some time using free advertising methods to enhance your search engine ranking and drive targeted traffic to your site. Diversify your marketing as much as possible, the more people that see and know your business the more business you will doSetting up a home based business is easier than many people might think thou some home businesses do not take off immediately the rewards will be reaped after a sustained period. Remember setting up a home based business is a journey and not a race.

The Number One Reason to Work at Home – Your Children

Staying home with your children is every parents dream. NO parent wants to send their children to daycare to let someone else raise them. This is what happens when you send your baby or young children to a daycare facility. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I know that in most cases it is unavoidable.A main concern as a parent is their children’s development. By the time a child is 3 years old their brain has formed about 1,000 trillion connections – this is about twice as many connections as adults have. A child’s brain is super dense and will stay that way throughout the first decade of their life. At the age of about 11, a child’s brain starts to get rid of extra connections. If a connection is not used it will be eliminated. This is based on the “use it or lose it” principle. Things you do a single time with your child, either good or bad, are somewhat less likely to have an effect on their brain development. Repetition is key for their progress.Based on the information above, my question to you is, are you going to be the one who influences your child’s development? Daycare can only stimulate a child so much, depending on the ratio of adult to children. Group activities are good and essential for social development but one on one learning time is crucial. As previously stated, repetition is key for your children’s development. Having a daily schedule, that is flexible, will help aid in your children’s success. Providing your children with the best opportunity for learning and growth during the periods when their minds are most ready to absorb new information is so important.Working from home would give any parent the perfect opportunity to help better their children’s learning abilities. I personally have been fortunate enough to work from home and be with my 2 year old daughter. I know this has played an important role in all aspects of her development.Unfortunately in our world today, it is much harder for a parent to stay home. If you could work from home and make a living, wouldn’t you want to? Isn’t it important to you to have an impact on your child in their most impressionable stage of life?

Start an Online Home Business

So you want to start your own home based business. Of course, you want to make sure that you pick the right opportunity, so your first order of business is to decide what type of business you will enter. Deciding on the right business will probably be your most difficult task being that there are some many options, industries and niches to get involved in. Please do not take this part of the beginning business process lightly, this can make or break your dreams.It always helps if you have a hobby or if there is something that you are truly obsessive about, and then you could easily build your business around that. For example, my friend loves College Football, so he started a College Football Blog where he also sells Hats and jerseys. Not every hobby is something one can build a business around, sometimes you have to go another route, Just because your interest or hobbies are something that you are very passionate about does not always translate into dollars and cents. The big question is can you make money from it or not.How I got started is, I knew someone at work who was doing very well, what I mean is he was driving a nice car, always had money in his pocket, so one day I asked him what was he doing, because I new he was not making that much where we both worked at, he then advised me that he had an online business. So if you know some one that is currently making money online, get as much free information from that person as you can. What is the opportunity, do they have a website, how do they advertise their website and build steady traffic, what would he or she suggest.If you have a passion for clothing then you may want to begin an e commerce website, maybe become a wholesaler and sell products to people that sell on e Bay or flea markets. You can easily open up a wholesaler account with a giant supplier and drop ship your products to your customers or you just may want to sell on e Bay your self.As stated earlier, the most important first step of a home based business is deciding on what to sell (the product or service), take your time don’t be in such a rush, and always be cautions, there are many frauds out there. Never spend a load of money to start, make a little then reinvest. How to make money online takes time, but making a six figure yearly income can happen.

Work From Home As a Researcher

Great! You will be on your way towards wealth and success. Now I will guide you through this unique and important trip. The first tip to work as a researcher from home is to understand well all the involved programming of the computer, along with the way of entering internet and contacting with your clients. You have to go directly and attend a course to learn more about the industry of computer if you are still a beginner.The second tip to working from home as a researcher is to gain great experience of quick proceeding in typing and entering data quickly. The work assigned to you later will be in a necessity of proceeding quickly. The third tip to work as a researcher from home is to be informed that to realize your wealth, the matter requires some patience. No wealth will be fallen from sky at once. Providing your efforts will assist you to gain that. Preparing a special place for your work at home will be urgent. You can put your computer on your desk. Do not forget to bring a printer, a scanner, some documents, and an agenda to record the names of your clients, some CDs and DVDs, and one or more of flash memories as well.Fourth tip to work from home as a researcher is to access to fast internet line and subscribe with one of your nearby internet companies. As to the fifth tip to work as a researcher from home, you can do searching to be able to recognize the available topics. Use one of the quickest and professions engines, such as Yahoo or Google. Do save the link you see it convenient in your favorite list. You can repeat the proceeding until you get suitable contacts.The proceeding of working from home as a researcher begins. Initially, try to introduce yourself to the contacts of your list, submit your own resumes and any information you feel they may be required, and fix your price. Remember that your price will be fluctuated according to the price of your market industry. Try to be flexible and direct your price perfectly.To persuade you of the ideal of working from home as a researcher, I would like to tell you a little secret! I am one of the researchers of internet. I have gained many customers and am still proceeding with success. I did not get that position at one moment, but during considerable months with patience! Just you have to keep trying. No despair please, at all!