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Home Based Business Pros & Cons

The average person spends 500 plus hours per year on the road just traveling to work and back. Many of us waste additional time sitting in traffic jams virtually being imprisoned in our cars without being able to vent our frustration.Our baby boomers will be looking forward to enjoying being home without the hassle of dealing with road rage. Unfortunately, many will not be able to sustain the life style they previously had and will start searching for ways to supplement their income.Some early retirees may have an urge to explore their entrepreneur dreams of having their own business. These people may possibly have the discipline and do well in a home based business. They have been in the rat race and know how to structure their day.Stay at home moms or dads may not have enough quiet time, but if they have the desire, fortitude, and can overcome their fear of taking risks, they can do extremely well. A lot depends on their motivation and financial situation. Do they have a cushion for a few months to pay their bills before they see some real money in their home-based business?As a matter of fact, more and more people are searching alternative ways of earning a living by joining the home-based business force. Due to the recent climate in the mortgage industry, the flood gates have opened and we are seeing real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, title closers, notaries, etc. trying to wing it in the home-based business jungle.However, it’s a little known fact that 95% of home based businesses fail. Why is there such a high failure rate? ” Lack of discipline? ” Unrealistic expectations? ” Lack of sales & marketing skills? ” Failure to evaluate and investigate the opportunity being offered? Fly by night scam operation?” Poor product? A fad product? Product not backed up by research?” No infrastructure by company to market product?Let’s explore this dilemma…What is necessary to succeed in a Home Based Business?” Reputable company with product(s) backed by research.” Products you can endorse and that have a high demand from customers not only now, but in the future. ” Marketing infrastructure developed by the company to reach a wide segment of the population.” Support and training tools available to help build a successful business for you.” Perseverance to learn new things and keep an open mind!

Starting a Home Business – Matching, Cashflow & Profitabilty

In starting a home business, the importance of the “Matching Concept”, “Cashflow” and “Profitability” from the accounting point of view, cannot be over-emphasized and is the subject of this article.Probably because I am a professional (Chartered Accountant) versed in that field, I notice a rampant non-adherence in home business online to this accounting concept, “Matching”. There is also a thorough lack of understanding of the meaning of Cashflow and Profitability all of which ultimately are major causes of failure of most home businesses.The Matching Concept in accounting simply states that revenues earned in any accounting period must be matched with the expenses incurred in that same accounting period.Cashflow is basically the expression of cash/funds that are received as against cash/funds that are spent within the same time period.Profitabilty involves a matching of revenues(not cash) with expenses(not cash) incurred within the same time period.Let us first start with “Cashflow”Applying this to a home business, it is important that if anybody starting a home business wants to succeed, he should ensure that the cash/funds he receives from all sources he has decided to apply to the home business in any time period is at least equal to the amount he disburses on the home business in the same time period, which may be most appropriately, monthly,Simple, it sounds? In reality, it beats me hollow to see many “Gurus” running training programs recommend to “newbies” many tools, resources, subscriptions which obviously? at the stage the newbies are in, in most cases, they should not be incurring such expenditure. And poor “newbies”, in the belief that they are being “shepherded” correctly, follow hook, line and sinker, the “recipe” of these “Gurus” much to their own peril.Some “Gurus” do this out of mischief (to sell products/services) but you will be surprised at how many do this out of ignorance of the extreme importance of “Cashflow”.”Cashflow” is the most important in the short run as a home business making profit in the short run can run out of business with inappropriate cashflow management. On the other hand, a home business making an actual accounting loss in the initial period can survive and ultimately turn around to making profit in the long run.. In fact most businesses start out making an accounting loss in their initial year of operation and turn this round to a profit in subsequent years.Next to “Profitability”.This becomes crucial more in the long run as anyone starting a home business must ultimately ensure his revenues exceed expenses otherwise he will run out of business.A common misconception however is that the home business must pay for itself almost right from the outset. You will loose a lot of home based business opportunities this way. What is crucial is the ultimate income potential of the home business. In fact only “get rich quick schemes” come this way.Now to “Matching”This in the accounting parlance is actually more related to “Profitability” in that it determines the way any profit you earn in your home business will be deemed accrued. Anyone starting a home business must know that the initial outlays in your first few months should not simply be “written off” but should be noted as an initial expense which should be amortised over a reasonable length of time periods and should not be simply “loaded” into any one time period.What deductions can those starting a home business make from all these accounting terminologies?- Do not spend more than you have realistically earmarked and is indeed available(budget) on any home business in any time period. In fact borrowing to start a home business is like signing your death warrant as the expected revenues/cash is not likely to come in as fast as you expect.- The yardstick for determining the success of any home business is not in the speed with which you start earning as indeed you do not start reaping very fast with many successful home businesses while you in fact yield initially very fast with some “get rich quick schemes” and ultimately loose much more later.- You are the architect of your own fortune or misfortune and you should not leave your fate entirely in the hands of any marketing guru purporting to train you in internet marketing but wisely apply the breaks in spending as appropriately explained in this article.- The decisions to be takan by each one involved in starting a home business is dependent on his particular financial situation. As “Cashflow” is most important, anyone with good cash base should in fact make informed purchase decisions even if he would be making an accounting loss initially as this will fasttrack his business while someone with a poor cashflow should bid his time by applying FREE tools which are indeed plentiful on the internet. I say “informed purchase decisions” because availability of cash is no license to go on a spending spree without basis since in internet marketing, you still need time to acquire the necessary training which involves reading relevant materials very widely, browsing forums etc- You must get out of that home business if within a reasonable length of time you are now not covering all your costs, including the ones you had capitalized which you are amortising over a number of time periods.- Quantify exactly how much cash is required to “survive” in any home business within the first six months to one year by which time you should hopefully have turned into profit and incorporate this in your cashflow projection to determine if available earmarked funds will be able to finance this- Be rest assured that spending much more than comes in initially is not a sign of the failure of an home business or indeed any business for that matter.You can now make many more other deductions from the explanation of the above terminologies to guide you in starting a home business.

Fast Cash is Easy If You Are Mechanically Minded and Have an Interest in Cars

Have you ever thought of buying an old car that is un-roadworthy or sitting in front of someone’s house unused? You could buy a car like this and strip it down and sell it bit by bit on eBay. You will make some good money doing this and it is a relatively easy thing to do. All you need is a bit of space to store the car and an eBay account.People are doing this on eBay at the moment and some of them are not even stripping the car – they are simply getting the buyers to pick up the parts and strip it themselves. How easy is that?You should find cars that are popular models as this may not work for every type of car. You can find cheap cars online at some of the online websites – or even on eBay. You really don’t want to pay much for the car – maybe $200 – $500 as this will allow you to make your money back quickly.How about automotive parts rebuilding? You could specialize in one part only for several models of cars. For instance – what about rebuilding only master cylinders or alternators?If you specialise then you can concentrate on your niche and get a name for yourself for being the best in that market.Have you ever considered bodywork touch up repairs? You could repair minor dents, chips, remove minor rust spots or renew plastic and rubber. A lot of people who are selling their cars may consider this to tidy up their car before they sell it.How about car stereos? These are easy to fit and you can do this in your workshop. You only need a few types of tools and if you start doing some custom fits you should get a name for yourself very quickly.Have you ever considered polishing cars? A lot of old cars have faded paint. If you get a buffing machine and do some practicing – before you know it you will be an expert and could polish many cars in one day.As you can see there are plenty of ways for mechanically minded people to make fast cash utilising their skills and knowledge.

Home Daycare Business Fitness Plan – Something Unique to Help You Get More Business

The programs that some of the home daycare business owners use for their children activities are pretty much the same. So here’s an idea, why not incorporate a fitness program in your home daycare business. It will add uniqueness to your child care business and you’ll have a great selling point.Fitness is a word we just don’t use for adults anymore but for children as well. Fitness in a home daycare business is a wise idea. Encouraging the kids about being fit is a good thing.Finding a place where you and the children can walk safely should be the first thing in your agenda. There are unlimited places to take the children for safe walks if you live in a family oriented neighborhood, because there’s always a park or playground nearby. Playgrounds with extra amenities such as basketball courts is a plus. That will keep them busy.You don’t have to be limited on outdoor fitness activities only. You should always be prepared and have a few fitness videos at home in case it rains or it’s too cold outside to play.Below, are my 3 fitness video suggestions for your home daycare fitness program.Instructional Fitness Video 1Family Yoga with Rodney Yee, Donna Fone (ages3+)Instructional Fitness Video 2Byou: The Hot New Dance Workout featuring Sabrina Bryan from the Cheetah GirlsFitness Video 3Hip Hop ShopYou, as the daycare provider should talk to the parents with enthusiasm about the fitness program that you want to incorporate in your home daycare business. Make sure to tell them not to hesitate to ask any questions or suggestions regarding the fitness program. Present the same fitness program idea with the kids and see if they like it.Have a schedule made of the daily fun fitness activities you would like to do with your fitness program and hand it out to the parents and see if it’s okay to them. Some kind of illness or health issues will also prevent a child or two from joining in to your fitness program. By getting a doctor’s release note for every child that you’re providing care for, you’re protecting yourself from any kind of problems that may occur while they are under your care.Incorporating a fitness program into your home daycare business will give your daycare a big boost for there are lots of parents out there that are into some kind of a fitness program themselves.

How Do You Minimize Disruptions in Your Home Office?

Working from home gives us a lot of control over our environments. The phone can be ignored, as can the doorbell. Doors can be closed, televisions turned off, and Internet disconnected if necessary. No one walks into your office uninvited (as long as you’ve established ground rules with your family), and there’s no water cooler or coffee maker to hang around wasting time.Still, it can be a challenge to stay focused. Here are a few tidbits from my own bag of tricks:
I screen my phone calls, but actually don’t have that many, having “trained” my clients that if they need to talk by phone, no problem, but that we need to set an appointment to do so. And I figure that anyone who really needs to speak to me will leave a voice mail.
I do not read, watch, or listen to the news (except NPR on the rare occasions I’m in the car)–sensationalism, bad news, and provocative spin are the nature of the beast, and I don’t need that kind of negative stimulation.
I have the TV on as I work–always have, even in school (honor roll student). Not so much that I watch it, more for the visual and auditory stimulation. In fact, I can’t be productive without it, but whatever’s on the screen needs to be something I’m not raptly interested in (that stuff gets taped for after-work watching).
Information overload got me quite a while ago. I’m not a big blog reader, though I will visit one when pointed that direction by someone else. I don’t have any RSS feeds coming in now. I use iTunes to download podcasts of interest to me and listen to them when I’m working in my favorite WiFi coffee shop (I go there for a change of scene!).
My email is my link to the world, and without phone calls, and working from home where I can control my interruptions (I don’t answer the door when I am working), it is not a big problem. I set up rules to send recurring emails (newsletters, etc) to folders immediately, and I read them when I have time.
One thing about this last tidbit: Some people are so inundated with emails that they have to find ways to manage the distraction it creates. Many will try the 4 Hour Work Week strategy of reading their messages at scheduled times in the workday. This is a good idea if the volume of your email has turned into a work distraction. But one thing: Please done follow the practice of sending out autoresponders informing senders of your email reading policy. Why? Nothing says “I have more important things to do with my time than read your messages” better than an automatic response stating your schedule for reading email. It sounds pretentious and distancing. It is a rare person who expects an immediate respond from you. Just set your email reading schedule and adhere to it without notifying the world and you’ll be fine.Minimizing disruption and distraction in the work-at-home office takes a little thought and maybe a little different way of doing things. It’s worth the effort, because you’ll get more done in less time, which will let you do more things in life than work!

4 Steps to the 80-20 Rule

Fact: 80% of people who get into a home-based internet business fail! 20% succeed. Why?Do you want to be one of those 80%? Good. I didn’t think so otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. There are a number of reasons that people fail in a home based business but the biggest is they don’t plan… It’s that simple. There is an old saying, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.People start home based businesses for a number of reasons. Maybe it to seek financial freedom, a challenge, an accomplishment, to seek success in something or in planning for retirement where that 401K plan just isn’t going to cut it.One of the first things that you may want to look at is what would I need to do to succeed in a home based business? In life, I’ve found four areas that need to be looked at which are relatively easy to do. They are as follows:
Change your attitude
Take action, don’t just dream about it
Develop a solid plan of action
Get training Let’s look at each of this item. Change you attitude. Don’t come out with I’m going to start a home based Internet business and not know any thing about it. Ego’s don’t work here. Develop a can do attitude and don’t be afraid to learn new things. Find out how the business works by talking with people who have made it work and know what pitfalls you’re potentially getting into.Take action, don’t just dream about it. Man, it’s easier to say than it is to do. I’ve known allot of lounge lizards who talk big but can’t put one foot in front of the other. They can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. You know the type, they sit there in a reclining chair, tell you how to do it, and have never gotten their hands dirty before. Well, needless to say, don’t become one of them. Decide what you want in life, figure out how you’re going to get there, take action and stay the course. Be diligent about what it takes to make the business work and do it.The last item is to get training. I know what you’re going to say, so just hold on a minute. Developing an Internet business is not like developing an offline business. Yes, there are similarities but the virtual world is different.When I entered into an online business I found allot of people wanting to sell me different products to the online world, but I had no idea how they all tied together, much less how to market and get the information out there for people to find. Every place that I went to find out how this all worked wanted to sell me one product after another and one constant was in place. They all wanted your money! I was looking to learn and one day I came across an article, investigated it, got the free report, talked to the people, talked to the people involved and found that they had a sincere interest in helping me. They weren’t looking for money, but wanted to educate people as to how the process works. Needless to say, I was impressed. I took a look at the material they had, the education system in place, discovered where they were headed and decided to jump on the bad wagon. I invite you to do the same thing.Below is a link for your free report, which stated me on the path to learning what I did.

How to Become a Go Green Personal Assistant

Have you been looking at the hottest trends these days and felt like now is the time to get in and create your own unique and creative home job? In following one of the hottest and most important trends around this year, it’s definitely time to start your best go green home job. I’ll explain more in detail here:One of the most important steps we can do to improve the look and feel of our home is to improve the energy efficiency of our home or office space. Have you ever thought of how efficient you can be in your own home by changing the light bulbs to incandescent bulbs, unplugging all the appliances when they are not in use or just recycling your soda cans for cash?If you research and learn the many new and interesting ways of saving money for home owners and going green in the process, you can earn a hefty profit. It will be your job as the new Go Green Personal Assistant.Start by writing down all of your ideas on paper of how you can save the homeowner to conserve energy and help the environment. Make sure you show examples of how much you can save them on a monthly basis by just changing one simple thing. For example, stop buying the Sunday newspaper and you save $6 per month because you can usually view this online.There are so many homeowners who need some guidance on how to go green and you can be their personal assistant. You can visit with the new homeowner and share your ideas and tips. Charge them a fee for walking through their house and making the necessary changes. Write your own small tips booklet so they can refer back to it at times or just do the whole job yourself for a larger fee. There are many ways to make an income from home as the new Go Green Personal Assistant.Your head will be swimming with go green ideas and you can be rest assured that you will be helping a lot of people in the process.

Finding a Home Based Business Opportunity Idea to Fit Your Interests

Searching for a home based business opportunity idea? You’re not alone. Every day, thousands if not millions of people search for a way to make money from home. If you have special interests, hobbies or knowledge in a certain area, it’s really not that hard to find a solution!Before you even begin your search for a home based business opportunity idea that will work for you, there are some things to think about. Are you able to work by yourself, without supervision? Are you self motivated? Do you have an area in your home that is quiet and can be used for your business?If you answered yes to these questions, you should be able to work from home with no problem. Now, coming up with ideas for a home based business is probably the hardest part. Here are some tips that will help you decide what is right for you.1. Do you have special interests and hobbies? Maybe you love cooking. Starting a home catering business may be something for you to consider. Love photography? It’s super easy to make money with your own photography business or by submitting digital photos online.2. What is your background? For instance, have your worked in a field that gave you experience in bookkeeping or medical coding? These are highly paying fields, and you can start your own home business with little start up costs. This is the perfect home based business opportunity idea for those who already have knowledge in these areas.3. Are computers your thing? Data entry, freelance writing, or affiliate programs may be the way for you to make money from home. Data entry can include online surveys and placing online ads for big companies. Freelance writing allows you to write your own paycheck if you are a good writer, and affiliate programs seem to be the most popular method for making money online in recent years.These are just a few ideas. There are hundreds more, such as web design, testing video games, starting your own daycare, etc. If you are serious about finding work at home, there is really nothing stopping you! Have patience, think seriously about what your interests are, and make a business plan before you ever start.Need more help finding the right home based business opportunity idea for you? Visit the links below – we have hundreds of resources to help get you started!

The Pros and Cons of Work From Home

Affiliate marketing is a fast-growing trend in Internet marketing. More and more people are building business hives in cyberspace, generating more profit than their counterparts outside of cyberspace. But why do people want to work from home in the first place? The answer is simple: working from home provides more benefits than working from the office does. Of course, like any other ways of doing business, it also has its disadvantages. This article presents the pros and cons of working from home.Most people who work from home prefer to do so because of the convenience that working from home offers. They no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn just to catch the bus or commute to the office. They don’t have to miss meals, particularly breakfast, just to make it to the office on time.What’s more, they don’t have to shed out a significant amount of money to start their business – all they need is a reliable Internet connection. They can save on overhead expenses. Businessmen around the globe favor affiliate marketing because it uses the “pay for performance” model in general, allowing them to also save on marketing expenses.The only disadvantage of work from home is the possible isolation from society since people who have online businesses have to devote hours of their time in front of the computer to manage their site, including establishing interactivity. Of course, website owners can easily make friends with other website owners and build their own social network.

What Qualifies As a Legitimate Home Business?

It is a strange fact about human behaviour that when we think about starting or researching an on line business we are automatically skeptical that it is in fact not a legitimate business at all. We see so many claims of earnings, counter claims warning of scams and opposing reviews that very often you can get over whelmed and end up doing nothing at all.If you were searching in the first place, chances are you were looking to create a better work-life balance, work from home, create more time and money freedom or were looking to add a second income to help with the economic credit squeeze.In all probability if you could set up a shop on a high street, stocked with your chosen product range you would more than likely feel more secure about parting with the huge initial outlay, raising the start up capital required, creating a business plan and preparing your shop to be open for your very first customers. This is the model we associate with the term a legitimate business.You would feel more secure knowing that you have a tangible shop, filled with tangible products and you would be able to see your advert in the local magazine aimed at attracting your tangible customer base who may or may not buy enough of your products all of the time in order for you to clear your start up loan and make a profit at the end of the year that was more than the net wage you were paid in your job.So when you begin the search for a second income, or home based business on line because it can seem so unfamiliar and so far removed from that legitimate business model, you are more than likely to be ten times more anxious about parting with a fraction of the money because a large part of on line business initially is not tangible and because you cannot walk into the business opportunity shop on the high street and ask an independent adviser for advice on which one would suit you, the whole decision usually rests on gut instinct, a review, or something that resonates with a person who appears to be just like you who knows what they are talking about and are clearly doing well with their on line business opportunity, web business or even Ebay.In truth, an on line business is actually much more flexible to operate than an off line business and is equipped with communication tools, an off line business can only dream about. The start up costs are incredibly low when compared to an off line alternative and on line marketing is unique to its environment and therefore is something that has to learned and acquired over time. Off line marketing, employment law, PAYE and VAT are no walk in the park either.What qualifies as a legitimate on line business is simply one that people are participating in that is producing results for people who are willing to learn and apply the techniques and strategies required and simply put them into action. The more people you see, hear and read about having success, the more inclined you are to research the specific company involved and the more positive you will be about the outcome.There are many business opportunities on the internet, but very few are marketing system based, and for this reason there is an exceptionally high failure rate. Too many people focus on the products without understanding that it is marketing on line that will create success.As with any business start up, whether on line or not, carrying out your own due diligence is the only way you can ever make a decision, but in the words of Tony Robbins, it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.