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Are Stay-At-Home-Moms Targeted by Home Business Offers, Whether Legit Or Scams?

Too many moms want to stay at home, but can’t, and feel overwhelmed and intimidated by all the “work from home” and home-based business ads that constantly flood their mailboxes. Are they legit? Are they scams? Are moms actually targeted to get all this spam? What’s going on?Right up front, I’ll be honest. I sell a few things on the internet. And I DO also occasionally target stay-at-home-moms for home-based-business opportunities. And here’s why. There are two very good reasons for it.1. I’ve always had a very soft spot in my heart for single moms in particular, have dated several of them, and eventually married one with 7 kids (4 of her own and 3 adopted). Added to my one child from a previous marriage, we have 8 kids between us and are considering adopting more, kids at risk in particular. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I understand the struggles of a stay-at-home-mom, and in particular, a single mom. And I have always wanted to have a way that I enable them to stay home and pay their bills by working online. So over the last 6 months, I have been and still am developing ways to do that, allow single moms to work from home and still survive.2. Stay at home moms can be flexible with their time. If these same moms have any internet savvy, then I do have the ability to help them while they are helping me. I have products that they can sell and receive large commissions on, informational products that are designed to get people to buy higher priced items from me later on. My commission to the salesperson is simply my “advertising” cost. These are legit products, and I am NOT trying to rip off women. I am trying to enable them to survive at home, single moms in particular, working for me as my defacto “sales force”. And I’m not the only marketer who knows this and tries to advertise this way.For example. Like many internet marketers that have targeted women for ads, I have a number of products. For a $0 buy-in and 100% commission (referral fee) of $7 straight into an affiliate’s or referrer’s (salesperson’s or salesmom’s) Paypal account, I sell several ebooks. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to selling $7 ebooks like this that also pay up to 100% commission. For the woman willing to learn how to market these ebooks online (yes, training is available, some of it free, lots of it not), she can indeed make a pretty good paycheck working from home, just earning high commissions off products like these.And for the woman willing to take the next step up and make an investment into a more stable and potentially MUCH higher income that comes in month after month, I also represent a business site that requires a higher initial investment or up-front buy-in. This weeds out the people that might sign up but not do anything about it. It also weeds out the negative whiners who aren’t going to work hard anyway. If a person has invested in something, they will probably work at it to get their money back out. I simply want to know that if I am going to invest my time training or helping someone, they are going to be serious about making it work.And yes, I agree; there are LOTS of scams out there too, and they give the legit businesses a very bad name, and it makes me pretty unhappy. The buy-in business I represent has the ability to take someone to 6 figures with enough time invested into it. But the upfront membership buy-in scares off all but the most serious and able marketers (but that’s OK – we only want the serious ones for that job/site anyway).So check each offer out. Check out their reputation, any reviews about them, their customer integrity, business model, things like that. I bought into the business above because I personally know and respect the owner, and his opportunity is one of the best I’ve ever seen for online businesses (and I’ve checked out several). It was enough to convince me.And speaking as a marketer, I WANT people to be successful selling my products, because if they aren’t successful, I’m not successful. It’s in my best interest to help them out. This is what makes for a successful marketing campaign – everybody wins.In summary, there ARE legit opportunities for stay-at-home-moms, in part because they can be the ideal internet marketing sales-force. More power to them! But do be careful too, because there are too many scams also targeted at them. I wish this wasn’t the case.

Working at Home Brings Together the Magic of Making Money!

Some Sites profess that you will make the big bucks without any effort on your part. This type of magic in marketing is just a bunch of bull. If you find a program to make money with you will make your own magic by getting into a legitimate work at home business and work hard.The magic begins when you become a member and get your referral url to start your promotion. Get your excitement motivating you to get started in a fast and furious manner to make your first days count. Advertising will bring traffic, this is one of the first things you will need to do.Schedule what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, log them on your day planner to keep yourself organized. If they have a tell a friend use this to contact your warm list. Then it’s a matter of knowing what you want to start with, be it safe lists or traffic exchanges. There are classifieds, message boards, forums to post to, refer to Google to get names. When you are comfortable with one type of advertising then start on another one.If you are on a budget or marketing on a shoestring try advertising means that are free or low cost. When you make some money put it towards paid advertising to help get the traffic to your program faster. Magic is not something your business is built with, as with any business it takes hard persistent effort, with time to get your goals completed. The magic is when you start making money from all your hard work in your work at home business opportunity.

How to Become Successful With an Online Home Business

The goal when starting an online home business is, of course, to be successful and to do this you need to set out a success plan. I have outlined three of the most important steps to follow. These along with your determination, hard work and perseverance will ensure success.1. Develop A Positive MindsetThe first step is to develop a positive mindset. Having a positive approach not only with your online home business, but also in life, will be the determining factor in your success. With any business there are ups and downs. The key is to remain positive through the hard times and develop a “never give up” attitude.Make a list of goals, setting out exactly what you plan to achieve. You may feel a little scared or out of your comfort zone, that’s ok. This is what will push you further with a burning desire to succeed. Write down how much money you want to earn in a month’s time, 4 month’s time or even a year from now. Do not be scared to have big dreams!Try not to spend your time focusing on problems, focus on solutions. Challenges make us stronger. Let go of the past, any failures you have had are old news. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Today is a brand new start, just go for it!2. Choose A Home Business That Suits YouWhat is it that you want to do? What is your burning desire? What are you passionate about? This is the key to finding the perfect online home business opportunity for you. All too often people invest in programs that are ill suited to them, making it all too easy to quit when they hit hard times.Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing. These could be things you already have an interest in, your hobbies or something you are really passionate about. By choosing a home business that suits you and identifying what you want from a career just makes your road to success that much easier.Always be true to yourself and stick to what you enjoy and love. This is the key to becoming successful with your online home business.3. Take ActionNow you have decided on your career path it is time to take action and get to work. Before doing this though, make sure you do your homework. You want to make sure the effort you are putting in to your online home business is accomplishing results.One of the best ways to do this is to find a mentor, a person who is already successful in the same business. Learn the best ways to promote your home business, avenues that are guaranteed to give you the results you desire. Your mentor will have paved your way saving you valuable time and effortOnce you have a plan take action and be consistent. Learn to make your own decisions, evaluate your situation and make the necessary adjustments. Success only comes to those who are dedicated and who have put in the hard work. Consistent action and a “never give up” attitude is sure to bring you the results you desire.

Home Base Internet Business – Make Money Online Opportunity

The work at home industry has been revolutionized in the last decade by the implementation of the Internet for promotional purposes. A home base internet business is a great make money online opportunity. There are more extreme success stories about how millionaires are being made simply by implementing online systems to create massive incomes then in any other time in the Work at Home industry history.The old school way of building a work from home business was limited by geographical boundaries. There were only so many people you could promote to in any given city or region. Here are some of the reasons the internet now opens up a new world of possibilities for the average work at home entrepreneur.1. Over 20% of the World’s population is online. That is over one billion potential customers.2. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent online every year with a growth of about 20% a year.3. All major retail stores have an online shopping option because it is profitable.4. Average work at home people are earning millions of dollars a year as affiliates.5. The market is so big that there are millions more to be made.6. A proper affiliate marketing system can make the average person a better than full time income.Now the average person working from the comfort of their own home can generate millions of dollars with only a fraction of the effort it took ten or twenty years ago. This is why there has been such a renewed interest from those in all walks of life concerning work from home.Truly there has never been a day of opportunity as there is today. Even though there are multitudes suffering from layoffs and downsizing the opportunities for personal success and financial security have never been better.Investigating a Home Base Internet Business Make Money Online Opportunity is in your best interest. It is one thing however to educate yourself about the possibilities and another to take action. If you act today your life has the potential of being revolutionized by an extreme income like many others have already experienced.

4 Things You’ll Need to Know Before You Work Online From Home

The ability to work online from home is an attractive proposition for many. There are many opportunities to make money on the internet. Unfortunately, hidden among the many opportunities are fraudulent or lackluster schemes that differ greatly from what they promise.Working online also provides no guarantee for success. There are many pitfalls and loopholes that need to be avoided. Before you begin working online, you should carefully examine what the employers are telling you about the work, and more importantly, what they aren’t.Let’s examine 4 things you’ll need to know before you work online from home.1. Work RequiredSome have the misconception that online ‘work’ isn’t really work. They have the misconception that online work is fun, and not much time or commitment is required. This conception is entirely false.Online work is usually simple, but it can be very repetitive. In order to reap any rewards from the work, you will need to invest an appropriate amount of time.2. Online Work Requires Technical ExperienceWhen online work is mentioned, the techno-phobics begin to shudder in fear. These people associated online work with extremely technical tasks that requires coding or programming.This is simply not the case. There are many online opportunities that are easy to implement. These opportunities can be as simple as filling out a form. The large majority of online work requires minimal computer knowledge. As long as you know how to use a computer, and know how to type, you should be suitable for most online work.3. Online Retail is the Best OptionEven though online retail is established, entering the world of online retail does not guarantee success. The e-commerce landscape is highly competitive. It can be difficult to attract long-term sustainable business, especially among price conscious consumers.Online retail can be a viable option if you have a competitively priced product. But while there are many compelling and high publicized success stories, there are also many instances of spectacular failure.4. All You Need is One JobMany people who work online only have one online job. These people do not realize the potential of working several different online jobs. Working a combination of different online jobs can significantly increase your income when compared to single online job.If you are interested in pursuing several jobs, you should scour the internet for online job opportunities. Carefully scrutinize all the options and try to ascertain the best combination of jobs for you. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task, so if you want to avoid the hassle, you should refer to a website that reviews the best online job opportunities. These websites offer reviews and descriptions of the various online job opportunities.The ability to work online from home seems like an attractive and logical solution for those who are looking to generate income in a convenient manner. But before you enter the realm of online work, remember to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge and facts pertaining to the myriad of options that are made available to you.

Is the Home Based Business Just a Dream too Good to Be True?

Working from home is something that many people dream about. There is nothing better than doing the job from the comfort of their own home according to a self made schedule, not having commute to work and spending endless hours in the office doing the tasks given by the boss. However the question that sticks in minds of many people is: if there really is a decent home business opportunity that will help the dream come true or it’s all to good to be true and it will rather drive people nowhere fast. So before you get into a home based business you have to learn a few important facts.First you must consider negative things. You must know that there are loads of home business scams that rather want to rip you off than help you build your business. These scams have spread like disease over the web in thanks to the Internet and possibilities it brings. The first bad signs you should notice are money requested up front from you. Many companies will try to sell you a list of the best business opportunities. Beware, there is no need to pay anyone for the information you can dig into yourself.Some companies will want you to pay start up fee to join their business, some of them will offer you big and quick money potential at minimum effort or whatsoever, but finally once you pay for your membership you realize that this is another worthless pyramid scheme that will take ages to make any money for you or will dump you together with the money you put into it. Such opportunities that claim huge and easy money for everyone no matter what level of skills and experience anyone has, are the ones that you should avoid, because building a business isn’t easy thing that can be done without the knowledge, education and skills. If all of that what is offered and promised to you by those scams was true then almost everyone today would be working from home and making good money. So don’t be naive, opportunities like that are just a waste of your time, your money and your effort.That’s it about bad news.The good news is that there are also business opportunities out there that really work. If you have some skills in particular area, some companies may hire you to work from home for them. Also there are other business opportunities available online, such us online surveys. There are loads of companies that will be glad to invite you to take surveys about their products, so that you will be paid per survey completed as the company finds your opinion very helpful in improving the product. Also there are many companies looking for the home article writers. If you have some writing skills you could create the content for them in the form of articles and get paid decent money for every article written. Also you can come up with your own business ideas and look around how you can put them to work and make money out of them.Home bases business can work. It’s all about finding a right opportunity, avoiding scams and persistent work.