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Back to School Frenzy Or Freedom?

It’s back to school time. This didn’t mean much to me when I didn’t have kids or my kids weren’t in school yet. Our oldest child is starting school tomorrow. I must admit I am sad for all the same reasons every other mom is sad when their first child goes to school. But what does this mean for my business?I remember thinking… when my kids are in school I will have all the time in the world to work on my business. I equated kids in school with freedom to work my business. Though that might be true I didn’t seem to get the whole picture of more kids following the first. Thus with my first starting school, we still have a toddler walking around learning to talk. So I’m still not truly home free yet.I can’t work my business on a future schedule. I need to work my business on today’s schedule. I also never considered when school starts a whole other world begins. School activities like PTA, conferences, volunteering, sports and the list goes on.
This is what I see very clearly the night before my sons first day of school (sniffle sniffle).

Never put off today what you need to do in your business to move forward.

Time will fly by and before you know it, my kids will be graduating from high school (sniffle, sniffle).

Time is always being eaten up by something, so carve out the time to work your business and get it done.

Keep your eye on the prize because something will always try to steal that spot light.

Enjoy every moment of every day because it can change instantly.
As our families schedule changes so does mine as a stay at home mom. My schedule works around their schedules. I plan how many hours I will work for the week and what I need to get done. Then when it’s time to work, I work. I don’t do laundry, I don’t wash dishes, I don’t clean the house, I don’t watch television, I don’t fill in the blank. I work.I’m still not perfect by any means. Its progress not perfection and I have come a long way! Managing my time and being disciplined are so key here. After I take the first day of school pictures, kiss my son good bye, cry for a little bit, I am then going to get to work. I have some amazing goals for the next two years and it will take daily action. They might even take massive daily action.What I can say for sure is I am the luckiest mom in the whole world because I am able to see my son off to school and not have to ask a boss for the day off!!! How cool is that! If one of your goals is to be home with your kids, sign up for my newsletter to learn more about how I am doing it at [http://www.lessworkmorefamily.com/].

Are You Programmed For Failure?

UPDATE:Since I published this article in 2008, a lot of things have changed related to marketing on the internet.With WordPress Blogs, Facebook, and of course You Tube coming into their own in recent years, Online Marketing on the internet has become somewhat of a niche of its own. It no longer requires a “fat wallet” to succeed online anymore. You just have to master the skills blogging, Facebook marketing and learn how to make videos.Using these methods also require the knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). With your blog, article or video not being properly optimized, your chances of getting noticed with Google and other search engines become very slim.To optimize your blog for instance, keyword research is vital. The first rule is to get a domain name that is “keyword rich”. In other words, if your blog is about pets for instance, you would want a domain name with the keyword or phrase based around pets. Like “travelwithmydogfido.com” as an example.The next rule for optimization is to start off your post with your keyword phrase being the very first words of your post. For instance, “To travel with my dog fido is an experience all of it’s own” Bla Bla Bla…Then use the same keyword phrase at least three more times in the post, assuming your writing around 350 or 400 words.Of course there is much more to optimizing your blog that what I mentioned above but you get the idea.My suggestion is to Google “Blog Optimization” or something relative, and you will find many sites where you can become SEO Efficient.Now on to my original article…In this time of economic slowdown, most people working online in the attempt to make a full time living or otherwise add to their present income, are finding it increasingly more difficult to bring in new members to their chosen Home Business…The reason for this difficulty is of course, that the internet is being inundated with “You can’t lose here” or “Guaranteed to Succeed” or any one of several hundred Income Opportunities springing up on a daily basis…Most are a re-make of someone else’s original idea, and a very few are original with a reasonable chance to really make a job replacement income in a reasonable time…Trust me, I have tried many, had some successes but mostly failures… It’s not hard to understand how 95% of those working online to build a reasonable income are failing…Just when you think you’ve found the perfect Home Business, along comes another that you just can’t pass by… You haven’t made a cent in your original business in the first month so this new opportunity sound like “just the right one” to solve that problem…Then comes another better than the last…Sound Familiar?Research Research, This is the key to any Home Business Success. You have to spend some time researching a business, talking to someone that has had success and research some more…(Does it sound like I’ve been there)? When you zero in on that business, after you’ve done all the research, you make a decision based on the upline help available to you. One of the cardinal sins of choosing a Home Based Business is those of you who try to “go it alone”. After all, and I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, Network Marketing is just that. It’s working together with others, sharing in their knowledge and passing it along to those that you bring into the business…There is no other way folks, Network Marketing got it’s name from just that, NETWORK MARKETING…I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure this one out but the truth is, I did- and it works…I was taught by my sponsor and I passed it on down to all my members. Think about it…If those below you can’t produce on their own then it’s your responsibility to teach them. Otherwise, you will FAIL…Back to Square One When the light came on for me, I immediately went back to square one…I found what I thought was a reasonably good opportunity and I “researched”. I talked to those who appeared to be having success, I contacted the owner, I asked about marketing strategies, I asked about how long it might take to start making enough money to offset the cost of the program and the cost to cover advertising…I found answers to most of the questions I had, to satisfy me that I was getting involved in the right program…Guess what, It worked and I am satisfied. I finally made the right choice and am happy with my results. I can now concentrate on helping those below me to succeed. In the process, I am making money and those that I bring into the business will also make money. They now know that they must teach their new members how to succeed. And so it goes. A Network Marketing Business operating like it was meant to… People helping people…Who would have known…

Honest Work From Home Internet Business Opportunity – 3 Secrets Top Dogs Use to Profit

What Is An Honest Work From Home Internet Business Opportunity?Firstly, an honest work from home Internet business opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme. Of course there will be set backs and also some challenges. But what do top dogs in this industry know that you don’t?Armed by the knowledge that you need to do your own due diligence in researching legitimate companies before you join them, opportunities are just opportunities by itself. You, the upcoming top dog define the results.Secret 1: Big Dogs Sniff Out Their TerritoryA man’s best friend or shall we call the canine species. One thing though that dogs have is an acute sense of smell and they can tell if a particular area has been ‘tainted’ or not.You can take advantage of a certain niche or business sector online if you do your proper research using the power of search engines. You can easily sniff out the competition and define if you want to dive into that niche or not.Secret 2: Big Dogs Fight For Their RightsI’m not saying you should just hold out your fist to everyone that is in your niche and is your competitor. In fact, you must earn your place at the table and prove to the masses that you are an expert in your field.You do this by fighting or working hard at what you do to provide as much value as possible. Make each day a day of contribution to the society and believe in your heart that you are creating a better world.Secret 3: A Big Dog Worries Not (About Small Stuff)One more thing is that you as a big dog in an honest work from home Internet business opportunity is that you do not sweat the small stuff. I don’t mean you should not measure your results and so forth.Just don’t bother to meddle with people who write to you discouraging things or read up on what you should not do because of this and that. Some ‘good advice’ just limits our capabilities.Keeping The Pack HungryLast but not least, if you desire to really keep your income rolling nicely along then you will have to learn how to keep your prospects wanting to come back for more. You do this by being able to continually find out what they want and give it to them.

Searching For a Home Based Business Opportunity Idea? Look No Further!

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity idea, you’re certainly not alone! Thousands of people every single day look for a way to start a business from their home and tell their boss goodbye. Why make money for someone else, when you can have your own money making home business?Depending on your skills and hobbies, you can find a home based business opportunity idea to fit nearly any interest. The most important question you need to ask yourself is if you are qualified to work at home. Do you have the motivation and desire to succeed?In order to be successful in working from home, you must be able to meet deadlines and work alone, without supervision. A strong drive to succeed and a willingness to work will also help you be successful, no matter what idea you have for a home based business opportunity.Need some ideas? Here are a few that might interest you:1. Want to work online? There are dozens of ways to make money if you have a computer and internet connection. Online surveys, freelance writing, digital photo submission, blogging and affiliate marketing are just a few of the choices you have. Absolutely anyone can make money using these methods.2. What are your hobbies and interests? Do you love cooking, photography, or making handmade crafts? Turn your hobbies into a money making business! Start a catering or photography business, or sell your homemade crafts at local shops and online. Selling online will get your products in front of millions of people who wouldn’t otherwise see them.3. Specialized in a certain field? This is a perfect home based business opportunity idea! If you are experienced in bookkeeping, medical coding or secretarial and data entry work, you can easily start your own home business. A computer, home office area and supplies are all you usually need to begin this type of work from home.As you can see, it’s not too hard to come up with options once you think about your knowledge, hobbies and interests. These are just a very few of the hundreds of ways you can start your own business from home! There is nothing like working for yourself, setting your own schedule, and having time with your family.Want to find the perfect home based business opportunity idea for you? We have many options – just visit the links below to find out how you can work from home.

Passive Income Ideas For Work at Home Parents

So you’re a stay at home mom (or dad). You decided that for you, your family comes first, period. You don’t regret it for a second and you wouldn’t trade the experience of being there for your kids whenever they need you for anything in the world.However, it would be nice to be able to contribute to the household income; every family can use a little extra money and you’d like to be able to do your part to defray the expenses of keeping the household running and maybe set a little aside in your children’s college fund. But you don’t want to have to leave the home; you’d need daycare and worst of all, you might miss some of those landmark moments in your child’s development.However, there are passive income ideas for work at home parents to use; you can bring in a little extra money, even while you sleep! With some work, you can even grow this to become the primary income source for your family!One of the best ways to make passive income is to start your own affiliate marketing business. You can make money this way while you take the kids to the park. To start with, you’re going to need a website. While you can be an affiliate marketer, even a successful one without a website, this requires a much larger investment of time and effort.It’s not as hard as you might think to build a website – there are lots of tools and tutorials online to help you put together an attractive, professional looking site easily. Make your site on a topic which you already know about – suppose that you’re an expert on birdhouses. You can share your knowledge with the world on your website.The next step is to find a merchant offering an affiliate program who sells birdhouses, bird feeders; you get the idea – something which is relevant to your site. You place a link to the merchant’s website on yours and every time a visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase from the merchant’s site, you will receive a commission!You’ll need to make sure your site gets a lot of visitors to maximize this income though. You can do this by creating good, informative content which is entertaining to read for your site – try to think like someone who is looking for a birdhouse or whatever product you are marketing.Then think about how you would search for this product on Google or other search engines. Incorporate this phrase into your site’s content in order to make it easier for people to find via the search engines; this will give you an increase in web traffic and with it, bigger commissions. This is a great method for making passive income as a work from home parent.There is far more to the field of affiliate marketing; you’ll need to do some research on the topic yourself – but in a nutshell, the information in this article is how the business works and can, with a relatively small investment of time and money, make you passive income, even while you sleep!

Is Starting a Home Based Candle Business Right For You?

The home based candle business is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking to start their own home business. While being small enough for one or two people to operate out of a home office, it can also prove to be very profitable. If a home based candle business is something that appeals to you, there are a few things that you will want to consider before you get started.Choosing The Right Company For A Firm FoundationChoosing the right company to work with when starting your home based candle business will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Not only are you going to want to choose a company that is going to allow you to feature outstanding products, they should also offer the tools and services that will allow your business to expand and grow at a rate that you are comfortable with. If the company that you go with doesn’t make the needed tools and services available to you to properly grow your business, getting your business off the ground is going to be harder than it has to be.Be Prepared To Do Some WorkWhen you get started, you are going to need to decide if you are going to have a home based candle business or home based candle hobby. I have yet to see any business that will build itself without any work being involved. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. If you enjoy candles and like the products that your company has to offer, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to have a great time and build your business at the same time. There are many options available to you including candle parties, fundraising, individual sales and team building.Consider Your Needs And Plan AccordinglyA home based candle business can be tailored to fit your needs based on your abilities, time, and finances. No one is going to have a complete skill set and be great at everything when they first get started. Fortunately, you don’t have to be. In the beginning all you need to do is to focus on the areas that you are good at and enjoy. It will take time and patience to learn everything there is to learn about this business. The company that you join should make all of the materials available to you that you need to be able to grow your business as large as you want.

Free Work at Home Jobs – Do You Have the Necessary Skills?

Not all free work at home jobs are scams; there are many legitimate free work at home jobs that pay a decent salary. Most of these jobs though require you to have one very important skill: networking.Networking is a skill that everyone should have regardless of the industry you work in. However, if you plan to undertake a free work at home job, your skills need to be superior to that of the average person.Most free work at home jobs involve selling or promoting either yourself or your work at home job. So, what do you do if you’re an introverted business owner? If the idea of chit chatting and subtle self promotion makes you want to stay in bed all day then consider the following.1. Not networking will cost you plenty. This doesn’t make sense if you’re looking for a free work at home job. You’re trying to minimize your start up costs. But shelling out dollars for someone to do the messy business of marketing for you will cost you plenty.You may be thinking I wont pay someone to do it for me. But in reality you will. Even if you run a free work at home job, you need to promote yourself in order to make it profitable and if you cant do it yourself then you’ll eventually have to turn to someone else to do it for you.2. Networking is your greatest investment opportunity. Whether you operate a free work at home job or you’ve invested money into a business networking is the greatest investment you can apply to business. Imagine if you could find who or what you needed with just a couple phone calls. Imagine building your down line in less the time When you are well networked you can.No matter what any work at home ad says you have to promote yourself. Its not an option if you want to be successful with your free work at home job. If you’re well networked you don’t have to spend money buying leads and you don’t have to send countless emails to people you don’t know. You’ve already taken the time to build a network of people, so you save yourself a lot time and lot of money.3. Networking isn’t as scary or expensive as you think. Chances are, without even thinking, you network on a day to day basis. You’ve probably posted a comment on a blog or forum, went out to lunch with someone from church, or uploaded pictures and comments onto a social network site.Now the trick is to up the ante and start networking for your free work at home job. Join free forums that pertain to your free work at home job. Go that event and discuss yourself and your job with others. You’d be surprised as to how many people are interested. You don’t have to go out every day. Attending 1 or 2 events each month can increase your business success potential. The best part is networking online does not have to cost you a cent. There are a number of social networking sites for virtually every industry where you can connect with like mined individuals. A number of them may be as shy as you are.Remember, just because you’re looking for a free work at home job doesn’t mean you’ll be free from the aspect of putting yourself out there. In most cases it means making that extra effort to network. Don’t let the idea of networking scare you out of business.

A Better Home Business Idea For Stay at Home Moms

Many moms start a home business in order to care for their children while creating an income. The desire to care for one’s children, the incompatibility of an 8 hour work day with school hours, and the expense of childcare prompt many women to leave their job in order to be available to their children. They need a business schedule that can be integrated with their parenting duties. This article will explain why affiliate marketing, earning a commission by promoting other people’s products, is a better business idea for stay at home moms because it allows the flexibility needed to manage multiple responsibilities and is accessible to people in all income levels.The first reason why moms can benefit from this business idea is because affiliate marketing doesn’t have the time constraints that many other home businesses require. Affiliate marketers can work as much or as little as they want. Since you are your own boss, you can set your own hours. Stay at home moms need this flexibility because one day may be busier than another or a specific time of day or night may be more convenient. This allows them to better manage their responsibilities to their children as well as build a home business. Affiliate marketing is ideal because the flexibility of being able to set your own hours allows them to easily integrate a home business into their routine. The internet also allows affiliate marketers to be making money at any time of the day or night, whether you are working or not. Moms can be assured that even though they need to focus on another responsibility, they are still making money with their affiliate marketing business.Another reason why affiliate marketing is a better home business idea for stay at home moms is that it costs very little to start. In a one income household, money often has to be budgeted carefully. They don’t always have the extra money to pay for expensive start up costs, or invest in pricey inventory that many home business opportunities require. Affiliate marketing fits all budgets because it can be implemented using either free or paid methods, and you don’t have to invest in expensive products in order to sell them. There is a way for moms of all income levels to get started with affiliate marketing.Therefore, affiliate marketing is a better home business idea for stay at home moms because it gives them the flexibility they need to manage multiple responsibilities, and can accommodate all income levels.

Easy Work From Home Ideas You Can Try Today – 2 Proven Ways to Make Money From Home

In this article I am going to quickly cover some easy work from home ideas that just about anyone can start in a hurry! The simple truth is that if you need a way to amp UP your income and want to work from the comfort of your very own home, the easiest way to do it is to start an entrepreneurial endeavor online. The Internet might NOT be your ticket to OVERNIGHT riches, but it does offer real wealth and financial freedom to anyone willing to put in some effort! Read on for 2 easy ways you can start making money today!Your Expertise in an eBookThis sounds like a trite and cliché way to make money from home, right? Trust me…it’s not! Anything you know about, that you are passionate about, no matter HOW seemingly obscure, there is a willing population out there who is willing to pay for your thoughts! Information marketing has been around forever, and will continue to be a phenomenal way for the average man or woman to communicate their passion to others, in a simple, concise and easy to create format that is PURE profit. Remember, you don’t even have to write the book – you can have someone tape record you and simply have it transcribed! It’s so easy to do – and for 10, 12 or even 20 dollars, your thoughts on gardening, weight loss, knitting, the perfect tennis serve….it doesn’t matter! What you know, and are willing to share is worth FAR more than you realize.Affiliate Marketing is Easy!If you are reluctant to put your own knowledge to paper, simply sell someone else’s! There are tons of people who have created products, services and sites that are full of great information, and all you need to do is send people there to reap the rewards. Affiliate marketing is very simply the process of acting as an intermediary, of referring people through any number of different marketing methods to a vendor who has something to sell, and in the process earning a commission for your effort. You can start making sales within a few short hours, it really IS a very easy way to get started, and as many of you who have read my articles and blog posts on the topic can attest, you can get started with NO budget to speak of to boot! Truly an ideal way to dip your toes into the warm and welcoming waters of easy profits online!

Pros and Cons of Home Based Businesses Lists

Would-be entrepreneurs in search of genuine business opportunities quickly realize that the process of finding, evaluating, and selecting such ventures is a lot more difficult and time consuming than they may have originally assumed. Granted, various multilevel marketing (MLM) affiliate sites will pop up virtually immediately, but since many of the same kind of company often take up the first few pages of the search engine results, comparison of different programs is hard. This is where the home based businesses lists shine!Frequently found on portal sites, these listings not only provide easy to follow links to partner websites offering home based businesses, lists also tend to display the latest and newest business opportunities. This puts portals head, shoulder and torso above e-zine articles which occasionally offer reviews of such MLM and other businesses. Articles are virtually outdated the moment they are posted online.The popularity a home based business opportunity enjoys always depends on the buzz it generates. Many proprietors of such businesses and also their affiliates will go to great lengths to advertise their online presence, sometimes crossing the line between reputable opportunity and one which is so ineptly presented that some may think it less of an opportunity and more or a sham. With a list service, however, reputable businesses find a dedicated outlet for their program without tempting still green affiliates to market in less than desirable fashion.On the flip side, there are those who find that home based businesses lists tend to bury excellent opportunities when new programs and links are included in the directory. This is a very real concern to the proprietors of the portal sites as well, and some have begun to address this concern by offering forums where members of the website may discuss their findings, experiences, and also disappointments with the home business opportunities they have tried out.In some cases the lists which are not monitored tend to become spammed by a marketer who attempts to hog the entire page with a business opportunity listing. This of course is not the case on websites that are well maintained and where listings require an approval process prior to going live. Few home based entrepreneurs search for clues to great home based businesses on sites that appear to be little more than free for all linking sites.All in all, the advantages of well maintained and frequently updated home based businesses lists far outweigh the disadvantages of seeing great opportunities lose their front and center position on a site or page. Savvy Internet entrepreneurs love the ease with which they can find out about the latest buzz online, while those with new MLM business opportunities appreciate the momentary spotlight their ventures enjoy. Since this oftentimes results in numerous sign ups, they are not at all in favor of doing away with such lists or portal sites.