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Home-Based Business Challenges – How You Can Survive and Thrive

Starting a home-based business can be a very rewarding experience. However, there are some unique challenges that you should be aware of as well. Here are just a few.Challenge #1 – Growing Too Fast and Not Being Prepared I hear this all the time, “Oh, I wish I had that problem.” But honestly, you don’t. It can affect your entire business if you get too busy too soon and haven’t prepared adequately for it. Or even those already established in business, if they suddenly get a rush of work or orders and don’t have a back-up system in place. It can be devastating not only for your business, but for you as well. You need to be prepared for this.Challenge #2 – Bookkeeping So many want to run a business, yet they don’t want to do the business and bookkeeping aspect of it. They enjoy the selling or the working part of their business, but don’t enjoy the business nuts and bolts part. This can be a challenge in your business, but it’s crucial to do and once you get things set up, can be done easily. Start from day one and regularly keep everything going.Challenge #3′ Out of Town Guests I live in Florida and this has truly been one of my biggest challenges over the past 23 years. I absolutely love having company in town and getting the opportunity to see relatives. However, it can be draining on my business and me, especially if they stay with you during their visit. It can upset your entire schedule of work and family, and also a lot of times they are here for fun and don’t understand that you still have a business to run. It’s hard for them to realize that you are working. When you are out of the home at an office, you aren’t physically there. However, when you are in the other room, it’s a different story. When I wrote my first book, Words From Home, Start, Run and Profit from a Home-Based Word Processing Business. I had just had a season (winter months in Florida) full of company. It had been extremely difficult. In my book, on the chapter on Obstacles in Running a Business, I wrote the following: One of the greatest obstacles of running a home-based business is out of town guests. I then provided solutions for making it work. Naturally, the next time my step mom came to town I proudly presented my new book. As you can guess, faith would have it and she opened right up to that page about the greatest obstacle of running a business. She wasn’t too happy being one of the greatest obstacles. Naturally, I changed that in the next printing of the book.Here are some tips for making it work: In starting your business research and read as much as you can on starting a business before you begin. Write out a complete plan of how to not only set up your business, but how to market it and keep it running on a daily basis, etc. This includes what to do if you get too busy. This doesn’t need to be anything technical, but it does need to be done. This helps you prepare for many of the unknowns that come your way.Plan and organize your business from the beginning. Set up your bookkeeping in Quickbooks or have someone handle that for you. Get an expandable file (A-Z) so you can divide and keep all your receipts as they come in. When I started my business, I offered all clients 24-hour turnaround on transcription. That was perfect when I had one or two clients. But then I grew quickly and it wasn’t long before I had six or seven clients, each one dropping off work one day and expecting it back the next. I can remember one evening when I had an entire desk full of files that needed transcribed. I knew I had to implement a change when one day a client came to drop off work and he told me, “You look like a truck ran you over.” I had prided myself in always looking professional and this was extremely eye opening. I changed the next week to 48-hour-turnaround and longer depending on the work and rarely did the truck hit me again.For out-of-town guests, if at all possible have a separate office with a door that you can close. My office is the back family room. It’s a great office, but it’s open with no door. Therefore, when I have company in town, it’s hard to turn it off. Be firm. Most guests wouldn’t think of visiting you at an office if you were still working out of the home. So why do they think they can come to your office at noon and want to stay and talk. I used to try to do it. Now, I simply say, I should be done at 4:00. Let’s go out to dinner then. You know the unique circumstances of your business.Plan ahead for those challenges and you’ll be so much ahead of the game.

Stay at Home and Work at Home Moms

Day care is becoming a larger and larger part of family life these days: moms need to get out into the workforce and bring home their fair share of the bacon. Is this fair to a mother or her children though? No kid wants to spend all day with a nanny, and no working woman wants to give up her career to become a stay at home mom. Perhaps the solution is for her to become a work at home mother. Work at home moms can be there for those precious years without giving up their income or their self respect.So what can work at home mothers work at exactly? There are the standard work at home options, like envelope stuffing, paperwork, typing, and everything else people in real offices hire out for because it’s so inane. Then there’s the mom stuff like daycares, crafting, and selling cosmetics. Neither list holds much appeal for an already successful woman. A work at home mom doesn’t have to embrace these options, though. With the internet connecting people instantly, business is becoming more and more web-based, and you don’t need to leave your kids with a sitter to cash in.A work at home mom can be involved in a lot of things that put her skills to the test. Many companies are looking for people to design web pages for them or maintain databases, which involve skills that not everyone knows. This could mean that pursuing those opportunities would mean a long period of book learning, but it also means they’re legitimately profitable opportunities.How can a new work at home mother find other legitimate opportunities? Look for businesses that aren’t trying to run a scam. When someone promises you an immediate and very high return, you can judge when it’s too good to be true. When someone gives you an opportunity to get paid for some time, creativity, and skill in drawing customers in and selling things, you know that they’re genuinely interested in adding you to their business for the long term. As long as you have the skill to sell, you can get yourself paid, no matter how early you wake up in the morning.If you’re a mom and are ready to start working at home and begin enjoying the benefits of more time with your children, there is also the option of starting a home based business, too. There are a plethora of training programs on the web with business models that have been proven to work and generate cash quickly. These programs typically provide all the training you’ll need to get started, full support to keep you on track, and multiple instant income channels via selling products in great demand. So don’t rule the option of running a home based business if you’re looking to work at home.The prospects for women who have an urge to stay at home with their children rather than commute to the office every day are looking up; the internet provide many channels, business programs, and opportunities for women to make this a reality almost immediately. This is no small claim, since staying at home with children is a big way to ensure that their futures don’t get sidetracked and their booboos get kissed. Work at home mothers can keep a watchful eye on the nest, while still making sure it’s lined with the best darn internet business money can buy!

Free Work at Home Jobs – Want to Last Longer Than 3 Weeks?

The average home-based worker will lose their free work at home job within 3 weeks. Free work at home jobs are highly competitive and most candidates lack the most essential skill needed to keep their job the ability to network like a madman.Its important to understand that free work at home jobs do require some investment. Even if you managed to avoid setting down any initial capital for your work at home job you will have to invest time and effort into marketing and promotion if you want to uphold it.I’m not talking about placing a banner on your blog, but real marketing, the kind that takes getting out of your comfort zone and getting in front of people.It doesn’t cost a lot to network for your free work at home job, nor does it take hours, but it does take time. However, think of it as a necessary investment. Do the hard work now, so you can save a lot of time later.People who have built huge lists, business owners who make a substantial amount of money from their free work at home job, didn’t get to where they are by hoping that others would eventually find them.No matter the industry or at the type of home-based business you operate you need to be able to sell yourself.Freelancing, for example, is a great free work at home job that you can start if you have the skills. However, most people who start this type of career are out of work within a year. They just don’t have the go-getter attitude it takes to keep their business afloat.You may be thinking there are plenty of free work at home jobs where I don’t have to sell myself. But in reality these types of jobs pay about as much you spent to get the job.Free paid surveys for example are a home-based job that people with little money turn to. While you may earn 10 dollars here and there for taking surveys, those who have made a real income with this free work at home job usually join the affiliate program offered by the company, and that takes some form of promotion.Hobbies don’t pay; businesses do. But if you’re fearfully attempting to earn a living with your free work at home job then all your operating is a hobby. You are never going to earn the kind of money you’re capable (which can be millions online) unless you get out of your comfort zone and start making an effort to network.Sign up for forums related to your free work at home job. Respond to posts you read online. Join social networking sites and regularly participate in them. Make it a point to attend at least two events each month and go with business cards.Networking is fun, it doesn’t cost a lot and its the greatest thing you can do for your free work at home job.

Hottest Home Based Business Opportunities For Single Women

Gender trends in America have shifted greatly in recent decades, seeing more and more women taking control of their financial futures, and the franchising sector is proof of this change. One of the largest, if not the single largest demographic of home based business franchisees is women. Many of these women looking at work at home franchises do so because they can build financial stability and boost the family income without having to leave the house and the kids. Generally, that is the specific group of ladies that are drawn to home based franchises: the stay-at-home mom/businesswoman.But, if the housing trends are any indicator as to who is really interested in upward mobility and financial gain amongst women, perhaps we ought not to ignore the single ladies-who, we should mention, make up roughly 22% of US homebuyers and are more financially independent than ever before.If you’re a single woman looking to branch out and go into business for yourself, there are a number of ways that you can go, but the choice depends on whether you want a well established business, with a generally higher initial investment, or an up-and-comer with plenty of room to grow.Tried and True Business PlansFor those who want to take the more established business route, Adventures in Advertising could be a great place to start. This franchise company has been considered by many reputable sources to be one of the best franchise firms for the last 10 years. If you have no experience in the advertising world, this is a great way to get your feet wet, as this particular franchise can teach you how the advertising world works while simultaneously providing you with the working capital to achieve whatever ends a client requires.There are other alternatives as well, in internet based businesses and vending businesses. Virtuoso Music, for instance, can easily be your ticket into financial freedom and business experience without putting you in a cubicle. Matching the needs of local people looking for music lessons with skilled music teachers, you get to work from home, manage your own referral business, and learn from the knowledgeable franchisor who helps you start out every aspect of your business. Alternatively, if you prefer working with machines, perhaps your own Vendstar franchise would be more your style. It may seem like it would be hard to make a living a quarter at a time, but consider that when enough machines are places in the right areas, Vendstar franchisees can earn in excess of $70/hour.Breaking New GroundIf you’re that risk-taker, and would like to invest in a home based franchise that exists in more of a non-traditional market, here are some more fresh franchise ideas that are untapped and could have a higher pay off for those who go from the ground up.ElizaJ specializes in renting out high class outhouses for outdoor weddings. It may not be the most idyllic portion of the wedding proceeding, but the toilet certainly helps things along, and this is a franchise in a class by itself, as very few companies provide the air-conditioned, stereo-equipped portable restrooms that ElizaJ does. It really sits in a class of its own.If you’re looking for something a little more traditional on which to spend the next period of your professional life, Vehicle Tracking Solutions or Air Advantage Franchise Group are excellent options as well. Vehicle Tracking Solutions is one of only a handful of companies that provide other firms with automatic vehicle tracking services via GPS devices in their delivery vehicles. With 93% of delivery vehicles untracked by their owners, the market is wide open for any franchisee willing to step out and sell this tracking product. But another untapped market that the right businesswoman can break into is the wireless internet business. It may seem like “untapped” is the wrong term to use when everyone these days has wireless internet, but that’s only everyone in the city. What franchisees with Air Advantage Franchise Group do is sell wireless broadband services to rural areas that otherwise can’t get wireless or landline internet service. Standing alone in an industry that they pioneered, this business is becoming a household name in the areas it has already touched, and there is almost infinite room to.Women today are a financial force to be reckoned with, and single women in particular are becoming a more independent and vigorous group in the marketplace. Whether you’re a seasoned businesswoman looking to jump ahead in business or a young college graduate just starting out, the right franchise can easily propel you into the world of financial freedom. None of these are really women’s franchises, per se, but with smart businesswomen behind them, they are all but guaranteed to succeed.

Are Accomplishment, Success and Money Considered “4 Letter Words”

ve interacted with people that feel deep down they don’t deserve to feel a since of accomplishment or to have success….What do you tell yourself?We want it, because God puts in all our hearts the desire for success (which has MANY definitions…not just money), but there’s a mental block there with a belief system that says “you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve to make significant money, you havenothing to offer, you’re of no real value” . . . and the list goes on.This is such a form of bondage, and unless dealt with immediately, will NEVER allow you to truly reach your God-given potential.As a society we are programmed from babies to believe that we can’t make it on our own. We are molded and trained up to be good employees, to “need a JOB”, to work hard and to trade time for money.Why do you think there are no classes in our educational system about business ownership? Everything is geared to “study and get good grades so you can go to college and get a good JOB”.Let me tell you, I had a good corporate job, and I was, financially, getting NOWHERE with my “good job”!Honestly, one very strong reason why I am so passionate and serious about creating thriving success with my online home business, is because I have such a strong desire to be a role model in my daughter and son’s lives! I don’t want to leave it up to society, culture and our educational system! It’s all broken!I want them to be strong, independent, creative, think-on-your-own, successful individuals. I want them to understand that God created them for a purpose. That they have the ability to do anything through His greatness. I want them to stand on their own and not be afraid to take risks. And, I want them to be able to create enoughresources on their own in order to give back to society and help others!What a difference it would make in the next generation if our kids were taught from early on of their inner greatness, their ability to create their future through their own business, and how to turn their passions into profits, to network and manage money, to read books on positive thinking and understand that the words they speak and the thoughts they entertain will determine their future.This awesome load and responsibility starts with us. All of this requires the right mindset, skills, beliefs and ability on our part. I’m sorry to say, but working a job a great majority of your life TRULY suffocates ALL potential in an individual! I have experiencedthis firsthand.Change your thinking…change your life!

Typing From Home – A Hot Home Business

Do you have typing and word processing skills and want to work typing from home? One option you have is to start a secretarial service business from home! Read on to find out if this hot home business is right for you.Skills you’ll need:You’ll need basic computer skills; typing skills — your speed will increase with experience; knowledge of a major word processing package; and good English and grammar skills.The fees you can get for your word processing work vary by geographic area but generally run from $20 to $35 per hour.What kind of work can you expect?You don’t have to limit yourself to typing work such as typing letters, invoices, proposals, agreements and books. If your typing speed is fast, you can provide transcription services and process data entry work from home.Your skills will help determine what secretarial services you’ll offer. The more skills you have, the more services you can offer. What are your strengths? Are you a whiz with words? A creative designer? If you have design skills, you can provide desktop publishing, graphic design, or graphic layout. If you have writing skills, you can write and type resumes. If you have legal or medical experience, you may want to target legal or medical clients.Equipment you’ll need:To start a secretarial or word processing business and provide typing work from home, you will need a computer, major word processing program, and a printer. Most computers come with a word processing program. You may need a fax machine if your clients want to fax you work. To provide transcription services, you will need a transcription machine.Start-up costs are low if you already have a computer and printer.How to get started typing from home:Many successful secretarial service businesses recommend word of mouth, direct mail and yellow pages ads as the best way to attract clients for your word processing and secretarial services.If you have the skills needed, a word processing or secretarial service business can be a rewarding and profitable home business that will give you the opportunity to provide typing work from home.

Successful Home Business So You Can Laugh at the Headlines

Looking at the business section of a local newspaper can be enough to give even the stout-of-heart more than pause for worry. Economic times, worldwide, have taken a shift toward hard times ahead. “Liar loans,” long the mainstay for unscrupulous mortgage lending (requiring no proof of income or assets) are but a fraction of the troubles facing many.Other headlines indicate even more mortgage lending problems. Consumers are using credit cards to cover expenses now that their home values are declining. Yes, overall there is more financial doom and gloom at the moment then reason to celebrate.Suggestion – Quit listening to CNN (Constantly Negative News). It will only paralyze you into “inaction.” You will find yourself dwelling on the negative, which will then become your mindset. Instead, focus on the positives. This is a Global Economy with opportunities as abundant as your dreams.Many (in spite of the U.S. economy) want to pursue home based businesses either to supplement their income or to make a change in lifestyle. The internet is a natural beginning point to search for a business that’s right for you.But with too many options to choose from – many mere pie-in-the-sky hopes for instant riches – what constitutes a solid work at home business plan since having a plan is so critical?A solid home business model should encompass three stages:1. The means to get you out of your current financial situation2. The tools to provide you with access to solid investments3. The ability for you to also help others do the same.Applying Stage OneA highly recommended plan of action would be to create the means (the money) to even start your home business. Versus taking out loans, charging up your credit cards, or begging your relatives for money, consider getting your personal finances in order. With a well-oiled system for getting out of debt, the freed-up money now becomes the source you use to go into business online. This can be done!However, buyer beware. There are systems and services online – and broadcast all over the television – promising to get you out of debt. (Some even promise to make you rich!) Many are legitimate, many are not. Don’t fall for believing everything you hear; due diligence on your part is the key. Desperate people do desperate things. Step outside desperation and get the assistance you need to have a solid debt-relief plan.With that idea in mind, again there are companies at your disposal to help you. Turning to professionals for help – even if you believe you don’t need help – may be the turning point that has been missing in your life.Coming soon… How to accomplish Stage Two========================================

Home Assembly Work is Easy and Profitable

Thinking about home assembly work as a way to earn extra income at home? This is a great way to make some extra money, or even a full time income. Most companies that offer assembly work from home don’t require you to have any experience, because it is easy work.These companies send you kits to put together their products. Once assembled, you send the products back to the company for pay. If the items to be put together are more complex, a training manual will be sent with the kit to clearly explain what to do. Home assembly work is growing in popularity, and is especially good for handicapped or wheelchair ridden individuals.What are some of the products you will assemble? Here are just a few of the many items you may receive in your kit:CD CasesKey ChainsJewelry BoxesPicture FramesHandbagsSunglasses CasesMost products are very simple to assemble. Anyone can do this type of work with no prior experience. All you have to do is apply!How much money can you make? It all depends on how many products you assemble. Many people make $2000 and more per month doing this easy work. Home assembly work does require that you can meet deadlines, but this is easy for most people.Doesn’t the idea of working from home and making money for yourself instead of someone else sound wonderful? There are many perks of working from home. You can set your own schedule, be home with your family, and save money on gas! These are just a few reasons you should seriously consider a home based income opportunity.Find out all you need to know about home assembly work by visiting the links below.