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Turning Dreams Into Reality in Your Home Business

Once you learn to “dream big”, I don’t think that you can ever go back. Now that I have raised the standard of excellence, my desire is to be able to transfer that skill and empower others, mentoring them to success in Direct Sales. I understand now that victory is won in the head and the heart first, before any of the work is done. After sharing the stumbling blocks of my journey, I hope I leave you with belief that anything is possible!Is it possible for you? You bet it is! You will see that everything that I have done you can do too! The year after my husband Alex retired from the army, we set a goal for me to be National Queen of Personal Sales. I realized that just “surviving” does not glorify God. My belief in my business was strong enough to know that if I was disciplined enough to do the work, that the results would follow. Taking massive action, I chose not rely on my “feelings” but on the goal and the plan to achieve it. Although I was afraid, I wanted so much for Him to use my life for the purpose it was intended. When you allow Him, God opens doors. It’s incredible!It’s hard now to believe but just five short years before that, I attended Mary Kay Seminar in a wheelchair. That was an all time low in my Mary Kay career because of a severe car accident. Those were incredibly difficult times, but I never gave up hope. The times when you stumble are always times of growth. It was for me. I have learned so many lessons, but I will summarize with the most important ones.1. Make a decision with an action plan2. Discipline yourself to follow that plan 3. Focus on just a few things- Keep it simple!4. “Hitch your wagon to a star” as Mary Kay Ash would always say. That is, find someone who has already done what you aspire to do and learn from them,Your goal may not be to be Queen of anything next year, but you must have a goal. The lessons that I have learned can be applied no matter where you are in your business. The path that I have chosen last year was DEFINITELY not the easiest one, or the one most traveled, but it was my path. It was meant all along to be a stepping stone to bigger and better goals. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of setting and achieving a huge goal, you have no idea what you are missing! Find your passion and dream big. Make a decision on where you want to go this year. Map out a plan of action, and then don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decision.I pray that something that I have shared will make a difference in your business. But remember, these ideas only work when you do! My desire is that you will experience the thrill of you own personal victories.

Create Your Own Christian Based Home Business

There are many who would like to be working in a Christian based home business. But, if you look around, you will find there are not that many existing Christian business opportunities out there. How about capitalizing on your own strengths and interests and creating your own Christian home based business?If you are think about it, there are limitless possibilities of starting a Christian based home business. You could start a Christian daycare and offer Christian activities and a Christian environment for the children you take care of. You could do Bible crafts and plays, read them Bible stories, have Bible based puppet shows, pray with them and teach them some kids worship songs. Think about the impact you could have on the lives of the kids that are left in your care. Just be sure to be completely open with the parents about what you plan to do.You could write Christian material for kids, parents, singles or any other group of people. This could be a published hard copy book or an ebook. Do you have some tips for Christian parents who want to encourage purity in their teenagers? Do you have a gift in explaining Bible stories to kids in an understandable and fun way? Write!You could offer transcription or Virtual Assistant services to Christian business owners. Many would be happy to work with “like minded” people. One way to find clients is to join some Christian based home business forums or approach owners of the Christian websites you find on Google. Just don’t “spam.” Calling them on the phone is the best way to approach contacting them.How about the greeting card business? You will probably agree that there are times you just can’t find the right card that says what you want it to. You could write your own verses or do the art work.Another great niche is Christian gift baskets. Include some scripture tea, Christian music cd’s, journals and devotion type books. You could offer them to pastors to have a unique gift to give for a get well, anniversary or birthday gift. You can even offer to specialize the basket with gifts that the particular recipient will enjoy.Making Christian crafts and jewelry is another business you could start. Sell them at craft sales, churches for fundraisers, and Christian books and gifts stores. Also, set up a website and sell them online.You could make Christian t-shirts, purses or other articles of clothing with Bible verses on them.Start a blog and blog about news or topics that are of interest to Christians. Then, find some good Christian affiliate products you can offer on your blog. That way, you’ll earn money whenever you make a sale. You can also set Google AdSense up on your blog and earn when someone clicks on an ad.With a little creativity, you can put together your own Christian based home business. Just make sure to do your research before getting too involved and make sure there is a market out there looking for the type of product/service you want to offer and willing to spend money on it.

People Are Stealing Your Commissions – But You Can Do Something About it!

I am sure you have heard of this before and you have done it yourself. If you use for example affiliate programs on ClickBank you use a special affiliate link to make sure you get linked to the sale. But obviously a lot of people know what the links look like and can either just bypass your link or even put their own ID in before the buy the product. So what can you do?Well, you can actually hide the link and depending on how much work you are willing to put in, you can use different approaches that have their individual advantages. You can
use a service like tiny.com that provides free links that cover up the details. The links look ugly but they basically do the trick
use a few lines of HTML or PHP code to re-route. That way, you can have an address that is pointing to a page on your web-site and that page will directly forward the user to the actual affiliate page. The advantage is that you can pick the exact wording for the link.
have a little tool help you manage all your affiliate links. This might come in handy if you have a lot of links to manage
So there are a lot of ways to make sure you get the commissions you deserve. To be fair you have to put some additional time in, if you manage a lot of links but this is really a minor investment and if you are willing to invest just a few dollars, one of the available tools will take most of the pain away from you. I personally recommend to use the re-routing from your own web-site. The links look nicer and make it way more attractive to click on them.Some sources say that you are losing 30 to 50% of commissions to “thieves” and “link snoopers”. I don’t know if that number is true, but it is way too easy to prevent it to run the risk.

Free Work From Home Jobs That Are Guaranteed to Make Money

I’ll be frank with you here: the words ‘guarantee’ and ‘make money’ have been continuously used by scammers and fraudsters online. These individuals often sell over-hyped promises that usually under-delivers. Thus, you’ll have to be very careful when encountering such words on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make money online. There really are absolutely free work from home jobs that can (most of the time) give you a very nice monthly income.Countless people are already doing it on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can make a decent living, even up to triple what they can make slogging away at work, and all from the comforts of their own home, too. Sounds too good to be true? If I were a detached individual reading this article, I would certainly agree with you hands down.The problem is I am currently earning a living on the internet, and would be lying if I said that it’s impossible to make money online. The trick is to select the type of legitimate jobs that require little or no start-up fees, little training and flexible working hours. They indeed exist and are running rampant on the internet. Let’s start with something as simple as data entry for a logistics branch of an oil and gas company. You don’t have to be an industry expert; you don’t even have to know what ‘sweet’ and ‘crude’ oil is. You just have to know which line of data goes into which box. It’s really that simple.And what if I told you that you can earn up to $50 an hour doing this? Some companies pay as you perform, meaning the more you do, the more you earn. $100 an hour is not unheard of.Now let’s say you aren’t a fan of typing. Do you speak good English? Like talking to people? Have a clear and succinct voice? Great! Airline companies and hotel chains are increasingly outsourcing their customer service and reservations departments to virtual officers and homesourced employees. This cuts a whole lot of costs for them, which means they can pay a premium for quality customer service officers. All you need to do is pick up the phone and represent the company. Training is provided and start-up costs are practically non-existent.Have a flair for writing? You can contribute content to affiliate marketing managers and companies. Write on e-zines and learn the basics of sales copy. You can go as high as a few hundred dollars a day with the right company and the right job.You’ll also need a trust-worthy source that can help to guide you along. While I can’t squeeze everything into one article, I can however, point you in the right direction. Avoid large companies that see you as a commodity – large affiliate networks or proxy organisations take a piece of the pie from their recruitment. Get advice from individuals who have been through it all and who can impart valuable advice to you. They are the ones who can open doors for you and tell you what not to do.Learn from those who have succeeded in working from home, and you’ll soon see yourself walking in the same footsteps as they are.

Using the Right Tools in Your Work-at-Home Business

As a virtual entrepreneur working from home in your sweatpants, being able to connect productively with your market, your clients, and your network is critical to your success.The tools you use to make these connections need to work well. In many cases, this means staying up to date with your technology. It also means understanding how you present yourself to the web-connected world.What vintage is your computer? If it is more than a couple of years old, it might be worth considering biting the bullet and buying a new system. This is the core of your business, your lifeline to your customers and peers. Your computer is the filing cabinet of all your documents, forms, research, correspondence, photos albums. Losing your hard drive or having your system fail suddenly one day would be a bad thing.How about the software you are using? Use the latest versions of the sotware applications that are core to your business so that you have the most recent features available to you. If, for example, copywriting is a core revenue generator for you, you need to have the latest version of your word processing program in your system. Yes, you may have to “save as…” to an earlier version for a bit while everybody else catches up, but that’s no big deal. There is a branding element to this–clients who know that you are up-to-date on your software tools will unconsciously give you a gold star because to them this means you are a successful, smart, tech-savvy provider.How do you present yourself to the world? Do you have an email that has your own domain name after the @ sign? If you are using an a freebie email address to do business–STOP IT! Purchase a domain name (try your own name if you can get it) and use that for your email. It conveys an “I am in business and will be here for many years” message; the generic email addresses don’t give prospects a warm, fuzzy feeling.Speaking of email, are you using an email signature at the end of each message? If not, come up with a maximum of 5 lines that will capture interest. Could be your tag line, could be a short pitch line, should always be your web or blog URL, may be your phone number (I don’t usually include phone numbers on my emails because I prefer to be contacted in writing). If you are using a signature line, does it work? Don’t make it too long–mini-ebooks as email sigs can be irritating, especially in threads that keep repeating the sig every time you respond. Do you have the right info in the sig–does it speak effectively for you?How do you manage your billing? You need to look professional in your invoicing, and there is no reason you can’t do so. Whether you customize an invoice template on your word processor or bill clients via via an online accounting service, make sure that your invoices are as good a representation of your business as your brochure.This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Rather, it’s a place to start and something to kick start your thinking for other areas of your business. Inventory your business-critical tools to see if they are the best they can possibly be. If they aren’t, make the investment to upgrade them.

Take Caution When Choosing a Work From Home Program

Think it won’t be that important to be cautious when approaching an affiliate program?Perhaps it is. You could more likely loose that highly valued last bit of money, in a blink of an eye.In the current downscale in economy, everyone is looking for some sort of way to increase the capacity of their wallets. Ever increasingly, most people approach the idea of making money on the internet. Proof of this is a much growing statistic of influx of people who purchase affiliate programs on an escalating demand as time moves on as they find theirselves in a much difficult time and need. Take note: Affiliate Program Owners are aware of this and thus take fullblown advantage of it.Consumers tend to get more appealed to programs that promises them much readily incomes, while most also give the impression that there is only an inch of work to do. Some state that one will only need to work for 1 hour per day. There are even others who have the audacity of stating it with no guilt or shame, that you will only need to work for 30 minutes per day, and earn up to $1000 per day.This is where the advantage is being taken by many program owners. They go and overhype everything.Only will consumers come to the realisation that they were being robbed from their money, after purchasing it. In most instances, consumers will find that these “programs” are nothing but something that “tells them of ways” on how and what to do to earn money on the internet, while experiencing no guidance into these programs’ suggested products. Frankly it could also be found that support from such programs lacks. This is overally useless, in the least to say. But this is the hard truth.There is one thing that revolves around a false and illegal opportunity. This is when a product is a total fullblown scam. Consumers know about this, by reading reviews of people who would have used such programs and would have got nailed by it. It is easy to note that a program with the most percentage in negativity should rather be ignored. This could give an indication of it being not a good product at all, even if it would not be a complete rip off.But then you also get the other thing. You get something that is declared in total trust to you by many, that it is legitimate: You get something that is being talked in a much overwhelming gesture on program owners’ websites.This is only a way on finding people to buy the actual product. This could easily now lead to the fact that people would mark this also as a scam.After purchasing the product, consumers suddenly realises that the overwhelming feeling of final surity of getting the right program that was created, was nothing but hype that couldn’t live up to the scream.Nearly every program there is on the market, make a shout out to the public in some overhyped manner to attract attention on finally: wanting to make some money. Nearly every program there is creates a make-up of things in their websites and advertisements:They create a feeling of ease.The truth is that no work in the world that you will be doing is going to be easy. You will need to invest in a humongous time initially to get your homebased business on its own legs on the internet, up and running. Only after that, you will be able to reap the benefits and the rewards from the traffic you will get, that will potentially be your customers.Overall, one should not accept that you can make a $1000 per day, just by doing . . . nothing! The fact is that it’s true that people make $1000 a day, some even more.A problem with consumers though, is misconception. They totally belief that they wil be able to succeed better than other people while knowing of some negative feedback from a program. They solely trust in their will that it is going to work while at the same time would be aware of many negativity.Also, if a website tells you that he is going to show you how to produce $20,000 or $30,000 for the month, consumers are most like to fall for the program, as they tend to the idea that they will make that much money, if only they would just choose to work with that specific company. That is a misleading belief, but program owners wants the public to pick up the overwhelming figures of earnings. Sometimes they even want to state in that what they are saying in their websites, by proofing to the public by means of a screenshot from their earnings. People get destracted by many sorts of things. The fact is that program owners know that. In example: if a website tells a person that he is going to teach the visitor/consumer how to make $5000 a day, just like he does, people tend to the idea that if he/she would purchase the product today, he will make that income by tomorrow. As said, there are people who would be producing that kind of income per day. They could even show you the proof. The fact is, and remains. These people, owners of affiliate programs, are experienced, and expert marketers in this market. While you have not even have made your first dollar or the knowledge to do it.

Assembly Jobs at Home – How to Do Them the Right Way

If you are one of the many individuals who are now facing the prospect of choosing what kind of assembly jobs at home product you would like to work on for yourself, I think it is well worth mentioning that every kind of assembly job is good for so long as you assemble it according to instruction. There are several hundred kinds of products that you can assemble, actually. Each of these products has its own instruction guide for you to follow in its assembly.You are not required to know about something in order to know how to assemble that something. The only thing required is that you read the instructions carefully, and follow it in assembling the product. As simple as that, really. Whatever kind of assembly jobs at home products you may choose, you can be sure that the product to be assembled will come equipped with the needed assembly guide and instructions so that you will know how to assemble the product properly.Take the case of assembling a shell craft lamp shade. This kind of a lamp shade is made out of shells popularly known as Capiz shells. You will be made to assemble this lamp shade by stringing together the shells in a pattern that you will follow from the instruction guide. After properly stringing the shells together, your next step will be to assemble the stringed shells to the frame of the lamp shade. There will now be another set of instructions on how to assemble this to the frame.As such, the assembly instructions will be a two part guide in which you will learn how to do the assembly of the shell craft properly. Your tools needed for this assembly will all be provided by the company, since they are specialized tools for the assembly of said product. This shell craft lampshade has several designs and style. For each design, an assembly jobs at home worker will be assigned and will be furnished his or her instruction guide in how to properly assemble this kind of shell craft lampshade design.New assembly jobs at home worker, once they still have not read the instruction guide in how to assemble the product, will usually feel not to be able to do the assembly, the moment they see the picture of the finished product attached to the merchandise to be assembled. They do not realize that all that is needed is the right way of doing the assembly and for sure they can do it as easy as counting 123. And that actually is the purpose of why they are being furnished the assembly guide so that they may learn the process of assembling the product.New assembly jobs at home workers are advised however, to be careful in learning the steps in going about the assembly of shell craft lamp shades during their first attempt in assembling the products. It is advised that they should take their time in learning how it is done, based on the accompanying instructions, illustrations and pictures.

Cool Tools For Today’s Work From Home Business

Because of the many cool tools available to you today, building a home business is easier than it used to be. In this article let’s talk about how to build your work at home business opportunity by taking advantage of a few marketing tools that will really simplify your life.1. Start a blog. Blogging is quickly becoming a way of life on the Internet for successful home business owners. Because you can start a blog for free and then use it to create visitors and sales for your product, it’s very easy to work from home and blog.For example, you can go to Blogger.com and easily set up a blog in a couple of minutes or less. They are owned by Google and provide an excellent opportunity for you to post your thoughts about working at home and owning a home business.This also gives you an opportunity to work in the information about your opportunity in a passive way, by including links to it in the articles that you post. You can get repeat visitors, which eventually can lead to more sales for you, if you provide interesting information.2. Use an autoresponder for follow-up and lead capture. Because many people require several exposures to an opportunity, before they will join, smart Internet marketers use auto responders to capture name and e-mail addresses, and then follow up with them.This is very easy to do and you can join an auto responder program for under $20 a month. By placing a sign-up form on your website or blog people can request more information from you that you are more than happy to provide to them.The nice thing about using an autoresponder is you can set up a series of prewritten messages that automatically reply back to your subscribers. You can also send e-mails whenever you feel is necessary and the larger your list becomes the more opportunities you have to make sales to it.3. Using article submissions software and services makes building your business much easier than in the old days. Writing and submitting articles has been a popular way to create traffic and sales now for several years.In the old days you used to have to manually submit your articles to various article directories, which was time-consuming and tough to do if you had a full-time job as well as your Internet business.Today there is various article submission software and service providers that can speed the process up. You write an article and then you let them submit your article to hundreds of directories all over the Internet.This is one of the coolest tools available for a work from home business opportunity because it allows you to create links back to your website very quickly for a small amount of work.In summary, these cool tools make building a work from home business opportunity much easier than it used to be years ago.

Home Based, Small Medium Business

A vital part of the U. S. economy, creating 80% of its jobs and accounting for nearly 40% of its private sales are the small medium business. They consists of farmers, start up companies in high technology or micro-business entrepreneurs.There are approximately 24 million small businesses in the U.S. And 6 out of 10 of the industries adding new jobs are small business dominated industries. Small firms hire a larger proportion of employees who are younger workers, older workers, women, or workers who prefer to work part-time. Small medium businesses also provide 67 percent of workers with their first jobs and initial on-the-job training in basic skills.Developing small home-based businesses is particularly important to rural communities. Because of the limited availability of skilled labor, the development of large scale firms is prevented. Rural communities that promote new and innovative small enterprises can stimulate new employment opportunities and expand the local tax base, often contributing to each citizen’s quality of life. Also, when you’re at home your business will comprise whether you sell a product or you can sell a service. If you want to sell a service, look within. What are your skills? Are you proficient with a word processor? If so, you can consider selling your word processing skills. Remember, proficient means near perfect. I can use MS Word, but I could not sell it as a service.Have you done bookkeeping or billing before? If so, this again, is something you can sell as a service. Are your kids older, in school all day? Consider an errand service. Perform a web search for errand services and view what others are offering and at what fees.Are you an expert with a sewing machine? You can offer tailoring and mending as a service. I am only 5’2? and both my kids are 5′. We need everything altered. I would love to bring it to someone’s home versus having to go to the dry cleaner, change in their icky little bathroom etc.Prefer to sell a product? You have a few choices, yes, only a few. You can make the product yourself. You can purchase from a wholesaler, or you can purchase from a direct sales company. That’s it, only those few choices.If you wish to make the products, again, look within. What hobbies do you have? What crafts can you make? Some folks sell hand sewn or hand crocheted items. Some sell homemade soaps and lotions. Some sell homemade jewelry.These are the many options you can do when you plan in a home base business. Plus, running a small medium business at the comfort in your own home saves you any amount of money because you don’t have to pay for rent. Plus, you can control your time and if you’re a home maker, you won’t have to leave your kids.

Top 3 Self Employment Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner

Several years ago, I realized I was in financial trouble and going downhill quickly. I was over my head in debt and unable to afford moving out of the severely depressed economic area where I lived. As a young, single mother, I soon realized it was costing me around $12 a day, after travel expenses and babysitting fees, to work the minimum wage jobs in the local area. I was headed deeper in debt doing what everyone had always told me was the “right” thing to do: get a job and work hard every day for someone else!I sat at my kitchen table with my weekly paycheck, calculator and notebook and saw the numbers before me in black and white. The “right” thing wasn’t working; slaving at the local burger joint waiting for a better job to open up was not going to fix the problem. I decided to learn more about self-employment. It was a turning point that brought me down the path to where I am today.I gave you a little about my background to demonstrate I know where many of you are coming from. Many others are experiencing the same financial dilemma of dead-end jobs and growing debt today that I experienced then.Today, I’m a marketing consultant for a new online home-based business operating on a shoestring budget. I researched many online businesses before settling in on this one.With all of that said, I encourage you to allow yourself to explore your home-based business dreams. I would, however, offer you some key elements to consider that I learned the hard way.1. Don’t try to learn everything you need to know before you decide to begin. While research and knowledge are important to success, too much will overwhelm you and paralyze you with information overload.2. Don’t think there is a magic program for sale out there that produces overnight wealth without putting in some serious effort.3. Don’t think that you can figure it all out and manage it all on your own! BIG no no. A mentor and team are necessary for your learning process and long term business survival.Number three is key. Had I understood that one and found a mentor early on, it would have saved me from learning the first two lessons the hard way. The hard way is almost always painful and expensive!Finding a good mentor and a support team you trust is very challenging and time-consuming. Many with the “work at home” bug avoid dependence of a support system and struggle blindly through the dark days of their small business startups. This is an ego problem that must be overcome. It is okay to need a little help learning the ropes.Another lesson I learned that doesn’t conform to what we are taught is that the best mentors are not friends and family, no matter how successful they may be. Nor will great mentors be free. A good mentor is not there to make you feel good about yourself, be your buddy or do the job for you. A true mentor assumes a great responsibility of delivering honesty and guidance through their own expertise. Friends, family and free mentoring are often misguided by emotion and personal motives.When considering self-employment, factor in the costs of a good coach who will take a personal approach to understanding your resources and business development goals. This is the secret weapon of the most highly successful home-based business entrepreneurs. Follow this advice and you are one step closer to your own success.