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Work From Home Scams – How to Avoid an Online “Make Money From Home” Scam

There are many business opportunities that offer lucrative ways to make money online. Unfortunately, many new participants have a fear that they might be stung by a scam artist. Yet there are people who failed at internet business because they went to the wrong path and got conned. In this article, I will show you solid ways to avoid getting scammed from starting a home based internet business.The first thing you should do is contact your sponsor or business owner to discuss answers to your questions. Don’t be afraid to call or email them because the future is in their hands. By talking to them you will be able to know your sponsor ability to help and support your business. If the sponsor or owner is unwilling to answer your question then better look for someone who is more reliable. More importantly, you should feel comfortable with the honesty of the business training and materials made about the business, and will help you to succeed.If you cannot reach your sponsor or the business owner, always do a search through the search engine about them and the home base business opportunity. Find for references about your sponsor from any discussion forum that is related to the business. Hopefully you don’t find any negative feed back against the business or opportunity that you are going to incorporate.To get a high level of trust and comfort that you will be joining a legitimate home base internet business with plenty of opportunities, I suggest looking for a business that has a supportive mentoring. People who run a membership program that coaching newbie by spending their valuable time to help people like you is good sign that the business is associated with a trustworthy down to earth opportunity for you.You are not guarantee to avoid internet business scams if you don’t follow the above mentioned methods and expand them. But if you follow these advices you will have the surefire chance to join a good legitimate business making money from home.

Creating Cash Working at Home

Since the internet is beginning to open up even more, there are now more opportunities than there ever were before for any of the work at home mom’s that have children can take completely advantage of. Home based business and telecommuting opportunities are in abundance.Among the best opportunities for work at home mothers to operate, you will find data entry programs. The data entry projects can be handled at home right from your home computer. Since there has been an increase in the popularity of data entry programs, the job market has substantially grown in order to meet this increasing demand.Keystrokes 4 Cash is among the newest programs that are available for work at home mothers. The mission of this company is to actually provide the average individual with a way that he or she can be independent financially by providing some sort of system that is going to make constant money online. Keystrokes, by encouraging independence and freedom to individuals through honesty, integrity and teamwork, the use of Keystrokes for creating cash working at home strives to education work at home mom and other individuals, so that they are able to possess all of the tools that are necessary in order for them to achieve financial freedom.Now, the basic premise behind creating cash working at home through the use of Keystrokes 4 system, is to make pay per click forms which are for all of the other companies which are going to pay the affiliate commissions based on the actual sales. The company will also teach you how you can enter effective information into two or three line ads, which are referred to as adverts.The known theory for this particular system is that when a certain advert pops up online, individuals will click of the advertisement and then sign up for the product and as a result you are able to receive a commission from that sale. The commission is going to vary, but it all depends on the service or product that is being advertised.In the event that you are a work at home mom that is contemplating ways that you can keep yourself busy, below you will find some advantages of creating cash working at home.1. You are able to work from home, by creating all of your own hours and working as much as you would like.2. The only two tools that you are going to need are your computer and an internet connection.3. No experience is necessary in order to begin working with this particular program.4. The potential for income is high, just as long you are willing to work with the system.5. There is only going to be a onetime fee.

Perpetuating Mary Kay Ash’s Dream of Enriching Women’s Lives

It was September 13, 1963. A visionary woman named Mary Kay Ash opened her doors to Mary Kay Cosmetics, unlocking potential that existed within many women but was previously unknown or unnoticed .Could she have possibly imagined the number of lives she would change? The influence of just one woman had an impact on millions of women around the world.I am one of them. I have had the privilege of not only being part of the independent sales force for half of the history of the Company, but also have had the ability to learn and interact from the founder herself! What started in a small storefront in Dallas Texas has grown to a billion dollar Company in 37 global markets!What secrets to developing women did Mary Kay Ash possess? How was she able to build a global sales organization using the principles of the Golden Rule? Why have so many women chosen to build customers for life with Mary Kay and how did they do it? Mary Kay Ash said, “The success of Mary Kay Inc. is much, much deeper than just dollars and cents and buildings and assets. The real success of our Company is measured to me in the lives that have been touched and given hope.”Mary Kay learned at a very young age the power of someone believing in them before they had the ability to believe in themselves “You can do it” These words were said to Mary Kay by her mother when she was just a child. She had a huge responsibility of taking care of her sick father while her mother worked. Those very same words became familiar to all of us as she encouraged those of us in the sales force that very same way.”How can people appear to have everything and yet be discontented? Perhaps they have stopped dreaming. I believe each of us needs a reason to get up in the morning. We need something to anticipate…something that really excites us!” – Mary Kay AshGoal setting is not something that comes naturally to women. Mary Kay Cosmetics is set up with goals for each step of the career path. We learned from Mary Kay herself how to have the ability to be a big thinker and the courage to set big goals. Setting and achieving goals builds confidence while falling short builds character. Having a reason for our goals makes them even more powerful.Another secret to the Company’s success with women is Mary Kay’s motto- “God first, family second, and career third.” I have built my business this way and I can tell you not only does it work, but it makes happier mothers, and better wives, too. The Golden Rule principle was so successful in building Mary Kay Cosmetics that many other organizations and companies modeled that approach. For example, Business Networking International (BNI) founded by Dr. Ivan Misner uses the motto- “Givers Gain”.Mary Kay said, “You can’t out give God”. Her generosity really came from the heart and continues beyond her life with the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation that supports cancers that affect women and domestic violence.What I believe was Mary Kay’s most outstanding trait was her ability to make you feel as though you were the only one in the room when she spoke to you: (even in a Conference Arena of thousands!) She always said to imagine that everyone wore a sign that said “make me feel important.” The ability to do this came from an experience that Mary Kay herself had when she was in direct sales many years ago. She waited in a long line to speak to the President of her Company. By the time she was shaking his hand he was not listening to what she was saying, instead he was looking over her shoulder to see how many more people were waiting in line. Mary Kay made a promise to herself that she would never do that. I can tell you from experience that she never did.My last personal experience with Mary Kay was a special dinner that I qualified to attend at our Leadership Conference. Those of us who know Mary Kay can tell you that she never ate at those kinds of functions. Instead, she went around talking to each one of the guests, listening to what they had to say and of course making them feel important. When it was my turn to speak to her, I got all sentimental and thanked her for what this business had done for me and for my family. Mary Kay took her tissue, wiped my tears and after listening to everything that I had to say just said, “Pass it on”. I promised her that I would.

Solutions For the Most Difficult Tasks of a Home Based Entrepreneur

If you are planning to quit your day job and wish to start working from home, then the possibility is that you are dreaming of lower number of less stressed hours a week. The reality is that once you get into online business, 24 hours a day becomes too less to cope with the tasks at hand. Now for the good things of working from home.A flexible schedule and less stressed work as you are not working under instructions. You work just the way you want and just at the time you feel like. If there are less bills to takcle, then working from home is heaven.The most difficult tasks of a home based entrepreneur and their solutions:1) Keep up with day schedule2) Control the temptation to browse around for hours3) Instant messegers4) Stay motivated5) Remembering all the passwords6) Quality family time7) Finding the right topic / right product8) Multi-tasking like seo, blogging, forums9) War against bills10) Sick leave11) Paper work12) Learning13) Networking offlineNow for the solutions:1) Keep up with the day’s schedule: Write things to do or put up a white board and write your things on it and try to keep up with your schedule. Did you read my post on the top 10 things to include in work at home entrepreneur’s everyday schedule? I use microsoft works calendar which gives me flexibility to toggle / merge between 4 calendars, so i can separate business tasks , client tasks, family tasks etc.2) Browsing the internet maze: Net browsing is addictive and more often we get lost in the maze and loose track of time we spend surfing. It is important to browse around to blog, to upload, to learn, to market, to network… and lot more. You can tackle this problem by setting aside time for browsing. If you need to research on any topic, control the temptation to do it rightaway, instead write it down on a notepad and work on it when you feel you are less creative or productive. Does this sound ridiculous? Try it for a week and you’ll be surprised at the number of hours you’ll be saving.3) Keeping away from unnecessary chats: Login to as less messengers as possible and keep your status mode to busy to let others know that you ARE busy. Actually i’m using a live chat program which logs me into 6 different messengers in 1 window (yahoo IM, AOL IM, Google talk, MSN IM, SKype, ICQ). This program not only allows me stay accessible to my customers but also gives me the option to keep number of programs running to just 1. You can get it for free here. If you want to add live chat option for your visitors too, then this’ll prove a great pick.4) Stay Motivated: Staying motivated to continue in online business career is a task in the initial few months. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t had many visitors to your website and havne’t made a single dollar. There are hundreds more out there sharing a similar story. Persistance is the key here. Dont have high expectations for atleast few months. Great products + persistence + Great marketing = successful online business. Read my SEO tips here.5) Remembering passwords: As our work requires, we tend to signup for so many accounts. This gives us the additional task of remembering / storing numerous userids, passwords etc. The temptation to use a single password for all accounts, but we all know how unsafe it is. So, I started using spreadsheet program to store all passwords. It was slightly confusing. Then I found KeePass, an free/open-source password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. For more info, visit keepass.info6) Quality family time: Inspite of having a supportive family, you need to know that you must be with them when they most need you. At the same time, you must be stern to tell them that working from home doesn’t mean you are available through out the day and go out at any time and do anything. It helps to make sure household tasks are shared among the members of the family. .7) Finding the right product or right topic: Oh yes, this is a our main task. If you run a serious online business, possibility is that your business ideas are a constant whirl in your head. Its kind of psychic feeling that u’ll start to think about topics for blog posts all the time. All you need to do is trap your ideas with on a notepad. Doesn’t matter even if you consider it the most ridiculous idea you ever had. Write down related subheads/ points as quickly as possible and let your mind follow its own path. Don’t let your ideas don’t fade away in your brain. I have a notepad in the car, sticky on the fridge, notepad in my purse. You can read my post about mind mapping for creating info products for more info and 5 ways to find the right products.8) Multi-tasking: Yes, this is what we all need to master. There is so much of information, so much to learn and still much more to do. It will never end. It’s like a gripping arcade game. You cross one level, go to the next level a little more difficult than the previous one. It’s all about figuring out “how to”. This will be something you need to cope, if you have been a lazy learner.9) War against bills: For a few initial months, there is bleak possibility that you make enough to pay off your bills. Make sure your bills dont pile up. Either you need a little financial cushion or a part-time job to equate “Income >= bills stream” till you are well established in your online business. Taking a part time job has some more advantages like connecting with people offline, networking, direct marketing to name a few.10) Sick leave: We all get sick and can do nothing about it. If you have a deadline ahead of you, you can think of talking to them and explaining your situation.11) Piling (filing) up all those bills & papers is such a torture. You will need to be more organozed in this area to avoid trouble at the time of filing tax returns. Set aside time for this at regular intervals (once a week / month) to punch the bills of the period into a file which must kept in a handy cabinet. Don’t forget to print the receipts you get through email when you transact online.12) Learning: You got to be a keen learner and sharp at grasping. Sometimes, to get a small thing working might take up a whole day. So many times on forums, I’ve seen people asking questiond like “how to do this? I’ve been trying to figure it out for last 3 days. I’m frustrated, please help.”. I follow this sequence, Search engines, forum posts, outsource (you will find people who have mastered or atleast who’ve figured it out and might be interested to help).13) Networking Offline: Do we only want to make friends online? :) Meeting people in person has its own advantages. Join some interesting & active groups in your neighborhood like a sport’s group, local club, child’s school parent’s association, literary club. You can think of forming a small club on your own. Attend few meetings or gatherings they organize. This helps connecting with people in person, share thoughts about various other aspects of life which will relieve the brain from stress for sometime and leaves you refreshed. This social break will spurge your productivity when you are back at work.

A Small Home Based Business Opportunity is a Reality For Anyone

Looking for a small home based business opportunity so that you can live your dream of working from home? Perhaps you are having trouble choosing a career or even thinking of something you can do to make money at home. Anyone really can have a home business of their own, if they truly want to.Make sure you have what it takes to be successful before you start searching for that perfect small home based business opportunity! What does it take? A sincere desire to succeed, motivation, and the ability to work without supervision. You must be dedicated and driven to do the work necessary to make your business thrive!Besides motivation, you will need to write up a good business plan before you ever start. What does this include? Start up costs, weekly and monthly goals for your business, and a good marketing plan. Once you have given serious thought to your business and written out a plan, you are ready to go.Need some ideas for a small home based business opportunity? Here are a few that may or may not suit you. Even if none of them are exactly what you want to do, they may help trigger an idea for a home based business you can be successful with.Begin by thinking of your hobbies and interests. Do you love to cook, take pictures, or play video games? There are options for a business with all of these hobbies. You can start a catering business or get paid to test video games.A good opportunity for a small home based business is a home daycare, if you are someone who loves children. Need something a little more exciting? Think about becoming a bounty hunter! A commercial or home cleaning business is another popular option.You can sell crafts if you are the talented type who makes beautiful products. Sell them online and make a good living! Assemble products at home, do online surveys, learn affiliate marketing. Are you a good writer? There are always an abundance of openings for freelance writers online.These are a few of the hundreds of ideas out there for starting a business you can call your own. Do your research, write up a business plan, and get started! There really is a small home based business opportunity waiting for you.

Tips on Making Home Internet Marketing Business Opportunities

Most people who have entered home Internet marketing business opportunities offered to them usually found themselves dumbfounded. Why? Simply because they know they have all the needed skills and talent for it, but they have a very big problem: they do not have clients.It might be the case that you are experiencing the same problem right now at this very moment. If that’s so, you know that it’s extremely hard to manage a business if no one demands for it. However, you should not underestimate the powers of Internet marketing. Why? Because with this tool, you can create your own home Internet marketing business opportunities!But how exactly can you create your own home Internet marketing business opportunities? Well, there are a couple of approaches on how to do that. How effective an approach is could depend on your situation and the type of business that you are running. Nevertheless, they could all be helpful in one way or another.So, here are some tips for you on creating home Internet marketing business opportunities to enhance your business and get more clients.Identify, Connect, And Know Your ComradesIf you’re not living in the city, for sure there are lots of businesses around your area, whether big or small, which have not yet fully explored their company’s potential on the online market. In fact, you may even encounter companies that do not even have a Web site or an email address to start from!Being an Internet marketing business, you should realize that it’s your job and responsibility to make these companies realize what and how much they are missing on. In order to convince such companies, you can cite some examples, such as companies you have helped in the past that are now doing great because of e-commerce.Know The OldiesYou can also encounter businesses that do own websites and are by now active in the Internet, but could still be in need of your services. Why? Simply because their perception about Internet marketing is already obsolete. This is why it’s all up to your Internet marketing business to bring these companies out of the light and introduce them to the 21st century. Tell them about the latest marketing tools which they may not know of, and explain to them how these tools can benefit them.Strategize Your Own BusinessAs the saying goes, “Practice what you preach”. Consider this, wouldn’t it be extremely embarrassing if you yourself are not benefiting from the service that you are actually selling? How could you win customers if they see that your business is not using marketing strategies that you are offering them?To avoid such kind of embarrassment, start now with marketing your business. You could start advertising by getting a blog. Write stuff or news about Internet marketing and always make sure that all your entries are interesting and relevant for your blog readers. And most of all, your blog should be able to advertise your business. You can utilize this blog as your method of keeping in touch with your clients and prospects. It is also advised that you encourage them to join, participate and respond so that you can have an idea about what your market is thinking about issues regarding Internet marketing.These are just some of the ways that you can create your own home Internet marketing business opportunities. Try doing these approaches for a period of time and observe how your marketing business would experience dramatic change!

A Soap Marketing Plan That Works

A soap marketing plan doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Hobby soap makers can easily and quickly start selling soap and making a nice part-time income. Making handmade soap at home is a fun hobby and one of the very easiest businesses to start. You won’t make gobs of money with a kitchen scale business, but you can make a serious part-time income.Here’s the idea. Don’t get in too big a hurry to start selling soap. Make sure you’ve got the soap making process under control. Get to the point where your products are consistently just like you like it. You’ll have to plan far ahead so your soap can fully cure before you sell it. Don’t even think about selling soap until your products are just right and well cured.The fastest way to get started with a small scale soap business is selling at local events like craft shows, fairs and farmers’ markets. Don’t underestimate the potential here. Once you develop your displays and your sales approach, you can move up to larger local shows or pick some bigger regional events. It’s easy to find where these events are. There are several websites and magazines that tell you what the best places are. Start small with local events to learn.Here’s where most people miss out with soap marketing. Your customers will buy again if your products are really good. Give every customer a nice, cheap little brochure and many will call you and mail your order form back and there you are with orders right from home. Now if you build a customer list, you can mail an offer to your customers. Put together a little cheap catalog and mail to your customers. Money will come right back to you. And do it right and you’ll be shocked at the size of those orders. That’s the way to build a soap business and sell soap without leaving home.A soap marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated to generate some real profit. You can sell soap at local events and follow up with your customers. You can build a real business with sales from home in just a short time. Make and sell great soap and stay in touch with your customers and you’ll be amazed how much soap people will buy.

How to Make a Vending Home Based Business Work For You

Of all the home based businesses out there, none seem simpler to successfully run than a vending machine distributorship. Really, how hard can it be to purchase a vending machine, find a home for said machine, fill it with a variety of products, and stop by every now and then to scoop up a bucket-load of quarters?As I look back on my own life, though, almost every time I’ve asked a question beginning with the words “how hard can it be,” I’ve ended up with a task infinitely harder than I’d obviously anticipated. And that can very easily become the story of any vending franchisee blissfully unaware of what challenges are actually ahead. If you can anticipate any foreseeable problems, the vending machine can be a very lucrative home based business, so to save any unsuspecting small business buyers the pain of finding the challenges out the hard way, we’ll take a look at some of the very important aspects of successful vending that are often overlooked.ResearchOne of the most important things to do when starting any small business is to do all your homework before investing in your franchise business. Most likely, if you’re reading this article, you’re already taking care of the research side of things, but there is still something specific that a potential vending franchisee should be looking at, and you may not be aware of its importance to the future of your business. That detail is machine quality.It may come as a surprise, but not all machines are built the same. In the past, many were built of various plastics, which meant that although they were cheaper to purchase, they required a variety of replacement parts since plastic isn’t terribly durable under constant mechanical wear. The better way to go is metal, and one company with outstanding machines is Uturn Vending. Despite having many moving parts, their machines are said to be some of the toughest candy machines in the business.LocationAs with all businesses, vending location is key to a lucrative business. Most successful candy vendors find so much success precisely because they chose to put their machines in high-traffic locations where people tend to stop and stand for some time. Bus stops, train stations, waiting rooms, grocery stores-anywhere that the machine will be present before a relatively stationary crowd is good place. While crowds often equate to big profits, make sure that the machine’s location matches its product-or visa-versa. DVDNow machines, which offer DVD rentals, do not go in public restrooms any more than a Love Maine Lobster Claw machine, which actually vends live lobster, belongs in a bank; just use common sense. If for some reason you have a hard time nailing down your locations, many franchisors will do the service of selecting appropriate locations for you.PricesMany first-time owners of a vending franchise make the mistake of setting their prices too low-it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Vending machine owners who are afraid of setting prices too high wind up not making enough money to pay their bills, continue purchasing machines and further expand the business. Something winds up suffering, and generally it’s the expansion of the operation. Look at the products and prices of other machines in the location you select, as well as nearby and similar locations before setting your price in stone.Financial ManagementIn a business that runs entirely on cash, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of moving the profit straight from your Vendstar machine right into your pocket without any kind of plan. But doing this is dangerous both to the longevity and growth of your work at home business as well as your own personal bank account. If you’re not purposefully setting aside money from each extraction for the purchase of more machines, it is not uncommon for the business size to stagnate. What’s more, if there isn’t a specific fund for taxes and another for refilling the machines, when it comes time for each of those, the only alternative to falling out of the game or finding yourself in hot water with Uncle Sam is withdrawing the necessary funds from your personal account. There’s an old saying that goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It may be a bit corny, but it’s pretty accurate.The problem for many work from home business owners is a lack of awareness and foresight. What all of these vending considerations boil down to is that you need to be aware of your current environment and attentive to where you want to go with your company. Vending isn’t terribly hard, but if you treat it like a game, it won’t pay off, because it still remains a business

Assembly Work From Home

Have you ever wondered what actually are the things that people assemble to earn money through their assembly work from home? And how do they earn by assembling these things? Truth to be told, they assemble things that company produces but not yet assembled. They are tasked by the companies that hire them to be the one to assemble their products. And these people are then paid by the companies for each product that they assemble properly through their assembly work from home jobs.When I say properly, the products should be assembled following the assembly instruction guide that the companies give out to their hired home workers to do the assembly work from home of their products. And if you are interested to know what these products are about, there are just so many of them. These products can be found inside your homes, some of them you might even be using right now, or maybe even wearing at this very moment.I am referring to jewelry assembly, women and men accessories like neckties, lapels, handbags, belts and so many other things that we use in our day to day activities. These products would also include things that would entertain and help us communicate with other people. These products are electronic assembled parts used in cell phones, FM radios, CD players, stereo components, and other electronic equipments.Assembly work from home gives workers the freedom to choose what kind of work they would like to do that they are comfortable with. Companies know just too well that an assembly work from home worker can deliver a bigger number of quality products if they love what they are doing. In the directory list of companies offering assembly work from home job opportunities, each company clearly identifies what kind of product they are in and what kind of assembly job a person will work on if he or she will apply for assembly work from home.In this regard, a person who is interested to work as an assembly work from home worker can immediately have a glimpse of what kind of work they will do in a particular company. And in this process, they can choose what kinds of work interest them most and apply for them. It is noted that most assembly work from home workers are comfortable with the kind of work they are in. We have received feedback from assembly work from home workers in electronics, jewelry, and other craft and nearly all are happy with the work they are inAlthough there were some questions and inquiries regarding some unclear portions in their agreement with some companies, we have already touched base with subject companies and everything has been ironed out. Assembly work from home workers who have sent in their questions and queries have likewise sent us their note of thanks for helping them clarify with subject companies their concerns.

Work at Home Data Entry Programs – You Can’t Be Serious?

These days, you need to work even harder to get by with the rising cost of living and the many expenditures that the average family incurs. Among the smartest methods of earning extra income today is to find a data entry program that you can easily and conveniently do at home.According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of office workers who are typists or are into data processing is about $25,000 per year, and those are people who work a full weekday shift. If you maintained a data entry work at home business, you could be earning more then that within a few days. The advantages are obvious, including spending time with your family or working from anywhere in the world.What exactly is a data entry program all about? It’s a work at home opportunity where you spend a few hours per day, filling out online advertising forms. Once this is done, you receive bi-monthly payments electronically. Many are earning around $2,000 a week. Keep in mind that the amount you earn depends on how much work you are willing to do.The question that many people want to ask is, can work at home data entry be for real? Or is there a catch? It has already been established that the internet is a huge melting pot of scams of all shapes and sizes, and there are many companies that have exploited the demand for home data entry jobs. For this reason, a lot of people are hesitant to start this venture, which ironically in itself helps to moderate the amount of competition for the entrepreneurs who do take part in a legitimate data entry program.You need to determine beforehand if a data entry program is legitimate and will provide you with an easy to follow tutorial with the information and resources required to get you started, keep you motivated, and make you successful. If you follow the instructions while understanding the process so you can initiate your own individual data entry campaigns, then you’re more then likely going to be successful with this program.