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How to Be Successful Working From Home

It’s true that everyday more and more people are thinking about working from home. With the rising price of gas, the present state of the economy, and with the many corporate cut-backs and people who are armed with the knowledge that a job does not necessarily mean security — aspiring entrepreneurs are motivated to take control of their lives and to explore the idea of working from home.Many have flocked to the internet to grab a-hold of a dream of financial freedom and of making money while in their sleep or at least while in their pajamas! Many dream Of not having to commute or of not being bothered by office politics. And others have just simply begun to detest their thankless jobs. And, how wonderful would it be to go to sleep to awake in the morning to money that you made overnight? By the way — It’s not impossible to do either! However, pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick has been an on-going theme with regard to earning money on the internet. I prefer to think of it more as being a myth. The reality is that it is not nearly as easy to generate an income on-line, especially if one is a newcomer or ‘newbie’. And for many who have been on-line for years this ability has escaped them as well.The bottom line is that the average person who tries to earn a living on the internet working from home will fail. And they fail miserably usually after spending a lot of money that they really could not afford to lose. But there is hope. And there are many successful on-line entrepreneurs who are making a living online working from home. Yet, they did not start at the top. And we all start by trial and error and by practicing like an athlete who has to fine-tune his body and perfect his skill. Further, there are some things that you can do to help solidify your success on-line. And these are the things that you want to do immediately so that they become habit in the very beginning of your on-line career.– Learn to focus on one project until that project garners a profit. It is very easy to become distracted with all of the offers available. Remember you only need to promote one product to become successful. You just need to do the correct marketing of the one product before you see your profit. After that you can create additional profit streams.– Practice time management. Set time frames for things like reading your e-mail. When you start reading through your e-mail resist the temptation to click on the different links or to get involved in other activities. Just pick out the things that demand your immediate attention and continue working. If you set out to write an article that day, make sure you write your article and that you don’t get side-tracked on other things you find in your e-mail. I recently ran across a suggestion to use a timer. Set a timer for two hours to complete a certain task to make sure you remain within the time-frame that you set for yourself.– Select a mentor. This is most important and often over-looked or simply not given much credence. But a good mentor can guide you even if you have no direct contact with them. If you simply follow their lead it could be to your direct benefit by having them help to guide you towards success in working from home. When you make this selection make sure that your mentor has an extensive background and is someone who you know you can trust. Someone that has a following and a great reputation. One way to find out about a mentor is to Google them. Check out their articles, ideas and resources. Then, stick with this person and use them as your go-to person or as your guide.– Look for techniques and tactics that are unique and/or innovative. If you have tried the same things and they are not working make sure you research until you find other techniques that produce a different result. Again this is where your mentor can guide you and offer various tactics and techniques that have helped them become successful.– Never give up your dream. Sometimes the entire process gets to be overwhelming. Especially if you have not realized a profit or if your profits are so small that you could only buy a cup of coffee with them. The process can be very discouraging at times and you may want to give up. Sometimes, you may have to step away, regroup and come back with a renewed sense of vigor. Simply never give up your dream. If you can conceive it and believe it — it will manifest.With that said I want to state that it is absolutely possible to replace your current income from your job with your very own on-line business working from home. One that is comparable to what you currently earn at work. This can be done realistically within 18 months if you are diligent. Yes, I am stating that if you persist and remain focused and implement the correct plan that you will be able to replace the income you are currently earning at your job with income from your very own business working from home. There are specific tactics and techniques that you will be able to use to accomplish this.As an example, if you did just a couple of things like getting a dot.com name and then forwarded that name to a blog that contained a product review and then linked that product review to a ‘Squidoo’ lens and a couple of articles and then did a traffic campaign which included a free press release and you posted to numerous forums; that strategy in itself would begin generating traffic and sales and have you on your way to replacing your current income from work. This is traffic that you did not pay for and is generally referred to as ‘natural traffic.’Now, I am not saying that this will happen overnight. However, your ultimate goal here is to start showing a profit and then increase that profit month by month until you have finally replaced your income from work. You will then be able to quit your job within 18 months and begin to work exclusively from home. This is a very feasible plan of action and if utilized correctly will generate an income desired that will replace your income from your job. And this flow of money can happen very fast on-line if you dedicate yourself for the determined length of time. This is a sure-fire way to become successful working from home.

Data Entry Processing Jobs – Work From Home Processing Jobs

Data entry processing jobs is the new hot work from home opportunity. Through this job, you can work from the comfort of your own home by processing simple data. This is by far one of the easiest work at home jobs. But is everything you hear about it true? Find out the true facts and information about data entry processing right here.What you will find with data entry processing is that you do not need any prior knowledge. You do not need a degree, no training, nothing. Just a computer and an internet connection. This is great since you will not have to spend loads of money on equipment (like you would with other work at home jobs, such as call centers).Data entry processing jobs are also very profitable. It is one of the highest paying work at home jobs, and again, for the little effort and time you put into the data entry processing jobs, it turns out to be a huge profit for you.Personally, I work for about four hours a day, and I earn an average of $250 each and every day. That’s right. Four hours a day, and $250 a day. It’s not a dream, it’s a reality for me. But isn’t it the true American dream? Work from home with little effort, and comfortable work when you want, and as long as you want?Truth is that data entry processing jobs gives you that freedom of working when you want, and as long as you want. You set your own hours, with absolutely no boss.

How to Make a Vending Home Based Business Work For You

Of all the home based businesses out there, none seem simpler to successfully run than a vending machine distributorship. Really, how hard can it be to purchase a vending machine, find a home for said machine, fill it with a variety of products, and stop by every now and then to scoop up a bucket-load of quarters?As I look back on my own life, though, almost every time I’ve asked a question beginning with the words “how hard can it be,” I’ve ended up with a task infinitely harder than I’d obviously anticipated. And that can very easily become the story of any vending franchisee blissfully unaware of what challenges are actually ahead. If you can anticipate any foreseeable problems, the vending machine can be a very lucrative home based business, so to save any unsuspecting small business buyers the pain of finding the challenges out the hard way, we’ll take a look at some of the very important aspects of successful vending that are often overlooked.ResearchOne of the most important things to do when starting any small business is to do all your homework before investing in your franchise business. Most likely, if you’re reading this article, you’re already taking care of the research side of things, but there is still something specific that a potential vending franchisee should be looking at, and you may not be aware of its importance to the future of your business. That detail is machine quality.It may come as a surprise, but not all machines are built the same. In the past, many were built of various plastics, which meant that although they were cheaper to purchase, they required a variety of replacement parts since plastic isn’t terribly durable under constant mechanical wear. The better way to go is metal, and one company with outstanding machines is Uturn Vending. Despite having many moving parts, their machines are said to be some of the toughest candy machines in the business.LocationAs with all businesses, vending location is key to a lucrative business. Most successful candy vendors find so much success precisely because they chose to put their machines in high-traffic locations where people tend to stop and stand for some time. Bus stops, train stations, waiting rooms, grocery stores-anywhere that the machine will be present before a relatively stationary crowd is good place. While crowds often equate to big profits, make sure that the machine’s location matches its product-or visa-versa. DVDNow machines, which offer DVD rentals, do not go in public restrooms any more than a Love Maine Lobster Claw machine, which actually vends live lobster, belongs in a bank; just use common sense. If for some reason you have a hard time nailing down your locations, many franchisors will do the service of selecting appropriate locations for you.PricesMany first-time owners of a vending franchise make the mistake of setting their prices too low-it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Vending machine owners who are afraid of setting prices too high wind up not making enough money to pay their bills, continue purchasing machines and further expand the business. Something winds up suffering, and generally it’s the expansion of the operation. Look at the products and prices of other machines in the location you select, as well as nearby and similar locations before setting your price in stone.Financial ManagementIn a business that runs entirely on cash, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of moving the profit straight from your Vendstar machine right into your pocket without any kind of plan. But doing this is dangerous both to the longevity and growth of your work at home business as well as your own personal bank account. If you’re not purposefully setting aside money from each extraction for the purchase of more machines, it is not uncommon for the business size to stagnate. What’s more, if there isn’t a specific fund for taxes and another for refilling the machines, when it comes time for each of those, the only alternative to falling out of the game or finding yourself in hot water with Uncle Sam is withdrawing the necessary funds from your personal account. There’s an old saying that goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It may be a bit corny, but it’s pretty accurate.The problem for many work from home business owners is a lack of awareness and foresight. What all of these vending considerations boil down to is that you need to be aware of your current environment and attentive to where you want to go with your company. Vending isn’t terribly hard, but if you treat it like a game, it won’t pay off, because it still remains a business

4 Tools You Needed to Succeed As an Affiliate Marketer

The fastest growing and easiest way to earn money online today is through Affiliate Marketing. There are several tools you will need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing and begin to build an online business.There are many things they need to be learned but here are four of the biggest keys necessary to begin building an Affiliate Marketing business.

A website. An appealing an effective website serves several purposes. To use the Google AdWords program to market these days you will have to have your own site. No longer is it acceptable to simply direct to a affiliate link. You can also do things like capture visitor information like email addresses to begin building a list for email marketing campaigns. Any serious marketer will have a website or several websites.

A reliable web hosting company to ensure your site(s) are always up an running. This is a 24/7, 365 day a year business and we need to make sure access to our websites are always available.

An email auto responder. A very important component to your business as not all site visitors will make a purchase. Actually most people need to be exposed to your offerings multiple times before they make a purchase. Using a email auto responder to set up a short e-course or ezine to send out help tips via email is a great way to offer other related products and get return visits to your site.

A tracking system. Making money with affiliate programs means constantly driving traffic to your sites. Being able to effectively monitor your site traffic and analyze what is working and what is not working will allow you to effectively focus your efforts on what is working rather than wasting time on what is not working.

There are thousands other affiliates who are marketing the same products like you. It is therefore important that you use the tools presented above so that your business is professional and efficient. Using great online sites like WA can provide all of these tools in a single site for the aspiring Affiliate Marketer.

Secret – $10,000/month Income From Internet Work From Home

You can’t expect to earn income by massive income from internet work overnight. There is two elements to succeed in any field, a working strategy and hard work from you. If you willing to work hard, let me show you the strategy to earn massive income from internet just by working from home. Lets read on.Affiliate Selling : Fast strategy to startThe way to earn massive income from internet through affiliate selling is simple. Let’s study its business model in a nutshell.
You drive visitors to the sales page of the product
The visitors buy
You earn a commission
Your job is simple, you only need to drive visitors to the sales page. If you copy and paste the sales page link to your friends and they buy, you earn a commission! Therefore, the simplest kind of affiliate seller can start straightaway and
Don’t need to build a website
Don’t need to do customer service
Don’t need to handle sales transaction
Don’t need to handle refund
In fact, you can earn all the income through internet by working just from the comfort of your home! Well, now you must be wondering how much can you earn from doing it. You don’t earn a stingy 5% but up to a whopping 75% of the product value. That is, if the product is selling at $39 and for every sales you make $29.25. Polish your skills and make 100 sales per month will earn you a nice part-time $2925 income, simply through internet working from the comfort of your home.Now you must be wondering if this is so good to be true, why everybody not doing it!? Well, a bit on this a while later. Lets first study what’s the key advantage of earning income through internet afiliate selling.I want to make $10, 000/month!Now you understand what is affiliate selling, now let’s focus on the equation to make massive amount of income through internet. Before that, you must understand the “passive” nature of the internet. I do assume you are a Facebook application user (or at least heard of it) as the illustration below will make use of it.Let’s imagine a scenario A. You left a comment like this on your wall: “Greet me hello and I will give you $10 when I see you next time”. If you have many friends, you will probably have tens of comments overnight.Let’s imagine scenario B. You too left a comment but a different one this time: “Buy this product using this HYPERLINK and I will date you next time”. If you have many friends and you look pretty gorgeous, you could make, say, 8 sales. Earning you $234 (8 sales x $29.25) in just one day. (P.S. That’s exactly how powerful affiliate seller can make such claim to you!)Then the last scenario you have become a competent affiliate seller, you write a very convincing promotional article on your Facebook profile and too make sales.I know this isn’t the best illustration you will find but can you get the message I trying to say? You see, the nature of the internet is passive. You don’t need to actively go and make things happen (You don’t need to friend by friend go to do your affiliate selling). Once your affiliate selling campaign is up and running, it will run on autopilot for you 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.Of course! You usually don’t promote like what I illustrated. So let’s imagine you learn the proper essentials of affiliate selling and create one affiliate selling campaign each month and do it for 6 months, with each campaign generates you $300 per month.Month #1: $300Month #2: $300 + $300 = $600Month #3: $300 + $300 + $300 = $900Month #4: $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 = $1200Month #5: $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 = $1500Month #6: $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 + $300 = $1800…Your efforts and value snowballed from one month to another! With a model like this, you will be earning a decent income in no time. Of course, life sometimes don’t follow what you plan to be and the earnings can be better (or not so good). But that’s almost there.Why isn’t everybody doing this? What’s the catch?Affiliate selling is just like any other skills, it requires time and efforts to make it happen. Don’t expect someone who party away all his time to learn something new. If you not willing to spend time on it and partying away all your time, you can forget everything I said above.Always remember, the toughest opponent is almost always, yourself. How many times you said you will do something but end up not doing it? (I have guilt too!) But just like any goal you set in the past, once achieve you will reap the rewards. Still remember the tough moment to learn complicated math in junior school? This time round is not candy bar for rewards, but a $10, 000/month income.EndWe have covered the essentials. Now its your choice to learn the fine inner knowledge of it.I strongly urge you to start today. As advanced internet has become, the market is still growing at an explosive rate (Only a mere 12% of China and India population are on the internet). You will reap the rewards of entering affiliate selling easier than to do it when it became too competitive.At this point of time, if you really serious about learning, I introduce you to Ewen Chia. He is one of the world greatest affiliate seller and one of the first internet millionaire made in his home town, Singapore. His flagship product, Autopilot Profits [http://www.autopilotprofitsforyou.info], will teach you affiliate selling skills that made him so successful, cutting short your learning curve for years!Let’s start today! Till then, live with passion.

Finding Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs

There are actually legitimate telecommuting jobs on the internet. But mixed in with those are scams that people should avoid. Any offers that promise big money for the cost of a book or kit that they will send you are not really legitimate telecommuting jobs. It is a way for someone to sell you their products or services. There are many such ploys out there so be aware when you look for this type of job. There are companies and people that are marketing their products not looking for real employees. Some companies sell you a newsletter listing job openings this is usually legitimate and may be worthwhile depending on the cost and how often they send it out. Before you pay for a newsletter find out if anyone else has ever heard of it and the results that received using it.There are many legitimate job boards that list regular jobs like Monster.com, Vault and Career Builder. They even list the occasional telecommuting jobs. You can directly inquire to the companies listed on the job boards to see if they hire telecommuters. You would send a letter and resume directly to the human resource department or person listed in the ad via email. Another good source of telecommuting jobs is Craig’s list which lists all types of jobs around the country by job category. A telecommuting job will require you to send a letter, resume and fill out tax forms just like a regular job. It follows the same basic guidelines that you follow looking for a regular job. If you are a candidate with experience some job staffing sites like the Creative Group, Paladin, Robert Half and others may be able to help you. You can contact them through the website sending an email and resume.Some of the types of jobs that can be legitimate telecommuting jobs are writers, graphic designers, web designers, software programmers and designers and other technical computer based skills. Some sales jobs like telemarketing can be done from home too. There are some clerical jobs like virtual assistants that act as secretaries for some companies or individuals. You will need your own computer, high speed internet connection and a phone. Some companies may provide you with the equipment but this is not usually the case. There are some jobs that are totally remote where you never have to go to the office and others that prefer local candidates because they want you to meet clients or show up at the office on occasion.When using Craig’s list look under job categories like writing, web design, technology, whatever your expertise to locate jobs that might be telecommuting. Be sure to include a letter and resume if requested when responding. If you are a software designer or web designer for example and have a local company that you want to work for contacting them directly is your best option. Find out the name of the person who is in charge of the department that you want to work like Technical Services then try to get an interview with the company. You can write a letter to the person then call them to set up an appointment. Once you have an interview you can discuss the benefits of telecommuting. If you have the necessary skills then the company will probably hire you.There are various freelance boards that list telecommuting jobs that you must register and bid on the jobs. Many of these are good avenues for freelancers to try. Remember when seeking legitimate telecommuting jobs a good resume and cover letter to send via email is your best sales tool.

Is Your Home Business For Real?

One problem people have when choosing home businesses on the Internet is determining if they are for real or not. I can appreciate their concern because there are so many scams online today.In this article, let’s take a look at what makes a real home business as opposed to one that might not be worth your time or money.Selling products on the Internet is no different than selling products in the real world. You must have a legitimate product that you represent.The bottom line on your product is it needs to be something that people currently are spending money on and have an interest in. As long as you are filling a need with your product and you can feel comfortable that it is a real home business you will be joining, then trust your instincts.As you look at your home business you need to determine how profitable will it be for you. There’s no sense starting a business if you cannot make any money at it.One way to determine how profitable your business will be is to purchase the product yourself and decide if it’s worth the value that you be selling it for. This will also help you in pre selling it when you create various web pages for it.If you feel comfortable that the product is offering value, and that the pricing is a proper, then look at how you’re going to market this product online. That really is the key thing on all home businesses today is how you will market your product and your home business opportunity.There are many forms of marketing and depending on your budget you’re going to want to sit down and determine exactly how you are going to get your product online. Whether it be pay per click advertising or various forms of marketing such as articles or forum a marketing there are a number of ways you can promote online.Before you join a business determine how much money you’re going to be spending to get involved as well. Certainly there are many ways to make money in the Internet that do not cost anything to start.Affiliate marketing comes to mind as well as other things such as resell rights and private label rights. It is your money so before you invest it makes sure that you feel it will be a worthwhile investment in terms of the return you receive and the long-term income you can achieve with it.Most home businesses on the Internet today are for real. You just want to take a little bit of time and look into them closely before you jump into anything.

Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Should Avoid When Starting a Home Based Business

Success and Failure are part and parcel of life. Success in a Home Based Business can never be guaranteed by anyone. Many factors come into play if success has to be achieved. When starting a home based business it is wise to act smart and learn from the mistakes other entrepreneurs had made and avoid making such mistakes. This will help you to achieve your goal much faster and avoid a lot of stress and loss of money.1. No Niche Product:Most people in their anxiety and enthusiasm to start a home based business never spend sufficient time in researching and gathering sufficient information about the need and the marketability of the product they intend producing or marketing. Failure to do this is the first major mistake and can lead to financial loss.2. No Proper Plan:Starting a home based business without a plan is another mistake that can spell ruin to your business. There should be a short term plan and a long term plan as to what your ultimate goal is. A daily work schedule will be of additional help. These plans and schedules will help you avoid crisis situations in your day to day activities.3. No Proper Home Office:It is well known that many start their business by operating from anywhere in the house, at all times without a proper designated place of work. This is certainly not the right way to get started. This is not a hobby. You have started this home business to make money from home and as such have to be treated as any brick and mortar business. Hence it is imperative that you have a specially designated area in your house for your Home Office where you could concentrate on your work happily without any disturbance or hindrance.4. No Funding Strategy:Many Home Based Businesses fail to survive even a year or two, simply because the entrepreneurs failed to have a funding strategy in place. Cash is a very important ingredient required to sustain your business during bad times. If you are short of funds to start your business or require sufficient cash flow to operate your business it is advisable to organize a small Personal Loan, Business Loan or have Credit Card Facilities.5. Quitting your Job in Haste:It is great to be enthusiastic and confident about your home based business but that does not mean that you start counting the chickens before they are hatched. This often leads you to make one of the most regrettable mistakes, that is, quitting your secure day job as soon as you start your business or long before your business can sustain yourself. Having a job and running your home business on a part-time basis means that you could always continue with your job in the event your business ends up in failure.6. Not Allowing Family Time:Neglecting the family or allocating very little time for the spouse and the kids is another mistake often made by many when they start working at home. This can lead to a lot of unhappiness which will have a negative impact on your business. On the other hand allocating some time for the family in your daily work schedule will automatically bring in a lot of goodwill and support when you work at home.Conclusion:Entrepreneurs start a home based business to make money or to earn an additional income. Mistakes are often made mainly due to ignorance or over confidence. As far as possible avoid making mistakes. You are sure to get off to a flying start.

Running a Successful Business Working in Your Pajamas

Running a successful small business from home is something that many (and in fact probably most) people would like to do, however a lot of people derail themselves in this pursuit. It might be a dream come true to be able to work in your pajamas, especially when you’re running late on the way to work and fall victim to the traffic splash just outside your office. With determination and perseverance as well as a lot of self discipline, almost anyone can attain their online business goals.One very common self sabotage technique among people pursuing profit online is just that; choosing an online business plan for the purpose of making money. Regardless of the nature of your business, it can be time consuming and stressful to get started. If you are in your home, in your pajamas, and you are bored by the tasks you have to do, what is to keep your attention on you work?Start an online business that you can be enthusiastic and even passionate about. If you enjoy what you are doing, it’s likely that you will get more done. You won’t be prone to procrastination and avoidant behavior so easily, even though you are in the comfort of your own home.When you are passionate about your online business and there is no one else to moderate you, it may end up spending too much time working. After a point the more you work, the more your performance will decrease, so it is important to relax and maybe get those pajamas off and go out for the rest of the day!If not the rest of the day, it would be a great idea to take a note pad and pen and go and sit in a park, by the river or in your favourite coffee shop and enjoy some time brain storming new ideas.If you are successful working at home, it’s possible that you will find your workload has increased leaving you little or no leisure time, but you may not want to pay an employee out of your pocket just yet. You can easily find tools that will suit your business needs and make your day run more quickly and smoothly. You can choose a program or service that will help you save time and energy by keeping track of your products or even corresponding with customers and clients more efficiently. There are numerous resources at your disposal to help you with running your successful online business.Remember, don’t get lost and spending all of your time browsing the internet, if you want an online business you simply must spend at least half of your time developing your actual business. It is important to continue to learn, but you simply must work on your business too.

Finding a Christian Home Based Business

So you’re looking for a Christian business opportunity working from home? Well, I have great news. Believe it or not, there are some wonderful Christian home based businesses that are well worth your time looking into. But let me add a word of caution. There are also many business opportunities out there, especially Internet based business opportunities, that claim to be based on Christian principles, but are not.So how do you know when you’ve found the real thing?There are several things you need to know about a business opportunity before you decide to sink any hard-earned cash into it. I spent months and months examining several online business opportunities, some of which claimed to be Christian based, only to be disappointed time after time. Therefore, I began narrowing my search and started looking for very specific things that would help me focus on a true Christian home based business.Here are my suggestions for finding the right Christian business opportunity for you.Begin your search with prayer: Do what Solomon did. The Lord gave Solomon the choice of being grated anything he requested. Rather than ask for wealth and riches Solomon asked for wisdom. As a result of being blessed with wisdom Solomon acquired greater wealth and fame than any man alive. Wisdom is crucial in being able to see the directions the Lord may be pointing you as you search for a home based business – especially one based on Christian values and principles. Therefore, instead of praying for money or success, pray for wisdom to find the business opportunity the Lord wants you to join.Find out who’s the Captain of the ship: Many home based business opportunities are centered around a person who holds themselves up as an example of outstanding entrepreneurial and financial success. All you need to do is follow their simple formula and you’ll be successful too – or so they say. However, I didn’t want to hear from someone who took all the glory for their own success, I wanted to find someone who achieved success by making Jesus Christ the Captain of their ship. I wanted to find someone who gives the credit for their success to the Lord.Listen to hear if they talk of God, or simply do a lot of God-talk: There is a huge difference between those who truly talk of God and the successes they’ve achieved by the Lord blessing their home based business enterprise, verses those who just do a lot of God-talk. Every unbeliever knows how to do a lot of God-talk – simply throwing in the words God and Jesus in their presentations. But those who are truly living Christ-centered lives enjoy sharing their faith with others in the course of doing business. The CEO and founder of the home based business I became involved with made a statement in a video that really grabbed my attention. In essence he said we do a lot of talking about the Lord here, so if that offends you then you need to look elsewhere for a business opportunity. Wow! I loved his candor.Find out how many other Christians are in this business: A true Christian home based business opportunity will be filled with other Christians just like you. In fact, when I contacted the founder and CEO of this business and told him I was in the ministry he immediately put me in contact with a man who would become my Christian mentor in developing my own home based business enterprise through this company’s program. I’ve since met other believers who are prospering from the Lord’s blessings.Examine the products and the program: Home based businesses that generate the most profits are those that provide large commissions or overrides on products sold or from others you bring into the business. Products in the low price range may be easier for people to afford, but it takes selling a ton of them to generate any decent cash flow. Big ticket or moderately priced ticket items are far more profitable in generating wealth. Also, find a business opportunity that doesn’t force you to pass your first one or two prospects to your up-line? One-up or two-up programs have limited success. Besides, if the Lord led those first one or two people to you, why wouldn’t he want you to continue being their mentor?Look for a servant’s heart: Those who have successful Christian home based businesses also have servant’s hearts. They know their lives have been blessed by the Lord and now they want to be a spring of blessing to others. They also understand the earthly and eternal rewards that come from being a true servant to others. Therefore, look for a home based business where you will be nurtured and mentored by those whose desire is to serve others as they have been served. They will freely give of their time to help you every step of the way.I guess I’ve narrowed the field down quite a bit, haven’t I? I certainly hope so, because that was my intention. As I said earlier, there are a lot of businesses and home based business opportunities out there that claim to be Christian in nature but are not. It took me some time to find the right one for me and I truly feel blessed in every way. Don’t jump at the first seemingly great (“too good to be true”) opportunity. I made that mistake and it cost me a lot of money and wasted time. Let the Lord do the leading. Be a Solomon and ask for wisdom.James, the Lord’s brother wrote, If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. (James 1:5-8)The Lord stands ready to lead. All you need to do is follow.