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Is a Federal Grant the Answer to Your Business Need?

So, you’re considering going for a Federal Grant. What can you do with Federal Grant Money?For the most part, federal grants are given to organizations and non-profit organizations to achieve specific societal and social aims. This doesn’t preclude them being used for small home business, but the best way to get federal grant money in this fashion is to apply for the grant in partnership with a non-profit, so that the non-profit can hire your home based company to do the work needed.Exceptions to this are the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs, which are designed to foster research from small companies into solving problems various federal agencies want solved. SBIR grants are research grants, for the most part. You have to demonstrate that you have the capabilities to meet the problem. SBIR grants come in three phases – phase 1 grants tend to be small, around $100,000, and are there for people to make proposals to win larger grant development processes. From the SBIR program’s perspective, it’s better to spend for 20 phase 1 grants and sort through the applicants for the phase 2 grants, to finally award two or three phase 3 grants to, to take the concept on to implementation.Most SBIR grants are given in technical fields, such as military training and simulation, medical research, and ecological remediation.Other grants that can be had are educational grants, grants given to people of assorted ethnic groups and grants given to women starting small businesses. There are several grant giving agencies listed on the Internet, and, as always, a little library time can pay off for you.Project grants are a category of grant given for the completion of a specific project. This is good for covering project development costs, but not the overhead of running a business – still, if you’re looking to supplement the income stream of your business, project grants are a good way to go about it.Federal money for other functions related to business can be searched for at www.govbenefits.gov.As you read up on individual grant programs, keep an eye peeled for restrictions on what you can use the funds for. You will have to provide an accounting of how the money was spent, and on what.Make sure you take advantage of all of the grant programs the federal government offers. If these grant sources aren’t used, they will disappear.

Posting on Forums to Make Money at Home

You will not make loads of money posting on forums but any extra cash is good, RIGHT? This is especially good for you if you already enjoy doing this type of posting to make money at home. If you are the type of person who likes to search through different topics of interest and add your thoughts to the forum, this is the right thing for you to consider doing at home for extra cash.Forum BuildingYou can begin to make money at home by working for webmasters who need to make the forum they have created look better than it does now to help target visitors to the site. These webmasters will hire you to post information on a particular topic and they pay you for your post. This works well for the webmaster as their threads are being worked on and you get to write something interesting and get paid for it. What you have to say needs to be interesting and insightful to bring others in to continue the conversation and keep them interested.Using A Forum To MarketForums can also generate income for those who are looking to make money at home by promoting websites in the forum threads. If you add your services or product website to the forum, you can bring in those visitors to the forum who are interested in what you offer. It is like free advertising to those directly interested in what you are marketing. Webmasters might also want you to post their information for them on the posts to help increase sales to their products also.Combining The TwoMost forum posters are already spending a lot of time on these forums daily and they need to consider how it can make money at home for them in the process. Most who decide to work online with forums have found that by utilizing both methods above, the chances of making more money off one post is possible and better for the effort. The links and avatars on the specific forums they like are created by those who use the forums and can also be a source of money.Money Takes TimeYou will not make a large amount of money using forums to make money at home but you can make some extra cash. You are already doing the very things we have talked about in the article above so why not use it to increase your income at the same time. It might just provide you with a little extra gas money or a nice vacation that was not affordable for you before. You can even make a go of becoming a forum posting professional and advertise yourself across the forums as the one to contact when they need help with their specific forums. That would be a great way to make a steady flow of income.

Raising Your Prices Without Losing Clients

Some home based business owners operating online are afraid of raising their prices because they will, they think, lose a lot of their clients. But if you feel the need to up your prices to cover your time and expenses, there are ways of raising your prices without losing clients.One way of raising your prices without losing clients starts long before the actual time comes for raising prices. You see, if you have planned your Internet business right, and you are selling to niche markets, you shouldn’t really be competing one price to begin with. It’s a myth that people are more sold on pricing than they are on anything else.Sure, there are people who care foremost about price but the typical person, while they certainly do want to pay the lowest price for something that they can, is looking for more than price. The average person wants quality, and as long as the quality is there they are willing to pay for it.So, in order to be able to raise your prices without losing your clients, right from the start make sure of a couple of things. For one thing, are you selling the highest quality product within your niche?If you have a reputation for quality, and you are narrowly focused on meeting the needs and desires of people who buy within your niche, when the time comes for your prices to go up your clients will remain with you because of what you provide to them. They will even feel like they were getting a bargain before!Another thing about product choice: if you are offering something that doesn’t rely on trends and fads, but is something that people within a niche are always wanting or needing, most of them are going to continue buying it even when there’s a price hike.Inflation has not stopped people from drinking Coke or buying bread. A wild oil market has not stopped most people from driving their cars, even if some of them do drive a little less now. So, if you have already established a good relationship with your clientele, they will continue buying from you even after your prices go up because they know you, trust you, and you have something they want or need.And how do you establish that good reputation? By always providing highly responsive top-notched customer service. Get back to client communications as quickly as you can. Always do what you said you would do. Deliver their products or services promptly and always thank them for buying from you even if it’s their 100th purchase from you.Resolve any issues they have as quickly and thoroughly as you can. Do all of these things and you will rarely have to compete on price. But if and when the time comes when you feel you have to raise your prices, there are a few things you can do to soften the blow.First, give as much advanced notice as you can that your prices are going to go up, and by how much. Also, give your clients the reasons why you’re raising prices. Is it inflation? Have your advertising costs gone up? Do you want to expand your service capabilities?Clear, honest communication goes a very, very long way, and most of your clients are going to be quite understanding of your need to raise your prices as long as they get that clear, honest communication from you.

Work at Home – Mistakes You Want to Avoid to Keep Your Business Successful (3)

When we first start a business it is tempting to do whatever it takes to get paying customers as quickly as possible. Here are a few things that you want to avoid doing the first year to make sure your business will succeed.It is very tempting to try and make friends and give discounts in order to get customers. The problem with this is you can find yourself lowering your price so much that it will wind up costing you money instead of making you money. Be sure to keep your prices as close to the prices you’ve set as you can. You must instead focus on adding value. Give as much as you can in use value. Compared to your price, your offer must be a real bargain. It has to be irresistible. One thing you can do is offer customers a package deal where they get a substantial discount on each if the item they purchase from you. Just make sure to figure out your costs and make sure the discount will not make it so you are not making a profit.Another thing you want to avoid is spending too much money on advertising. Look for the best deals you can find in advertising, or free advertising. There are many inexpensive advertising methods that are actually more effective than spending hundreds of dollars in your local newspaper. Before making any decisions on advertising, spend as much time as necessary checking out all the different methods of advertising and choose the ones that are the most effective and cost-efficient.You want to be sure and focus on your target market for your products or services. It will do you absolutely no good to advertise in places where people are not looking for your services. Spend as much time as you need to figure out what your target market is and find the most targeted advertising you can for your business.Another mistake that can be made in the first year is spending too much money on your startup costs. If you do not need all brand-new equipment, then do not purchase it. Try to save money wherever you can. By starting your business with the lowest startup costs possible and then expanding gradually you have a much better chance for success.Do not avoid using the phone to make contacts. This is one of the most efficient forms of advertising. I getting on the phone and making contacts with people in your target market you will have a better chance to get your business started by gaining customers without spending money on advertising. It is much easier to get a customer interested in your product or service if you have them on the phone and sending out a flyer or mail that is easily tossed in the trash. People want to talk to you about what you offer, and why it will help them with their business.If you follow these simple rules, you will have a much better chance for success in your first year of business.

Health Care Issues of a Home Business Owner

Maintaining a quality life, is rated highly as a goal by most of the home business owners. But sometimes when they have to work on their computer for longer period, health problems like lower back pain, blood pressure, joint pain, etc. caused due to lack of physical fitness can put limitations while performing their duties. Hence it is necessary to resolve the health care issues in time.Although we are living in the world of advancement of technology, we must not forget that our body is still very much natural and needs to be nourished to develop a healthy living lifestyle. Scientific studies all over the world have proved that by making simple changes in our daily activities, we can not only increase our life span but also bring about dynamic changes in our life.Lack of nutritional supplements and improper dietary habits can also increase the chances of having health problems in earlier stages of life, like blood pressure; severe back aches; joint pains; heart diseases; etc. You can avoid all this to great extent, by taking a healthy diet and by doing some natural exercises on regular basis.Within few days of starting your workouts and after improving your dietary habits, you can look better; feel better; think better and have more energy to lead a happier life. Remember that even if you have achieved a balanced body since birth, it needs to be loved, nourished and taken care of regularly to remain healthy.10 ways to resolve health care issues and enjoy a happier life:
Make health a priority as you can enjoy the fruits of financial freedom without having major health problems in life.
See that you take in minimum requirement of vitamins and minerals daily, from the food that you eat, to remain healthy.
Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday as it helps you to digest food and get rid of toxins.
No matter how busy you are, get some time out for yourself to do some physical exercise regularly. It can be anything of your choice like walking, running, cycling, skipping, swimming, aerobics, yoga, etc.
Eat more grains, fruits and vegetables as this can provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to your body.
Practice the breathing technique to breathe properly, preferably in the morning. Inhale air slowly for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds slowly. Remain in a relax state of mind while doing this. Repeat this for 5 minutes. This will improve your overall immune system.
Proper diet means you don’t have to give up what you want to eat but you must keep control while eating to maintain good health.
If you want to live longer, don’t make your tummy full every time. Eat little less than required.
You can have fun and enjoy more by being active with your friends or family members. So encourage them to join you during your physical activity events.
Take rest and relax for a while during occurrence of tense state of mind due to some unforeseen circumstances.
You may be a person, who is successful having made lot of money and all the comforts in your life after starting your own business from home. But if you don’t maintain your health and resolve health care issues in time, there is a possibility that you may become a person who looks sick, allergic and medication dependent in the earlier stages of your life.So don’t forget to spend some time each day on physical exercises. Also try to balance your dietary habits by providing required nutritional supplements to your body, as this can bring about significant changes in your body physically, emotionally and mentally allowing you to enjoy a healthy home business owners life.

Home Business Wealth – How to Get Rich Beyond Belief Through Membership Sites

One of the surest ways to get rich from home is by operating a membership site online. It is one of the easiest paths to creating a passive income stream on the Internet from the comfort of your home.I myself make my living through selling information through various membership sites, so I definitely know my stuff when it comes to this subject.Let me show you how to get rich beyond belief through membership sites. Stay with me as I go through the exact system I use to pull in a massive autopilot income each and every month:Step 1 – Find A ThemeStep 2 – Gather Your ContentStep 3 – Set Up Recurring BillingStep 4 – Promote Your Membership SiteThat’s all it takes really. 4 simple steps to riches. Let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step details to bring it all together:Step 1 – Find A ThemeSearch for a theme to create your membership site on. It is vitally important that you find a theme that will sell. Find gaps in your marketplace to create a product on. Find needs that are not met and create a membership site to fill that need.Step 2 – Gather Your ContentStart cranking out content for your membership site. What you’re going to do is to just plug this content into autoresponder (Aweber or Get Response are the two best options in the market). Get your customers to opt-in to this autoresponder where they will receive their lessons on autopilot without you having to lift a finger or invest and set up complicated membership software!Step 3 – Set Up Recurring BillingSet up a recurring billing system for your membership site. Paypal or Clickbank are two great options here for getting things going. Paypal is great if you want to get started fast and don’t want to go through an approval process.Step 4 – Promote Your Membership SiteNow it’s time to roll out your membership site to your market. Get joint venture partners on board, promote it to your list if you have it, write articles, post up some classified ads. The bottom line: take action!

Discover Easy Ways to Create Wealth From Your Home

Many world economies are in decline, and the outlook for jobs are not good either. As a result of this, many individuals are looking for ways to create wealth. There are plenty of methods to create wealth, whether part-time or full-time, on-line or off-line. For example, you may start by saving some money from your monthly salary, then investing the same in legal investment programs.Wealthy people find it easier to multiply their earnings. The same is not true however, when it comes to ordinary working-class people. Since they are not wealthy, they do not necessarily have exposure to the better opportunities available to high net worth persons. Such people often fall prey to unsafe investment schemes and end up losing their hard-earned money.The question regarding the most secure ways to increase your net worth still haunts many people, who aspire to make some additional money. Apart from hard work, you will have to invest your money in a wise manner also. There are various ways to increase your personal wealth, and yet avoid the pitfalls that often beset people who are less informed.Tips to Create Wealth Securely:
Create wealth with the help of bonds and stocks: While investing in various stocks and bonds, it is very important to educate yourself about the terms and conditions of the schemes regarding the concerned bonds or stocks. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can turn to professionals who will help you, for a fee. If you take a chance without educating yourself, you could lose your money.
Real Estate: Real estate is also an excellent method for creating wealth. You need to make yourself aware of the fluctuating trends in the real estate market. Usually, you will find people purchasing foreclosed homes, renovating them, and then reselling them to gain maximum profits. All real estate experts agree on one thing however. You make your profits when you buy, not when you sell.
Rent a property: This is also a secure way to create some wealth. The most important thing you will have to consider here is, the purchase price. Purchasing an investment property when the market is down may sound smart but you have to be sure whether the market has bottomed out, or whether it is still declining. A wise choice is to purchase investment properties when prices are rising.
Affiliate marketing or network marketing: Another way to create income and grow your assets that people often ignore is creating wealth online through affiliate marketing or network marketing. Nowadays, you will find that colleges in various parts of the country have included network marketing as a subject in their courses. This shows the importance of network marketing as one of the most effective tool for building a sound financial base.You will become more adept at handling money as you learn about more ways to create wealth. Always ensure that the money making venture, you are operating is completely legitimate and real, and that you actually spend less than you earn.

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Home Business?

“To learn you need a certain degree of confidence, not too much and not too little. If you have too little confidence, you will think you can’t learn. If you have too much, you will think you don’t have to learn.” – Eric HofferStop and have a look at where your life is right now. You are where you are because of the sum total of all your experiences up to now. We are either satisfied with our life and the direction it is going in, or we want different results.We can not know more than we have been taught. Common sense is what we get after we have learned. In order to be something, you have to learn to be that something.We are being taught every day. Be it at professional schools, self taught, or our life experiences. Each day we re-evaluate what we know and move from there.We say, “I want to be financially successful”, “I want to live in a 6000 square foot house”, “I want to be able to take exotic vacations when every I want”, “I want to have a fancy sports car”. Do you have some of these dreams? Now stop and think, did anyone teach you how you could get these things?Maybe you were taught the way I was. “Work Hard, make money”. Well, I worked hard, didn’t make enough money and ran out of time. Something just wasn’t right with this picture. I could see that others were having their dreams realized and it seemed like they were doing it effortlessly.When I started searching for the answers, and I mean really searching. Wanting to know how all these people were doing it? That is when the answers started coming to me. In the form of movies, books, and people pointing things out that I just had not noticed before. I was ready to change my life.All life runs by Law. There is an order in the universe by which everything works. The Natural Laws of the Universe. One of these laws is, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Which states: Energy moves into physical form. The images you hold in your mind most often materialize in results in your life.Now that you are looking at your life, you may be thinking, “This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be a millionaire, live in a big house and drive a Rolls Royce. What happened?”Here’s the reality check. Do a small study on yourself. Start becoming aware of how many time you think positive and how many times you think negative. When you become aware, that is the point at which you can begin to change. Change comes one step at a time. Replace all the negative thoughts with positive ones. It may not happen over night, but if you keep trying you will succeed.Before you know it, you will be more positive. All these positive thoughts (Energy) will start a movement of positive things to move in your direction and become reality in your life.

You Can Make Money With Your Digital Camera – All You Need is the Internet

Many people don’t realize it, but you can make some good money using your digital camera. If you have a computer with internet access, you are ready to go – no start up costs! You may be wondering how this works. Let me explain.These days, nearly every big corporation has an online presence, or a website. Many people do their every day business online, such as banking, paying insurance bills, etc. These large companies need photos submitted to them via the internet. This is how you make money with your digital camera!Why do these companies need your help? Think about it for just a moment. When these companies need photos of properties in your area such as real estate, homes, commercial property, autos, etc. what do they have to do? Send someone from wherever they are located to take the needed photos.Doing this incurs huge expenses for these companies! Doesn’t it just make sense that they would rather hire someone at the location where the property is? This saves them big amounts of money. See how easy it is to make money using your digital camera?What do you have to do? You simply take the photo or photos the company needs and upload it online to send to the company. What could be easier? Your probably wondering about the pay for this kind of work. The pay is fantastic – these companies can afford to pay you big money to save the hundreds or even thousands it would have cost them to send someone to do the job!Now I hope you understand just how you can use your digital camera to make money. With just a camera and an internet connection, you have an opportunity for a great paying home based business! Learn how you find these companies and the steps you need to take to make money with your digital camera by visiting the links below.

Work From Home Success Secrets – Introduction

Start your home based business off on the right foot! I want to help you discover a clear path to success and provide you with start up information, resources and opportunities that will increase your profits and make working at home a much more rewarding experience.What I am endeavoring to do is provide you with ten secrets to getting started with working from home, and more specifically, starting a web based business particularly as an affiliate.To begin with, I suppose if you are starting from square one let me start you off by defining some of the terms that may be used through out this report.Web Based – a business that is completely based on the internet. This type of business doesn’t require you to “hit the street” (literally) as it would with more of a traditional home based business. This type of work at home business requires more study and research into web design, SEO, SEM and understanding how to reach your target audience on the web.SEO – Search Engine Optimization – This is big! This requirement is learning how to optimize your web site for the search engines based on the knowledge available about how search engines rank pages and how to get your web site listed in the search engine results for the keywords being searched on. Unfortunately, building a web site is not a field of dreams as in “If you build it they will come”. Will not happen. Unless you optimize your site and do some aggressive marketing, you will get lost in the billion plus web pages out there today.Which brings us to …SEM – Search Engine Marketing – This step requires different methods of getting your site exposed to the public so they can find you. Things like link building, ezines, online forums, etc are all ingredients that go into a formula of success to marketing your web site and work from home business effectively.Affiliate – This term is used in 2 different ways. The first one is YOU marketing someone else’s product and then receiving a commission for each sale or lead that you provide. The second way is that you create an affiliate program for YOUR product and offer an incentive-commission for each time one of your affiliates sells a product. Depending on which arena your in, either one can prove to be extremely profitable.PPC – PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this relates to marketing and advertising your site on various search engine platforms. The most popular of the PPC genre is Google AdWords. These are the ads that you see on the top and right hand side of the search results that get returned for your keyword search term. Many times it will say “Sponsored Ad”. This is a quick way to get your site out and noticed while you are building organic or natural search engine results. The only draw back is that you are paying for each time someone clicks on one of your ads (anywhere from $0.05 and up) and goes through to your web site, and if you are not careful this can break the bank if you don’t monitor your ROI (return on investment) and calculate whether or not you are actually making a profit from your ads. Be very careful as this can add up very quickly and has been the demise of many would be affiliate marketers.Well, this is enough terms to get us started and I will try and explain any new terms as we go along.I would say the first and most important secret to begin with is RESEARCH. You really to to study and research the area or niche that you would like to venture into. Over the years that I have looked into internet marketing, this is probably the most important. You need to check out the area that you want to work from home in and find out if there is a market for it. Most people make the mistake of finding or creating a product and then they try and find a market for that item and honestly, this is putting the cart before the horse. A great analogy that illustrated this point and drove it home for me is this:Suppose you had a hot dog stand on the beach and you had to choose one thing to make you stand a success, what would it be? Great signs? Lower prices than the competition? Full page newspaper ad? Some slick sales gimmick? A high priced marketing consultant? What would it be? Well believe it or not, none of the above! I would not choose anything listed above. The one thing I would choose is a starving crowd of people! You see, when you have something people are hungry for it doesn’t matter how great the signs looks, or how wonderful your sales pitch or slick gimmick, if people are hungry for what you have you will make the sales. So, in our first step then is to go out and find out what people are looking for and what their hot buttons are and then find a product to fill that need. In other words, find a lake that is overstocked with fish and you’re bound to catch something. Find out what questions and problems people are having and provide the solution. I can’t tell you how many success stories I have heard of entrepreneurs that followed this first secret of success and have become wildly successful at what they do.Secret #1 coming soon…