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What the Heck is Going on With Global Resorts Network? Case Study Reveals Why One Succeeds, One Fail

For 98% of all home business owners who join Global Resorts Network, or any business for that matter, there are a couple key ingredients that are critical to their success that’s consistently overlooked, kicked aside and paid no attention to. And, guess what? 98% fail. It’s the 2% that build their businesses with the winning ingredients that achieve success, the recipe for which is ages old and never changes.CASE STUDY: Let’s say both GRN Affiliates have the same sponsor and they inquire of that person what they should do next to promote their business. They were told to write an article about the benefits of joining Global Resorts Network, submit it to an article directory, repurpose the information and make a YouTube video then email the link to their list of prospects. So, here we go, let’s see how they did.Mr. Fail gets up at 6 am, turns on the TV to catch the morning news and dreads heading off to work. J ust the thought of it puts him in a bad mood. He listens to his favorite radio station on the way to work. Throughout the day he responds to confrontations, challenges and obstacles with frustration and anger. He’s goes to lunch with his buddies and they talk about the woes of life and maybe the latest scores of the ballgames. He fights the traffic getting home which annoys him.Mr. Fail gets home, has dinner, visits with the family and catches the news. He knows he should write that article and make that video but he’s had a rough day and feels he deserves to watch his favorite TV show. He’ll work on his business right after his show. The show ends, but what he really wants to do now is watch another one, the previews looked great and it feels really good to just chill out. He gets up after the second show and realizes he’s just really too tired so he heads to bed having done nothing to promote his business.The next day, he complains because nobody wants to join his business. He knows deep down that he hasn’t really done anything to promote his business though, so in the back of his mind he knows it’s his fault but he’ll never admit it. He’ll get around to doing something with the business, but today, there’s a ballgame that he can’t miss and that’s what’s got him excited to get home.Mr. Success gets up 15 minutes early to spend time on personal development because that sets the tone for his day. He visualizes what his life will be like in a short period of time and knows he’ll be able to toss the alarm clock out soon. He’s excited about the day because he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He listens to motivational CD’s on the way to work. Throughout the day he responds to confrontations, challenges and obstacles as a problem solver, much like he’ll do when he runs his own business. He’s learned how to overcome because he’s been a student of personal development. He’s in great mood and puts positive energy into the room. He decides to write that article during his lunchtime. He gets caught in traffic on the way home but that’s ok, it gives him an opportunity to listen to the rest of the motivational CD in his player.Mr. Success gets home from work, visits with the family, has dinner and catches the news. He’s tired now that he’s home and has had a chance to relax. His favorite show is coming on, but he really desires to provide a lifestyle and be at home with the family so he gets up and heads to his computer. He submits the article he wrote, makes a quick video of what he wrote about, uploads that to YouTube and sends the link out to his prospect list. It’s late but before he goes to bed, he makes a game plan for something to move his business forward tomorrow. He does his affirmations in the quiet of his mind as he goes to sleep.The next day, he receives a phone call from one of his prospects who has been on his list, saw the video and has questions about getting started in GRN. Questions are answered and Mr. Success helps onboard a new business owner. He made more money today than he does working for two weeks at his job. It’s a good day. He can’t wait to get home to implement more marketing.The contrast is clearly the level of commitment behind the two affiliates. It’s the attitude, the willingness to do whatever it takes, regardless of how they feel at the time. One can see that personal development is wrapped around it all. That’s the difference. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Global Resorts Network or another business, the right frame of mind is required.When you see someone failing and someone succeeding, compare notes of decisions and action steps each of them make on a daily basis. The one succeeding has studied, learned skills, implemented, failed forward, put fears of rejection and failure behind them and acted in spite of that. They got up a little early and went to bed a little late, forfeited or recorded a TV show that would otherwise sabotage their efforts to succeed and gave up lunch with the buddies. All these things are a series of decisions that they alone make. They are totally responsible for their success.If it’s been said once it’s been said a million times, if you will do what most people are not willing to do for a short period of time, you will have what most people only dream about but never attain.If you have a home business with Global Resorts and are not succeeding, it’s not because of the product, the pay plan or company. Look in the mirror, get serious about your business and get to work on yourself and your skills. Evaluate your reasons for investing in a business. Do you really want a better life or is it just a fantasy in the back of your mind? Were you serious enough to be willing to do whatever you need to do to succeed? Only you know the truth deep inside and often it turns out that one wants something great but they don’t want to have to work for it. Ouch. But, the truth will set you free.If you’re not yet in Global Resorts or are considering a business of another kind, the place to start is personal development to ensure your mindset matches your commitment and desire to have a better life. The coaching and mentoring on the ‘how to’ to is offered, the mindset you control.

Part-Time Lawn Mowing Business While Working a Regular Job

No matter what the economy, the grass still grows. There is always someone near by who needs their lawn mowed and cannot do it themselves. These folks have a problem and you, the full-time employee wanting to start a part-time lawn mowing business, have the solution. They can pay you to mow their yard. Problem solved.I often get the question of whether you can start your lawn mowing business part-time in the evenings and on weekends and keep your full-time job. The answer is a big yes!The question is can you do it? If you have lots of energy, enjoy being outdoors and working in your yard, and can handle just 5 to 10 extra hours of physical work each week, you can start a part-time lawn mowing business and keep your regular job.People who work 12-hour rotating shift schedules are in a terrific position to run a lawn mowing business part-time while keeping their full-time jobs because they have so many days off.MarketingFirst, you need to find some customers. Write a flyer using word processing software, print it, take it to your local copy shop, have 25-30 copies made, and distribute them around your neighborhood within walking distance of your house. You may want to use a half-page flyer so you can distribute to 50-60 houses. Include what you offer the prospect (lawn mowing, edging, cleaning off the concrete), your name, best phone number to contact you, your address so they know you are a neighbor and how much you charge. Since you are new to the business charge on the lower end of the average rate other lawn care professionals charge in your area. Five dollars cheaper than average may get your neighbors to stop using someone out of the neighborhood and start using you instead.Another reason to start with your neighbors is they know you or know of you and we all want to help other people, especially people we know. Since these folks are close by, you get to go out, knock on doors and meet your neighbors while marketing your business to them. Smile, introduce yourself and tell them which house is yours or what street you live on and get to know a little about them and some things you might have in common. Hand them a flyer at the end of the conversation and move on to the next house.Keep this up until you have at least one person ready for you to go home, get your equipment right now, come back and work that day and are pulling out their checkbook to pay you. If this happens, stop marketing that day, service your new customer and earn some money. Continue marketing the next day.When you have the number of customers you think you can handle, stop marketing daily and only doing a little occasionally or when someone asks for your information. You will need to keep a few flyers on hand to give out. Be on the lookout for yards that overgrow and see if a lawn service comes to mow them. These folks may need someone closer who will service their lawn regularly. Be sure to visit them and ask.EquipmentDo not buy any commercial equipment or go into debt. You only need the mower you use on your own lawn, a gas-powered string trimmer and blower to get started. If you have an electric-powered string trimmer and blower, you can still use them, but make sure the customer knows you will need access to an electric outlet and you will need a very long extension cord.Alternatives to gas and electric-powered trimmers and blowers are the cordless rechargeable models. They are less expensive than their gas-powered cousins, cheaper to operate and much more environmentally friendly. If you have electric equipment that requires an extension cord, you will want to replace it with cordless electric or gas-powered equipment as soon as you earn enough money mowing to do so.Starting within walking distance of your home eliminates the need for a truck or trailer to haul equipment to job sites keeping costs down. If you live within walking distance of the job you can put your equipment and gas can in a wagon or cart and pull your lawn mower along by hand. If you are willing to do this extra manual labor you are more likely to succeed because you are not afraid of hard work and not prone to overspending.EarningsOne of the biggest reasons to have a part-time lawn mowing business is you make significantly more money for the time you spend working than at most other part-time endeavors.If you charge $50 to mow the grass, edge and clean up and you can do 5 lawns after work and on weekends each week, you will earn $250 per week. You will need to set 15% of your revenue aside after expenses (gas, parts, repair, replacement equipment, etc.) for self-employment taxes which you will need to pay each quarter. If you spend $9 on gas and save $36 for taxes, your net weekly earnings will be $205. Six weeks of hauling your equipment by hand will build physical strength and allow you to accumulate about $1230. You could also resubmit your form W-4 at work to take the correct amount of extra money out of your pay checks to cover these taxes. However, if you are trying this to determine if you want a full-time lawn mowing business I recommend you become familiar with paying self-employment taxes quarterly.After 20 weeks of mowing 5 lawns per week you will have netted nearly $4,000. It will be less than this because your equipment will need maintenance and repair. That will not cost more than a few hundred dollars, so you will still have around $3,700 if you save your profits.Now you will have the cash to buy a good used commercial lawn mower. Once you have a commercial mower you will be able to increase the number of yards you can mow per week in the same amount of time it took with your residential mower, increasing your revenue. You may be able to mow 10 yards per week instead of 5, so your gross revenue will jump to $500 per week. After another 10 weeks you may have enough cash to buy a used trailer to haul your commercial equipment.Remember that in many areas there are only 3 mowing seasons or about 40 weeks of steady work each year. If you spend the first 40 weeks earning enough to get some commercial equipment and increase your customer base, your second part-time year will be mostly profits.Two years part-time in the business will allow you to decide if you want to start mowing full-time. You will know it is time to go full-time when you are turning customers away because you do not have time to service their yards and if you could take on those customers, you would earn more annually than at your full-time job.Earning more means earning more than your current annual pay after taxes plus paying for the benefits you and your family need, like health insurance. If your spouse works outside the home, he or she may carry the family benefits leaving you free to earn lots of cash. You will have to save for retirement and pay your own disability insurance even if your spouse can provide the other benefits. Few companies offer spousal retirement or spousal disability coverage.If you are willing to work during your off hours and not spend money on equipment you do not need, you can work part-time mowing lawns and earn a lot of extra money. You may also be able to eventually leave your job and run your business full-time.

How to Own the Bank With Your Legitimate Work From Home Business

Wouldn’t it be a nice feeling to have made enough money with your legitimate work from home business to be able to own the bank? Well, guess what it can happen and it can happen to you. Starting a home business is a lot of fun and a complete learning curve. The home business industry is helping millions of people all over the world become successful and wealthy at the same time. So why shouldn’t you get involved?There are some things that need to be considered when searching for a legitimate work from home business. Remember this industry is fun but it can turn ugly and the bank can own you. If you do not set a plan of action you can very easily waste a lot of money trying to grow your business. No one wants that to happen to them, so there are some certain qualities you need to start correctly.1. Choosing the right opportunity. This can be the hardest decision for many especially with there being thousands of different opportunities claiming to be a legitimate work from home business on the internet. The single most important lesson here is to do the required research when choosing. If you had to go the doctor’s office you wouldn’t choose any doctor, you would research first then choose. The same applies for a work at home business.2. Compensation Plan. Make sure the business you are starting has a well structured payment plan. You absolutely do want to put in a lot of work and realize everything you put into it will not be rewarded. Crucial to know your compensation plan.3. Product. So many different opportunities offer different products or services. Choose the opportunity that you will be proud to represent with their great product. Just remember the product won’t make you money, only you can make you money. If you had the choice between $1,000 cash or $1000 worth of product, I am sure you would choose the cash, I know I would.4. Strategy. This can be the single most important aspect of starting a legitimate work from home business. You need to have the perfect marketing strategy in place. You can either grow you business on a budget or even start off by doing common SEO tactics which don’t cost you anything. Either way you need to set forth a plan of attack. You can do blogging, optimizing website, article marketing, pay per click, social bookmarking, keyword research, and many others techniques. Write down you objective and stick to it.You now have everything in place to owning the bank with your legitimate work from home business. It will not happen overnight and it will take some time. But you must never give up and stay focused towards the end result which is making enough money where you do not have to work the JOB anymore. It is your turn to create wealth and become the new success story.

Earn Extra Money From Home – Get Rich Gradually!

Have a desire for a trouble-free way to earn some extra money from home in your spare time? How to earn money when you’ve lost your current job? There are no quick fixes, but I can enlighten you with a great way to generate cash in your spare time. Working at home offers the convenience of being at home and the flexibility to prefer when you work. With the rising price of the things, we all need to consider this alternative.Work at home–A home based business is an excellent way to earn additional money if you have the time and energy. You should need a proven effective work at home ideas and opportunities that will help you achieve success.Why do you need an extra income?o To pay off your liability.o To build up your savings.o To get more knowledge.o To simplify into a profession transition.o Build a roof over your head.What can you do to earn an extra income?A good percentage of the money to pay off all your outstanding debts, the credit repayments would come to an end, and you would be even more affluent each month and in a position to build a financial support to invest in money making balance sheets, property or other investments.It is the biggest challenge for new comers is finding suitable work to justify giving up a good profession. In fact thanks to the advent of the Internet, things are now much easier. As a self-employed expert, you truly will enjoy the freedom to work from any place, and the opportunity to earn an extensive six-figure income.

Home Based Craft Business – Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

Is crafting one of your hobbies? Why not start a home based craft business? This would be a fun and rewarding home business opportunity for you, especially if it is a favorite hobby. Doing something you truly enjoy makes for a more successful and profitable career.I personally know many people who make all types of crafts and have often wondered why they didn’t try to make money with their talent. People love homemade crafts, and are willing to pay some very good money to get unique decor for their homes. A home based craft business is an excellent way to earn extra money or even a full time income!What kind of products do you enjoy making? Many people make wood crafts that include anything from small country style cabinets and wall shelves to bird houses and unique picture frames. Others are interested in crocheted items, making ceramics and hand crafted jewelry. Basket weaving is another popular hobby.How do you make money with a home based craft business? There are many ways! The cheapest way of course would be to sell them from your home. You could place a small ad in the phone book to advertise your business, hand out business cards everywhere you go, print up some flyers.Another option for displaying your crafts would be to set up a small shop in your area. I know in the area where I live, people are crazy about homemade crafts. You may even consider just renting some shelf space from other merchants in your area and displaying your products.A very popular way to make money with crafts is by traveling to fairs and arts and crafts shows. By paying a small fee and setting up a booth, you can make quite a sum of money on your unique products. When doing this, always make sure to have business cards and perhaps some flyers to give out to anyone stopping by to visit.Still another option for your home based craft business is to put a website up on the internet. With the easy programs available today, this is pretty simple even for someone who isn’t familiar with website building. By placing your items online, you have the potential of reaching thousands and even millions of prospective buyers!Doing something you truly love and learning how to make money with it is a smart move. Why not turn your hobby into a home business? For more ideas on how you can get your home based craft business up and running, visit the links below!

How a Firefighter and Homeschool Mom Make Extra Money

Wow, is it hard to survive financially these days! Especially trying to make it on one income! I have heard more than one of my firefighter comrades say, “Man, I don’t see how you make it!” Well, I can say that it is not easy. Homeschool moms are also involved in the process of finding ways to make the extra money it requires just to get the bills paid and hopefully have enough extra money to get away and have a night out.My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and before we had our three children, we made a commitment that she would stay home and raise the kids. At first, it was quite a sacrifice. At the time, she was pulling in just over $10,000 a year. (Of course, that ten thousand went a lot further that it does today.) We found ourselves scaling back on some of the non-essentials of life. We went from having two vehicles to just one and did not get to go and do things as often as we had been. But, looking back on it, I can definitely say it was well worth it.As many of you probably know, firefighters work odd hours. Someone has to be at the firehouse 24/7 to protect the community from fire and other emergencies. Most schedules allow for 48 hours or more off after working a 24 hour shift. I would guestimate that 90% or more of us work jobs on our off days. In our department, we have construction workers, loggers, painters, computer techs, and truck drivers just to name a few. Some guys even work on an ambulance on their off time!Besides making a commitment to have mom stay home to raise the kids, we also made the commitment to homeschool those kids! This involves more sacrifices. But again, the rewards are worth the sacrifices that were made! There are many reasons for the decision we made to home school. I won’t get into those in this article. The point is between working, being involved in the schooling process and keeping up the home and making time for family, there is little time left for making extra money.So what do we do, you ask? We have turned to the unlimited opportunities of the internet! One for instance is eBay! This is perfect for working at home. It is perfect for busy lives! There is no need to man a store during certain hours and you can work it as you have time. I can easily make an additional 300-500 dollars a month buying and reselling on eBay.

Work at Home Business – Too Good to Be True!

Are you tired of having to see the monotonous face of your boss every single day? Are you tired of having to work with the same colleagues day in and day out? Well, if you are, then perhaps it’s high time for you to ditch your job and proceed to a work at home business!Most people who have experienced working in a company, office or institution would probably have hesitations about a work at home business not only because they are so used to having someone boss them around all day but also because they are not quite sure if the money generated in a home-based business is enough to sustain their wants and daily needs.The truth about a work at home business is plain and simple: you reap what you sow. If you do not give your best and your whole trust and sincerity in your home-based business, then you most probably wouldn’t get positive results. However, if you put your best foot forward and struggle to give your best efforts, you can expect to succeed in a home-based business.The Magic Of Internet Network MarketingIf you are a first-timer in the world of a work at home business, then perhaps you have no idea on how to make your business known. If you want to let other people know that you are selling or offering certain kinds of products or services, you might as well seek the help of internet network marketing. Not only will internet network marketing help you in making your business more popular to a great number of people, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people and more potential customers or clients.Make Your Very Own EzineThis is considered to be the best friend of all newcomers in the world of home-based internet business. Ezines or electronic magazines give people enough information about the products or services that you are offering without having to rip your pockets with the cost.Unlike television or print ads that are priced at very devilish fees, you can make and distribute your very own Ezine for little or no cost at all. If you have no idea on how to make your very own Ezine, you can ask the help of people in the know or you could search the Internet on how to make one.Use The Magic WordsA work at home business works just like any other business – if the advertising is good, more and more people will flock to it; if the advertising is lousy, only the flies will be attracted to your business. In order for you to attract more customers, you should try to use the words “free” and “now” in your email marketing message. Most people will respond favourably to a product or service whenever they come across the word “free”. If you are selling items or products, you could also try to use the word “sale” every so often to attract more customers. Realistically speaking, people become attracted to something that is “free” that’s why if you want to generate more sales to your business, make sure that you use the magic words. Remember, internet network marketing requires a great deal of resourcefulness, creativity and determination. A good balance of advertising and honest services and products is needed to achieve a successful business.

Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Should Avoid When Starting a Home Based Business

Success and Failure are part and parcel of life. Success in a Home Based Business can never be guaranteed by anyone. Many factors come into play if success has to be achieved. When starting a home based business it is wise to act smart and learn from the mistakes other entrepreneurs had made and avoid making such mistakes. This will help you to achieve your goal much faster and avoid a lot of stress and loss of money.1. No Niche Product:Most people in their anxiety and enthusiasm to start a home based business never spend sufficient time in researching and gathering sufficient information about the need and the marketability of the product they intend producing or marketing. Failure to do this is the first major mistake and can lead to financial loss.2. No Proper Plan:Starting a home based business without a plan is another mistake that can spell ruin to your business. There should be a short term plan and a long term plan as to what your ultimate goal is. A daily work schedule will be of additional help. These plans and schedules will help you avoid crisis situations in your day to day activities.3. No Proper Home Office:It is well known that many start their business by operating from anywhere in the house, at all times without a proper designated place of work. This is certainly not the right way to get started. This is not a hobby. You have started this home business to make money from home and as such have to be treated as any brick and mortar business. Hence it is imperative that you have a specially designated area in your house for your Home Office where you could concentrate on your work happily without any disturbance or hindrance.4. No Funding Strategy:Many Home Based Businesses fail to survive even a year or two, simply because the entrepreneurs failed to have a funding strategy in place. Cash is a very important ingredient required to sustain your business during bad times. If you are short of funds to start your business or require sufficient cash flow to operate your business it is advisable to organize a small Personal Loan, Business Loan or have Credit Card Facilities.5. Quitting your Job in Haste:It is great to be enthusiastic and confident about your home based business but that does not mean that you start counting the chickens before they are hatched. This often leads you to make one of the most regrettable mistakes, that is, quitting your secure day job as soon as you start your business or long before your business can sustain yourself. Having a job and running your home business on a part-time basis means that you could always continue with your job in the event your business ends up in failure.6. Not Allowing Family Time:Neglecting the family or allocating very little time for the spouse and the kids is another mistake often made by many when they start working at home. This can lead to a lot of unhappiness which will have a negative impact on your business. On the other hand allocating some time for the family in your daily work schedule will automatically bring in a lot of goodwill and support when you work at home.Conclusion:Entrepreneurs start a home based business to make money or to earn an additional income. Mistakes are often made mainly due to ignorance or over confidence. As far as possible avoid making mistakes. You are sure to get off to a flying start.

How to Market Your Internet Home Business!

Any overall marketing plan for a home business should include a variety of methods to get your site in front of targeted prospects. Your goal should be to maximize the volume of quality prospects by providing meaningful content that is in demand. If you provide information or products that are of interest to someone, they will come back for more and more. It’s a matter of supply and demand. After all, selling on the internet, whether as an affiliate or with your own product, is a numbers game. Through your efforts to get the message out there, you first get those prospects that initially click on your site or call or send you an email to see what you are offering. Some percentage of those will “Opt In” to obtain more information. These prospects may visit your site several times before making a buy decision. Finally, some percentage of these “Opt Ins” will buy. More initial inquiries (if targeted) translates to more Opt Ins which ultimately results in more sales. Some ideas on how to generate the initial interest to visit your site follows.Classified Ads, both free and paid can get the word out to thousands of prospects. Blaster programs can publish your ad to hundreds of sites at one time. Focus on a short keyword rich message that will lead people to your site.Blogs are a great way to contact people with similar interests to yours. The feedback from people reading your blog will help you focus on your message and many times develop a prospect.Writing meaningful Articles about different aspects of your main message are critical in establishing you as an expert in your field. If you provide interesting content that helps or teaches the prospect, they will come back for more.Press Releases announce your new business or individual offering and are published by a wide variety of sources at little or no cost. You can provide a detailed description of your offering with keyword rich content and multiple contact methods. Your site url, email address, phone number, blog url etc. can be provided.Newsgroups are on-going streams of postings relating to an initial posting (ad, article, press release) bringing together people with similar interests and allowing an on-going conversation about related subjects. It is a great way to meet potential prospects interested in your message.Direct Mail is an inexpensive way to get your message to a targeted list of potential customers. Post cards are a good option. For the cost of the card stock, printing and post card stamp, you can provide a detailed, keyword rich message offering multiple options to gain access to you or your site.Pay Per Click advertising with Google AdWords, yahoo Overture and others is probably the most expensive way to advertise other than TV or Radio. The advantages of using this method are that you only pay when someone clicks on your site and these services provide useful statistics regarding the most effective keywords and click through rates for the various ads and keywords. By monitoring your PPC campaigns you can modify your ads, add and delete keywords and determine the effectiveness of each ad.Utilizing the combination of the above will also improve your position on most of the web browsers. They like to see articles, ads, press releases etc. relating to your web site. The more extensively these methods are used, the better.

Know Your Home-Based Business Competitors

Internet research can be quick, easy, and effective, but also challenging. Remember, competitive intelligence is ethical research of your Home-based Business Online competition. Competitive Intelligence is not illegal, and it is a necessary tool for all businesses to use research of their competition to improve their Home-based business Online and gain advantage over the competition.Select an advertising competitive intelligence tool to track marketing efforts.Marketing intelligence software lets you understand what keywords your competitors are using for pay-per-click campaigns and even how they are structuring their advertising campaigns. You will want to know not only what your competitors are doing, but also how they are reaching their customers. Your goal is to know what your competitors are doing wherever your target audience is searching online, and a large portion of the segregable Home-based business Internet exists beyond general search engines. Just like you, your competitors are continually making changes to their search marketing programs in the pursuit of better performance. This research should give you an overall feel for your competitors so that you can create a more unique, branded site.Analyze your competitors so that you can improve your website for superior performance. Identify the search terms and keywords that your competitors use to rank. Sites that rank well for your keywords even though they are not direct competitors.Link Intelligence what links are responsible for generating the most traffic for your competitors.Watching Your Competitors Keeping an eye on your competitors can be your biggest advantage over them. If you know what your competitors are and are not doing you can use this information to increase your sales by attracting customers whose needs they are not fulfilling.Gaining a good knowledge of your competitors and the demand for your business can really help you to make your website stand out from the crowd.Finding out about your competitors is relatively easy online. One good tip for researching what your competitors are doing is to look at the sponsored search engine results. As we have seen, a large number of competitors can indicate a demand for your product, service or niche, but there are many other ways to gauge demand.If you have thoroughly researched your market, your business already has an advantage over many of your competitors Of course, while it’s tempting to view any local merchant in your industry as a potential rival, remember that competitors can also prove to be useful sources of information and assistance in tough times.In my view, online competitive intelligence involves gathering information about your competitors with the main aim of improving your search engine ranking.This involves checking up on your competitors through the major search engines to identify strategies to improve your ranking. Keeping your eyes on your competitors is the powerful and proven tactic in affiliate marketing business.While the focus of this research is on gaining insight into how your competitors operate and how you fare in comparison, it is inevitable that you also gain valuable customer information in the process.Want to stay one step ahead of your competitor. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors home-based business online strategy, you will be provided with the tools and information to out perform your rivals.It is essential that you have a competitive advantage that differentiates your product or service from that of your competitors.