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The Fabulous Benefits of Becoming a Home Business Owner

Ahhh, the wonderful world of online home business creation. Anyone who goes online, even just once in a while, has no doubt noticed the huge ‘buzz’ about Internet based home businesses. Affiliate marketing, online network marketing, niche marketing, and new income models like AdSense and other advertising based revenue streams are becoming more popular by the day. What makes starting a home based business on the Net so attractive and appealing?Well there are numerous benefits that appeal to a wide range of people. Everyone, from college students to retirees, stay-at-home parents to former business executives, and everyone in between is finding the Net-business model very alluring. Let’s discuss 7 major benefits of starting a home business on the Web.Seven Wonderful Benefits of Starting an Internet Business…..#1- An Unlimited Income…..Yes just about everyone would love to earn more money. It really doesn’t matter what their current situation may be, as human beings we are always seeking increase and expansion. It is in our very nature to do so. The Internet offers practically unlimited income potential for anyone. The Net makes it possible to contact and reach millions of people all around the World. When you are doing business on the Internet, you tap into an almost unlimited customer base. In very few instances in the ‘offline business world’ is this possible. And it does not require anything more than the desire and the motivation to make it happen. The opportunity for an unlimited income is essentially available to whoever is seeking it.#2- Residual, Leveraged, and Passive Incomes…..These are 3 necessary components to financial freedom and wealth. A residual income is when you can do something once and get paid for it time after time. A leverage income is when you increase your earning power by making money from the efforts of hundreds or thousands of others. And a passive income is a source of income that generates revenue whether you are actively working or not. These 3 powerful income models were formerly available to only a privileged few. However, now with the wonder Internet, home business owners can utilize these wealth building tactics from the comfort of home.#3- Low or No Startup Costs…..Starting a traditional business isn’t always an option for everyone. It takes capital, and often times a large amount of capital depending on the nature of the business. Starting an online home business is different. The startup costs of Net-businesses are dramatically lower than those of a traditional businesses. In fact, there are a number of great affiliate marketing programs that individuals can use to earn money that don’t cost a dime to start. How great is that? It is actually possible to earn money without money. This really extends the invitation to anyone seeking to earn an income from home.#4- It’s Very Convenient…..That was the problem with many old home business/network marketing programs. People were required to store a lot of merchandise, keep track of sign ups and sales, process orders, and a lot of other tedious, often inconvenient duties. The Internet has made starting a home business more convenient than ever before. You really don’t have to take care of any of the processing type duties. All you do is promote and earn. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you have all of the requirements to begin (except of course your motivation and desire.)#5- The Great Tax Benefits…..Running a business, even part time, allows you to benefit from a number of great tax benefits. This has always been one of the blessings that business owners received, and now more people can tap into that wonderful resource. Home business owners are allowed to deduct portions of their living expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities), travel expenses related to business excursions, and even wages if they pay their kids a little bit to help out. The tax benefits alone make it worthwhile for just about everyone to start a home business, even if it be only part time.#6- More Free Time…..We all wish we had more free time. Time to spend with the family, with friends, to vacation, and do all the other things that we enjoy. While most of the population spends about 30% or their time working, home business owners spend only a fraction of that. It obviously takes more time in the beginning phases of starting a home business, and you will often be putting forth effort for what seems like nothing. But it is not in vain, you are merely investing your time to create passive forms of income that, once established, will work to earn you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After a home business is fully operational, you will have a vast amount of free time to spend however you please.#7- Anyone Can Do It…..And this is really the most exciting part. All of the great benefits mentioned above are available to practically everyone. It doesn’t take a Master Degree or 20 years of experience. Once you make the decision to begin starting a home based business, you can learn everything that you need to know as you venture along. The Internet home business world does not exclude anyone. People from all walks of life have made it happen, from young kids to retirees. All it takes is the decision to start, the motivation to do it, and the commitment to see it through to the finish line.These are of course only seven of the wonderful benefits available to home business owners, but the list is sure to go on and on. Everyone has their own goals, their own reasons, and their own motivating factor to start an online business. None the less, the benefits are fantastic and worth the initial investment in time to get the ball rolling, to plant the seeds that will later produce fruits year after year. Anyone can do it, all it takes is you.

The Ordinary Bloke’s Guide to Opal Cutting and Polishing – Part 1

You’ve heard it said that the sweetest sound you can hear is the sound of your own name, and I guess that applies to everyone, even an ordinary bloke. But fancy being able to cut away at a stone which has been lying in the earth for untold thousands of years, and finding you’re very own initial inside the rock, highlighted in precious opal…. Then, as if that’s not enough, you find another one with your wife’s initial too.. Hard to believe?Well, I have the pictures and the stones to prove it! This unique opal matrix is found in the Koroit field near the town of Cunnamulla in Western Queensland, Australia.Although I have included quite a few detailed descriptions, this book on opal cutting and dealing, is not written primarily as a technical guide. I will leave that to the gemologists and the chemistry experts. It is written with the ordinary person in mind who does not really need to know a lot of technical data to learn how to cut, polish, and deal in opal.I have though, given attention to basic terms that are associated with the stone and have tried to explain their meanings in everyday language so that you don’t have to keep looking up the dictionary. The book also tackles the challenge of how to turn your hobby into a business, for, after all, there’s no point having a lot of stones decorating your workshop while the bills pile up.Working from home is the dream of many a hobbyist and with today’s revolutionary communication systems, there’s no reason why your hard work and fun in the garage cannot be turned into cash. Cash that can not only pay bills but also buy more sophisticated equipment to make your hobby even more interesting. After all, that’s just what happened to most opal cutters and dealers like myself, and if I can do it, nearly anyone can.And then there is the aspect of gift giving. How much money is poured into the giving of gifts each year? Unfortunately, the credit card bills that mount up as a result of this cause no little frustration, leading to many unhappy family relationships. But if you can create your own line of jewelry for a very low price, you can have the pleasure of making someone very happy with a new pendant, ring, or bracelet. The appreciation for gifts like this is enhanced in the knowledge that the item is a personal gift from your own creative ability, not just something bought off a shelf.

How to Make Sure a Home Based Business is Right For You

Is A Home Based Business Right For You?Sounds like a silly question right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to work from home? Well, the truth is, not everyone is cut out for this line of work.People tend to look at Home Based Businesses for only its advantages, but tend to skip over the potential pitfalls, that may come with it. For example, one of the major attractions to Working from home is the freedom that you get to do your work on your own time. There is no boss to ask for time off, or to have to deal with crazy co-workers. You essentially are your own boss.The disadvantage to this is, are you willing to take on the responsibility of being your own boss. Although you wont get “fired” from postponing your work, you will in fact hurt the productivity of your business, and ultimately your wallet. Respect your company as if you were working for someone else.Another example of why working from home is appealing, is the fact that you can spend more time with your loved ones. No need to leave early to try and beat traffic, now you have time to have breakfast with your children or spouse, BUT, we know this is a double edged sword.When working from home, sometimes the line is blurred when you are in “professional mode” or if you are in “daddy/mommy” mode.Remember to set boundaries, to prevent being one sided.You can become a workaholic and neglect your loved ones, or you could neglect your responsibility as an entrepreneur to spend time with the family. This is a line that shouldbe clear to everyone, to make sure you a running your business as efficient as possible.Understand that since you no longer are paid a salary, but instead off of your own effort, it would be wise to make all the necessary precautions to avoid these pitfalls. More than anything, your discipline will be challenged. With the temptation of comfort all around you, remember to respect yourself, your business, and your home, by allocating time for every area.Balance is key.

How to Make Money From Home Without Fail – Proven Home Based Business Tips That Work

In this article I’m going to give you a few simple tips you can use to make money from home without any big investment, leap of faith or risk. The simple truth is that there are a veritable avalanche of ways to make real money from home, and the REAL problem is often picking which ones to pursue! Continue reading as I give you the simple steps I follow when starting a new online business, and the very same ones I advise my private coaching clients to follow as well.Step 1: Pick Your PassionWith so many ways to make money from home, why not pick something you truly are passionate about? Life is short, and the greatest rewards you will get are from the things you REALLY love – so follow your bliss, and let’s move on to step 2..:-)Step 2: Find Products, Services or Offers Related to Your PassionGo to the major affiliate marketing networks and find products or services related to what you love. Sign up for affiliate accounts so you can re-sell these services on the website you will be creating in step 3..:-)(Note: The very BEST thing to sell on your site are your OWN products or services, but we are assuming, for the sake of this article, that you aren’t quite there yet!)Step 3: Create a Website Around your PassionA simple free blog using a popular open source software like WordPress is MORE than sufficient, and is what I use on ALL of my sites.Step 4: Do Your Keyword ResearchFind out WHAT people are searching for in YOUR niche, and create content around it!Step 5: Promote your site, baby!How? Write articles, press releases, link bait blog posts. Create videos branded back to your site. Write white papers and free reports on your passion! Offer an RSS subscription feed prominently on your site, an opt in form for list building, post on related forums, blogs, social networks, you NAME it…you can do it! And for FREE!Now it’s time to turn that passion loose….and have some fun!

4 Ways to Make Money With a Home Business in Your First Week

So 4 ways to make money STRAIGHT away. In your first week. With your first home business.1) Follow the instructions and actions that you are given.Now I guess here you might be thinking; well that’s obvious surely. Anyone would follow the plan and instructions the homes business gives them.However NOT so!!Of course the people who move fast do. But not everyone gets off to a fast start in their home business. And often people working from home wonder why some do and some don’t. This is one of the key things.Don’t try to re-invent the wheel and make things “better”. You can do that later. If you still feel you need to.Your home business system will work exactly as it is. So use it. Don’t mess with it that WILL slow you down. There is no way you can produce a new system or even improve on the existing one in your first week. So don’t waste time trying!2) Capitalise on and use your excitement.Too often we feel we need to know everything before we get started. Not so at all when working from home in a network marketing business. In fact it can be an advantage.So use your excitement and be honest about it. It DOESN’T matter if you don’t have a clue what you are doing yet.People actually prefer to evaluate something themselves. And you will have info to give to them. You can seriously say “here have a look at this and tell me what you think, its my first week so I’ve no idea really yet but its seriously exciting and I’ve got going straight away”.3) Use your contacts. Yes – I mean speak to the people you know! Lets imagine you have just opened a new hairdressers. What’s the quickest way you can get a client? Ask everyone you know to put the word out. Someone (not even 8 degrees of separation from you!) will want their hair cut this week, live in your area and be very glad of the recommendation.Its exactly the same when you start a network marketing home business.TELL people what you are doing. You don’t have to ask them to become a client or join. Ask them to get the word out on your behalf. The people who are interested then have a chance to come forwards.4) Create time for your home business.OK this is the last point but it could be the first. You have got to actually change your timetable immediately and create time to work your home business.Presumably before deciding to start working from home you didn’t sit around for one to two hours each night wondering what to do with your time.Something in your timetable will usually need to move. Luckily most of us (to start with) have TV time or other time we can put to MUCH better use!So get into your new routine immediately. And stick to it. The first few weeks will be hardest but getting into any new habit will need some proactive action on your part.Follow these 4 key things and in your first week in your new home business you can start to make money. It might be a couple of dollars! That depends on the business and system you choose. But whatever it is celebrate it you are on your way!

Work at Home – Is it a Fantasy Or Destiny?

Working at home is a common day dream for people who don’t like their office bound day jobs. It can manifest as a long held fantasy which doesn’t materialise for many reasons – lack of motivation, fear or enjoying job security.Working from home may not be suitable for everyone. Successful home based workers have discipline, self motivation and high level organisation skills. Before making this decision to work from home, people should assess their skills honestly, having the determination to succeed, drive and endurance to complete tasks essential. Also, working solo from home may be a lonely experience so adequate social support is a necessity.For people who do possess the skills and attributes mentioned above, working from home can provide the ideal scenario for independence and flexibility. Setting the schedule, organising days around specific events or occasions, and pacing themselves at hours which suit them can be a very liberating experience.Individuals can choose to work as a Virtual Assistant (VA), running a home based business or telecommuting. Whichever choice is made, certain skills are always required. For a start-up home business, the individual acts as their own labourer, researcher, marketer, advertising agent, book keeper amongst many other tasks. After some income growth, opportunities will arise to hire others to do some of these tasks. Start-up businesses frequently reinvest all profits back into the business for the initial 3 months or longer. For first time business owners, it can seem quite a daunting task to get started and thorough preparation and planning should be undertaken to ensure long term success. One approach which has worked for many people is to start part time, only graduating to full time on the business once the income is substantial enough to pay the business owner.An easier approach to working from home is telecommuting. If you have a particular skill like writing, programming or web based work you could continue working for a current employer while taking on other outside work. Virtual Assistants offer customer service, secretarial or administrative services to small business owners or larger companies. Relying on existing experience and skills is often a safe way to test out the waters and work from home.Many companies are realising the benefits of outsourcing work to home based workers. Compared to hiring in house employees, budget requirements are lower. Depending on the skills of the worker many opportunities abound. Although a note of caution must be raised to always check the legitimacy of job offers. Scammers often attract people looking for home based work. Be wary of any ‘job’ which requires up front investment. Legitimate jobs do not require the potential employee to pay!A person who works on continually improving their skills and looks for self-development opportunities can achieve success and fulfil their destiny by working at home. If you think that failure is a learning opportunity, you can succeed and minimise your fear of failure.So stop daydreaming and take steps toward making a rewarding lifestyle change now. Establishing your own home based business is the first step toward financial independence and security for yourself and your family.”A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it”. -Jean De La FontaineWhile most people will go through life searching for purpose and meaning, some don’t think about anything other than their day and others do nothing but dream. The harder question for most people is, how does today tie into my destiny and dreams?If you don’t take charge of your own life, who will? The answer is no one. If you want to take the first steps into controlling your destiny then start now. Help is out there to guide you, but only you can decide to make the change to your life.

Free Work From Home Jobs That Are Guaranteed to Make Money

I’ll be frank with you here: the words ‘guarantee’ and ‘make money’ have been continuously used by scammers and fraudsters online. These individuals often sell over-hyped promises that usually under-delivers. Thus, you’ll have to be very careful when encountering such words on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make money online. There really are absolutely free work from home jobs that can (most of the time) give you a very nice monthly income.Countless people are already doing it on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can make a decent living, even up to triple what they can make slogging away at work, and all from the comforts of their own home, too. Sounds too good to be true? If I were a detached individual reading this article, I would certainly agree with you hands down.The problem is I am currently earning a living on the internet, and would be lying if I said that it’s impossible to make money online. The trick is to select the type of legitimate jobs that require little or no start-up fees, little training and flexible working hours. They indeed exist and are running rampant on the internet. Let’s start with something as simple as data entry for a logistics branch of an oil and gas company. You don’t have to be an industry expert; you don’t even have to know what ‘sweet’ and ‘crude’ oil is. You just have to know which line of data goes into which box. It’s really that simple.And what if I told you that you can earn up to $50 an hour doing this? Some companies pay as you perform, meaning the more you do, the more you earn. $100 an hour is not unheard of.Now let’s say you aren’t a fan of typing. Do you speak good English? Like talking to people? Have a clear and succinct voice? Great! Airline companies and hotel chains are increasingly outsourcing their customer service and reservations departments to virtual officers and homesourced employees. This cuts a whole lot of costs for them, which means they can pay a premium for quality customer service officers. All you need to do is pick up the phone and represent the company. Training is provided and start-up costs are practically non-existent.Have a flair for writing? You can contribute content to affiliate marketing managers and companies. Write on e-zines and learn the basics of sales copy. You can go as high as a few hundred dollars a day with the right company and the right job.You’ll also need a trust-worthy source that can help to guide you along. While I can’t squeeze everything into one article, I can however, point you in the right direction. Avoid large companies that see you as a commodity – large affiliate networks or proxy organisations take a piece of the pie from their recruitment. Get advice from individuals who have been through it all and who can impart valuable advice to you. They are the ones who can open doors for you and tell you what not to do.Learn from those who have succeeded in working from home, and you’ll soon see yourself walking in the same footsteps as they are.

Home Business – Certainty Builds a Strong Foundation

Sometimes our attempts to start our own home business, or for that matter any other venture in life, never actually get off the ground. There can be many reasons for this occurring, but one that unfortunately paralyses so many of us is so insidious that we don’t notice it. It is our circle of associations. By this, I mean those who are closest to us, including our spouse, friends and family.My own personal home business very nearly did not even get off the ground. Although they meant well, the initial reactions of those closest to me almost destroyed any desire I had to pursue my dream. I assumed that because I could envision my own success so clearly, that they would be able to as well. Suddenly I had gone from feeling enthusiastic and certain of my success to feeling confused and full of self-doubt. For a while I considered walking away and forgetting about the opportunity I had found. The notion that the safe, predictable lifestyle and stable job I had were a better choice just did not feel right. Thankfully, a small part of my certainty had remained intact. I started to look at why I should believe in myself and my abilities. Taking this approach allowed a number of things to become apparent.1. Uninformed opinionsOn closer examination I realised that the majority of opinions being given to me were merely that. They were just the opinions of people. They were not statements of fact with evidence to back them up. They were plain old common everyday completely uninformed and ignorant opinions. As it turned out, most of the people who gave me their opinion had even heard of what I was looking at becoming involved with, or anything similar for that matter. As many do, they based their opinions on a lack of understanding and fear, if you don’t understand something it can’t be good, right?2. Biased evidenceThere were one or two that people that did go that extra mile and gathered some evidence to back up their opinions. Thankfully, I had also been doing my fair share of due diligence. These days there is so much information readily available for anyone who goes looking for it. Evidence can be found to support or oppose just about anything you can think of. If you search for the reasons why a home business can be hugely successful you will undoubtedly find a great deal of information to support this. Likewise, if you search for the reasons why home business ventures fail, you will also find plenty of information to support that belief. A lot of the information I found seemed to be clever sales pitches in disguise, wolves in sheep’s clothing if you like. Always look for yourself before taking the evidence presented to you by someone else too seriously. Most people are undoubtedly only going to provide you with information that supports their own opinions or beliefs.3. Keeping you at the same levelAnother reason why people sometimes try to take away your certainty is to satisfy their own need to keep you at the same ‘level’ as them. While some of your circle may welcome your success and be inspired to follow you or take action to improve their own lives, there are often those that find the change in you unsettling and possibly threatening. Unfortunately, these poor souls fear that your success will eliminate the excuses they have made for their own shortcomings. If someone from their own ‘level’ is doing something bold and different, it can make them feel like they are being left behind.4. Desire for acceptanceFinally, when it comes to certainty, we can sometimes even be our own worst enemy. In looking to make any changes in our lives we often ask for the acceptance from the people closest to us. We don’t always get it. More often than not we get the opposite and then some. We end up more confused than ever and this can cause us to go down the path of self-doubt. If the acceptance of others controls our decision making we will never truly be living our own lives. We will always be making it what other people want it to be so that we can have their acceptance.Creating certainty in your own mind that what you wish to achieve is within your capabilities is a key to success. There will always be people in this world who will try to take this certainty away from you. Some people honestly believe that they are trying to help you and then there are those who unfortunately have their own sinister reasons for wanting to squash your dreams. Building a fortress around your certainty and protecting it at all cost will see you building a solid foundation to achieve success in whatever venture you are choosing to undertake. Once I realised that it only mattered that I had certainty in myself to successfully run my own home business, making the choice was easy. I trust this information may put you on the path to finding your own certainty.

Escaping the Daily Commute by Working From Home – Why Don’t We Do it More?

In these times of rising fuel prices and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, the idea of working from home is an attractive proposition for many employees. Apart from avoiding the daily commute and reducing congestion on our crowded roads, the time that would have otherwise being spent travelling to the office can be used more productively; which in turn can improve the work life balance.In addition to the obvious comforts enjoyed by home based employees, businesses who adopt a home working strategy can benefit too. Without the need to physically accommodate staff or heat and light under-used office space, a company can reduce overheads, fulfill part of its corporate social responsibility by cutting carbon emissions end encourage a more responsible, flexible work ethic amongst its workforce.Despite its numerous advantages, why haven’t more companies embraced the idea of the ‘virtual’ office? Perhaps the staff could not cope without a background of office banter to keep them going throughout the day; or maybe managers remain skeptical of how they can track their employees’ performance if not under the watchful eye of a supervisor.It takes a certain type of person to work from home effectively and anyone who thinks that home working is an easy option should think again. Primarily they need to be methodical individuals with a self motivational attitude; able to resist the temptation to lounge around in pajamas or just run a few errands while they are ‘at home anyway’. Working from home should be approached with the same high level of professionalism, as if you were going into the office.Many existing office staff may not be able to switch easily to working from home, they may think they can’t function without the companionship of work colleagues, but there will always be those who positively welcome the opportunity to thrive while working alone. However, simply giving existing office-based staff a telephone and internet connection, then getting them to work from home efficiently, is not as easy as first imagined. Indeed this has proved quite challenging for many UK companies and a logistical nightmare for others.The key to a successful future for the virtual office is dependent on the quality of its staff and their ability to adapt to a changing environment; whereas the issue of tracking the employee’s performance can be easily overcome by using a proven call routing platform. Positive feedback from companies who outsource their call handling to home-based agents in the USA confirm that the workforce is more flexible and reliable, delivering a higher quality of service. These are the benefits many UK companies could be taking advantage of.One innovative company that has realised the potential of using solely home-based staff, is Crewe-based telemarketing and call handling service Live Agent. Their whole customer contact business model has created a ‘virtual’ call centre that is built around utilising a network of pre-selected home-based agents located throughout the UK. Agents are self employed and enjoy the flexibility of owning their own business with a steady stream of work that is financially rewarding and mentally stimulating. Simon Carter, CEO at Live Agent, says: ‘With the continuing developments in web-based communications, we know many businesses will embrace the home-working model. In addition to the fuel savings and possible ecological advantages, businesses keep their staff overheads low and agents working from home can enjoy a better work-life balance.’So, next time you’re sat in rush hour traffic or waiting for a crowded train to take you to work, just imagine how many of those commuters going to the office could enjoy working in the virtual world instead.

Five Things to Take Into Account When Planning a Home Office

A home office is a place within your home where you can sit down in comfort and concentrate on working efficiently at whatever brings the cash into your family. Yes, that is stating the obvious but it also epitomises the functions of the home office – all the keywords are there – home, comfort, concentrate, work, efficiently. If you do all those, the cash will follow. When you are planning the layout and set up of your home office, these considerations should be what drives the design. Equally, you don’t want to exceed your budget for furnishing it. Let’s look at each of those 5 elements in turn.HomeYou need a room or part of a room which has warm or cool colours, good lighting, fresh air and ideally a view out of a window which will stimulate you when you need to look away from your workstation.ComfortEverything needs to be on hand. You need a quality desk and chair if you are to work long hours.ConcentrateThe home office should not be in a thoroughfare nor in any location where there are flashing lights, loud noises or other distractions. If you have children or pets then they need to understand that access to your workstation is either forbidden or strictly controlled.WorkHave a clock on the wall and set aside the times you will start and finish. Working from home is a privilege and not a soft option. If you do not have a conventional boss to tell you off because you are late, go early or make personal calls, then you need to imagine you do.EfficiencyDesign your home office ergonomically – with your filing cabinet, desk and baskets all within easy reach. Obviously what you have will depend on the nature of your business but you should not be distracted away from your desk and chair without very good reason.Here are a few tips to keeping on top of things:Go to a used office furniture warehouse to buy your desk, chair and other paraphernalia. For the same price as a low quality new desk, you can often pick up a very high quality ‘executive’ desk – probably owned by a company whose overheads were a lot higher than yours and which no longer is in business.Get an electrician in to sort out the power points and cables. It will cost but it will be worth it when you don’t have to get down and untangle cables to clean behind them etc.If you are on a tight budget, make shelves student style with bricks and planks. Don’t buy wire baskets, use plastic trays. Make filing cabinets with plastic carry-boxes or use cardboard archive boxes. Hijack any sturdy table.Don’t over-personalise your desk – treat it like it you would if you were in corporate premises. After all, your place of work is your home office.