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Freelancing For Newbies – How to Write an Effective Portfolio

Many of you are failing in the freelancing business not because of inadequate skills, but because of a bad image. In order to be successful, you should present yourself as a leading expert in your field. For example, if you are a programmer and you want to work on programming projects as a freelancer, you have to demonstrate your skills so they can attract potential buyers.When I started, I didn’t have a portfolio. I relied only on words and that’s the main reason for my first failures. It was a real pain for me to know that I am not selected to take any projects, having in mind that I have placed over 20 bids on 20 different projects. I was disappointed and disgusted, but I decided to experiment and I took a different approach. I canceled the remaining bids, opened my favorite text editor and started to write my portfolio. It contained all of my recent works as well as an extensive list of all technologies, languages and programs which I am using on a daily basis. Then, I saved the file and uploaded it on my personal blog. Then I went to the freelancing site and placed a few more bids with the link to my portfolio inside.Amazingly, after a few hours I won my first project. After a day, I have already completed the work and requested my money from the site and after a week, I was having my first $30USD into my PayPal account. So my advice is to write a compelling and eye-catching portfolio and I guarantee you will receive many more projects by doing so. Not only you’ll look more professional and trustworthy, but the buyers will no what exactly you can do for them and what you have done before, so they will have a realistic expectations when they choose you to work for them. Yes, many times you will not be selected because, for example, a provider with better feedback has placed his / her bid on the same project or because the buyer wish to work with a provider from a chosen country or territory, but your chance of success is doubled if you have a good and professional portfolio at your disposal.

Review – Legit Online Jobs Program

I thought I’d write this Legit Online Jobs review as a way of letting people know the truth about this program. I joined nearly a year ago (and tried it for a few months) so I think I can give an honest opinion on it.First of all, it is important to remember that online jobs are very different to offline jobs. In an offline job you are working for an employer, a real company outside the home. An online job is where you work from home using your computer – you don’t have a boss, you don’t have set hours and you normally work autonomously, so you need to have the motivation to be able to work for yourself.The truth is, that you’re not going to be working for an employer – you may choose to work with different companies e.g. promoting their products etc, but you are not employed by them and there is no set wage. You work for yourself, and the amount of work you do dictates the amount you will earn.Legit Online Jobs teaches you a system that you can do from home -  a legitimate opportunity that you can use to earn an online income using just your computer and the Internet. You don’t need any prior skills and experience, and you definitely don’t need to have a degree.  However, rather than this being a ‘job’ in the offline sense, it’s actually more of a freelance opportunity.So what do you have to do to make money?Basically Legit Online Jobs is to do with online advertising – companies need people like you to type ad and post them online. They get more customers, and you get paid a commission every time one of your ads makes a sale. It’s actually very simple once you get started. 99% of money making opportunities online are a waste of time, however this is actually one that makes a lot of people a full time income.Once you join ( yep, unfortunately there’s a minimal one time membership fee), you get access to step by step video guides and image tutorials that teach you exactly what to do. You can learn at your own pace, get started as soon as you want, and you can even do it part time to supplement the income you make from your offline job. Basically, you get to become your own boss! If you follow the information given, you can’t really fail – it’s pretty foolproof.Legit Online Jobs BonusesThis program also offers some superb bonuses – like personal 1 on 1 coaching (at no extra cost), how to make money on eBay, make money taking surveys, and much more.This is not a get rich quick scheme, however, if you put some time and effort into this you will make money. Start small, and like any other business, and your earnings will grow bigger as time goes on. Whether you’re new to online work, or have already dabbled in a few programs (but haven’t made much money) this could be a good opportunity for you.In my signature is a more detailed review of Legit Online Jobs and how it can help you make money online. I just wish I’d found this program years ago before I wasted a lot of money on scams that didn’t work.

The Real Deal About Starting a Home-Based Business

From the outside, it may look like the perfect ideal that anyone wants. For example, I’ve had people tell me that I’ve got the best of both worlds; that I have a home-based business as a freelance writer and I get to be with my kids all the time. They perceive that my freelance writing career comes with no worries, there’s not much ‘running around’ to do because my home-based business is a pretty ‘straight-forward’ one and that my kids are angelic all the time.How I wish it was all true.You see, as a freelance writer with more than ten years of experience in my pocket, I dare say that anyone with a home-based business can tell you that it’s impossible to start a business, yes, even if it’s just a small home-based business, without some planning. Because there’s a certain amount of passion and emotion that you’re going to be pouring into this home-based business of yours, you’ll certainly be yanking all your hair out trying to make sure that there aren’t any loopholes and that it would run as smoothly as a yacht on a hot, sunny, cloudless day.Never truly prepared for your home-based businessAs with becoming a parent, you can never be truly prepared for your home-based business. That’s the sad truth about life, about a freelance writing career and also about your home-based business. What you’ve planned for your home-based business may not roll out the way you have planned it to roll out and along the way, you will discover that you could burn all those strategic marketing and online marketing plans that you’ve painfully drawn up without causing a dent in the way your home-based business works.But does this mean you ought not plan your business at all? That if you’re a freelance writer like me, you can start pounding on every door that you see, asking to be hired as their writer or blogger?Essential to write a marketing and business plan even for home-based businessesFar from it, I’m afraid. As unpredictable as it is, it’s still essential for home-based business owners to write out and plan their home-based business’ marketing strategy. No ship can sail without knowing where they’re heading and if you head in blindfolded, you’d better be ready for a surprise, then. It’s ‘good luck’ to you!And if you’re thinking, ‘I don’t have anyone to answer to apart from…well, myself, what’s there to worry?’ but that’s what the whole worry is about. This makes your whole home-based business a very direction-less and eventually a very messy one. And the worst thing is that one fine day, you would start comparing your own home-based business with others and realize that they’re doing much better much faster – where did you go wrong and then you remember the marketing plan that you burned.The way the home-based business works will change all the timeBut this is the way business works – you’ll need to change and revise all the time but it DOES NOT mean that you can do away with planning out your home-based business. There are consequences to think about, a back-up plan and a strategy that you can fall back on.One fine day, you will revise your home-based business, work on it, see that something’s not working, revise it, work on it, do it….well, until you feel that everything’s okie dokie.And then something goes wrong.Believe or not, this is the way the world works…this is the way your home-based business will work as well. And you’ve got to learn how to deal with this…but not without a marketing strategy and a home-based business plan.Just be ready for it.

Home Based Opportunity For Moms, Dads and Semi Retired

Home business opportunitiesA mom, anywhere in the world, tries to put her husband, her child, and her family first, before anything else. There are quite a few moms today, who would like to continue to work, but not at the cost of their family. If you are one such mom, or if you are a retired person, of even if you are someone who is completely bored with what you are doing now, and you would like to quit your job in the blink of eye to start your own home based Internet business, or perhaps start an online business involving Internet marketing, and make good money online in the process, then this article is for you. Starting a semi automated online business or a home based Internet business would allow you to do what you want to do, from your own home, at your own pace, and in your own time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?In today’s fast paced world, there are a multitude of opportunities available for a ‘home business’. Let us take a look at a few of them.Rachel says that the day she decided to quit her job, to which she was ‘extremely devoted’, she surprised her boss, as well as herself completely. After that decision, she has never had to cope with regrets of any kind, although she has had to tolerate quite a few negative comments down the line, like, “Don’t you get bored? Don’t you crave adult company? Don’t you miss your 9 to 5 job?” to which Rachel claims “I’ve never been happier with my choice!” Remember, you are not alone if you wish to start a home business; you are one among thousands of people who have opted for staying at home and working.However, you must remember a few things before you make the leap. First, sit down and analyze whether or not you would be able to bear the financial burden of starting up your online business. Draft a budget. Don’t forget; a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme is most probably a fake, and do not step into this trap. Then, maybe you could talk to someone you know who runs a similar business, and find out how difficult or easy it was for him or her. Or, you could contact certain websites which offer free advice from professionals for you. Now, draft a ‘business plan’, to include details like your financing for the business, your sales goals and what research you’ve done on your competition. You need to put in plenty of hard work and dedication, no matter where you are working from, and the growth of profits would probably be slow and gradual. Do a complete research on the type of home-based opportunity that you are interested in before you decide on what to take up. Keep in mind the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”The advantage of running an Internet business is that there is no need to pay for rental space, or to bear overhead costs. It would perhaps also offer more flexibility for you. Today, all you need is a desire for a change for the better, and you have reached half way to the top. Dedication, zest, commitment, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn are some of the other qualities that would help you to succeed at a home based business.All the best!

Can You Have Success With an Internet Based Business?

It is reported that in the next ten years, half of the American households will have a home based business. An internet based business could be the answer for those that find themselves working too hard, not making what they’re worth at their 9 to 5 job, or spending too much time away from what matters most in a persons life…family.People are starting to work from home and beginning to live life on their own terms.The Benefits Of Working From HomeSet Your Own Work ScheduleSpend More Time With FamilyHave More Time For YourselfEnjoy Becoming Your Own BossBuild Your Very Own BusinessDetermine Your Stream Of IncomeGenerate Long-term Financial SecurityA very attractive perk to a home business is no commuting. And then work from any room in your home. No set hours…making your own schedule and determine which hours you want to work. Thousands of people have started making part-time and even full-time income this way. No sales, no inventory, no limit to the income they can earn with an internet based business.If you first do your homework, and select a company that is honest, well-respected, and find a business that rewards you generously for your work at home efforts. You can then really make a great living with this type of business. Your are required to usually only need a phone, a computer, and an open mind. Yes, that’s right, an open mind!! Because you will be running your own business, on your own terms, as your own boss, earning your own income. That sounds both scary and exciting! But many people have made this work for them!

Starting a Soap Business – 5 Easy Tips

Starting a soap business is one of those rare home business opportunities that actually can work. Plus you can do it for a very small investment and make some money quickly. There are several large businesses that have grown from small scale soap making ventures. It’s possible yours could be the next. But most people who start a soap business are satisfied with making a part-time income from their hobby. If that’s you then read on.Making Great Soap.The first requirement for a small scale soap business is great soap. Many people try to sell junky looking soap that doesn’t work very well and doesn’t even smell good either. That’s a sure road to nowhere. Take the time to really learn how to make great soap that looks as good and works as well as any you can find. Use your creativity to make your products different from the competition. Ideas might be using only natural essential oils for scents or how about using organic oils? Maybe consider making milk soap.Why Buy From You?If your soap is unique to you, then you can sell that difference. The only place to get your unique product is from you. Also, tell your story. Where do you make this product? How did you start doing this? Does anyone work with you? Are there special properties to this product? What kind of service do you offer that’s better than anyone else? Make it easy to choose to buy from you.What Goes With Soap?And along with your unique soaps, are there other things you can offer? What complements your soap? It could be garden produce or maybe bulk herbs. Then it could be your own line of organic salves and balms. Combine any craft with skin care products. But don’t limit yourself to just things you can make. Anything you can buy wholesale is free game. You might make more money selling things you buy than things you make.Sell A Lot In A Hurry.To really make money you must consider efficiency. The faster you can sell your product the better. You can drive for miles making sales presentation and just sell a few bars of soap. Then maybe you can find some event where you can sell hundreds of bars of soap in just a few hours. Some craft shows are just like that. Sell hundreds of bars of soap plus other items in just a few hours. Now that’s efficient. The trick is finding how to do that and finding where to go.Follow Up.Once you have a customer, it’s much easier to sell to them than to find another customer. You have many options for selling to your customers. You can put together little catalogs or brochures using software you already have on your computer. It’s easy. People will reorder if you give them an fast way to do that. You can also mail out your catalog to your customer list. Need some money? Mail out a catalog. It’s easy once you learn how.Starting a soap business is a real chance to make a great part-time income. It’s easy to get started and takes only a small investment. Make great soap and tell your story and people will buy. Stay in touch with your customers and you can quickly build a real business.