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Turning Dreams Into Reality in Your Home Business

Once you learn to “dream big”, I don’t think that you can ever go back. Now that I have raised the standard of excellence, my desire is to be able to transfer that skill and empower others, mentoring them to success in Direct Sales. I understand now that victory is won in the head and the heart first, before any of the work is done. After sharing the stumbling blocks of my journey, I hope I leave you with belief that anything is possible!Is it possible for you? You bet it is! You will see that everything that I have done you can do too! The year after my husband Alex retired from the army, we set a goal for me to be National Queen of Personal Sales. I realized that just “surviving” does not glorify God. My belief in my business was strong enough to know that if I was disciplined enough to do the work, that the results would follow. Taking massive action, I chose not rely on my “feelings” but on the goal and the plan to achieve it. Although I was afraid, I wanted so much for Him to use my life for the purpose it was intended. When you allow Him, God opens doors. It’s incredible!It’s hard now to believe but just five short years before that, I attended Mary Kay Seminar in a wheelchair. That was an all time low in my Mary Kay career because of a severe car accident. Those were incredibly difficult times, but I never gave up hope. The times when you stumble are always times of growth. It was for me. I have learned so many lessons, but I will summarize with the most important ones.1. Make a decision with an action plan2. Discipline yourself to follow that plan 3. Focus on just a few things- Keep it simple!4. “Hitch your wagon to a star” as Mary Kay Ash would always say. That is, find someone who has already done what you aspire to do and learn from them,Your goal may not be to be Queen of anything next year, but you must have a goal. The lessons that I have learned can be applied no matter where you are in your business. The path that I have chosen last year was DEFINITELY not the easiest one, or the one most traveled, but it was my path. It was meant all along to be a stepping stone to bigger and better goals. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of setting and achieving a huge goal, you have no idea what you are missing! Find your passion and dream big. Make a decision on where you want to go this year. Map out a plan of action, and then don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decision.I pray that something that I have shared will make a difference in your business. But remember, these ideas only work when you do! My desire is that you will experience the thrill of you own personal victories.

Making Free Money at Home

This is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. Bored with the rat race of a nine-to-five job, missing my kids, I set out to find out how I could make free money at home.I stumbled upon lots of sites; all touting something, but there was just one problem. I didn’t want to have to pay anything out to begin with. I just wanted to make free money at home. I mean, really, was that really so much to ask? I didn’t think so.Every day I woke up and fired up the computer, looking through the slew of possibly-a-scam web sites, all telling me I could work at home with them, for a small fee, of course.Finally I hit on writing sites, like Triond and Associated Content. Since registration was free, I decided to try it and see what I could come up with.I’ve been writing for a couple weeks now and am already addicted to Triond, a good way to make free money at home, although it does take a couple months to get any income up. Their response time is fast, and you can keep making revenue off of the content you write, so long as it stays on the site; someone is always going to come along and read your content, even months from now, so it’s easy to get that revenue up with Triond.Associated Content is the same way, another great way to make free money at home. They operate on revenue-sharing for your content. Constant Content on the other hand, allows you to write something, and once it’s published, have it bought by various people looking for content for their web sites or magazines. The downside to this site is they can own the rights to your work and rewrite your piece, but by that time you’ve already been paid for it.Another one I like is reviewstream.com. If you like writing reviews then you’re in luck. This site pays two dollars per review they accept; otherwise you get a small percentage, sometimes only forty cents at a time. They accept reviews about books to movies to products you’ve probably already bought in the store, so you might have something to review already. They also have a board showing the latest sought-after reviews, in my thought a very handy tool. Maybe the best part about this site is you don’t have to sign up with them. You input your email address and they send your statements and all relevant emails to your address.I found loads of other sites, some asking for straight content, others listing jobs to write articles and content for blogs, but I decided to stick with these few I’d found and see what they would yield.So far I haven’t been disappointed.

Work From Home Entrepreneurs Must Have a Vehicle to Success

In order to make money from home one must need the right vehicle to success and that vehicle has to be business but not just any business. Many throw away their job and start taking control of their life by becoming an entrepreneur working from home and start draining his/her hard earn saving until it dried up and yet still not earning profit.Not all business are equal, making money requires you to have the right skills and the right vehicle. The ideal work from home business is still based on the internet. Internet has created many entrepreneurs ranging from young to old. Again not all internet business are equal, you must have right vehicle in the internet business arena.Vehicle #1: Affiliate marketing is the best known vehicle for work from home entrepreneur to make his/her first step in to the internet business world. As an affiliate marketer, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic skill and be familiar with the internet world. The required capitals are little or almost zero. It also the great ground to breed your reputation as the leader of the topics. The ultimate goal is to make use of this vehicle to promote own product.Vehicle #2: eBay eBay is well known for its huge searcher with credit card in hand ready to buy. It has about 200 millions register users. Many assume that eBay already a matured trading place which flooded with lots of seller, but statically has shown that less than 0.5% is serious eBay seller actually making consistence income. As a work from entrepreneur, start with small ticket items or unwanted items in your house to get familiar with eBay and get as much positive feedback as possible. eBay is a great vehicle to help seller or merchant to reach huge highly qualify buyers.Vehicle #3: Blog Blog has become very popular for its unlimited fresh content to the internet and it is an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers. It is great vehicle where work from home entrepreneur can utilized it to build customer base and business associate base starting from the ground by trading with valuable fresh content. It also provides lower entry barrier breaking for new comers to the market with little or no investment.Vehicle #4: Social networking is a powerful new ways to communicate and share information. Social networking websites are being used regularly by millions of people, and it now seems that social networking will be an enduring part of everyday life. It is a great vehicle for work from home entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their contact base. It can also act as a customer relationship management tool and definitely a great place to advertise your business.All these vehicle are highly effective to build a successfully and profitable business. Thousands maybe millions successfully business entrepreneurs have build their online business by utilizing these vehicle and still used it until today. The question now is how you can make use of this vehicle to your own advantage? Personally, the easiest and fastest way to adopt these vehicles is by learning from a mentor who is already successfully.

Organising Your Home Office

With so many affordable home business opportunities on the Internet these days, many young mothers are choosing to become a work at home mum. Being a home business mum ,you may need to realize that to operate a business from your house, combines work and family and they all fall under the same roof. This does not come easy because you will now need to develop a new set of rules and disciplines.Do a time management schedule so that you can prioritise your work and family and giving them both adequate amount of time. Because if you don’t do that, you may find that there are days when you have the need to answer all your e-mails first before your laundry and other days, you may feel the need to do your laundry first before working on your e-mails.In order to work productively, consider the following advise when you are setting up your home office and find a space in your home to make it a place where you can work effectively.Rule #1 – Have ample of storage and lighting. But too much or too bright may strain your eyes which makes you less productive. Have a desk lamp. Place the lamp so that is does not cause relective glare or cast shadows on your work area. Have some plants or flowers around you for added ambiance and warmth. Keep the room from getting too stuffy and have proper ventilation.Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Much has been studied and written about color and its impact on our daily lives. The color of your office or the furnitures you have plays an important role at creating a feeling when seen too. For example, red and yellow creates enthusiasm, energy and encouragement whereas blue and green, has a sense of peacefulness and harmony.Rule #2 -Keep your home office or rather yourself far away from any possible distraction like having your TV turned on right in front of you or have music playing at the background. Even noise from your kids screaming or whining can cause you to get distracted from your work. To avoid this, work out a time management schedule and plan out your day . Once you have decided on realistic and mutually agreeable hours, assign chores and even barter with your spouse to run household errands.Rule #3 -Consider how many storage units you need. A closet can be used for storing office supplies and files. Clear out all the old clutter in your home office and consider how many storage units you need. A closet can be used for storing office supplies and files. Estimate how many pens and how many stacks of A4 paper you need every time you go shopping for your stationery. Because if you don’t do that, the fuel you are paying to drive to the mall would be more expensive than your office equipment. keep the supplies you don’t need in a cupboard or drawer. Be as neat as possible. Stuff you use daily should be on your desk but stuff that you hardly use should be kept away. Just don’t clutter your table because it all adds up to an unsightly and distracting mess that could affect your work.Having a well planned and organised home office offers convenience and comfort and it might eventually make you a successful work at home mum too!

How to Make Working at Home Successful

Being self employed is the American dream. Having the added luxury of being able to work from home is especially sought after. You may have visions of being able to pick up the kids from school, help with homework, get some housework done, watch an episode of your favorite show or even grab a nap during the day. But wait a minute. When is it you are actually working from home? You may be getting a lot done but you aren’t bringing in extra income. Often people think working from home is a luxury. However, anyone who is self employed can tell you that being self employed is not a walk in the park. Most people who work from home work longer and harder than those who work for someone else. The reason is, you do not have a guaranteed salary at the end of the week to fall back on. If you do not work, you do not get paid. If you do not get paid you don’t pay your bills. It’s a never ending cycle. However, the upside to this is self employed people who work at home and are successful usually wouldn’t trade it for the world. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Most often, the harder you work, the more money you make. You can actually see the fruits of your labors in happy clients, continuing work, referrals and of course, extra income.  Plus, there are benefits to being self employed. You can take some time off and you can work when you want to. You do have time for some luxuries or to deal with an emergency without having to answer to anyone. However, it also takes a lot of planning and discipline to work from home. Take some advice from those who work from home: 
Treat it like you would a job. Have regular hours for the most part and “go to work” even if that means climbing out of bed and walking to your desk. 
Have a schedule of things that need to be accomplished for the day and work through them one at a time.
Have a dedicated office area where you can be secluded and concentrate on the job at hand.  Keep distractions to a minimum.
Make sure you have proper office equipment, a working computer and office supplies.
Be organized. File, sort, staple and keep paperwork in a handy place. Do not have things strewn about. 
Take continuing education classes in your field occasionally. This will not only help you with ideas on how to improve your business but will also get you out of the house from time to time and let you network.
Leave work at a particular time. Family life is important and often those who work at home have difficulty separating the two. Just as you would go home from the office, go “home” from your work too.
Use networking resources with other home based businesses and within your field. Go to classes, conferences and join professional organizations.

Starting a Home Based Business – Your Guide

Many individuals are looking for grants or “free money” to start their business. They may have read or heard that free money for business owners exists, and how easy it is to get hold of these monies. Some have read ads, in print or on the Web, offering them information as to where to get free grants. With these ads making it look like there is money out there for the taking, who wouldn’t dream to get a part of it?Your instincts were correct. If you dream of making a comfortable living at home the best rated home business is, in all likelihood, going to be one that allows you to work on the Web.In order to do this, you must take a long, hard look at yourself. Do you want an internet business, one you can work from home, or an online business? You want to do something that your are passionate about and you’re excited to work on every day. Trying to figure out what type of home business fits you is not always easy. Remember you need to be honest with yourself.If you are planning to quit your job in order to start a home based business, it is important that you patiently take the time to have plans in place before you quit. Too often entrepreneurial zeal will precipitate a job resignation before preparations have been fully accomplished.The important functions that should be in place before quitting the job include deciding on a business, gaining hands-on experience in the business, having adequate accounting knowledge, setting up accounting software, constructing a Web site, personally writing a business [http://affiliate-spy.blogspot.com/] plan and preparing a one year cash flow projection.

5 Real Ideas For Families to Earn Extra Money

Five Great Ideas and contact information for Income1. Wreaths of Maine: This company works with homeschooling families to let kids earn cash for Christmas. Kids can start selling wreaths as early as October and earn about $4.00 a wreath. The kids are not responsible for delivering the wreaths just getting the order. Kids learn a lot about submitting information properly, sending in orders on time etc. If you use a search engine to find the website Wreaths Of Maine their link will come up right away!2. Tutoring: IF you have a strength in some subject, or enough experience to justify charging money for helping students, then this is a fairly convenient and useful job. When I started tutoring We were living in an apartment so I willingly went to student’s homes. Later when we had kids I had the students Come to our home. My children were not very disruptive and Dad was home for the evening appointments. Originally I was able to get going because a friend was a counselor at a high school and he gave my name out. Later I placed an ad in a local paper as well as dropping off fliers at the local high schools. Nowadays you cannot count on high schools leaving the fliers out at the counseling room and so it is harder getting information to the students. It is easy to develop a simple five page website from any of the inexpensive providers. My won website has just basic information like rates and availability. I have also had business cards and simple brochures created through an easy to find inexpensive website. The fee for tutoring is a local based as well as degree based. I have a degree in Math with Secondary certification so I charge 30.00 per hour. We are quite rural here and there is less focus on higher education so less demand for tutoring. However with the plethora of National Chain tutoring services there is a demand for one on one tutoring. You can call local tutoring centers and ask what they charge before you set your fees.3. Flower Delivery You will need to contact several local florists well before (Say 3 weeks or so) a major holiday to see if they will need drivers. They will want a background check and forms filled out. Make sure you know the general layout of the cities but the florists should provide you with directions (if they do not I would try another company), IT is very helpful to have a cell phone. The companies pay anywhere from 7.00 a delivery on up. So with an efficient route you could easily make $28 and hour. WE made on average about 21 an hour. You do not get paid if you do not make the delivery so be serious about finding a neighbor with whom to leave the flowers. For this job I was responsible for driving the vehicle while the kids delivered and navigated. Then they split the non-gas earnings. They had quite a bit of fun. We still get called for holidays by our local company and depending on the kids finances we will work some of the days.4. Seasonal Fairs: This can be a family or teen experience. Different parts of the country have local long term fairs. Our renaissance fair runs nine weeks. Our eldest wanted to work there for years. Finally at age 14 he brought a resume into his favorite store before the fair ended. He asked about a job for next year. Sure enough he was hired and has worked there several years now. Eldest Daughter also dropped off a resume at age 14 to a different store She too was able to work for the 9 weeks. The job takes up their weekends but does pay about 70.00 a day. Generally they get bonuses on bigger weekends. It is a fun job for several weeks.5. Phone book Delivery: Dad found a job in the regular paper classifieds for phone book delivery. WE were assigned a certain area of say 1,000 homes We would deliver them then return for more books. We were paid about .17 per book so a few hours of work earned us 80 -100 dollars. We split the area up and used wagons etc. to deliver the books.

4 Easy Steps That Show You How to Make Money Fast From the Comfort of Your Living Room!

If you want to find ways to increase your income streams and to learn how to make money fast, below are a few steps you should consider following.Step 1: Identify Your AbilitiesThe first thing you should do before trying to decide how to make money fast is to figure out what abilities you have that might end up being valuable to others. For example, do you know how to write good product reviews? If so, you can find companies that will pay you to do this, especially if you have a blog.Step 2: Search the InternetThe key to fast money today is often on the Internet so begin searching for any opportunities that might work as legitimate income streams. For example, you might want to join sites that will pay you for completing surveys or for posting to social networking sites. Look for anything that fits your abilities.Step 3: Take Advantage of as Many as PossibleThe real key to how to make money fast is by opening up as many streams of cash as possible. That means don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, sign-up for as many of these programs as possible so you can start reaping the profits as soon as possible.Step 4: Reap the RewardsThe final step is just to sit back and join the fact that you now know how to make money fast. It’s definitely a skill that will serve you well in the future.Now go and create your profits online!