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How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Home-Based Business Opportunities

With the number of opportunities to make big profits working from home, there is good reason to be skeptical. Always take care to thoroughly research a company before investing time, money or your good name. Here’s how to protect yourself.First and foremost, use common sense. E-mails sent to you that automatically float into your spam folder should be the first clue to their authenticity. Unless you have signed up for a specific e-mail list to update you on home-based business opportunities, your best bet is to delete the e-mail without opening it. Use extra caution if there is an attachment. That attachment could very well be a virus that could take more than a subscription fee from you. No one likes a wiped hard drive.Look for legitimate home-based business opportunities online and you are barraged with websites. How can you tell which is worth your time and which is garbage? Keep an eye out for a few telltale signs.o The website makes many elaborate claims without any specific information. This is a dead giveaway that things are not as they seem. The likelihood of you making tens of thousands of dollars in a week is the same chance the pope will stop in for dinner.o Said claims are not supported by any real proof. Real proof does not include shoddily made spreadsheets of rapidly multiplying figures. This goes double if there is a jagged red line shooting into the stratosphere at the center.o Lots of ecstatic punctuation, poor spelling, excessive capitalization, mesmerizing flashing text, or really big text. This means a couple of things. First, the website was poorly designed and cheaply assembled. Second, the person running the scam behind it is betting that you are gullible and easily drawn in.o Testimonials that are way too excited. Even if someone does happen to be making a decent living from a home-based online business, it is doubtful they will scream like they’ve just won the lottery.Another thing to look out for with any business is upfront fees. If you have very little grasp of what is being offered and they immediately ask for money to get more information, then that is a red flag. You should not have to call a number that will charge high amounts per minute, such as a 900-number. Also, don’t provide your personal information to just anyone who asks for it, even if you are promised a grand opportunity in trade for your e-mail address.Once you have some notion that a company is legitimate, make sure to check them out. Contact the company for the names and contact information of people who have worked with them. Good companies will be happy to give references.Research the company with the Better Business Bureau. See if any complaints have been filed against the company or firm. This of course requires the name of the company and specific information. Always find out the full name of the company, where it is located, and if there is a larger parent company or corporation. The local state attorney general’s office can also provide information about complaints.Another website you can use for research is the National Consumer’s League Fraud Center. They post updated articles on the most recent online and telemarketing scams. Tips on avoiding business scams are updated frequently.Always be wary if you are pressured or coerced into an immediate decision in any business situation. Raise an eyebrow if someone asks you to attend a gathering regarding home-based business opportunities but won’t provide any details. Always stop and reconsider the situation if specific questions are met with resistance.

The Keys to Home Based Business Success

With the current economic downturn bordering on recession, the latest unemployment figures going through the roof, and millions of American families losing their homes to foreclosure, people are looking for a way out. They’re tired of working more and more and finding that their paychecks buy less and less. They’re tired of pouring liquid gold into their gas tanks, only to drive to work and have a boss bark at them, or discover that a co-worker has been given a pink slip and that her responsibilities are now theirs. They’re tired of the grind. They’re tired of the rat race. They want to turn over a new leaf, and – most of all – they want to achieve financial freedom. For all these reasons, thousands of people are launching their own home based business every day.But simply having your own business doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make $100K part time or $200K full time. In fact, most people who start their own home business fail miserably. Why? Because they haven’t followed the keys to success. Here they are, in a nutshell:1. Find the right opportunity. There are thousands of opportunities out there, but you have to be able to choose the best from the rest. You want to find an opportunity that is a good fit with your financial goals and with your life goals.2. Business in a box. Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy. To smooth the way, choose an opportunity that provides you with everything you need to get up and running right away. Look for a system that can basically provide you with a business in a box. All you have to do is unwrap it to get up and running.3. Focus on training. You can’t expect to engage in successful wealth creation unless you have someone show you the way. The best home business opportunities will have intensive training – some even have up to 30 training calls a week – and will provide you with mentoring and support.4. Residual income. To truly succeed, you need to choose an opportunity with an income system that includes residual income. That’s how the great online entrepreneurs have made their fortunes.5. Work at it. Too many home based business owners mistakenly believe that they can rest on their heels and watch the money roll in – without lifting a finger in effort. On the contrary, true financial success comes to those who work hard. The trick is in finding a system where you can work hard for two or three years – rather than for 20 or 30 years – in order to achieve financial freedom.6. Stay organized. When you work from home, it’s tempting to do anything but work. You may not need to set the alarm clock, but make sure that you set aside hours exclusively for work. The laundry has to wait. The grocery shopping has to wait. As a business owner, you have to put in the effort now so that you can reap the rewards.When you have the right approach, a home based business can get you out of the rat race and restore your sanity. It can also fulfill your financial dreams.

3 Ways to Make Money in a Down Economy

A lot of people I talk to are struggling in this economy. In my area in Southwest Florida there was a lot of real estate speculation where the profits were not realized and some people got in over their head. There is also the effect of fewer real estate transactions occurring which affects almost every industry. One topic on the minds of so many is how to make money in this market. There are so many ways to make money but I’d like to draw attention to three that I think are worth pursuing and actually work.One way a lot of people are making money is in brokering projects needed in the United States to companies overseas. In fact, a lot of your bigger companies do this as well. An example of this is website design, marketing plans, or logo/banner needs. Finding companies that require services and or deliverables that are willing to pay more than what you can have them done outside the United States for can have you making money just brokering the deal. This tactic is talked about in the Tim Ferriss’s book, the 4 hour workweek.A second way people are making money is participating in at-home surveys from their computer. There are a ton of different companies out there that do this; some are more lucrative than others and some you even pay money to be a member of. However, for spending time at your computer in whatever attire you wish to wear, it’s not a bad way to make a little extra money.A third way that people are legitimately making money is in referral marketing, also known as network marketing. In down economies these companies flourish and according to a company I spoke to out of Arizona, about 70 of these types of companies are formed each month in America. That’s a pretty incredible number however most of these companies never make it past year two. Some people still have the draconian “pyramid scheme” mentality that anytime you make a percentage off of other people’s efforts it has to be a scheme, but, there are so many people making money at these things that I believe that is not the majority. Warren Buffet purchased the Pampered Chef network marketing company for $400 Million; he said the reason was two words…Cash Flow. I have personally built large organizations in these types of companies and have no asterisk by where my money comes from. I really like the idea of helping others make money and getting paid in the process. In one of my organizations I have 9 people making over 6 figures in my team! If you enjoy helping other people, you could be a superstar in the right company.

Rebate Processors Jobs – Is it a Scam?

Rebate processors job are one of the hottest new work at home opportunities. Many different type of people are looking to process rebates online, process rebates from home, rebate processing work, and more.But when you think about, why not? Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their own home? Working whenever you want, for however long you want. You literally decide how much money you want to make.That is what you call the American dream.That is what rebate processors jobs give you. The freedom you want and have needed. Get out of that nasty day job that you hate. Quit having to listen to your boss that never gives you the credit you deserve.Many people are searching for work at home jobs, and every day more and more people are successful online. A large amount of those people have done this through rebate processors jobs. Once successful, they can create more income, spend time with the family, and just do whatever they want!There are many rebate processors jobs programs out there, but there is only one that I give my complete and absolute recommendation for. This rebate processing program is something I have personally used to make money from, and to this day, I am still processing rebates online.When I look for rebate processor jobs, I want to make sure that the site is legitimate and that the site I am joining has a detailed, step-by-step instructions and guidance for easy use, no matter what level of experience the customer may have.

The Five Biggest Home Business Errors

To become successful when working at home, you will really need to have help and guidance from others who have already achieved success themselves. The beauty of this approach is that by learning from their mistakes, you will get a much better start, and shorten the length of time before your home business is making good money. This is by far the biggest motivational boost you can receive.1. First of all many people start a home business on a part time basis, and therefore it is not the top priority to them. Don’t make the mistake of building your business in spurts, putting in a few days of intense effort, and then taking a few weeks off. While most home businesses are at least initially run part-time, that still means that a part of every working day must be devoted to the business.What we mean by this is they get sidetracked with their day-to-day lives and often times will go days or even weeks without doing anything to build their business. Obviously you’ll never make any money if you are not working at it on a consistent basis.2. Another mistake people make is they do not separate their home business from their personal life. The best way to do this does is to set up a separate office within your home that means when you are in it you are at work.You can convert a spare bedroom into a home office, or even just pick an area of a large room where you place your desk. Everyone should know that they are not to bother you when you’re in your home office. Once they understand this, your family will become supportive of your efforts.3. It is very important that you choose products that people have a need for and are currently spending money on. It would be futile trying to sell products to people who have no want or need for them, so don’t build your home business like that. You will have enough challenges building your home business without trying to create your own market.4. For your home business to become really successful, you will need to develop a presence online. Not utilizing the Internet to help you make money is a big mistake.Provided you take the time to learn some basic skills, the internet is a fantastic way to promote your products and your home business. It will become very important for you to take time and effort to learn the nuts and bolts of developing a home based business.5. Finally, an important area to work on is to ensure you are continually building your own mailing list to enable you to communicate with your prospects over time. Because you will be promoting online it is very important that you develop a system for collecting names and email address for future follow up.Developing long term relationships is vital, as the vast majority of visitors will not buy anything on their first visit to your site. By getting back and keeping in touch, your success rate will go up dramatically. Remember, long term relationships are the key to your business success.These are five of the top home business mistakes that we see people make every day. By applying the lessons learned in this article, your road to success will be far smoother.

5 Great Ways to Have a Home Business

This article is about home business opportunities that you can can start straight away. These are legitimate home business opportunities where you can make money from the comfort of your own home.1. Make bucket loads of money selling big ticket items. The Internet makes it possible to sell everything from Internet marketing training courses to satellite dishes and make a lot of money doing it. You can start your new home business opportunity by simply becoming an affiliate to any affiliate program.You will soon see that it is the same process that is used to sell expensive items as it is to sell the cheaper ones. The difference is you are catering to a totally different clientele and therefore need to target a specific market.2. You may be familiar with the old time network marketing companies such as Amway and Herbalife. Today there’s a huge opportunity to work from home and make money in network marketing.What makes this easier today than in the past is using the Internet to build your business. You can have a worldwide business in a matter of days where in the past that would have been virtually unheard of.3. Blogging presents a great opportunity to make money online today, because you can monetize your blog in so many different ways. Using your blog to sell products makes sense because the people that are visiting your blog trust you based on what you have been writing.4. Become an article writer and get rich on line too. There are people earning a six figure income writing from the comfort of their own home. They write everything from press releases, blog articles, sales copy, website articles, posting in discussion forums, posting blog comments, and on and on we can go.Because the Internet is utilized to research information there is a huge need for writers to provide that information. If you like to write this is a great home business opportunity.5. Another interesting home business opportunity is to start your own website and sell private label right products. These are rights that are given to you to sell the products as though they are your own.If you learn how to customize these and make them more unique, it will definitely help. This makes a great home business opportunity because you get to keep 100% of the profits on these types of products.Here are 5 of the best home business opportunities and ways to make money online at home. There’s no reason why you cannot do one or more of these to make as much money as you want.

Making Money Online – Tips For Selecting the Right Opportunity

There is no guaranteed system to make money online. It is important for those that are new to the game of making money online to understand the urgency of selecting a safe business opportunity. When I say safe what I am referring to is a program that offers the following.1. 100% money back guarantee: If the program stands behind its claims and is so sure that the program if followed properly will make its members money, then they should have no problem offering a 100% money back guarantee. Stay away from programs that do not offer a guarantee, I do not know about you but when I see that, it tells me that the program does not believe in what it is offering.2. Customer support: Were all going to have question and that is why it is a must for the program to have a customer support system. How can someone be successful if there is no one to take your questions, so make sure that you ask before you purchase into a program as to if the program will have a customer support system or mentor system.3. No additional fees: Make sure you ask upfront if there will be any additional fees to run the business. The last thing you need is to find out you will have a $150.00 per month membership fee, so make sure to ask.Choosing a legitimate online business opportunity is the first step to making money online, so make sure to do your research before entering into a system. Also make sure to be realistic as to your time constraints, we all have responsibilities, not all of us can quit our jobs and devote 100% of our time to our online activities. Believe me, this is something that I have first hand experience with. Early in my online money making days, I purchased a great wholesale supplier website. It had over a thousand repeat customers, but the problem was I had to consistently update the product line. Each day I had to add and cancel the different products, in addition I was answering emails and taking phone calls through out the day, this was a problem because It took about 4 hours a day to run the business successfully, so make sure that you ask how much time must be committed to run the program successfully, I say no more the two hours a day.If you can get into a program that fits your interest then that would be a huge plus, it is not always a requirement but it helps to have a hobby or passion for something that you can make money on, its much easier to get excited about. Making good money online is possible, but you must select the right opportunity and equally as important you must have patience, it will not happen overnight.