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Preparing Yourself to Handle Your Home Based Internet Marketing Business

So you have all the energy to work, all the desire to get yourself a lot of money, and a wish to enjoy yourself in the process. You have your friends telling you that your promotions sense will make you a million dollars, your family urging you to take your organizing and advertising abilities to the commercial arena, and your gut reaction saying that your talents are getting wasted in the workplace. You are ready for a home based Internet marketing business – but are you ready for the stress that comes along with it?The key to running any home based business is to remember that you are in a business: the most common mistake that a lot of home based business owners make is to take a lot of things for granted, and to live off the initial comfort and convenience that a home based business brings. This is the worst mistake that anyone in the business world can make, and you will need to behave as though you were truly in the business arena, as though you were truly in a corporation and had the future of the company in your hands. What should your mindset be like? First, you need to remember that Internet marketing is like marketing in the outside world in many aspects.You need to be aware of what your market wants and needs: this means that you will have to be vigilant about trends, and you cannot afford to make a shot in the dark by simply spamming people or going through forum after forum, blindly posting your advertisements for all and sundry to see (and be annoyed at). You have to see where your Internet market is hanging out, and you need to speak its language. Believe it or not, many of the best home based business ideas were wasted on faulty marketing that took advantage of the anonymity and speedy communication of the Internet – and promptly failed. If you want to start a business from home, especially one involving Internet marketing, you will need to remember that you are talking to people online – not email readers, not invisible or non-human software, but people who have needs and wants. This means that all the communication that you do should be directed to people; this also implies that the most successful Internet marketing efforts are those that make people feel special and those that make people feel that they are reading something directly addressing their needs. This may mean a lot more attention on your part: you will need to brace yourself for endless nights spent scouring Internet forums for topics related to the client that you are serving, or for nights spent doing marketing analysis of the hangouts of your target market. Many successful home businesses are sustained through constant Internet marketing – however, this does not mean that you should bombard your favorite Internet forum with constant posts about your client, and neither does it mean that you should keep on sending out emails to your target markets.As much as you should brace yourself for a lot of work, you should also exercise patience and restraint. As you may well know, marketing is all about timing: preparing for your Internet marketing stint will mean that you should also find a system that will give you prompts as to when you should start marketing, when you should keep on sustaining your message and how often you should make it, and how you should go about your marketing.The best home based business opportunities for marketing are online, so this means that you should do your research, and you can do your research. All you need to do is to either look at sites that will allow you to do Internet marketing as a sort of “franchise,” or you can look at Internet marketing sites and see what makes them tick. This will allow you to make better judgment regarding what you should do as an Internet marketer: what language you should use, who you should be working with, what your website should look like, and how your workload may look like.These are only a few tips for you to consider as you start thinking about how to build your Internet marketing business. Remember, you need to keep a corporate mindset even if you are outside the corporate arena, and you need to treat Internet users as people. In this manner, you can get a lot of clients, not to mention a lot of money from your Internet marketing efforts at home.

Earn Extra Income Right at Home

Many Americans want to earn extra income; the problem is that many of them do not know how to do so. Fortunately, the advent of the internet and the pervasiveness of personal computers have made it easy for Americans to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes.But many skeptics wonder if it is possible to make money online. Specifically, they wonder if non-retail online avenues of revenue generation really work.Online retail is an established form of income generation. Many dot.com giants were built on the concept of online retail. eBay and Amazon.com are considered the darlings of online retail. But you don’t have to be a corporate giant in order to make money online.One way you can make money online is by selling unwanted items on eBay or Amazon.com. Old books, unwanted gifts, old toys and unwanted clothing are some of the items you can sell online. Selling unwanted items online is a great way to clean you house and make some money.If you do not want to go through the hassle of selling physical products, you could become an affiliate partner and sell digital products online. These products are typically online e-books or software. Selling digital products requires a great deal of effort during initial start up, but once you set up your affiliate website, subsequent maintenance will require less effort.By becoming an affiliate, you receive commissions on sales you make. There are many different types and varieties of affiliate products and the rate of commission can vary. But commissions typically range from 30% to 70%. Becoming an affiliate can be very exciting and rewarding.However, if you want to earn extra income quickly you may want to participate in online surveys. There are online marketing research companies who are looking for consumers who are willing to participate in online surveys. In return, participants are paid for each survey they complete.Unfortunately, it can be easy to deplete the amount of surveys available to you, hence reducing your income-generating opportunities. The amount of market research being done at any point of time is extremely finite, and the demand for new research may not replenish the old quickly enough. There are also many disingenuous companies who masquerade as online marketing research. Before you join one of these ‘programs’, it is important to conduct some research and find a legitimate company that has made proven payouts.If you would like to earn extra income, you can consider some of these simple, yet effective ways of creating instant revenue. There are many ways you can use technology to make extra money. But technology not only allows you to earn extra income, it also allows you to do so in the comfort of your own home. But before you begin, it is always prudent to conduct the appropriate research. Try to consult a relevant guide or document if possible. So the next time you’re at home with nothing to do, switch on your computer and start making some extra money.

Make Money Writing – 5 Tips to Double and Triple Your Income FAST

Want to make more money writing? Once you’ve made your first few dollars from selling your writing, doubling and tripling your income within months should be your goal. Here’s how to do it.This process works. It’s a process I created for myself, and refined for my writing students. It’s worked for others, and it will work for you.Doubling and tripling your income depends on a process of writing faster, and writing more.Just make sure you follow every one of these tips.1. Use Index Cards: Chunk Your Writing Into Half-Hour SegmentsA few years ago I made a mistake; I forgot about a couple of projects, and over-booked myself. Not only did I have magazine and copywriting projects to complete within one month, I also had a book project too.Then I remembered a psychologist’s advice about procrastination: chunking. Chunking essentially means dividing projects into segments, and not working on any segment for longer than 15 minutes to half an hour.So I created ten chunks. I got a stack of index cards, and wrote a project name on the top of each one. The book got several cards.As I worked, I wrote the date and time on each project’s index card. I worked half an hour on each, with a ten minute break. Once I completed one round of the cards, I started the next round.I was amazed at the increase in my writing speed. Not only was I writing faster, but I was more relaxed too because I felt in complete control.2. Close Your Office DoorYou need privacy to write so you can concentrate. If you don’t have an office door, get some headphones and listen to music. You’re spending just half an hour at a time on any one project, and this means it’s easier to focus. However, you do need to shut out distractions.3. Commit to Yourself, and to Having Fun With What You DoIncreasing your income from your writing is easy once you commit to it. Making a commitment just means deciding that you’ll do it. Yes – deciding.Have fun with this. I create little games with myself, like trying to increase my word count on a project by a set number of words per half hour.4. Realize You’re an OriginalWhen you write more, you’ll improve your writing skill. I know many writers who never complete a project because they want to “write well”. They’re so focused on the end result that they never realize that writing well is a multi-step process.5. Writing is a Process: Plan, Draft and WriteWriting is a four-step process: planning, drafting, writing and revision.Plan your writing first. Create an outline, or a mind map.Next, write a draft by writing as quickly as you can, leaving “XXX” where you need more information. When drafting, just keep going – write whatever comes into your head. Drafting is the writer’s equivalent to an artist’s sketching. Drafting eliminates the “blank page” syndrome which scares writers.Once you’ve created a draft, create another outline, and fill in the XXX notations in your draft. Now write from that new outline, incorporating your draft. You’ll delete much of your draft, but your writing will go quickly, because you know what you want to say.Finally, revise – reword, reorganize, check your grammar and word choices.

Getting Your Home Business Financed

Businesses without funds exist only in minds. A brilliant idea is equal to zero without sufficient funds in hands. It is always a more satisfying feeling to start and fell short than dreaming of success all the time and never actually starting. Biggest obstacle for these potential startups is the lack of finance. If some unique idea has sparked into your mind and you are ready to give it a try then start with preparing a business plan and assigning costs, this will give you an idea on how much finance you need for this business. Next step is to decide your source of finance.Commercial Banks:Commercial banks are a good source of business loans when it comes to businesses that already exist. However, the chances that they will grant you a business loan for starting a business are quite dim. Nevertheless you can go for personal loan (sometimes even business loan) if your credit history is good. If you are able to present your business plan smartly and ensure them that you have got the experience and skills needed to turn it into a success, you will most probably get your loan application approved.Venture capitalist & Traditional lenders:Some investors want much more than what financial markets, securities or bonds have to offer. They are ready to take risk, when they see the chances that some investment can bring much more profits than any other investment alternative. Venture capitalists lend funds to small business startups, it’s up to you that how do you convince and lure these lenders into funding your business.Government financing Small Businesses:Another resort to get your home business financed is going to the small business administrations and development authorities of your country. These authorities and administrative bodies often provide small business loans to get started. They are keen to help small businesses because this industry can contribute a lot in the overall GDP and economy of the country. You can either choose debt financing or equity financing.Personal Family & Friends:Some online businesses really don’t need a lot of investment to get started. You can start with an initial setup of PC, telephone or fax machine placed in a small room. Some people will find it hard to borrow from their family members or friends but this is indeed a realistic option. You don’t have to go into formalities, just discuss your business plan and enthusiasm with the person (ideally your parents) and if he/she is convinced, you’ll be having cash in your hands instantly.Additional resources:Credit cards can be another option, although not good for long term financing. Other sources are finance companies and mergers. But the problem with these alternatives is that you are not totally independent in your business decisions, which actually spoils the charm of running your own business.

Freelancing For Newbies – How to Write an Effective Portfolio

Many of you are failing in the freelancing business not because of inadequate skills, but because of a bad image. In order to be successful, you should present yourself as a leading expert in your field. For example, if you are a programmer and you want to work on programming projects as a freelancer, you have to demonstrate your skills so they can attract potential buyers.When I started, I didn’t have a portfolio. I relied only on words and that’s the main reason for my first failures. It was a real pain for me to know that I am not selected to take any projects, having in mind that I have placed over 20 bids on 20 different projects. I was disappointed and disgusted, but I decided to experiment and I took a different approach. I canceled the remaining bids, opened my favorite text editor and started to write my portfolio. It contained all of my recent works as well as an extensive list of all technologies, languages and programs which I am using on a daily basis. Then, I saved the file and uploaded it on my personal blog. Then I went to the freelancing site and placed a few more bids with the link to my portfolio inside.Amazingly, after a few hours I won my first project. After a day, I have already completed the work and requested my money from the site and after a week, I was having my first $30USD into my PayPal account. So my advice is to write a compelling and eye-catching portfolio and I guarantee you will receive many more projects by doing so. Not only you’ll look more professional and trustworthy, but the buyers will no what exactly you can do for them and what you have done before, so they will have a realistic expectations when they choose you to work for them. Yes, many times you will not be selected because, for example, a provider with better feedback has placed his / her bid on the same project or because the buyer wish to work with a provider from a chosen country or territory, but your chance of success is doubled if you have a good and professional portfolio at your disposal.

Are Home Typing Jobs a Scam?

I’m sure you’ve come across these ads – “Home Typists needed”, “Data Entry Jobs”, “Make $200 a Day”, “Get Paid to Fill Forms”, “Make $1000 a Day”. The typical question I hear is “Are Home Typing Jobs a Scam?”. Read this article and I will tell you exactly what home typing jobs are really all about.Home typing jobs are one of the most well known ways to earn money online. It is a real basic process which doesn’t take any specific skills to succeed. It mainly involves placing ads online for the purpose of generating sales for a specific company. Most companies are very generous in their pay which is usually from 50%-75% of their profit. So for instance, if you were to generate a sale by placing an ad for $49.95 you would receive about $34 from that sale. This can add up to quite a bit of money when you are generating multiple sales on a daily basis. There are several home typing companies out there that train you for this. They will write your ads and supply all the tools and resources needed along with step by step training and top marketing tips used by most internet gurus. Even though the word “sales” is mentioned, the home typists do not actually do any selling. They are simply instructed to place ads into the ad forms for pay. The companies handle all of the tech support, sales, delivery and so forth so it is a win win situation.So the answer to your question is no. Home typing jobs are not a scam. I have noticed too many people are labeling them as such. I believe this is only due to the lack of knowledge regarding this type of work. This was also started by people who have joined similar programs and either didn’t receive the proper training and support or they just did not follow through with the program. As with any online endeavor, it takes some work to become successful.Some Tips on Finding a Good Home Typing Job -1 – The most important thing is making sure the company you choose is going to offer sufficient training and support. Sending them an email with some specific questions would be a great way to see what kind of help you are going to get.2 – Run a search with the BBB to see if the company has any prior complaints or unresolved issues.3 – You can also run a basic Google search on the company name to check for unhappy customer comments.I personally do this type of work myself and have been very successful with it. Unfortunately I did not have anyone to help me choose a company when I first started so I blew a lot of money trying different programs. I won’t name any names but I was very disappointed with the little to no help I received with most. The program I work with now is exceptional and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. So if your looking for a reliable home typing and data entry company just check out my resource box below.

Is it Possible to Turn a Hobby Into a Top Home Business?

You’ve been looking at a huge range of home businesses, and you’ve no idea of where to start. The first step is to narrow down the range of options.Most people who decide to start a home business, do so with the idea of making some extra cash initially, and with a secondary hope that they might be able to go full-time eventually. Let us examine some of the options available, to put an element of logic into the decision-making process.Perhaps the first question is whether you already have some idea of what you’d like to do, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps the obvious place to start is to look at something that you enjoy doing. It is possible to turn an interest or a hobby into a business.You may have a special interest in arts and crafts, and it would be possible to make goods for sale, possibly from a website. There are some unfortunate limitations, imposed by the time it would take you to produce an article for sale, and the relationship between this and a realistic selling price for the article. In some ways this type of business would be best operated from a small shop, where interested customers can see and touch the merchandise. You can possibly begin by putting products on display at a craft fair, to enable you to build up a potential client base.Provided you only want to make some extra income, you can do this, provided you have suitable premises for displaying your products. These products are mainly impulse purchases, in that someone seeing an attractive article will buy it on the spur of the moment. It’s not easy to make a full-time income from these products.Some skills in carpentry could be turned into a source of income, by making special items of furniture, or hand-making built-in cupboards for bedrooms. You would need to do some careful research into costs versus realistic selling prices, in order to see if your products would be commercially viable. A marketing strategy would be essential, as you’d need to advertise your products to find potential customers. If you were to start something like this off on a part-time basis, you could then build up a client-base over time, while you manufacture your products, working evenings and weekends.If you’re fortunate to have bookkeeping experience online jobs are readily available doing part-time bookkeeping. You can work with clients by fax and e-mail. There are numerous opportunities on the internet for this type of work, and one only has to look carefully to select the best opportunity for your skills and interests.You can easily go into data collection, provided you have a computer with access to the internet. These jobs lend themselves to working from home, and it is only necessary to work out the volume of typing needed to make a living, before venturing into one of these opportunities. Do your research carefully to be sure that this is a viable business possibility.You’ll be limited by the volume of products you can produce in the time you have available. Remember there’s only one of you, and the only way to make more money is by spending more time working. Be careful that you don’t end up working even longer hours at home than you might have done in an ordinary day job!In our next discussion along this theme, we’ll look at other options which allow you to leverage your time, by enlisting others to work with you.

Work From Home Part Time

The internet has spawned a new category in part time job searches. The work from home category has taken the workforce by storm.There are plenty of ways to work from home and make a nice income without losing the security of your 9-5 job (unless you are like me and love the freedom and excitement of working from home). There are many work at home jobs that are legitimate that one should consider when looking for a part time income from home. The following are just a handful of work from home jobs that can bring in some extra income data entry; document coding; virtual assistants; legal transcription, customer service reps, freelance writers, proofreaders, editors, translators, telemarketers and online tutors. There are plenty of places to find these work from home jobs. Here is a list of places to begin your search; Craiglist.org, monster.com, elance.com (best site for work at home freelancers) and most job search engines will have work from home (telecommuting) categories.Working from home has its ups and downs. The hardest thing that I have found is keeping diligent to your schedule. Treat it like a real job, work the hours that you have set and don’t let your self get distracted. The other thing you have to keep track of is your taxes. You need to have a W-9 filled out for every company that you do work for that you will make more than $600 from. Remember this, you can write off all expenses related to your home based business. Write off you internet access, your printer cartridges and printing paper. If you have to drive to a clients business you should track the mileage and if you take a lunch break you will need to get a receipt. One of the major pluses from working at home is the fact that you get what you put in. The harder you work the more money you make. Your income is solely based on the effort you put in. Not like working for someone else where you work your butt of and the company goes bankrupt and you are out a job.My recommendation is to keep your day job and work at home part time until you day job is supplementing your work at home business. If you need more information about work at home jobs please go to Google and type in “work from home”. There are thousands of websites that are catered to working from home.Good luck and keep at it

Your Digital Camera Job is Waiting!

There are several ways you can get paid to take pictures. No, you don’t have to be a photography expert, nor do you have to be a technical genius. All you need is a digital camera, and the willingness to put your services up for sale! This can be a boon to stay at home moms looking for supplemental income.Banks and lending institutions need people willing to run around and photograph property for them for various reasons. These digital camera jobs typically pay out starting between $10 and $25 per photo, and can go way up from there, depending on the location of the property, the number of photos needed and the urgency of the project.Banks typically need photos of property that is being appraised due to financing, refinancing or foreclosure. The appraisal generally requires one or more photographs of the property in question. Possible assignments could include photographing houses, cars, RVs, boats or motorcycles. All you have to do is go to the specified location and take the photo.You generally don’t have to enter the property to take the required pictures, nor will you have to have any contact with owners or residents. Just point and shoot, check the picture to verify it is clear and meets customer specifications, and be on your way! You could possibly do several field assignments a day, and make some very decent money.One good thing about this type of work is that you can work for several different institutions at once and try to plan your jobs to yield a profitable trip that makes the most of your gas costs. You can get certified as a notary as well, and make extra money on the road, getting paid to take pictures at one location and notarize a document a mile away!Another plus is your ability to work more or less your own hours, and to pack your children along on the job. For a stay at home mom, either one of these conditions would make digital camera jobs attractive – combined, it’s a win-win situation. You can even plan trips for when your baby is fussy – If you are going to be driving around town to get them to sleep, you may as well be getting paid for it!If you want to get paid for taking pictures, you should shoot and print some examples first, so that your prospective customers can see that you know not to put your thumb over the lens! Then offer your wares on a trial basis, charging just enough on your first job to cover your operating costs. Once the banks know they can count on you, you will start being the first person they call.Once you have some steady clients built up, you can expand into other digital camera jobs, such as stock photography or getting paid to take pictures for mystery shopping companies. There is really no limit to the possibilities when it comes to making money with your camera!

A Mom With 2 Kids and 2 Full Time Jobs – Part 1 of 2

I am a happily married woman with 2 great kids and 2 full time jobs. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is not out there pushing me to work, work, work. That is my fault. I have a wonderful husband who also works full time and then some.I have 2 full time jobs, 3 if you want to count being a mother, because I am working to pay bills, and I am also working at home on the internet getting several businesses running there. Talk about a tough thing. My biggest dream in life is to have a new home and be able to eventually spend time with my family and do a lot of things together. So, until my businesses are up and running, I have 2-3 jobs.You are probably asking, why is she telling me this? Well, I am just letting you know because I know there are several other people out there who are also going through a tough time and who may be struggling to make ends meet. Which leads me to the purpose of this article.I soon plan to quit my 1st job, because I know that the internet businesses are going to meet and exceed my needs. Which will give me the free time I need for my family.I have come across a lot of entrepreneurs who have the same thing in common. They have the belief that they will succeed. So there must be something in that.Have you ever heard of The Secret? It is a book written by a woman who was going through a rough time and her child gave her a book which changed her life. She even has a movie about it on the net. Anyway, it explains what The Secret is, and it falls in line with what I have heard other entrepreneurs say. You must have the complete belief that you will succeed, that you will become wealthy, that you will have what you deserve. If you do not have a complete faith that it will happen, then it will not.Don’t get me wrong, I have a total belief in God, but He did give man the ability to think for himself and create his reality. So why isn’t man using it?