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Data Entry at Home – The Four Signs of a Scam

Whether you know it or not, chances are that you may have been scammed or know someone who has been scammed by a data entry at home position. An example is that of someone sending you an email claiming that there are rebates positions available. Emails that claim that there are typing positions with a company that you have never heard of. These are really cool customers and you need to use common sense when dealing with them.If It Is Too Good To Be True, Then It Usually Is!One of the easiest ways to be marked for a scam is to open your email and click on a link that promises you a data entry at home position. The trouble is, you have to pay a small “shipping fee” and they ask you for your credit card. Don’t even go there. Leave that site without entering any of your personal information or credit card information. This is one of the oldest scams in the book today. They can make you believe that you are King Tut, if you let them. Use common sense when dealing with these types of people.They Promise You an Exorbitant Sum Will Come Your Way By Working For Them.During those times when you are searching for a data entry at home position, you tend to be blinded by the promise of excellent income your first week. Run away folks! No one makes that kind of money especially during their first week on the job. Eliminate any contact with this type of person or group. They can promise you the moon with all their slick talk, but they in truth cannot deliver on their empty promises. This is just to build your confidence and suck you into smoke and mirrors causing you to lose not only money but wasted time as well.They Want Personal Information.Another data entry at home helpful tip to look for is that they want personal information such as a credit card or checking account. This is a sure way to clean you out. Do not send any information to them at all. Once they have access to this information, your accounts are as good as toast. They will clean them out and run out of town like a night bandit. This can also lead to identity theft. SO Beware. You have been warned!No Telephone NumberWhen looking at data entry at home, bear in mind that some ads don’t have phone numbers. It is one sign of a scammer, or if it does have a phone number, you can’t talk to anyone on it. It just has an answering machine. This is one sign that you have been scammed by someone of ill repute. Another sign is evasive answers when you try and pin them down for things such as payment and things of that nature. Always check references and remember… when in doubt, DON’T!

Home Business Tips – A Primer in Organization

You know what one of the most difficult things is about starting your own home business? It’s getting organized. Sometimes just weeding through all the things that you need to do on a daily basis is enough to drive you to drink. I don’t know what your to do list looks like but mine reads like War and Peace. It’s not pretty. The key, however, is to organize your day so that you get the most out of it. In this article, I’m going to give you some organizational tips that should have your day running like clockwork.For one thing, I mentioned my to do list. Do you even have one? Well, if not…make one. I’m serious. Don’t rely on your memory. As I get older, I find that my memory is not what it used to be. Don’t let pride get in your way. Write it down. I make my to do list the night before, so that when I get up in the morning, it’s all ready for me and all I have to do is just get right to work. Saves me a lot of time.What you want to do with your list is organize it according to priorities. You want to put the things that are most important at the top of your list and do them first. The obvious reason is because they are the most important things. But there is another reason, and it’s something many home business owners don’t think about. See, as the day goes on, you begin to get tired. Eventually, your production either slows down, gets sloppy, or you just don’t feel like working any longer. Happens to me too and I’ve been at this for over five years now. So get the important stuff done first, just in case you decide to take the evening off.Another thing you want to do is organize your computer. Windows Explorer is a great little tool. What I do is make separate folders for each business I run. And then, in each folder, I make separate sub folders. For example, with my article writing business, I have a folder for articles, a folder for my sales page, a folder for my products and so on. That way, I have no problem finding what it is I’m looking for. Trust me, as you build your business, you will find that things pile up and it gets harder and harder to find stuff if you don’t have it organized properly.If you do these simple things, you’ll find that you’ll get more done in your day than you normally would.To YOUR Success,Steven Wagenheim

Freelance Technical Writing As a Home Business

Imagine the possibility of earning a full-time income from freelance technical writing. It’s not a far-fetched and elusive dream, but a very real possibility for dedicated and hard-working individuals. Are you ready to take up the challenges in freelance writer jobs?As a freelance technical writer, there are many specializations available for you to try out. If you are interested in computer technology, you can write hardware and software user manuals, online help tutorials or how-to articles. Likewise, you can take up writing assembly instructions for toys and appliances, business procedure manuals, training manuals, educational courses and much more. When you accept freelance writer jobs, you don’t need to be an expert in a specific field, although it would be advantageous. Freelance technical writing isn’t necessarily a job for a “technical person.”If you are thinking about starting a home business by accepting freelance writer jobs, learning a few basic details about operating a home business will be useful. The most important thing to start with is self-motivation. Many home businesses fail because the business owner’s enthusiasm at the beginning doesn’t continue when the work load gets heavy. Invest in a reliable and technologically up-to-date computer and it’s best if you have broadband internet access. Your next step should be finding clients. While it’s easier said than done, don’t be disheartened if you are not able to get projects in the beginning. Most businesses don’t become hugely successful until after six months or more.Search the internet for freelance project boards. Check each website’s credentials and authenticity before you create an account and start bidding on projects. Do some research on the acceptable project fees for different freelance writer jobs. Some jobs pay very well, while others don’t and freelance technical writing project prices can vary from client to client. Define a good price structure prior to your hunt for freelance writer jobs and stick to it. Accept projects you are certain you can finish. Never miss a deadline, even if you have to work all night. Building up a business is not a walk in the park and you will need to work hard to become a successful entrepreneur.

Starting a Home Photography Business is an Easy Way to Make Money

Looking for a way to make money from home? Starting a home photography business is a great way to earn a good profit, especially if you are experienced. Perhaps taking pictures is a hobby? Turn it into a money making business for yourself!Maybe you don’t have any idea how to start making money from home with your camera. You will find plenty of ideas in this article, and hopefully it will give you some insight as to how to start your own home photography business. I hope it helps, and here are some ideas.Do you own a digital camera? There is a way to earn good money by simply using your digital camera and an internet connection! You may never have heard of this, but you can submit photos online and make money from home. Here’s how it works.Online companies such as lending, financial and real estate companies need photos of properties in your area for their online customers. It costs them a big some of money to send someone in to take these pictures. You take the pictures of the land, autos, homes, etc. that they need, submit them online and get paid! This is one way to start your own home based photography business.Of course, you can always take the traditional path and photograph weddings, parties, sporting events, etc. This is another way you can profit from your photography skills. There are plans you need to make before you ever start, though. Setting up your plan will insure your success.Will you start your business in your home, or in a shop in your area? Also, be sure to check out your competition for prices. This is extremely important for you to be successful. What will your marketing methods be? You will need business cards and perhaps some flyers. Putting an ad in your local phone book is also extremely effective if you can afford it.Ready to make money from home using your favorite hobby? Start a home photography business and leave the 9 to 5 behind! To find out all you need to know to get started, visit the links below!

Home Based Business Tips – Nothing Wrong With Taking Shortcuts

Why do people insist on making things hard for themselves? I just finished writing an article on how affiliate marketers do this but home business owners are doing this as well. Seems like the whole world is hell bent on trying to make things a royal pain in the backside for themselves. Well, if you’re one of them, you might want to read this article. You’ll find out exactly what you’re up against when starting a home business.For starters, you have to find a niche for yourself. This isn’t always easy to do. After all, there are a million things out there that you can do. Trying to narrow it down to just one can be a very difficult task. And what if you choose wrong? What if the niche you pick has no demand? Then what? All the hard work that you will have put in after this will have been for nothing. Not a pleasant thought.Then, after you pick your niche, you have to create your product or service. You are going to sell something, right? Well, you have to research exactly what it is that this niche is looking for. You can’t sell something that people don’t want. So this step is critical. The actual product creation process can take weeks, if not months. I know that one package I created took me a whole year. Granted, it was 1700 pages long, but still. That was a very long time out of my life.Then of course you’ve got your sales pages, web pages and all that other nonsense that goes with it. You’re going to want to create a squeeze page to collect opt ins. After all, building a list is critical to running a successful home based business.And I haven’t even scratched the surface here. The point I’m trying to make here is this. There is nothing wrong with taking shortcuts. In my signature you can get more info on how to do this. Nobody is going to think less of you if you do.I know I certainly won’t.To YOUR Success,Steven Wagenheim

How to Make Working at Home Successful

Being self employed is the American dream. Having the added luxury of being able to work from home is especially sought after. You may have visions of being able to pick up the kids from school, help with homework, get some housework done, watch an episode of your favorite show or even grab a nap during the day. But wait a minute. When is it you are actually working from home? You may be getting a lot done but you aren’t bringing in extra income. Often people think working from home is a luxury. However, anyone who is self employed can tell you that being self employed is not a walk in the park. Most people who work from home work longer and harder than those who work for someone else. The reason is, you do not have a guaranteed salary at the end of the week to fall back on. If you do not work, you do not get paid. If you do not get paid you don’t pay your bills. It’s a never ending cycle. However, the upside to this is self employed people who work at home and are successful usually wouldn’t trade it for the world. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Most often, the harder you work, the more money you make. You can actually see the fruits of your labors in happy clients, continuing work, referrals and of course, extra income.  Plus, there are benefits to being self employed. You can take some time off and you can work when you want to. You do have time for some luxuries or to deal with an emergency without having to answer to anyone. However, it also takes a lot of planning and discipline to work from home. Take some advice from those who work from home: 
Treat it like you would a job. Have regular hours for the most part and “go to work” even if that means climbing out of bed and walking to your desk. 
Have a schedule of things that need to be accomplished for the day and work through them one at a time.
Have a dedicated office area where you can be secluded and concentrate on the job at hand.  Keep distractions to a minimum.
Make sure you have proper office equipment, a working computer and office supplies.
Be organized. File, sort, staple and keep paperwork in a handy place. Do not have things strewn about. 
Take continuing education classes in your field occasionally. This will not only help you with ideas on how to improve your business but will also get you out of the house from time to time and let you network.
Leave work at a particular time. Family life is important and often those who work at home have difficulty separating the two. Just as you would go home from the office, go “home” from your work too.
Use networking resources with other home based businesses and within your field. Go to classes, conferences and join professional organizations.

Is a Substantial Income Opportunity Just a Click Away

It is not hard to get sidetracked on the Internet with all of the hyped-up advertising that often associates business opportunities. Some claim to be substantial income opportunities while hiding behind an illegal business. So what makes a legitimate home based business and what makes a scam? Keep reading, and your substantial income opportunity may be just a click away.When evaluating business opportunities, it is important to know the following in regards to its legality:1.The business’s product or products2.The business’s sign-up fee and how they are handled3.The business’s practice in the fieldFor a business to be a legitimate home based business it must have a product or service that can be sold to someone who has no vested interest in the business. In other words, the product is a “retail” sale, or a sale between someone inside the company and someone outside the company.An example would be selling a nutritional product to your Uncle Bob if your Uncle Bob was not in the business. His only interest is in using the product.Often times companies will attempt to hide behind personal use products or services. The law, though, is quite clear on what a retail sale is and is not. If the company does not offer a product or service that can be sold to someone outside the business, it is not a legitimate home based business.Another area of concern is sign-up fees. It is perfectly legal for a company to have a sign-up fee. All businesses have some type of cost associated with them, whether it be time or capital. In the case of a home based business, most companies require a start-up fee of $500 or less.A lot of companies will also have a product kit that can be purchased at the time of start-up at a substantial discount over normal retail and wholesale prices.The fees for sign-up cannot be paid out to anyone else in the company unless it is tied to an actual product or service being sold. In the example of companies that have start-up kits that products, a portion of the sign-up fee can be paid since actual product was involved.If a sign-up fee is taken and paid out based on recruitment only, though, this is considered to be a pyramid scheme. If the company pays out bonuses when products or services are sold, though, this is a legitimate home based business as products or services changed hands to someone outside of the business.Finally, and a point rarely considered, is how the field is handling the opportunity. A legitimate home based business will promote the need to sell products to non-business users.A company can be legitimate on paper. It can have products, can have proper paying of sign-up fees, and everything else needed to be compliant; however, if the field is actively promoting a system built on principles against pyramiding laws, the company could still be shut down.So is your substantial income opportunity just a click away? It may be! Take some time to evaluate the company against these criteria to know whether you have found a legitimate home based business or something else.

Visualization and Your Business

One of the most common questions that I receive either online or when I’m with friends is “How were you able to grow your business at such a fast rate”? There are a few things I have attributed my success to, but the one thing I believed that put me on the “fast track” was the the Power Of Visualization.Now as you might imagine, the responses I get back are filled with confusion. I knew they were probably looking to hear some sort of secret marketing tip or new business opportunity, and when they don’t hear it, they think I’m being secretive or being short. Nothing could be further from the truth, whether anyone believes it or not, one of the most powerful things I ever did for my business was to become conscious of my thinking, and visualized what I wanted.”If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”This is an aphorism that I live by and so should you. People from different religions, cultures, and ways of thinking have given unique reasons as to why visualization is so effective in attracting what we want. Some people attribute it to spirituality, metaphysics, science, or even just as coincidence. The important part is not to over think WHY it works, just get it in your head that IT WORKS.So with that said, what have I done to visualize or to attract the blessings is my life.?The first thing I did was purchase as many seminars, audiobooks, ebooks, etc on the subject as possible.-The science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles-Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill-Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes-The Secret by Rhonda Byrne-You were born Rich by Bob Proctor-The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor HansenThese are books are only scratching the surface of what I have studied, but I do highly recommend these if you are just getting started.The next thing you should do is take out a notecard and write exactly what you want to bring in to your life in the PRESENT TENSE.For example, I would write “I love driving my new black 7 series BMW…” instead of “One day, I hope to have a BMW” Claim what you want in the present, and believe that you have it now. Take time to write these statements out and when your done put it in your wallet and read it at least twice daily. Don’t just limit it to your finances, include your health, family, relationships, or whatever that is close to you heart.Don’t skip over this step and say “Oh, I already know what i want. Having to write it down really wont make a difference.” The act of writing your dreams down makes it go from just a distant thought to Reality. Just remember to BE SPECIFIC!Next construct a vision board for yourself. A great example of this was in the movie The Secret, when John Assaraf described constructing a vision board filled with cut outs of the things he wanted in life, specifically his dream home. Everyday for a few minutes he would look at his vision board, close his eyes and visualize he already had what he wanted. Years down the line while showing the vision board to his son, he realized he lived in his very dream home. The EXACT home.This simply consists of cutting out images and words that resonate with you and inspires you. So cut out the image of the car you’ve always wanted, the home you want, the relationship you want. Do not limit yourself. Take time and enjoy the process. Once you are done, hang your vision board somewhere you will see it daily, and do as John Assaraf did. Take a few minutes every day and visualize you already have what you want. Simple!When you have a big enough reason why you want to succeed in your business, nothing will be able to stop you.These are only a few exercises you can begin today to begin to attract the things that you want. Once again I highly recommend reading the books I mentioned above if you have not, I promise you wont be disappointed.

The Fastest Way to Make $3,000 Cash From Home – Without Getting Scammed

Internet Traffic has been fast shifting from “business opportunities” to cash gifting programs?There is 4X more traffic coming into Google searching for “cash gifting” than any other business opportunity on the internet. In just the last few months, Cash Gifting is pulling over 1.5 Million searches per day!So here’s why?There are 2 Main Reasons For This Giant Shift1. People are TIRED of the same “business opportunity” scams> that, NEVER convert as well as the sales pages claimed. It’s getting harder and harder to succeed because so many “gurus” over hype and fail to deliver in substance, conversions, training and support for their recruits. And when people don’t find success fast….they leave, Period.2. People are TIRED of selling worthless, overpriced crap ebooks and products.> People search online for ways to MAKE MONEY… NOT to get involved selling the next generation of vitamins or pills! This didn’t work for them last time, and chances are they won’t fall for it again.People search online to learn And they want a SIMPLE system that they can duplicate in weeks, not months or years.So, this is my simple explanation as to why so many people have been bailing out of traditional “business opportunities” and racing to learn about Cash Gifting.Gifting is simple. It’s easy to promote (who doesn’t want cash delivered to their door?), there are No companies, No products, No merchant accounts, no selling, and there is a real support team that depends on each other for success.And best of all… it converts FAR BETTER than anything I’ve been involved in.There just isn’t anything that can compete with such a clean, simple system.If you’re checking it out… and you want to ride the wave, it’s time take the next step. It’s honest, safe, respectable, and it works.

Surf For Pay – Free and Easy

A surf for pay home business consists of viewing ads for pay online and it is necessary to sign up with quite a numberof websites. It’s easy and simple. Just about the only requirement for English language sites is to be able to read English. The amount of money you can earn by your own personal clicking is somewhat limited, but where else can you start for nothing.This business lends itself for multitasking as you can click away while watching TV, listening to the radio or visiting with your family. You can’t do it all on automatic as some websites do have a few cheat links that need to be avoided.Many surf for pay or paid to click sites have only ten or less ads per day, so your modes operandi is to sign up with a great many. Allocate a few hours every day to click on available pay to surf ads. Perhaps you can tie your viewing time to a favorite TV show or radio program.For one reason or another not all surf for pay or paid to click sites will pay off. Pay to surf websites with short waiting periods for payment or instant payment with payout minimums of no more than $10 are the best. Don’t just concentrate all your efforts on a few paid to click websites as they often go out of business. Sometimes it is due to hackers, inexperienced webmasters, or any combination of the three. Hackers are a constant threat to any of the pay to surf websites.This is not a business for an impatient individual. It will take time to reach minimum payouts and receive payments. When you reach a payout minimum, request payout and keep on clicking.After you start, don’t quit. If several sites go down, that is just this business and you have to be prepared for that eventuality. The surf for pay sites just make more money if you stop clicking before a payout. You need to know up front that some surf for pay websites may take months to reach the minimum payout. One I can think of is Hits4Pay. They give you a $10 bonus for joining but their payout minimum is $25. It takes what seems like forever to reach that minimum amount, but they have always paid.Earn $3.00 a month by viewing 10 ads per day at a penny each. If the surf for pay or paid to click website has a payout minimum of $10, it will take you about three months to get there and half that time if their minimum is $5. Of course this is based only one cent payouts, many sites pay two cents or more. Join and click at 50 sites to increase your income.The time involved isn’t all that bad, I’ve been in the Internet marketing business for years and believe me anything you do that earns income takes time, work and some financial risk.If you do your surfing during the evening hours, you’ll find that the sites generally take longer to load the ads due to the increased traffic volume. After a few months you will start receiving payments at various times because of all the differing payout amounts and processing times.Refer your friends, advertise in free classifieds or free traffic exchanges to recruit new members. Every new referral to a surf for pay site could mean more possible income. If you could recruit a squad of surfers, you could earn referral clicks each time they click on an ad. Your income could nearly double for every active referral.Surf for pay websites routinely sell memberships and and it is possible to purchase unreferred members. Look for stable and dependable sites that will replace inactive purchased referrals.Surf for pay websites routinely sell memberships and and it is possible to purchase unreferred members. Look for stable and dependable sites that will replace inactive purchased referrals.