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Nurture Your Home Business and Watch it Grow!

I want to place a mental picture that will enable me to visualize and grow my home business into a valuable asset for my family and me. It is obvious to me that it will require the same nurturing and attention that I would give to my child, my pets, relationships and even that flower or tree in my back yard or garden. I determine their development by how well I nurture them. My ability to raise a child grew with experience. The same is true with cooking, gardening or any other new skills I have had to learn. We need to cultivate the ability to “take care of our home business”.Imagine purchasing a young tree and planting it, with hopes that it will grow into a sturdy mature tree with sizable branches, and a strong foundation. Given time, your young sapling will grow and bear wonderful fruit or yield beautiful flowers and foliage..if you followed the necessary care instructions on how to grow a healthy tree and you were patient, allowing it time to mature.A new Home Business is much like that young tree. You began your Home Business with hopes that it too will grow into a valuable source of income with strong branches, such as new distributors and customers. It will need to develop a strong foundation and thriving roots to remain viable.  Are you following the instructions on how to “grow” your Home Business and are you giving it the time necessary to mature and thrive.Are you nurturing and exposing your business?   That young tree would certainly perish if you neglected to water it, feed it and expose it to some sunlight. Imagine what would happen if you placed that little tree in to a closet with no “exposure” to sunlight and hoped that it would just magically thrive. It would surely wither and die.Any successful business needs that exposure too. How can you merge your business with your daily lifestyle to give it exposure?  Do you want your business to “bear fruit”?  Consider that busy little bee eagerly traveling from blossom to blossom in search of nectar leaving a little pollen with each one. With any luck, he is enabling those plants to pollinate, bear fruit and duplicate.   How does any of this relate to my Home Business? I need to be just like that busy bee, spreading my scent samples and information about my candles, products and fundraisers with new people that I meet daily. I also need to leave a “little pollen” with each person and again with any luck, they will bear some type of “fruit” for my business and duplicate.I believe that success is the product of our efforts. I have been told many times “If you treat your business like a hobby, you will make “hobby” money. If you treat it like a business, and you will make “business” money. So get your business out of the closet and spread your wings and Fly!!

Are You Programmed For Failure?

UPDATE:Since I published this article in 2008, a lot of things have changed related to marketing on the internet.With WordPress Blogs, Facebook, and of course You Tube coming into their own in recent years, Online Marketing on the internet has become somewhat of a niche of its own. It no longer requires a “fat wallet” to succeed online anymore. You just have to master the skills blogging, Facebook marketing and learn how to make videos.Using these methods also require the knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). With your blog, article or video not being properly optimized, your chances of getting noticed with Google and other search engines become very slim.To optimize your blog for instance, keyword research is vital. The first rule is to get a domain name that is “keyword rich”. In other words, if your blog is about pets for instance, you would want a domain name with the keyword or phrase based around pets. Like “travelwithmydogfido.com” as an example.The next rule for optimization is to start off your post with your keyword phrase being the very first words of your post. For instance, “To travel with my dog fido is an experience all of it’s own” Bla Bla Bla…Then use the same keyword phrase at least three more times in the post, assuming your writing around 350 or 400 words.Of course there is much more to optimizing your blog that what I mentioned above but you get the idea.My suggestion is to Google “Blog Optimization” or something relative, and you will find many sites where you can become SEO Efficient.Now on to my original article…In this time of economic slowdown, most people working online in the attempt to make a full time living or otherwise add to their present income, are finding it increasingly more difficult to bring in new members to their chosen Home Business…The reason for this difficulty is of course, that the internet is being inundated with “You can’t lose here” or “Guaranteed to Succeed” or any one of several hundred Income Opportunities springing up on a daily basis…Most are a re-make of someone else’s original idea, and a very few are original with a reasonable chance to really make a job replacement income in a reasonable time…Trust me, I have tried many, had some successes but mostly failures… It’s not hard to understand how 95% of those working online to build a reasonable income are failing…Just when you think you’ve found the perfect Home Business, along comes another that you just can’t pass by… You haven’t made a cent in your original business in the first month so this new opportunity sound like “just the right one” to solve that problem…Then comes another better than the last…Sound Familiar?Research Research, This is the key to any Home Business Success. You have to spend some time researching a business, talking to someone that has had success and research some more…(Does it sound like I’ve been there)? When you zero in on that business, after you’ve done all the research, you make a decision based on the upline help available to you. One of the cardinal sins of choosing a Home Based Business is those of you who try to “go it alone”. After all, and I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, Network Marketing is just that. It’s working together with others, sharing in their knowledge and passing it along to those that you bring into the business…There is no other way folks, Network Marketing got it’s name from just that, NETWORK MARKETING…I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure this one out but the truth is, I did- and it works…I was taught by my sponsor and I passed it on down to all my members. Think about it…If those below you can’t produce on their own then it’s your responsibility to teach them. Otherwise, you will FAIL…Back to Square One When the light came on for me, I immediately went back to square one…I found what I thought was a reasonably good opportunity and I “researched”. I talked to those who appeared to be having success, I contacted the owner, I asked about marketing strategies, I asked about how long it might take to start making enough money to offset the cost of the program and the cost to cover advertising…I found answers to most of the questions I had, to satisfy me that I was getting involved in the right program…Guess what, It worked and I am satisfied. I finally made the right choice and am happy with my results. I can now concentrate on helping those below me to succeed. In the process, I am making money and those that I bring into the business will also make money. They now know that they must teach their new members how to succeed. And so it goes. A Network Marketing Business operating like it was meant to… People helping people…Who would have known…

Work at Home and Fulfill Your Dream of Being Your Own Boss

Working from home could be the best option for people with self-motivation, self-confidence and initiative. Won’t many people be thrilled to have no boss to tell them what to do, how to do and when to do things? Add to it the fact that they need not keep to fixed hours or suffer the daily hassles of commuting to and from office and spending as many hours on the road as they work in office; and then they will say that it is almost a dream!Strangely enough, it is a bad dream for another type of people who are always pessimistic and lacking in positive thinking and self-confidence. They suffer from fears of failure, inability to handle things alone with responsibility and a lack of self-control and self-discipline.However, the benefits to be accrued from working at home are many, only if you can adjust your mental attitudes and fears towards facing challenges and exercise a better control over maintaining emotional equilibrium. It is only when you apply yourself fearlessly to the tasks that seem beyond you, that you can discover your true potential and call on your hidden talents to come to the surface.Some people are born to lead others and never like to shirk responsibilities or refuse leadership. They like to take initiatives and be self-motivated. Self-employment ideally suits such types. You will be making all the decisions in your business, for better or for worse; and you could feel very happy and proud when your decisions go well with the business. Even if you do a mistake, you could profit by it and be the wiser for it. Whether you work part time or full time is not what matters, but the satisfaction of knowing that it is all your decisions that has brought the business this far. By handling every aspect of your business without so many line managers and team leaders, you are also learning while you remain the chief executive. All this is a great way to live. You are already realizing your dream of being your own boss!You will have your own vision and mission for your online home business. You would have all the opportunities and the possibilities to stay unwavering in that path and take your idols forward. You have every reason to be proud of yourself and be thankful that at last you are enjoying your working life in a real meaningful way; while giving your family life too a big impetus that you had never been capable of before you started your home business.You as the boss would have to stand firm in the face of criticism, and carry on with what you feel is correct and not let your self-confidence to disintegrate. Since you cannot be doing all the manual work and the executive work simultaneously, you may hire a person to attend to some of the manual work that you would prefer not to do yourself. You may be able to get some help from your family members too, but to the extent that you do not make a jumble of family and business work. When you don’t maintain discipline with regard to the separation of family and business functions, family members too could take them lightly, that could reach a point where your family life may become a big drag on your business. Since family matters cannot be rejected wholesale, you will have to be flexible and tactfully decide when to give in, when to resist and when to ignore.

Help! I Want to Work From Home – 2 Common Questions About Home Business Opportunities Answered

 Let’s take a quick look at one of the very BIGGEST questions that I hear from people who want to work from home. Most folks are certainly SMART enough to succeed in just about anything they do, and are unquestionably DESIROUS of having great financial success, yet strangely….in large part, MOST people simply will fail fast (and never try again) when it comes to starting a successful business from home. Continue reading as I share what I believe are the biggest questions, (and best answers) to the obstacles that stand in so many of our way! Read on..:-)I want to work from home…..how much should I expect to invest in my business?Whatever you can afford! And if that’s nothing….you STILL can succeed without question. The biggest problem that burdens most of us is we create artificial obstacles. Having money to start with is nice – a better computer, some fancy software, and little bells and whistles MAY make your journey up more comfortable. But I have NEVER, not once, seen ONE person succeed from home strictly on the basis of having better toys. I’ll take resourcefulness over resources ANY day of the week and twice on Sunday.All of the Secrets to Making Money Online are Locked Away in these Expensive Courses, Right?Absolutely Not! The very BEST education is process learning, getting your hands dirty and your face muddy..:-) I’ve NEVER gotten an idea from ANY course, conversation or DVD that has automatically put more money into my bank account. I have gotten an occasional great idea from another smart marketing mind….but you will NEVER fail on the basis of lack of ideas, rather – lack of implementation on the ones you have!

Utilizing Home Business Internet Income

While making extra money through a home business can be lucrative, it is wise to be smart with your money in these unsure times. The economy may not be horrible, but if your income has a history of fluctuation, you may not want to be too liberal with your income. Gas prices affect our income on every level: the cost of food, clothing and everything else we buy as necessities. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be sure you are creating a pocket of financial security with all the money you receive from your home business internet income.There are thousands and millions of people who do business over the internet, which is probably the reason you have created a source of income via the World Wide Web. The best way to use that income today is to set aside at least 20 of what you make if possible. The other 80 is usually just fun money or bill money as income via the internet is usually just extra cash anyway. But, setting aside that 20 will pay off later when an emergency arises or the other source of income goes down or disappears completely. The home business internet income could end up being your only source at some point in the future, if not immediately. This plan is really only good for single people, people without children and those who have another source of income.For those with children and/or only the internet as a source of income, another plan for utilizing this income arises. Priorities are different: children and necessities. For some people the money earned, extra or not, is really only good for bills and the cost of children. But, it is always a good idea to set aside at least 10 of your home business internet income for something fun, whether for yourself or the whole family. Earning money over the internet is not always easy and can be extremely time consuming, so give yourself some incentive to keep going … some motivational money if you will. Take yourself out for ice cream alone or get a new pair of shoes. Save up and take the family to an amusement park or movie.No matter which category you fall into just know that you need to treat the money you get from a home business internet income as conservatively as possible. If you just throw it away on frivolous things, you may end up feeling as though you have been working for nothing. Before you get paid, have a plan for the money. Know where it needs to go and put it there. Otherwise, it may disappear before your very eyes as it gets spent on candy, fast food, movies and other things that you don’t need. When this happens, you’ll find there may not be enough money left over for the bills that need to be paid or the fun outing you had planned. Be good to yourself and always use your home business internet income wisely.

Earn Profits Fast With Work From Home

People are continuously finding ways to earn money quick. Can you blame them? With the onset of today’s global economic crisis, everyone is turning to every direction and doing what they can to make ends meet. And this is why many are doing work from home and are into online business. They seek refuge in making money online. Good thing there are lots of opportunities for quick money on this field.Most likely, the people who started to work from home had little or zero capital in their pockets. And as they go on, some amount may pour in. That may sound good but will it be better if you get more income in so little time?The Internet provides us various ways to earn money quick. One of which is making use of your AdSense affiliate program. A number of webmasters are trying this one to boost up their sales and revenue. If you’re a newbie using an AdSense affiliate program, you might want to try another program or two. Remember, there are lots of chances out there.One way to gain huge profits online would be selling products or items of others. This is often called affiliate marketing. In this kind of work from home, you are being paid with every sale you make, sort of like a commission thingy.There’s also another one and that is article writing. You can also sell e-books. You can do blogging and all too. The opportunities to earn money fast is just overwhelming and it just takes good hands to propel your work from home at the top.Take note that even though there are great and effective ways to earn quick money through work from home, that doesn’t mean that you can lazily do your job and tasks now. It’s not all the time that you’ll get great income fast. It still pays to have patience, focus and determination.

Can You Really Work at Home in Medical Transcription?

Well, yes, absolutely. Thousands of people engaged in medical transcription work at home every day.Working at home is a situation that many people aspire to, to escape the rat race of commuting, paying for childcare, wear and tear on the car. Medical Transcription does indeed offer that to those willing to go through the training and get some experience under their belts.If you want to work from home, you basically have two options: You can telecommute as an employee, or you can do so by starting your own business. Medical Transcription is a career that provides you with both options.There is a large market for medical transcriptionists. You can work from the hospital or physician’s office or you can work from home. You can also start your own at-home medical transcription business. Medical transcription, at its core, is basically just listening to notes that a doctor has recorded about things such as exams, autopsies, operations and more, and typing out the recordings into a document that then is included in the patient’s chart.With the technology available today, the doctor can actually send you the recording over the internet, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home at all! Medical transcription is not difficult to learn, but it can be somewhat expensive. There are a whole host of companies that offer distance learning via online courses, DVDs, books and CDs to help you learn the proper terminology so that when you graduate you can do the job well.When you do sign up for a course or buy learning materials, make sure they are worth your money. As a medical transcriptionist, you will need to know medical jargon such as abbreviations, terminology and medical terms, and only the right resources will give you all the information that you need.It can be somewhat difficult when just starting out in transcription to get a work-at-home position. Lots of employers out there want you to have some intense quality assurance scrutiny before letting you fly, so to speak. So they want you in house if possible. Indeed, the U.S. Dept. of Labor says that, really, over half of the transcriptionists in the workforce do actually work in an office instead of at home.But don’t let that discourage you! At-home positions can still be had today. All it takes is perseverance.If you have chosen a good program, they will probably have a job placement assistance program, and can tell you which employers are most likely to hire you to an at-home position. And make sure you go to the transcription Internet forums and ask people which companies are most likely to hire you to work at home. Make a list of these, and go after them aggressively.

Starting a Home Based Business – Your Guide

Many individuals are looking for grants or “free money” to start their business. They may have read or heard that free money for business owners exists, and how easy it is to get hold of these monies. Some have read ads, in print or on the Web, offering them information as to where to get free grants. With these ads making it look like there is money out there for the taking, who wouldn’t dream to get a part of it?Your instincts were correct. If you dream of making a comfortable living at home the best rated home business is, in all likelihood, going to be one that allows you to work on the Web.In order to do this, you must take a long, hard look at yourself. Do you want an internet business, one you can work from home, or an online business? You want to do something that your are passionate about and you’re excited to work on every day. Trying to figure out what type of home business fits you is not always easy. Remember you need to be honest with yourself.If you are planning to quit your job in order to start a home based business, it is important that you patiently take the time to have plans in place before you quit. Too often entrepreneurial zeal will precipitate a job resignation before preparations have been fully accomplished.The important functions that should be in place before quitting the job include deciding on a business, gaining hands-on experience in the business, having adequate accounting knowledge, setting up accounting software, constructing a Web site, personally writing a business [http://affiliate-spy.blogspot.com/] plan and preparing a one year cash flow projection.

Work at Home Typing Programs – What’s it All About?

Many people choose typing at home as their preferred way to make some extra money online. This is because it’s usually pretty easy to get started with, it can be done from anywhere in the world, you don’t need any experience, and the more work you do the more money you can earn. The best way to get started is to join a legitimate typing program that will give you all the training, support and materials you need to get started. Keystrokes 4 Cash is one of the many programs available online that claim to offer all of the above, but is it really as good as it sounds?The best way to find the truth about any program is to try it out for oneself, although with a bit of online research, enough information can usually be found to make an informed decision. Most work at home programs have conflicting reviews – there are those who have tried it and rave about how good it is because it worked for them. There are those who didn’t try it, but call it a ‘scam’ based on what they’ve seen on the sales page, and there are also those who join and decide they don’t like the program just because they realise is involves doing some work. Keystrokes 4 Cash is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – luckily these days most people realise that there’s no such thing. Many programs offer empty promises of a lot of money for little to no work, but this program is not one of them.The income of $400+ per day is very achievable, and after some time this income could probably be maintained with 30 minutes per day. However, in the beginning there is may be a learning curve depending on if how much you’ve surfed the internet. Initially expect to spend more than half an hour a day. Although the work isn’t hard and can be done by anyone (it just involves typing advertisements for companies) it does require a certain level of commitment. Payment is twice monthly by check or direct deposit, and your earnings are only dictated by the amount of work you are willing to put in. If you have plenty of time on your hands to work online then your income will progress much faster.Keystrokes 4 Cash has a great members area where you get access to the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to start earning online. If you follow those instructions, you’d be hard pressed not to be successful. If for any reason you decide the program is not for you, there is a full money back guarantee. With money being tight for a lot of people in our current economic climate, it is worth trying an online program such as this to supplement income and improve financial security.

Finding a Christian Home Based Business

So you’re looking for a Christian business opportunity working from home? Well, I have great news. Believe it or not, there are some wonderful Christian home based businesses that are well worth your time looking into. But let me add a word of caution. There are also many business opportunities out there, especially Internet based business opportunities, that claim to be based on Christian principles, but are not.So how do you know when you’ve found the real thing?There are several things you need to know about a business opportunity before you decide to sink any hard-earned cash into it. I spent months and months examining several online business opportunities, some of which claimed to be Christian based, only to be disappointed time after time. Therefore, I began narrowing my search and started looking for very specific things that would help me focus on a true Christian home based business.Here are my suggestions for finding the right Christian business opportunity for you.Begin your search with prayer: Do what Solomon did. The Lord gave Solomon the choice of being grated anything he requested. Rather than ask for wealth and riches Solomon asked for wisdom. As a result of being blessed with wisdom Solomon acquired greater wealth and fame than any man alive. Wisdom is crucial in being able to see the directions the Lord may be pointing you as you search for a home based business – especially one based on Christian values and principles. Therefore, instead of praying for money or success, pray for wisdom to find the business opportunity the Lord wants you to join.Find out who’s the Captain of the ship: Many home based business opportunities are centered around a person who holds themselves up as an example of outstanding entrepreneurial and financial success. All you need to do is follow their simple formula and you’ll be successful too – or so they say. However, I didn’t want to hear from someone who took all the glory for their own success, I wanted to find someone who achieved success by making Jesus Christ the Captain of their ship. I wanted to find someone who gives the credit for their success to the Lord.Listen to hear if they talk of God, or simply do a lot of God-talk: There is a huge difference between those who truly talk of God and the successes they’ve achieved by the Lord blessing their home based business enterprise, verses those who just do a lot of God-talk. Every unbeliever knows how to do a lot of God-talk – simply throwing in the words God and Jesus in their presentations. But those who are truly living Christ-centered lives enjoy sharing their faith with others in the course of doing business. The CEO and founder of the home based business I became involved with made a statement in a video that really grabbed my attention. In essence he said we do a lot of talking about the Lord here, so if that offends you then you need to look elsewhere for a business opportunity. Wow! I loved his candor.Find out how many other Christians are in this business: A true Christian home based business opportunity will be filled with other Christians just like you. In fact, when I contacted the founder and CEO of this business and told him I was in the ministry he immediately put me in contact with a man who would become my Christian mentor in developing my own home based business enterprise through this company’s program. I’ve since met other believers who are prospering from the Lord’s blessings.Examine the products and the program: Home based businesses that generate the most profits are those that provide large commissions or overrides on products sold or from others you bring into the business. Products in the low price range may be easier for people to afford, but it takes selling a ton of them to generate any decent cash flow. Big ticket or moderately priced ticket items are far more profitable in generating wealth. Also, find a business opportunity that doesn’t force you to pass your first one or two prospects to your up-line? One-up or two-up programs have limited success. Besides, if the Lord led those first one or two people to you, why wouldn’t he want you to continue being their mentor?Look for a servant’s heart: Those who have successful Christian home based businesses also have servant’s hearts. They know their lives have been blessed by the Lord and now they want to be a spring of blessing to others. They also understand the earthly and eternal rewards that come from being a true servant to others. Therefore, look for a home based business where you will be nurtured and mentored by those whose desire is to serve others as they have been served. They will freely give of their time to help you every step of the way.I guess I’ve narrowed the field down quite a bit, haven’t I? I certainly hope so, because that was my intention. As I said earlier, there are a lot of businesses and home based business opportunities out there that claim to be Christian in nature but are not. It took me some time to find the right one for me and I truly feel blessed in every way. Don’t jump at the first seemingly great (“too good to be true”) opportunity. I made that mistake and it cost me a lot of money and wasted time. Let the Lord do the leading. Be a Solomon and ask for wisdom.James, the Lord’s brother wrote, If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. (James 1:5-8)The Lord stands ready to lead. All you need to do is follow.