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The Only Thing That Separates You From Your Competition

People preach on and on about how to make your work at home business a success. You need to have the right product at the right price with a website that hosts all the bells and whistles, and your marketing campaign should be this way and that way. It’s enough to make your head spin. With so many businesses trying all these tactics and still failing in their home business, it makes you wonder if all this advice really makes sense at the end of the day. Well yes, but on the other hand no.The guru’s preach about having all the right “stuff,” and do need them, but that isn’t what is going to carry your business forward. Setting yourself apart from your competition is about more than just “stuff.” The majority of home business entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things when setting up their unique selling point.You are never going to have the “perfect” product. Even if you came close, hundreds will have the same or something similar, so you can’t rely on product as your unique selling point. How about price?That’s risky business. Price yourself too high and few will be able to afford your product. However, going too low means you are operating at a loss. Since you can’t afford to price yourself out of the market, you’re stuck staying within the pricing parameters set by others within your niche.The only thing that separates you from your competition, the only thing that you can truly use online as a unique selling point for your work at home business is your service.The way you treat your customers has a greater impact than the product you offer. It’s what makes some businesses stand apart from others in their industry. Take Dell for example, are their computers better than any other company-no! But they offer unbeatable service. Their checkout process is efficient and uncomplicated and they continue to offer great service even after the purchase is complete. I bought a laptop from them and the process was so friendly and simple that I was tempted to purchase more accessories.You see, great service is what makes people want to buy. Not just once, but over and over again.Yes, you need a satisfying product, at a satisfying price, on an easy to navigate website. But if you look at the bigger picture it’s not because some work at home guru says so, it’s because that’s how a good home business is run.Everything from offsite marketing to the “thank you” note that goes out after the purchase should tie in together, be hassle free and free of error. Online you only get one chance, and online shoppers are not embarrassed to leave their shopping carts and look for someone who can make things easier.They want to know they can trust you, and when they take the time to buy a product they’ve never smelt, felt or, in some cases, even seen they are putting a lot of faith in you. Don’t let them down.You have to deliver above satisfactory service, and exceed the expectations of your customers, or every consumer blog will hear about how much of a headache you are.If you have put profits before people, I can guarantee you are either not earning what you want or are leaving money on the table.Consider carefully what kind of service you offer. How do you rate yourself? Now set up a poll and find out how your customers rate you. Is your site up to date and easy to navigate? Do they feel confident doing business with you? Find out how you stack up to your competition and then make the necessary changes.Your service is so important online. It’s the only thing that can make you a real leader in your niche.

AutoResponders, Opt-In Lists, and You – How You Can Make Easy Money!

“The money is in your list.” Have you ever heard that one before? It’s what most of the online “gurus” say… And this time, it’s the absolute truth. Now for anyone who knows me, I can be a tough sell. All the fancy cars, private yachts, and umbrella drinks you see flashed on most “make money from home” websites don’t do anything for me but cause me to run…RUN…far away. Most of what you see is misleading at best, and a scam at worst. Trying to legitimately make from home can be dangerous waters to tread, and there are a lot of sharks swimming around just dying to eat up your hard earned cash, leaving you worse off than before. However, there is at least one thing that, in spite of all the other hype and fluff, I have definitely learned from the “gurus”… “The money really is in your list.” Stone Evans, the one “guru” I actually trust, says this, “Having your own opt-in subscriber list who you can contact anytime you want is the closest thing to having your own personal ATM machine inside your own home with nearly unlimited funds to withdraw whenever you need them. To profit with email you must have your own list of opt-in subscribers, establish trust with those subscribers and then send irresistible offers to that list of subscribers.” I couldn’t agree more. We’ve all done it.Maybe you see a newsletter that seems interesting, so you fill in your name and email, and, simple as that, you’re now subscribed. Or maybe you’ve noticed a free product advertisement, one that only requires you submit your name and email address for access. In both cases you are now a part of someone’s opt-in subscriber list. From there, until you unsubscribe, that person is able to contact you with future newsletters or product announcements. For me personally, there have been many times when I subscribed to a free newsletter, only to, in time, actually purchase a product or service from the advertiser. Using these subscriber lists, people are making money on the Internet in droves, and YOU CAN TOO!It’s free advertising at its best. It’s not spam, and people can unsubscribe anytime. Using this technique, people are able to build trust and rapport over time. People are much more apt to buy products or services from people they are familiar with than from a stranger, and by building your own list of subscribers, you can profit just like the gurus! Imagine having a list of several hundred prospects that have volunteered their information to you, and are just waiting to purchase YOUR products/services? Imagine having a list of people that you can advertise to whenever you want to generate some extra cash, and do it ethically? What if you don’t have a product/service to advertise? What if you don’t know how to setup a subscriber list? These are all great questions, and the answer is simple…let me show you how to do it all for FREE!You don’t need a website, a blog, or money…all you need is a list. Remember, the money really is in your list! If you want an example of what an effective opt-in subscriber list looks like, or for more information on how to have your OWN LIST SETUP FOR FREE, feel free to sign up for a FREE DEMO of my own list at my website [http://www.CashSolutionsOnline.net] The money is being made, and why shouldn’t you be the one making it!