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7 Ways to Work From Home

Do you want to work from home? If you have a computer and an internet connection and you know how to surf the internet there are many opportunities open to you. Read on to find seven ideas for working at home.1. Start an internet home business. There are many ways you can starting a home business of your own.As an example, network marketing is a good way to get started making money online if you enjoy interacting with other people. The nice thing today is you can use the Internet to build a worldwide MLM business of your own.2. Create a blog of your own. Blogging has become a very common way for normal people to make some money online at home.For example you could start a blog with Blogger.com and add Google AdSense ads to it. Every time someone clicks on an ad you earn a commission. You can continue to monetize your blog with other products and make money when someone makes a purchase.3. Write blog articles for others. Many people have started a blog and are having a hard time keeping up with it. This creates an ideal opportunity for you if you enjoy writing. You can offer your services as a writer and provide blog content for people. As you build up a clientele this can turn into a very lucrative full time career.4. Become a virtual assistant. Many companies will pay you to stay at home and do things for them such as answer the phone, reply to emails, and provide customer service. You can do all of this while sitting on your sofa at home.5. Do email marketing to your own list. Building an opt in list of people to email to is a very great way to work from home. As your list becomes larger and more refined you can make money selling products to it. This version requires some skills, but can also create a very long term secure income for you.6. Affiliate marketing on the internet. Receiving a commission for selling other people’s products is a lucrative and low risk way to make money from home. As an affiliate marketer you don’t need any products, and you do not even need a website of your own as the affiliate merchant will provide everything for you.7. Provide a service. If you have a talent you can make money working from home providing a service for people. These could include things such as dog walking, childcare, dress making, crafts etc.These are just 7 working from home ideas that may appeal to you. If not get out your pen and paper and think about what you enjoy so you can come up more ideas to make money today working from home.

How to Start a Talent Agency – Building Your Talent Agency From Home

Looking to learn how to start a talent agency? The know-how is the key to it all, after that, the rest is surprisingly simple. The actual running of such a business can be boiled down to two major aspects; finding good talent, and finding jobs for these talented people. These are the two most important aspects in learning how to start a talent agency, plain and simple.For example, do you remember that killer band that played that rockin’ music at that bar you and your friends went to that weekend? Are they well represented? They should be, am I right? Or how about that surprisingly adept stage magician that performed at your little brother’s birthday party? And of course, many of us know someone who is trying to break into an acting or singing career.The truth is that there is an over abundance of talent all around us, just waiting to be discovered. How about those talented musical groups scraping to put their CDs together and displaying them online on MySpace or Facebook? They’re trying hard to put themselves out into the public view, but so many just have no representation. There are many ways, means, and venues for finding talent, and in most cases, they are screaming to be found.The other factor in learning how to start a talent agency is finding jobs (professionally called “bookings”) for these talents. There are quite a few sources for this. For models there are catalogs, TV commercials, runways and magazines; for musicians there are bars and clubs, concerts, radio stations, recording studios, and background sessions; for up-and-coming comedians we might find on “open mic” nights, there are comedy clubs, parties, conventions and TV shows; for actors and actresses, there are TV commercials, voice-overs, animation voice acting jobs, plays, and more. While these are two major aspects of how to start a talent agency, there are more to cover. Would you like to learn more?

How to Excel in Home Based Businesses

Working from home using your computer may not be suitable for everybody. Of course, most of us will like to have the idea of avoiding the rush hours, little time spent in traveling to work, or little time spent working for money. Most importantly, being able to spend more quality time with your family.That’s why many people tried out home based businesses, unfortunately, many tried and failed. We’ve heard many cases of people giving up, or internet marketing scams that they got into. So how to excel in a home based business?Firstly, you need to do some research on profitable and in-demand market, and areas which people will continue to make spending even when the economy is bad. For example, health care, education, life coaching, career, necessities, etc. You need to make sure that you are able to create a long term income online.After finding an area that you have confidence that there will be sufficient demand all year round, you need to scout for products or services that you will be able to promote to people. If you are new, you can do affiliate marketing, which means promoting others’ products and get a commission for making a sale.You will need to have a website of your own, in order to start attracting visitors, having a blog may be good for a start. But it will be more professional and you will more committed in your home based business.One of the most important thing about your website is having quality content, you can do other traffic techniques at a later stage after your website is established. Fresh unique quality content is what the search engines love, you will need to constantly add in new content if possible.You can start a blog which allows you to add in content easily, building backlinks, joining traffic exchanges, submitting your websites to search engines, submitting articles and social bookmarking will quickly propel your website to a higher ranking for your chosen keywords.It is challenging to start a business if you’re new and do not have much capital. One of the way is to join a networking business. Network marketing is an excellent choice because it allows you to use their business as an opportunity to promote to other people. At the same time, you are able to earn residual income.Most importantly, the company must be in business at least five years and still running strongly. Success University is one of the examples, its main focus is on personal development and it’s achieving higher number of visitors annually.Many people have treated online businesses more like hobbies rather than real businesses, it’s all about the attitude that you have. If you seriously want to create an alternative income online and work from home using your computer, you have to treat your venture seriously.Persistence, determination, adaptability, hard work, probably a little drop of luck are the basic ingredients for success. Working from home using your computer is not a fairytale.I’ll like to end off this article with one of my personal favorite quotes, “Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.” If your results are bad, change your strategies and keep trying! I hope you enjoy reading this article and good luck to your venture.

Data Entry at Home – The Four Signs of a Scam

Whether you know it or not, chances are that you may have been scammed or know someone who has been scammed by a data entry at home position. An example is that of someone sending you an email claiming that there are rebates positions available. Emails that claim that there are typing positions with a company that you have never heard of. These are really cool customers and you need to use common sense when dealing with them.If It Is Too Good To Be True, Then It Usually Is!One of the easiest ways to be marked for a scam is to open your email and click on a link that promises you a data entry at home position. The trouble is, you have to pay a small “shipping fee” and they ask you for your credit card. Don’t even go there. Leave that site without entering any of your personal information or credit card information. This is one of the oldest scams in the book today. They can make you believe that you are King Tut, if you let them. Use common sense when dealing with these types of people.They Promise You an Exorbitant Sum Will Come Your Way By Working For Them.During those times when you are searching for a data entry at home position, you tend to be blinded by the promise of excellent income your first week. Run away folks! No one makes that kind of money especially during their first week on the job. Eliminate any contact with this type of person or group. They can promise you the moon with all their slick talk, but they in truth cannot deliver on their empty promises. This is just to build your confidence and suck you into smoke and mirrors causing you to lose not only money but wasted time as well.They Want Personal Information.Another data entry at home helpful tip to look for is that they want personal information such as a credit card or checking account. This is a sure way to clean you out. Do not send any information to them at all. Once they have access to this information, your accounts are as good as toast. They will clean them out and run out of town like a night bandit. This can also lead to identity theft. SO Beware. You have been warned!No Telephone NumberWhen looking at data entry at home, bear in mind that some ads don’t have phone numbers. It is one sign of a scammer, or if it does have a phone number, you can’t talk to anyone on it. It just has an answering machine. This is one sign that you have been scammed by someone of ill repute. Another sign is evasive answers when you try and pin them down for things such as payment and things of that nature. Always check references and remember… when in doubt, DON’T!

Why Work From Home With Free Typing Jobs

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics for 2004 over 20 million people work from home. That means more than 1 in every 10 Americans of working age work from home. In the U.K. the numbers are very similar which means there are currently millions of people in the United kingdom who work from home.Whilst these figures are quite impressive it just goes to show that working from home is now quite normal. People enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and working their own hours.Of course not all of these people are sat behind a computer typing for money. The type of work people do can be quite varied with anything from trading on one of the financial markets to sharpening lawnmower blades to hosting Tupperware parties. From this we can see that there is a wide and varied work at home market.In recent years however many people have been turning to the internet to find work they can do from home. With the growth of eBay people have found it a lot easier to start their own business. Before eBay you would have had to have a retail shop or market stall or even an expensive mail order business to sell. These option are obviously quite costly options and so prevented many people from buying wholesale and selling retail. Now you can do this will very little in the way of start up capital.There are now more options for people to be able to work from home without having to even spend a penny of investment to start. There are many jobs where you can work for others processing data or writing, completing surveys or even being a mystery shopper although you do actually have to leave the home for this.The growth of the internet has meant that more people like you have the option to work at home. You don’t need to take the plunge and give up your day job, in fact it is better that you start by doing just a few hours in the evening just to get some experience and learn the ropes.Being able to work from home means that you can enjoy the freedom that this brings and eventually the financial freedom to enjoy your life rather than work. You can choose to work the hours that you want to fit around your family and fit your lifestyle. You have the freedom from a boss, unrealistic deadlines and work loads and the pressure we all fell from the traditional 9 to 5 job.

Watch Out For Home Based Business Scammers!

In this time of down turned economy, so many of us are looking for that little bit of extra income to help tide us through the end of the month, or to help buy that greatly needed tank of gas. After working a regular 9 to 5 job, there are many people who turn to the internet hoping to find that dream job that will take the pressure off the financial worries. As you do a search for an internet job, you will discover there are seemingly thousands of opportunities to make money on the web, but you really have to be diligent to sift through a lot of information that will come at you right and left, to ensure that you do not fall victim to any home based business scams.The number one way you can spot a home based business scam is the fact that you will be asked to pay a fee for some fabulous secret documents or reports that claim to make you a millionaire. Even if the claims are more down to earth for a salary payout, the truth of the matter is there’s a lot of work available on the web that involve legitimate home based businesses that don’t cost a penny.Some of the more prevalent home based business scams are those involving sending for booklets of instructions of how to set up blogging sites that will allow you to get hits from customers on a constant basis. Some of these scams ask for anywhere from $49.95 to hundreds of dollars, and promise a money back guarantee. The problem is, most of this can be done from various free websites, and so many vendors are so willing to put their banner on your site for free, and provide you with a commission for any purchases made through your site, it’s a shame people really pay for that information.Another one of the most popular home based business scams starts out as a newspaper ad for home based mystery shoppers. The person who answers the ad fills out a very secure looking application, sometimes even providing information for a security bond (the home based business scam claims that it’s needed due to the large amount of money you’ll be dealing with). Once the applicant has sent in their information, the scammer immediately mails them out an envelope with a check for a large sum of money (usually around $5000). Instructions are given to take the check to the bank, deposit it, and to go to a store (Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc) and purchase $200 worth of merchandise & report back on the enclosed form about how the customer service was, how clean the store was, etc. Then you’re asked to send $4000 to a “fake” customer at a Moneygram location in Canada. Since there is about $150 in fees to do that, the balance left from the $5000 check is your earnings for completing the mystery shopping assignment. Here’s the kicker, though, folks…the check is bogus. It’s absolutely a forgery, a fake, a scam. If you run out & complete these tasks, once the check bounces, you’re in hock for the $5000 plus any bank fees.There are so many of these home based business scams, you really need to take care and read everything before paying out any hard earned cash you can’t afford to part with. Check out the company’s background; check the Better Business Bureau and most of all never pay for an employment opportunity. Home based business scams are something that can cause you more financial heartache than you already have.

Work at Home Jobs That Aren’t Scams

Finding Legitimate Work at HomeYou’ve probably learned by now that finding legitimate work at home opportunity is no an easy task. There are countless scams which are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They appear to be above board but they really aren’t. Some never pay at all. They just charge you a membership and thats all you’ve got. Others actually do pay, but after a few simple calculations you learn that with the time you’ve spent marketing their product, you’re earning about half of minimum wage.It’s time to Stop the Madness.Stop wasting your time and money filling out surveys for pennies and soliciting others to join multi level marketing referral programs.If you don’t have young children at home, and can guarantee a quiet working environment, customer service and sales phone work is a great opportunity. Many companies like West and Live Ops which I can personally vouch for, allow you to set your own hours. They both give bonuses although Live Ops does pay about $3-$12 more per hour depending on how good you are at upselling.Below is a long list of real work at customer service/phone jobs. Some I have actually been hired for, or know other wahm moms who have. As with any employment opportunity, be sure to research each opportunity to verify that it is right for you.CUSTOMER SERVICE JOBSAccolade SupportACD DirectAlpine Access (Arizona, Colorado, Texas & Utah)Baby to Bee *Babytobee does not list their employment opportunities on their website, but regularly recruits via classifed advertising*Beyond Marketing OnlineBRG Research ServicesConnect2AgentConnect Plus, LLCCustomer Loyalty ConceptseCallogy (Utah Only!)GrindstoneGreene TeleServices (WA, DC only) Greene TeleservicesJetBlue Airways (Utah )LiveOpsMicahTek, Inc MicahTek, IncNiteo Services, Inc.O’Currance Teleservices (Utah)RepsForRentSecure Call ManagementService 800Sterling Testing SystemsTime Communications (St Paul, MN)Ver-A-Fast CorporationVIPdeskVoiceLogWillowWest at HomeWorking SolutionsXAct TelesolutionsI have actually worked for some of these companies and can personally recommend them. If you take your time and do your research you should be able to find a work at home employment opportunity thats just right for you.

The Best Advice About Starting an Online Home Based Business

Just Google the phrase “get rich quick” and pick one site among those in the first page. Visit the site and sign on. Pay the membership fee required, if any, and follow the instructions given to you to a T. Pretty soon, probably within weeks, sometimes a month or two, you will be rich and have an online home based business to boot.Okay, that’s possibly the worst advice anyone could give you. I actually threw that in just for the fun of it. :) And to get you thinking – not all advice are created equal.But seriously, what is the best advice that I can give you? What is that one piece of advice, above all others, that can give you a great start in starting and running a successful online home based business?Get a Good MentorPretty good advice. No point reinventing the wheel, right? Just find somebody who’s been there and done that and you’re good.An added bonus would be somebody who is friendly and patient enough to answer your stupid questions without rolling her eyes. :) Great ContentNobody can argue with that. Web surfers might not be the most intelligent bunch of people you can find, but I’m going to bet my bottom dollar that they can smell crap content a mile away. They have millions of other sites to choose from, so really, anything other than great content is just not going to cut it.The Money is in the ListA mailing list of targeted prospects is a great asset to any home based business. It is like having your cake and eating it. Every time you create or find a new product, just send out an email and you have people queuing up to buy your product.Of course it is not as simple as that. A lot of effort will probably be spent in the building and maintaining of the list. But when done well, a good list is like money in the bank.ConclusionSo, what really is the advice that is so valuable that it is the best advice that I can give you. Okay. listen up. The best advice I can give you is:”Don’t listen to me, or anybody else for that matter.”Let me explain. For every advice about home based business that you can find, you will be able to find a “counter” advice.For example, article marketing is the best way for you to gain exposure for your business, so says a lot of people. Look around and you will find somebody else saying that SEO would be a better way to go.Some people will say that while the money may be in the list, the time, expense and effort spent in building and maintaining the list is enormous. It is more productive for you to spend the time, money and effort into building niche sites and attracting organic traffic to them. The traffic will be there for years to come and is as good as a list.And I can go on.The advice that you get out there is generic, run-of-the-mill advice. It has probably made somebody, somewhere a lot of money. The question you should ask is whether it is suitable for you and your site.Take article marketing. You have to write at least a few articles a day (the advice usually given is to write a few articles an hour!), and submit them to article directories. After a few hundred articles you will be getting traffic and making good money.The person giving the advice will tell you that anybody can do it but I beg to differ. I doubt that just anybody can write a few articles a day that is of sufficient quality that a web surfer will want to visit the writer’s site and buy something.Other advice that you get will concentrate on building relationships with other webmasters, or doing some technical stuff, or writing as much content as possible, or…the list goes on.You should assess all advice in the light of your business, your skills, your interests and your passion. Just because somebody has made good money selling trinkets on eBay does not mean that you should or can do it.Your online home based business is about you, your website and your business. By all means listen and learn from all the advice that you get out there. But at the end of it all, it is just advice. You and you alone will have to decide how to put it all together for a successful business.

Work From Home Jobs – Search Tips & Tools For WAH Job-Seekers

Work From Home?Imagine waking up, putting your coffee on, making lunches, getting your kids off to school(insert your morning routine here) and sitting down at your computer to go to work.No more dress code. No more fighting rush hour traffic. Relief from high fuel costs. No needfor expensive meals purchased from fast food eateries and restaurants. Plus the many otherbenefits enjoyed by home-based workers.Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what many Americans and othersare doing these days. And in increasing numbers. The technical term is telecommuting.Simply put, they’re working from home.It used to be that working from home was a privilege reserved only for home-based businessowners and other professionals whose job allowed them to complete some or all of theirwork at home.These days however, thanks largely to advances in technology (computers and the Internet),the door to home-based employment is now open to many for whom the door has previously been closed.Today, busy college students, stay-at-home moms (and dads), and those challenged by thetraditional workplace, such as the handicapped and disabled, are finding more and morelegitimate work from home job opportunities.In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20%, or, 1 in 5 Americansnow work from home full time.Work From Home JobsSo what kinds of jobs are these home-based workers doing?There is a wide variety of jobs being performed from home. Legitimate work at homejobs can be found in all of the following fields.Appointment SettingData EntryDocument CodingCustomer ServiceEditingFreelance WritingFundraisingLegal TranscriptionMedical TranscriptionOnline TutoringOrder TakingProgrammingProofreadingResearch & SurveysReservationsSalesTelemarketingTranslatingVirtual AssistingWebsite DesignAnd this list is far from comprehensive. The question then becomes, where can you find these jobs and the companies offering them?Regular Search EnginesFor starters, use your search engines. Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo are the biggies.Specialized Job Search EnginesThere are also specialized job search engines you can use. Sites such as Indeed, Juju andSimply Hired will return results from major job boards (CareerBuilder etc.) as well as jobsposted directly to their own sites.Specialized Job Listing SitesAnd finally, there are specialized job listing sites. Sites such as TelemarketingFromHome.comprovide specialized job listings for a specific type of work or industry. Using this site as an example, if you are interested in call center work from home, you can find jobs in Appointment Setting, Customer Service, Fundraising, Order Taking, Reservations, Sales, Surveys and more.Work At Home Job Search TipsTo limit your search to work from home jobs, enter the field/position you are interested in plus”telecommute” or “telecommuting” (without the quotes). You can also try searching by entering the field/position plus “work from home” (with the quotes).Beware of ScamsWhen searching, beware of scams. “Work From Home” scams are everywhere, including on theInternet. Never pay money to someone for the opportunity to work from home or to accessjob listings. There are plenty of free sites offering the same information at no cost.The only exception to this rule is for a background check. There are some legitimatecompanies that require a background check (at your expense). If you are unsure of acompany, do some research. Check with the Better Business Bureau online to see if therehave been complaints. Another good site to check is RipOffReports.com.Good luck with your job searchSo there you have it. A list of resources to aid you in your search for a work at home job,as well some specific tips to help you along the way. By using all of the resources available,you are sure to find the perfect work from home job for you.