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A Plan For Your Internet Marketing Success Part 3 – Develop Productive Work Habits

Most of us who have been employees have been told what to do and have not acquired the necessary discipline and skills to keep our businesses going long enough to succeed. In the third installment of this series I will outline some of the success factors needed to build a very lucrative internet business.1. Treat your business like a business.
If your intent is to build a business then you must treat your enterprise like a business. If your intent is to simply further a hobby then you need not follow these suggestions.
Consider investigating and creating a legal entity for your business. You can get substantial tax benefits from setting up a corporation or partnership that fits your circumstances.
Select your team – lawyer, bookkeeper, accountant, financial adviser, banker, copywriter, website designer and/or other backup you need. Follow their advice!
Make a budget and stay within its guidelines. It is all too easy to get caught up in the hype and purchase programs, seminars, mentoring programs that may be excellent, but if they don’t fit into the immediate structure of your business pass them by. The same resources will be there when you need them. They may be more expensive later, but you will save money in the long run because you will have made a calculated decision, the material will be current for you, and you will not have a bunch of unused notebooks, tapes, etc. collecting dust on your bookshelves.
Keep all receipts, invoices, bank deposits, records of phone calls with clients and comments about the call, income tax returns and any other papers suggested by your team. 2. Schedule your work.
Since you are at home it is all too easy to let the daily activities surrounding you get in the way of your productivity. You should plan to spend an uninterrupted 1-2 hours or more a day on your business plan. Put a do not disturb sign on your closed door.
If you intend to make money then focus only on money making tasks. i.e. writing content for your website or blog. Don’t spend time checking your email account, and answering phone calls that are not business related. Set aside time for these activities outside of your scheduled work time.
Get into a routine of working at a set time each and every day. 3. Create a productive work place.
Create a quiet place and eliminate all distractions — turn off the TV, phone, music sources, barking dogs, and screaming kids (right!).
Organize your resource materials and make them readily available.
Keep a ready cache of needed office supplies.
Have or purchase a filing cabinet or system.
Keep the piles under control – throw out the trash, keep up with filing, put resource materials away when not in use, return office supplies to their storage area.
Purchase sufficient lighting for each work surface you will be using.
Make sure the air quality and temperature are conducive to working comfortably. 4. Stay Focused.
“Plan your work and work your plan.” Know where you are going and why. Write out your business plan. This can be as simply or as complicated as you wish, but have a written plan.
At least weekly go over your plan to see if you are still on track — what might need to be tweaked, added or deleted and edit it accordingly.
Make a master-to-do list from your goals and plan. After evaluating your plan alter your master-to-do list as needed.
Know how you will spend your time the next day before you leave your “office” for the day.
Choose 3 tasks to work on each day that further the goals you have set for yourself. Don’t get caught up in the minutia of the moment. Stay tuned for the next article, Choose Big Ticket Products, on your way to building a business for instant income.

Work at Home Moms – Fall is the Perfect Time to Refocus and Prioritize

I’ve always found fall to be the best season for a fresh start. The kids are back to school, summer vacations are over and everyone seems to have renewed focus. This is the perfect time to start prioritizing your business and get back into a groove.I’m not saying it’s easy. Between helping the kids with homework assignments, shuttling them to after school activities and volunteering at their school – as you manage the household and your business – it’s challenging!Being an entrepreneurial mom requires flexibility. Since our kids’ schedules often change each season, take advantage of the next three months – before the holidays sneak up on us – to get some momentum going with your business.Tips to Help You Get Into a GrooveWhere do you start?Here are some tips to help you get into the Metromom groove:o Limit yourself to three top priorities to accomplish in a day. For example, your day might include scheduling appointments, spending quality time with each child and exercising for one hour. This way it’s easier to see your results and feel accomplished.o Schedule out a week at a time. It’s not what you do in any one day, but over the course of a week that counts. (Just like dieting, it’s what you eat over time that matters). This is really important for moms to remember. There may be days where you’re so busy with mom-related tasks you don’t get any time to work on your business. Let go of the guilt. It’s just one day. Don’t lose the focus on your priorities for the week. Get back to a place of consistency and remember the dieting analog.o Work in chunks of time so you’re most efficient. I personally color-code my calendar in small blocks of time for all different activities, from personal to professional to kid-related. The small chunks allow me to stay focused. If you find yourself easily getting off track, use an egg timer! For example block out “time to make calls” or “pay bills” or “journal” or “manage household tasks”.o Start each day with a few moments of journaling about what you intend to bring into your life that day. Picture what you want to create. Envision your success. And, write it down.o Make a commitment to your office hours and stick to it. At your determined time, shut your office door and turn off your computer so you’re not distracted to check “one more email”. Allow yourself to enjoy the other activities in your life.o When doing any task, ask yourself “Is this moving me closer to one of my priorities?” Create your list of “non-negotiables” and stick to it. This list can include personal, professional and mom-related things. For example, if you don’t want to give up seeing your son’s soccer game, schedule the time in your planner, and honor this commitment like it was a business meeting.o Build in personal connection time each day. It’s easy to hide behind email. Make sure you’re spending enough of your time truly connecting with a live person – on the phone or in person. That’s what’s really going to add richness to your life, make your business a lot more fun and ultimately a lot more successful.o Have a support system you can count on. If you have a mate, be sure to use them as a sounding board, or find a friend, mentor or coach when you need some guidance.Following these tips will help keep you on track so you use your limited time wisely. Remember that the best part of having your own work-at-home business is YOU create the rules that work best for YOU. So take advantage of fall as a time to refocus and prioritize.

Learn How to Make Quick Money at Home

Man is the only creature that needs money. Money has become a tangible need constructed by the law of society. Almost everyone needs money and almost everyone wants to know how to make quick money.Fortunately, the internet has made it possible to make money quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home. There are opportunities that are available to anyone with a personal computer and an internet connection. These opportunities are as applicable to the college student saving up to buy a car, to a stay-at-home parent who is looking to generate additional income while maintaining the household.One of the best ways of generating incoming is by becoming an affiliate. Affiliates help to sell a product. There are many affiliate programs available on the internet. These programs are extremely popular for e-books and physical books.Affiliate marketing is one of the most recognized and established forms of generating online income. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the tools used by Amazon.com when it skyrocketed to success in the late 90s. Amazon.com’s clever use of affiliate marketing is now a shining example of affiliate marketing at its best and is a commonly cited example in marketing books and classrooms.By becoming an affiliate, you earn commissions on sales generated by your website. The amount of commission earned can vary greatly. For example, Amazon.com offers 4-15% commission.However, most prefer to become affiliates of online e-books. E-books are much cheaper to produce and as a result, more commissions can be offered. Affiliate programs for e-books can offer between 30-70% commissions. Online e-books are also more topical.There are online e-book authors that carefully analyze consumer trends. These authors are able to produce e-books that are relevant to consumers. These authors are able to produce content that resonates well with consumer’s needs, thus creating a compelling call to action for the consumer.Due to the vast amount of authors, affiliates have a large variety of programs to choose from, effectively making it an affiliate’s market. Setting up an affiliate site can provide you with passive and residual income. But before you begin your affiliate efforts, it’s imperative that you conduct the appropriate research.Try to gather as much information on which affiliate programs offer the best return on investments. It is also important to learn the terms of the affiliate agreement and how widely promoted an affiliated program may be. You may not want to partake in a highly contested affiliate program as it may be difficult to capture a significant amount of market share.For your affiliate marketing to be successful, you need to be willing to promote your partner’s product. This will require you to attract consumers to your website, and convert them into paying customers. If you are not comfortable conducting online sales and promotion, affiliate programs may not be suitable for you.With the myriad of options available, “how to make quick money” is a question that is ultimately best answered by you. Affiliate programs have its pros and cons. It is essential that you become familiar with the associated merits and drawbacks before you dive into the world of affiliate marketing.

Having Your Own Home Business Website is Critical For Niche Affiliate Marketing

Niche marketing is a great way to build a home business. Everyone can find a niche that they can market that best suits their individual passions and interests. This is what makes niche affiliate marketing so enjoyable. You can choose to market products and services that you actually have interest, knowledge, and passion for.I see people trying to market their niche in a wide variety of ways. Blogging, articles, classifieds, PPC’s…..etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are all terrific marketing methods and people have been extremely successful using all of them. Heck, I built my first online business using nothing more than properly written and placed online classifieds. But it was when I built my own Website that my home business success, as well as my online income, really began to flourish.So what is a niche Website? Well it’s just what it sounds like, a website based around your niche. The niche is up to you, it can really be anything that you love sharing with others, something you’re passionate about, or just anything that you have knowledge about that you can share with others. The key to a great niche website is content. Original, interesting, informative content. This is the meat of the website, this is what draws in the visitors. Content is also what gives you top search engine rankings, and this is the key to nailing a niche. When you have a content rich website, you will always have a fresh supply of new and return visitors. And then depending on the nature of your niche, you can monetize accordingly.6 Benefits of Building Your Own Niche Website…..# 1-Having your own Website allows you to properly pre-sell your customers. Pre-selling is a key to high conversions. People on the Net are not looking to get sold, they are looking for information. When you have a content rich website, a site that is informing and interesting to your visitors, you can successfully pre-sell them on whatever it is that you are offering. Pre-sold customers are much more likely to purchase from you because they feel like they are making the decision to do so on their own. People do not like being sold, they like to feel that they are in control of the buying experience. Pre-selling equals a warmer audience and high traffic conversions.# 2-Having a Websites allows you to generate a returning customer base. This is also a key component to long term, ever increasing affiliate incomes. When you make a sale, that’s great. But how great is it when that customer comes back to you to meet their needs again…and again….and again. Obviously this is a great thing. When you can develop a relationship with your customers you will be able to make offers to them over and over, and they will be more apt to purchase. Having an informative niche website allows you to build a relationship with your visitors, even if it only be through the pages of your site. When people see something they like, they keep coming back. Repeat customers plus a constant flow of new ones equals an ever growing income.# 3-Having your own site allows you to utilize very powerful marketing methods. Namely we will discuss the Search Engines. Why? Because they really are the “kings of traffic.” Online searching via the Internet has literally changed the way the world does business. Having a niche affiliate marketing website that is getting pulled up through a variety of related keywords is the best free marketing method around. Thousands of fresh visitors every day…..that’s online potential. But this is why it’s so important to have a content rich website. The content….the information…is what gives your website visibility and credibility to the engines. They are providing a service to searchers, giving them the information they are looking for. Give the engines content, fresh interesting content, and you they will reward you very nicely.# 4-Having your own website gives you the ability to market a wide variety of products and services. This is key for having a diversified income, and a large one at that. Creating a niche website gives you many options for monetization. You can easily market a wide variety of products, services, and programs…..depending on your market. Having a site also opens up other monetization possibilities like Google AdSense, referral fees, and other paid for advertising methods. Many affiliate marketers that do not have their own website are always looking for great hubs to advertise on. Your site can be a great, high traffic hub that attracts a lot of advertisers willing to pay you for a small ad spot. And of course, your main offerings are still getting prime attention.# 5-Building your own website gives you the ability to create long term, passive income streams. This is what Internet marketing is all about….the wonderful passive income. A passive income is a source that earns money for you, 24/7, no matter what you are doing (or not doing.) A passive income allows you to not only make more money, but also to have the time to enjoy it. Other affiliate marketing methods take daily effort. If you are not actively promoting, you are not making any sales. A website is passive. It takes time to get it going, adding great content and allowing time for the engines to notice it and start driving traffic to it. It may take a couple of months with little or know results. But then what? Once it’s going, it’s going. And it is out their working for you, making you money, every minute of the day. The Internet never sleeps, and a great website doesn’t either.# 6-Having a website lets you make money by sharing your knowledge and passions with the world. And this is for many people the most exciting part. We have all heard the saying “do what you love and love what you do.” Many people don’t think that this is possible in the “real world.” Well it is, you just need to look for the opportunities. Niche marketing allows you to earn money, a lot of passive income, from simply sharing with others whatever you enjoy sharing. You can literally turn a hobby into a full time income. You will never lose passion because the passion is integrated in the very thing you are expressing. The net truly provides opportunity for you to love what you do, and you can do whatever you love!With new technology and the demand for personal, inexpensive, and easy to build websites, building your own site is simple, cheap, and can actually be very enjoyable. It is a great way to find a niche and really master it. Mastering a niche is a great way to build an ever increasing, very profitable home business.

Do Not Start Working From Home Until You Read Other’s Reviews

People like to work at home because they think it will make their life easier. There are many things that do become much more easily accessible, such as a fridge, easier hours, and exciting business opportunities. There are many pros to working alone, and leaning back in the old recliner.Sadly, there are cons too. One rather large problem is that a person could potentially become lazy and not complete what is needed, or they could quite possibly need help that they were unable to receive. Don’t start work from home until you read others reviews… you should want to know how other people have fared.The normal work day of a person in an office is very structured. From the simple, easy tasks to the long boring ones, there is always something for a person to do. Not only are there things to do, a manager can always give you something else (like a stern “get back to work”) to accomplish. It becomes much easier to get the day over with and finished, and “bring home the bacon.” Maybe these reviews should be checked, just to make sure that people actually make enough money to not bring home grocery store samples of bacon.Then again, why not work at home? It could be great to spend every day alone, a way to able to concentrate, and a making money online business opportunity! The positives seem so great! Come on, there’s got to be a bad problem.Isolation, that’s one. Eventually, the stay at home worker may feel lonely, and lose their social life. A good way to figure out if you are this kind of person, or not, is to read online reviews of how working at home has worked for other people. Looking at both sides completely instead of just jumping on one is always valuable, and no one wants to feel lonely in life.If you want a complete opinion from someone with experience, read about how they handled the different types of distractions that working at home poses. Who knows, it could be better! Yet, they could have issues resisting playing the old Nintendo system, and waste away hours at a time. In other words, Don’t start work from home until you read others reviews… or bad things could happen, possibly a money shortage.You could read a review about person trying the same making money online business opportunity as you, and realize that it is a scam. That would be a bad thing to dive into, as your money would be gone and your real job would be gone. From the other side of things, you could find a review from someone saying that the switch was the best thing that they ever did, and that the same job you’re planning on doing pays great!Just make sure that no studies have linked your future business to heart disease, or failure. You want to be sure, and the best way to do so is to read all about others’ experiences from the same endeavor. It’s worthwhile to at least look, after all, it only takes a few minutes.

The Five Biggest Home Business Errors

To become successful when working at home, you will really need to have help and guidance from others who have already achieved success themselves. The beauty of this approach is that by learning from their mistakes, you will get a much better start, and shorten the length of time before your home business is making good money. This is by far the biggest motivational boost you can receive.1. First of all many people start a home business on a part time basis, and therefore it is not the top priority to them. Don’t make the mistake of building your business in spurts, putting in a few days of intense effort, and then taking a few weeks off. While most home businesses are at least initially run part-time, that still means that a part of every working day must be devoted to the business.What we mean by this is they get sidetracked with their day-to-day lives and often times will go days or even weeks without doing anything to build their business. Obviously you’ll never make any money if you are not working at it on a consistent basis.2. Another mistake people make is they do not separate their home business from their personal life. The best way to do this does is to set up a separate office within your home that means when you are in it you are at work.You can convert a spare bedroom into a home office, or even just pick an area of a large room where you place your desk. Everyone should know that they are not to bother you when you’re in your home office. Once they understand this, your family will become supportive of your efforts.3. It is very important that you choose products that people have a need for and are currently spending money on. It would be futile trying to sell products to people who have no want or need for them, so don’t build your home business like that. You will have enough challenges building your home business without trying to create your own market.4. For your home business to become really successful, you will need to develop a presence online. Not utilizing the Internet to help you make money is a big mistake.Provided you take the time to learn some basic skills, the internet is a fantastic way to promote your products and your home business. It will become very important for you to take time and effort to learn the nuts and bolts of developing a home based business.5. Finally, an important area to work on is to ensure you are continually building your own mailing list to enable you to communicate with your prospects over time. Because you will be promoting online it is very important that you develop a system for collecting names and email address for future follow up.Developing long term relationships is vital, as the vast majority of visitors will not buy anything on their first visit to your site. By getting back and keeping in touch, your success rate will go up dramatically. Remember, long term relationships are the key to your business success.These are five of the top home business mistakes that we see people make every day. By applying the lessons learned in this article, your road to success will be far smoother.

Honest Work From Home – Is This the Best Work From Home Idea Ever?

If you are anything like most people I speak to, you have a desperate desire to work from home, but are infinitely concerned about finding honest and legitimate opportunities to pursue. The simple truth is that often trying to separate the “real” opportunities from the hype can be an EXHAUSTING full time job in of itself! Let’s take a look at my absolute FAVORITE way to get started making money in one short week, and how you can do the same right now. Read on..:-)Parlay Your Passion into a ProductI can speak, write and communicate my passion in 7 or 8 different topical areas pretty effectively, and SELL that information and enthusiasm to people who share my interests and goals. The simple truth is SO can you. In one short afternoon, with a FREE audio recording, I can take any niche topic and record myself “interviewed” by a friend, or even do a monologue if I’m in a rush….and put that on my blog or website as an enticement for folks to sign up for my list, interact with my blog, or simply buy my products or services. (including the audio itself if I want to skip right to the chase!)How do You Generate Traffic to Sell Your Product?It’s a great question, and there are an almost infinite amount of ways you can do it…limited ONLY by your imagination. Article marketing is free and easy! Make it TIME, seasonal or news topical and send out a FREE press release to promote it.How about recruiting affiliates, using inexpensive long tail ppc, doing on site SEO,social networking strategies, free classifieds like Craigslist, advertising on ezine newsletters and more?  Maybe a free viral PDF to pass around and get people on your list?  The opportunities are truly endless, just plug IN your imagination and have some fun!Don’t let ANY of it scare you….people with FAR less smarts than you are doing exactly that, right this very minute!

Internet Marketing Plan – Do You Have an Internet Marketing Plan Written Down?

So, you own your own home business and you think things are going great but do you actually have an Internet marketing plan? In most cases, people can’t even tell you what their Internet marketing plan is because it’s not written down anywhere. The only plan they have is in their head, and it changes daily. If you want to be successful with this. You have to write down your marketing plan and schedule your tasks on an hour by hour daily basis. You should have a set schedule for the entire week and always update your to do list.For most home business owners it’s your Internet marketing plan that will be the difference between success and failure. So it is critical to set up your very own plan ahead of time. You can’t get anywhere unless you know where you are going and why you are going there.What is an Internet marketing plan?This is your work plan and it should include your goals and motives for marketing online. It should have all your marketing methods and tactics that you use in your business to achieve success. And it should be very detailed all the way down to daily basis. If you want to work with a little structure, which is required to avoid wasting time on unprofitable tasks.Your Internet marketing plan can be one page or 100 pages. The more detailed it is the easier it will be to follow and that is the key you want to be easy to follow and you’ll have your whole week planned out. You should include a daily checklist of the tasks you wish to do. This will keep you on track and you’ll stop wasting so much time or forgetting to do tasks.Here are some tips for setting up your own Internet marketing plan:Number one, write down your marketing plan on paper. Hardly any business owners have a plan written down, they keep it all in their head. An Internet marketing plan has to be written down so that you will be able to go over it daily. This is how you keep your business on track and track what you are doing. You will find it much easier to find your wasted time by going over this plan every Sunday.Build a broad Internet marketing plan which has many Internet marketing strategies. Do not only use one or two strategies. You want to use many and test which ones are effective for your business. You don’t want all your eggs in one basket because if things change you will be out of business. Instead you want multiple streams of traffic that is almost impossible to turn off. If you only use Google AdWords and Google changes the rules your business will quickly come to a standstill.It is very important when setting up your Internet marketing plan to start out with strategies that have already been proven. And that many other businesses use daily. You don’t want to invent the wheel or try to find the next new thing. Simply use what others are using. Spend some time online, investigating in forums.Here are some excellent marketing strategies to start with:Affiliate marketing or selling other peoples products to your visitors is a great way to add income to your business for every visitor to your website. All it takes is a short blurb recommending a product or even a tiny little ad for them to click on which would take them to a sales page where you have a chance to earn a commission.The very best way to use your website will be to get people to opt in to your subscriber list or your newsletter so that you can contact them again. With Internet marketing over 90% of your visitors will just leave. So it is important to grab their contact information while they are there the first time. Offer some type of free or bonus item, if they give you their name and e-mail address. Make sure it is a great offer that they would not want to miss.Other methods to advertise your website or small business would be advertising online through e-zines, this is very inexpensive. You can get an ad that will reach 50,000 people for under $25. These e-zines are highly targeted to people that are interested in the topics discussed. And they look forward to reading these e-mail magazines every week. You will find Solo ads are the most effective. These are separate e-mails that goes to all subscribers instead of just being a small ad in the e-zine.Can you even imagine reaching 50,000 people and introducing them to your business? How many people go to your store everyday? Five to 20. The reach you have online is enormous there are millions of people searching online every single day, but you need an Internet marketing plan to effectively reach them for the least amount of money. A well-written Internet marketing plan increases chance of success and makes your business easier to run on a daily basis.Why not take tonight and sit down with a pad of paper and write out your Internet marketing plan for your business! Remember one of the bonuses of having an Internet marketing plan on paper means that other people would be able to take over the work for you. When you want to take time off.

Tips to Get Started Working From Home

Many people want to work at home these days for variety of different reasons, and there are huge advantages to working from home. Gas prices, day care costs, and time away from family take their toll after awhile. Naturally, we want to find something that can solve some of these issues. The biggest problem you face when when getting started in a home based business is where to do you find something legitimate, and something that really works? Let’s look at what we should avoid, then we’ll look at some honest, legitimate ways that you can work from home and actually make some decent money.Things to AvoidUnfortunately, we live in a world where people like to take advantage of those who don’t know any better. So the first thing we need to understand is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Things like assembling products at home, crafts, telesales, and MLM, typically require HUGE amounts of time and work to make any amount of money and are not good work from home job options. This goes against the reason we wanted to work at home in the first place, and not what we are looking for. I have bought into a lot of different programs, and checked out even more. I can tell you from first-hand experience that there are not any legitimate work from home jobs that are going to make you rich overnight. Forget about it. There are nasty people out there who love to say what appeals most to people, take their money, and leave them high and dry with a dumb look on their face.Working SmartWhat we want in a good work from home job is a way to make the most of our time so that the time you spend working produces residual income. We want to work smart. This way we can actually build wealth as we work, and we will quickly get to the point where we can work a shorter day to maintain a nice solid income. The best way that I have found to do this is by building multiple streams of income. I am sure you have heard this phrase before, but you might be wondering exactly how you do something like that. Basically, we use simple techniques to market either electronic or physical products to the people who want them. Each market is a separate stream of income. You can also generate multiple streams of income within each market if you wish. This is by far the most lucrative way to work at home.Other Legitimate Ways to Make MoneyHere are some additional ways you can generate some substantial income. You can find free information these and other methods of generating online income at the bottom of this article.
Create quality eBooks that provide solutions to specific problems and distribute via places like ClickBank
Create eBay niche sites and market through free articles
Write short articles for places like Associated Content or for other Internet Marketers
Create websites for local merchants and/or help them gain a local internet presence
These are just a few of the possibilities. Although you won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes above, these are tried and proven methods of generating income from home that you can start with little or no money.

Boost Your Income With a Home Based Business

There are probably a hundred different reasons that people have for starting a home based business, but perhaps one of the most common is that they just need to make a little more money than their day job can provide. Whether that’s because the holidays are right around the corner or possibly life has recently thrown a curveball, the fact remains that a work from home business can produce an excellent return on whatever amount of time a person gives to it, providing an excellent source of secondary income.There is no greater example of that fact than the world of vending franchises. The beauty of vending is that there is almost no upper or lower limit to your investment; whether one machine or one hundred, you can be in business, spending as much time and making as much money as you desire, with a potential 80% profit margin. With that said, there are a few excellent businesses available in this industry that you could start today.The first, Vendstar, is probably just the kind of business that hits your mind when you think about vending. Selling only brand-name candies, nuts, and gums, their machines are sturdily built and can be put basically anywhere. For a very low initial investment, less than $10,000, you can start up your own business and be selling sweet treats in no time.Not all vending business opportunities make their money from candy sales. In fact, one of the up-and-coming corners of the vending industry is the DVD rental market. It’s already made a big splash in Europe, drawing unending lines of customers who are tired of spending extra time and money at overpriced video rental stores when they could go to a conveniently located machine, choose from the same selection of new movies, and pay a fraction of the cost. Owners of these machines profit 24/7 without the overhead costs of storefronts and employees. In the states, the franchise providing this service is DVDNow, and if the concept seems good to you, $20,000 gets you in on the ground floor of this budding market.Though it’s not really a vending business, per se, ACFN ATM works on a very similar business model. Providing ATMs to various businesses in the guest service and entertainment industries, this franchise serves the public by giving instant access to personal bank accounts in the places where people most often forget to bring cash, and the franchisee takes a fee off the top for each transaction. Once again, you only put out as many machines as you want in order to make the necessary amount of money.Vending isn’t the only business that you can operate in your spare time to bring in extra income; internet franchises offer a variety of good opportunities as well. While these businesses don’t run themselves, like vending machines, they do allow you to work at home without having to leave the office as frequently.Take Adventures in Advertising for example. One of the premier advertising franchises in the US, they give advertising support to high level executives around the country. You can take on as many or as few clients as you wish, and whoever you develop professional relationships with, ADVENTURES IN ADVERTISING provides all the working capital to take care of their projects. Work where you want, when you want, as often as you want, and for whomever you want; that’s freedom.Wireless internet has become a big deal in America, and virtually all markets have been tapped, from corporate giants to individual coffee shops. There is, however, at least one wireless market that has not been fully saturated yet; rural wireless, and Air Advantage is trying to change that. Primarily a sales business, franchisees are responsible for building relationships with small towns in the more remote places of America for the purpose of selling their new wave of wireless technology designed for just such places. When you’ve got time, dive in to make as many or as few sales as you like.If you’re interested in more of a weekender job, ElizaJ is the one for you. They are one of the best wedding franchises around, and for a moderate investment, provide top-grade restroom facilities for outdoor weddings and other celebrations. These portable restrooms are much more than something you’d see on a constructions site, they combine form and function, providing a pleasing experience complete with running water, air freshener and the look and feel of an indoor restroom. The amount of business you get depends wholly on the amount of advertising you do, so you determine how often you work and how much you make depending on what you want.Life can often shift quickly, leaving a person wondering how to get out of the financial mess he finds himself in. And though buying one of these franchises can’t solve all of life’s problems or guarantee that there won’t be any more, it can certainly help to have a secondary source of income to get you ready for the day that things do go awry. Whether you’re making up financial ground already lost or just stocking some extra dollars away for a rainy day, having a small business running on the side has the potential to be of great benefit to you and your family.